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Stat Page : Saturn's Shenans

Business: Orbital Oddities & Palm Predictions
Mission Record : Missions

Summoning Contract : Dragonflies, Octopuses

Familiar : (MIMAS)

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Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 0

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Fri Feb 23, 2024 7:36 pm
Mission Info:

Stat Page:

The temple was silent, then Saturn entered.

The sound of the claws protruding from the two weapons attached to each of his feet as they dragged across the asphalt floors under his armor cloak Sichelmond sounded like sharp nails scraping across one of the blackboards back in Thunderpeak Campus. The eery stillness and the faint smell of sulphur lingering in the air reminded him of his nighttime strolls in the Charred Remnants of Black Forest. The grand temple was exceedingly large, even more so than described in the various black books the Fortuneteller read during his time in prison. The distance from the hard, black asphalt floor to the white stone ceiling was no less, and no more, than 45 meters. The roof was supported by many round and square pillars of equal height, though their breadths varied across the hall. The part of the temple that Saturn had wandered into had an open architecture. Air was allowed to flow through one side of the temple to the other seamlessly, as well as through the massive gaping hole on the roof directly above Saturn, which had a diameter of 50 meters. The pillars stretched across an area measuring 30x30 meters. Beyond the range of the pillars, however, the domain of the dark Temple continued into a lush and open terrain.

As Saturn strolled stolidly through the temple, he maintained a distance of 5 meters from himself and the closest pillar at all times. Upon reaching the center of the temple, his pointy nose twitched. Is that... Chicken? He wondered, and followed the aroma into the lush and open terrain beyond the pillars. He had imagined it. However, he did not imagine the massive, 100 meter tall wall 100 meters ahead of his position at the edge of the temple. The massive wall formed a semi circle of a radius of 60 meters around the smaller region of the temple which housed the tall pillars. It kind of reminded him of the walls that enclosed the infamous Warmonger's Arena. He let out a deep sigh through the mouth of his horned Ram Skull Mask, and lightly loosened his grip on his Minotaur's Labrys and Spiked Kusarigama, letting out the sound of whirring gears as his Mano De Plata prosthetic adjusted to the new level of pressure being applied through the augmented equipment.

Although Saturn had only been gone for a week or so, the Chunin was already homesick. He had always longed to explore the world outside of the confinements of Raijin's Rolling Thunder - he had never once left the Cloud ever since he first sought refuge as a child - but after having rowed his Crude Canoe across the sea, he was already starting to miss the many things he loved about the motherland. Yet, he could not go back empty handed. He made a vow to Ichigo, and Jun, that he would complete a holy pilgrimage and return as a stronger shinobi.

Yet, the temple seemed empty. He read a sign put up next to one of the pillars, back in the direction he had come from before he had left the range of the pillars.

'Lord Jashin's Gone Fishing! Blessings on hold!'

"Is this a prank..?" Saturn cursed, looking around for any signs of a potential vandal. "Show yourself!"

WC: 550

+1 Nature Stack - Natural Berserker

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