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Mission Guidelines Empty Mission Guidelines

Tue Jan 05, 2021 8:06 pm
Mission Guidelines
Mission Guidelines Missio11
Ninja Rule #4: A Shinobi must always put the mission first
Missions are an integral part of the experience here on NRPG. They are the easiest way for players to earn Ryo, AP, crafting items, and, most importantly, rank-ups. This guide will breakdown how missions work on the site.

Table of Contents

Helpful Links

This section provides an outline for completing missions on NRPG, and subsequent sections go into specific parts in detail:
  • At least one member of a mission group must meet all Character Requirements to start the mission.
  • Up to Four ninjas may join up to complete a mission as a mission group. 
  • Mission threads must be located in the Mission Location. All members must be located within the same country before joining the mission thread. 
  • All missions have a Task that the group members must complete receiving mission rewards.
  • The Word Count Requirement (WC) must be met to complete a mission. This WC should be split between the members of the mission group evenly but as long as each makes an active contribution to the mission progress it doesn't need to be exactly split.
  • Completing mission nets all members of the mission group every Reward. Missions always give players Ryo and AP.
  • Challenges are made to increase the difficultly of the mission and net the group a Bonus.
  • Unless stated in the mission details, all missions are Repeatable, meaning that there is no limit to how many people can complete it, but the same Ninja can only complete the mission once for their rewards. 
  • Some missions may be Character Exclusive, limiting those who may attempt it; these missions are most commonly used for character development purposes or are Legendary Missions that may affect site canon.
  • Once completed, missions cannot be entered by any party for any reason. Should players wish to continue RP, they must do so in the a new topic.

Mission Guidelines MV5BMDUzZDYyMDAtMGUzNC00YjJhLTlhOGEtYTc2YTYyYTMyNWJhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzgxMzc3OTc@._V1_
The Mission Board
The Mission Board is the one-stop shop for finding approved missions, claiming rewards, and requesting new missions. The mission board is divided into several sections, as follows:

Mission Directory: Approved missions will be listed and organized here regardless of type. Members of NRPG Staff will periodically update this page.
Mission Requests: Players can create new missions that can be approved by NRPG staff. Players CANNOT complete missions in this section. All new missions must follow the Mission Creation Guidelines and Template.
Mission Rewards: Each ninja must create a thread here to track their completed missions and what rewards they have earned. Refer to the Mission Rewards Template to create one.

Mission Types
Missions on the Mission Board are divided into three major types:

  • Universal: Can be completed by any ninja regardless of affiliation (Village Ninja, Missing Ninja, ETC). Can be done in Any Village or the Borders.
  • Village Exclusive: Typically can only be completed by a ninja affiliated with a Village System. Each village also has missions that are specific only to their village. Can only be done in Major and Minor Villages. Missing ninja and Vagabonds may be assigned to Village Exclusive missions if the village's Kage consented.
  • Missing Ninja and Vagabond Contracts: Typically can only be completed by ninja not affiliated with the village system. Can be done in Neutral Towns, the borders, and sometimes in Minor Villages.

Return to Table of Contents

Basic Mission Rules
All mission threads must follow these rules:

  • A player can start a mission thread as long as they meet the Character Requirements. They do not need consent from NRPG Staff or the village Kage to start a mission except Legendary Missions.
  • Academy Students / E-Rank Missing Ninja are not permitted to join in mission threads.
  • The first post of a mission thread must contain a link to the approved mission and the mission details.
  • A maximum of four players may be a part of a mission group.
  • Each player must Copy/Paste their stat page into their first post.
  • Before joining the thread, the ninja must be located in the same country as the Mission Location.
  • All group members must evenly split the Word Count Requirement. For Example, A 3000 WC mission with 3 members in the mission thread requires each member to complete 1000 WC to earn rewards.
  • In the event of an inactive player, the "48 Hour Rule" may be enacted, their split of WC must still be completed by the remaining members, whatever WC they added before they left is still applied, but they do not earn Rewards. Example: Three players start a B Rank (3000 WC) mission. One player completes 500 WC and becomes inactive. The two remaining players must now complete 1250 WC each.
  • Missions provide a Task that drives the topic. How the mission is completed is up to the group members, but the task must be completed before the topic's conclusion.
  • Each player receives all listed Rewards when completing a mission. Players may also use their WC to claim Stats/Techniques/AP at the normal rate.

Mission Location
All Missions are required to have mission location on their mission details. Mission threads must be made in the mission location listed, but some missions may have vague locations. Here is a breakdown of what those locations mean:
  • "Major Village": Missions must be done within the walls of one of the Big Five Major Villages (Hoshi, Kiri, Konoha, Kumo, and Suna).
  • "Minor Village": Missions can be done in any of the villages within The Minor Countries.
  • "Neutral Village": Unnamed communities that do not appear on the map. They have no ninja system, no allegiance to any village, and rely on the assistance of outsiders to complete various tasks. Mission completed in Neutral Villages must be made at the borders of any country. Places like Tanzaku Town would also fall into the category.
  • "Any Village": Usually, for universal missions, the player can decide where to complete the mission, be it a Major, Minor, or Neutral village.
  • "Borders": Missions must be done at the borders of any country. Some missions may limit what borders the mission can be completed at.

Mission Guidelines Naruto_mission_scrolls_by_archerxx_d6q8w7s-pre.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3siaGVpZ2h0IjoiPD04MDAiLCJwYXRoIjoiXC9mXC85ZjZkMDczMS1iNDY4LTQyNmUtODc1Yi03NjQ2ZjY4NWRhN2FcL2Q2cTh3N3MtMWJjYzg5OGYtNTdjMi00ZjQ1LWI1MDctOGMwNGQ5MzNjMmQ2LnBuZyIsIndpZHRoIjoiPD0xMDI0In1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmltYWdlLm9wZXJhdGlvbnMiXX0
Mission Ranks
Missions are divided into ranks based on their difficultly. A player's In-Character Rank determines what mission ranks are available for them to start. Below is a breakdown of the ranking system:
  • E Rank (Genin+): The most basic of missions, always non-combative, and are meant to be a ninja's entrance into the ninja system. They are so simple they could be completed by civilians if necessary. 
  • D Rank (Genin+): Slightly more challenging missions out of reach for civilians to complete. Ninja may be forced into combat against low-threat targets. Failure could lead to a minor injury.
  • C Rank (Genin+): Challenging missions requiring ninja to have mastered at least the basic ninja skills to complete. Potential combat against low to mid-threat targets trained in the ninja arts is expected at this rank. Failure could lead to serious and sometimes permanent injury.
  • B Rank (Genin+): Advanced missions took by journeymen ninja with some advanced knowledge in specific ninja skills. Combating against mid-threat targets also with advanced training is inevitable. Failure will lead to permanent injury and sometimes DEATH.*
  • A Rank (Chunin+): Dangerous missions requiring expert-level ninja arts training. Combat against Mid to High-Threat targets will likely lead to DEATH to any who fail to accomplish their mission.
  • S Rank (Jounin+): Special missions only taken by the most powerful ninja. The results of these missions could have world-altering consequences. DEATH is considered an authentic potential result for those who accept these tasks.

* - Missing Ninjas and Vagabonds can complete Village Exclusive missions If they have Kage permission. In this case, they would be treated as mercenaries used to complete tasks the villages don't have the manpower to do themselves. 

Ranking Up with Missions
Missions are the most common way players can increase their OOC/Power Rank, starting from C-Rank to S-Rank. There are three distinct tracks that players can follow through missions. Please refer to the Dual Rank System for a full breakdown of Rank Ups.

Mission Guidelines Ryo_we11
Word Counts and Rewards
The Word Count Requirement and their Reward is dependent on the rank of the mission being completed. All missions reward a certain amount of Ryo and AP for their completion. Each member of a mission group earns the same rewards, and players do not earn more rewards for exceeding the WC requirement. The breakdown is as follows (WC / Ryo / AP) :
  • E Rank: 5,00 WC / 1,000 Ryo / 5 AP 
  • D Rank: 1,000 WC / 2,000 Ryo / 10 AP 
  • C Rank: 2,000 WC / 4,000 Ryo / 20 AP
  • B Rank: 3,000 WC / 6,000 Ryo / 30 AP
  • A Rank: 4,000 WC / 8,000 Ryo / 40 AP
  • S Rank*: 5,000 - 10,000 WC / 10,000 - 20,000 Ryo / 50-100 AP **

These are the standard amounts for all missions. They cannot be modified unless the mission has a Challenge

* - S Rank missions are the highest-ranked missions a ninja can undertake. The ranges displayed are adjusted based on the difficulty of the task.
** - Players that have reached MAX AP on their ninja no longer benefit from AP Rewards. To compensate, these players can convert their AP to Ryo. The conversion rate is 1 AP = 50 Ryo. Only players with MAX AP are allowed to do this, and it can be done at any mission rank. 
Mission Salaries
Each ninja may receive additional Ryo based on their In-Character Rank and the rank of the mission they complete. This salary is not reflected in the mission details, and each player must ensure they are adding it to their claims correctly. NRPG Staff will monitor this for abuse.

Here is that breakdown (Refer to The Dual Rank System):
  • Genin/D-Rank Missing Ninja: 0 Ryo for E Rank and above missions
  • Chunin/C-Rank Missing Ninja: 2000 Ryo for E Rank and above missions
  • Jounin/B-Rank Missing Ninja: 4000 Ryo for  E Rank and above missions
  • Anbu/A-Rank Missing Ninja: 7500 Ryo for E Rank and above missions
  • Master: 10000 Ryo for E Rank and above missions
  • Kage/S-Rank Missing Ninja: 15000 Ryo for E Rank and above missions

Challenges are modifiers that increase the difficulty of the mission. Some missions may have multiple challenges combined for a challenging quest. In most cases, these missions will either add more to the word count requirement, have a remote mission location, limit the size of a mission group, or combine all three. Completing a challenge adds a bonus to its Reward. This section outlines the different challenges missions may have:

Arc: A chain of missions thread together to make a familiar narrative. 
  • All mission group members must meet the character requirements to go on the missions. In most cases, this will mean they have had to complete the missions earlier in the chain.
  • The player must provide a link to the completed prior mission in the arc when starting the continuing mission.
  • Should the player fail any part of the Arc due to an Ambush, they may not be able to complete subsequent missions.
  • Each mission in the arc after the first applies the Bonus.
  • The final mission of an Arc may provide an additional reward to mark their completion. 
  • Bonus: +25% Ryo and AP

Covert: Missions that limit the number of players that can make up the mission group. Only the mission group members and their village's Kage know the details of the mission.
  • A maximum of two people can be part of the mission group.
  • Exclusive to Village Ninja. Missing ninjas may be assigned to Covert missions with the approval of the Village's Kage.
  • Should a rival ninja successfully Ambush a mission with this challenge, they cannot earn the Bonus. Village Sentinels also cannot assist during an ambush.
  • Bonus: +50% Ryo and AP

Crafting: Missions that reward material from the Crafting System.  
  • The mission location must always be at a nation's borders, which makes Ambush by rival ninjas always possible.
  • Increases the Word Count Requirement by 50%.
  • All crafting missions are repeatable by the same character.
  • Bonus: A Material whose rank matches that of the mission in addition to the reward. 

Hunter: A particular type of mission that requires the mission group to fight and defeat a Non-Playable Character (NPC) in combat to be completed. 
  • Hunter missions do not have a Word Count Requirement.
  • Sometimes may be combined with other challenges to create a truly difficult experience.
  • Cannot be Ambushed regardless of what other challenges may be included in the mission.
  • They can be extremely dangerous and may result in permanent injury or DEATH of a player.
  • Hunter NPC's are always trying to ensure the DEATH of a player.
  • Bonus: +100% Ryo and AP
  • Bonus: The player earns an  additional Bounty based on its rank. See Hunter Missions .

Long Distance: Missions with a remote Mission Location such as minor villages or the Land of Iron. 
  • The mission group must complete a travel topic to the Mission Location following the Travel Rules before starting the mission. The players must state they are attempting to complete a mission on this travel topic. Once the travel is complete, the mission may begin as usual.
  • Players earn their Reward at the end of the mission thread but still must make a travel topic to return home.
  • Because these missions occur outside of a Great Nations borders, they are always subject to Ambush by rival ninja.
  • Bonus: +50% AP

Professional: Requires a member of the mission group to have a certain specialty.
  • Can only be applied to missions B Rank and higher.
  • A specific specialty (Medical, Fuuinjutsu, Weaponry, etc.) will be listed in the Character Requirements.
  • At least one member of the mission group must meet the Character Requirements to start the mission.
  • Increases the Word Count Requirement by 20%.
  • Bonus: +50% Ryo

Sabotage: Missions whose Mission location is inside a Rival Nation's country meant to cause havoc to other villages. These are meant to be the most difficult of all the non-combat challenges. 
  • Can only be applied to missions A Rank and higher.
  • These missions are always Village Exclusive. Missing ninjas may be allowed to complete such missions as mercenaries with the approval of the Village's Kage.
  • These missions are innately Long Distance; as such, they cannot be combined with said challenge and do receive an additional bonus.
  • Always subject to Ambush.
  • Regardless of the task, the consequences of the mission are purely for character development and do not directly harm the village being sabotaged.
  • Increases the Word Count Requirement by 50%.
  • Bonus: +100% Ryo and AP

Technique Acquisition: Missions whose Ryo reward is reduced but replaced with learning a specific technique.  
  • Can only be applied to missions that are B Rankor higher.
  • Players will earn a 50% WC discount for training the tech listed in the mission rewards. This bonus cannot be stacked atop other discounts, the tech must be thoroughly trained in the mission thread, and any leftover WC does not receive a 50% discount.
  • If a multi-rank jutsu is rewarded, the mission rank must match the highest rank that the technique can be learned, and multi-rank jutsu without at least a B Rank component cannot be learned this way.
  • Site Canon or Unrestricted Village exclusive jutsus and skills are allowed to be rewards. Restricted Village Exclusive, Bloodline Exclusive, Custom Jutsu, or techniques with specific character requirements are not allowed. In rare instances, players may create a mission to enhance their clans/characters arc, however, these will be monitored for abuse.
  • The ambush team can complete the mission to learn the technique if the mission is successfully ambushed.
  • Ryo Reward is decreased by 50%
  • Bonus: A specific technique listed in the mission rewards.

All missions with challenges will recalculate the adjustments they make and showing the correct Word Count Requirement and Rewards. If the calculated amount is not a whole number (as with some AP calculations), that number is rounded to the next whole number.

A mission with multiple challenges uses the base amounts for all modifiers. For Example: If a B Rank Mission (3,000 WC / 6000 Ryo / 30 AP) were both Professional and Covert, the new amounts would be 3,600 WC / 12,000 Ryo / 45 AP.
Mission Guidelines Bingo_10
Hunter Missions
Hunter missions are dangerous and may quite likely result in a player's DEATH. However, with great risk come great reward, and those who complete a hunter mission will earn a Bounty: a powerful reward chosen by the player that improves the higher the rank of the hunter mission.

For a player to participate in a Hunter Mission, their character's Power Rank must be at a maximum of 2 ranks above the Hunter mission. For example: for a D-rank Hunter, only B-rank characters and below can participate. Note: This is not the case for Arc style Hunter Missions.

When completing a hunter mission, each member of the mission group may choose one of the corresponding Bounty options. Below is a brief description of the ranks of hunter missions and their Bounty choices:

D and C Rank: Bandits, vagrants, and low-threat ninja that cause small-scale havoc to villages.
  • These targets will usually have a low skill level and often starting along their ninja journey themselves. Their stats, abilities, and equipment will reflect that.
  • The NPC may not even know they are being targeted when the hunter mission begins and may even be surprised by the mission group's appearance.
  • Bounty: The NPCs' equipment and ryo totaling no more than 5000 Ryo***, the body of the NPC****, 1500 WC.

B and A Rank: Crime Lords, Rebel Leaders, and Mid-threat Ninja that can cause massive damage to villages and peoples.
  • These targets know that their power puts a large bounty on their heads; surprising these ninjas will be difficult. Their stats are usually maxed out and they have a vast arsenal of jutsu and equipment to solve many problems. Some may even be members of clans with unique Kekkei Genkai.
  • Bounty: The NPCs' equipment and ryo totaling no more than 8000 Ryo***, enough Organic material to attempt a transplant, the NPCs' dojutsu eyes (A-rank+ only)**, the body of the NPC****, 2500 WC.*

S Rank: Former Kage, Powerful village leaders, and High-Threat ninjas could obliterate entire villages if desired. 
  • These targets are meant to be the most powerful NPCs on NRPG. They will always be aware of the player's intent to kill them and may even lay their traps to catch the mission group off guard. Their power is absolute, with a vast pool of powerful jutsu and equipment to back it up, and some may even have powerful dojutsu abilities. Their stat pages are expertly crafted by NRPG Staff and are often on par with real players' stat pages.
  • Bounty: The NPCs' equipment and ryo totaling no more than 15000 Ryo***, enough Organic material to attempt two transplants*, the NPCs' dojutsu eyes**, the body of the NPC****, 4000 WC.

* - Not all NPCs will be clan members, so this choice may not be available for all hunter missions.
** - Only two players within a ninja group can choose this Bounty reward. Only one dojutsu eye is earned by choosing this Bounty.
*** - Items received by this bounty are valued based on their current selling price, and any unspent funds are given to the player as Ryo. For Example: A player selects 3000 ryo worth of items on a D-C Rank Hunter mission, and they will receive 2000 additional ryo).
**** - Only one player within a ninja group can choose this bounty. Other group members may choose organic material for transplants as their bounty, which may lessen the value of the corpse. Regardless, the player who chooses this bounty will always be able to use the body for human puppets/DNA for Edo Tensei summons.

Hunter NPCs
A full breakdown of NPCs can be found on the Mission NPC Guidelines page. Here is a general overview of how NPCs work during Hunter Missions.

  • A member approves all NPCs of NRPG staff before their utilization during a Hunter mission. The same NPC may be used in several different Hunter missions. 
  • A player approved by NRPG Staff will be chosen to play as NPC; their goal will be to defeat the mission group at all costs; this player is compensated for their work regardless of the outcome.
  • The mission group cannot choose which NPC they will be fighting. Their stats and abilities are unknown until the start of the hunter's mission.
  • The amount of NPCs in a mission is determined by the mission and the number of participants. For each participant in a mission, an additional NPC will be added after the second unless the mission in question already has multiple NPC's. 
  • The rank of the NPC matches the rank of the Hunter mission being attempted.
  • Once a hunter mission has been started, it cannot be joined or invaded by anyone outside of the mission party, be they a friend or foe.
  • The NPC will always post last in a Hunter mission thread.
  • If a Hunter is joined by any participant over 1 rank higher than the NPC, the hunter cannot be used to rank up by anyone aside from those participants.
  • The "48-Hour Rule" is encouraged to be enforced by both the mission group and the NPC player. As an honorary member of NRPG Staff, the NPC is allowed 72 Hours.

Mission Guidelines Maxresdefault
Not all missions are danger-free and Rival ninja (Especially missing ninja) may attempt to Ambush a mission group to stop them from completing the task. In some instances, a simple mission at a nation's borders could lead to combat against a squad of the rival ninja; this combat could lead to player DEATH.

Not all missions can be Ambushed, and some requirements must be met to do so:
  • The Mission must be C Rank or higher.
  • The Mission must not be a Hunter
  • The Mission Location must be outside of a hidden village. Missions inside a hidden village cannot be Ambushed regardless of Rank.
  • The ambush party must also be within the same country as the Mission location. Missions that occur at the nation's borders can be ambushed by ninja located in an adjacent country.
  • A member of the ambush group must have the appropriate In-Character Rank for the mission to attempt an ambush. A maximum of FOUR ninjas may create an ambush group.
  • An ambush group does not just have to be missing ninja. Village ninja from rival villages may also attempt to Ambush missions from rival villages or missing ninja contracts being completed with their borders. Even a group comprising of missing ninja and village ninja can work together to complete a successful Ambush.
  • Missions may be Ambushed up to 48 hours after the completion of the mission. 

Once these requirements are met, an Ambush can be attempted. Here's how it works:
  • The ambushing group enters into the mission topic. Each player must Copy/Paste their stat page onto their first post.
  • Once the first member of an ambush group enters the topic, the remaining members have 48 Hours to join it. If they don't join in time, they are not part of the ambush group and cannot enter later.
  • After 48 Hours, the mission group must respond to the ambush group's threat. Suppose the Ambush Group has a member that is more than 2 ranks above any of the mission group members. In that case, those members can abandon the mission without consequence and leave without being interrupted. 
  • If able, a Village Sentinel may also join within this period to assist the mission group.
  • During this first round of posting, neither group may engage in combat. Should the mission group realize they are outmatched, they may attempt to flee or even bargain with the Ambushing Group, but escape is in no way guaranteed.
  • WC completed by the mission group still counts towards Word Count Requirement, but they cannot complete the Task until the ambush group's threat is dealt with.

Should the mission group escape:
  • Each player may still claim rewards for the WC they completed but gain none of the Rewards. They also gain no credit for the mission and cannot attempt it again.
  • The ambushing group can then complete the mission, starting where the mission group left off in Word Count Requirement and then earning all Rewards and Bonuses.
  • Covert missions automatically net the ambush group the mission Reward but not the Bonus.

Should the mission group stay:
  • The ambushing group must be removed, by force if necessary, to complete the mission. The mission cannot be completed until this is done, even if the Word Count Requirement is met.
  • The easiest way to do this would be to offer the ambush group Ryo to complete the mission peacefully.
  • This could, however, also lead to Player v Player (PvP) combat with the victorious group then given a chance to complete the mission. This could very easily lead to several player DEATHS within a topic.
  • Given the now increased number of players in the same topic, the "48 Hour Rule" should be enacted by both groups should it come to that.

Any Ryo taken by the ambush group credits them towards completing the Bandit track towards ranking up.

Mission Guidelines Hidans10
Village Sentinels
A village may enlist their ninja to become a Village Sentinel, usually a Jounin/B-Rank who is tasked with protecting a mission group should they require it to defend against an Ambush.

A Village Sentinel must follow these guidelines.
  • Each Village may have only one Village Sentinel. They can be either a player or a chosen village NPC. This ninja can be changed weekly.
  • These players live at the border of their village nation. During this time, they cannot participate in any topics happening within the village and cannot purchase items at the ninja shop. 
  • In exchange, they are given a weekly payment of 5000 Ryo. This ryo comes out of a village's funds.
  • Should a mission group get Ambushed, the Village Sentinel can enter into the topic to provide support. This will always give the mission group the advantage for missions whose Mission Location is within that nation's borders.
  • The village sentinel cannot travel outside his nation's borders to assist a mission group - Only ambushes within their country.
  • The Village Sentinel can only assist in ambushes against ninja from their village.
  • Should the ambush group be defeated, the Village Sentinel earns the same Rewards as the mission group.
  • A Village Sentinel can only assist in ambushes that were started while they were already a Sentinel. One cannot become a Sentinel and assist in an ambush that began before they became a Sentinel 

Becoming a Village Sentinel is dangerous and could lead to the player's DEATH.

Author: Moose

Editors: @Ayato Hyuuga , @Murata - Without you guys this would never have been completed at the level it is.

Contributions by: 
@Satoru Jugo - Who showed me several different coding tricks
@Murata - Who made more missions than I thought possible
@Mizuki Ohta - Who helped develop the finishing touches

Other Staff Members at time of launch (Not mentioned Above):
Admin -  @Ibari , @Kenshin
Full Mod - @Zaine
Other Mods: @Gonk, @Ichigo Sato,  @Souji ,  @Kita Hajime , @Daiko@Ryuzaki

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Stat Page : Musu Uzumaki
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Clan Specialty : Fuuinjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 50000

Mission Guidelines Empty Milestones

Thu Mar 04, 2021 6:20 pm
Milestones are achievements that award a One-Time Bonus. To reiterate, Milestones' bonus rewards can only be claimed once per ninja and will be monitored by NRPG staff for abuse but it  is possible for one completed mission to complete multiple Milestones.

All Milestones must be claimed on the ninja's Mission Rewards page. To claim, the player must get approval from a member of NRPG staff before using the rewards associated with it. A section of the ninja's mission reward's page is dedicated to keeping track of what milestones that ninja has earned.

NOTE: Players DO NOT receive credits for missions that they earned from the legacy system. However, to compensate for their hard work refer to The Legacy Mission Compensation Program!

Below is the list of achievable milestones. Be sure to check back periodically to see if any new milestones have been added!: 

Hit the Ground Running: Complete one mission.
Bonus: 500 Ryo

Teamwork makes the Dream Work: Complete a mission in a mission group of 3 or more.
Bonus: 500 WC

A Cog in the Wheel: Complete a Village Exclusive mission (or Missing Ninja Contract if Missing Ninja) of at least A Rank
Bonus: 2,000 Ryo & 2,000 WC

Novice Ninja: Complete one D-Rank mission.
Bonus: D Rank Jutsu Scroll

Journeyman Ninja: Complete one B-Rank mission.
Bonus: B Rank Jutsu Scroll

Professional Ninja: Complete one S-Rank mission.
Bonus: S Rank Jutsu Scroll

Fine, I'll do it myself: Complete an S-Rank Mission alone.
Bonus: Dragon's Dice

Learning the Alphabet: Complete one mission of each rank.
Bonus: 4,000 Ryo & 4,000 WC

In the Dead of Night: Complete one Covert mission of any rank.
Bonus: Elixir of Purity

Blood Money: Complete one Hunter mission of any rank.
Bonus: Escape Rope

Who needs a Map?: Complete one Long Distance mission of any rank.
Bonus: Travel Ticket

Trust Me; I'm a Doctor: Complete a Professional mission.
Bonus: Specialist Tome

Dammit Jim I'm a ninja not a blacksmith!:Complete one Crafting Mission of any rank.
Bonus: Tinkerer's Toolkit

Stacks on Stacks: Complete a mission with a reward of more than 10,000 Ryo.
Bonus: Sakura Corps Loyalty Coupon

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Complete One S Rank Hunter Mission
Bonus: Soul Stone

To hell and Back: Complete 5 Long Distance Missions of any Rank.
Bonus: 4 x Travel Tokens

An Unexpected Journey: Compete an S Rank Professional Arc Mission
Bonus: Hashirama Cells

Hardly a Challenge: Complete 2 Covert, Hunter, Long Distance, and Professional Missions of at least A Rank
Bonus: Element Changing Crystal

Word Count Warrior: Complete 15 Missions with at least 2 being S-Rank.
Bonus: Bronze Medallion of Labor

Mission Maniac: Complete 30 Missions with at least 5 being S-Rank.
Bonus: Silver Medallion of Tenacity

Completion Crusader: Complete 50 Missions with at least 8 being S-Rank.
Bonus: Gold Medallion of Valor

Spare no Expense: Earn 100,000 Ryo from missions (Including AP Conversions, Bonus's, and Medallions).
Bonus: Travel Token, Tinkerer's Toolkit, Hashirama's Cells, Sakura Corps Loyalty Coupon

Achievement Hunter: Complete 20 Milestones
Bonus: Elixir of Purity, Element Changing Crystal, Dragon's Dice

Please refer to Mythical Items Guidelines and Directory for a full breakdown of mythical items and their effects.

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