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Mission Directory (B - S Rank) Empty Mission Directory (B - S Rank)

Fri May 14, 2021 9:03 pm

Mission Directory (B - S Rank)

This page lists all the currently available missions that a ninja can attempt to complete. It will be updated by NRPG Staff accordingly as new missions are approved.

See the Mission Boards for a complete list of all available missions.

See Mission Directory: E to C Rank for the lower ranked missions.

Refer to the Mission Guidelines Page for a full breakdown of missions.

Table of Contents


(U) - Universal Missions
(VE) - Village Exclusive
(MN) - Missing Ninja Contract
(VAGA) - Vagabond Contract
(AR) - Arc
(CO) - Covert
(CR) - Crafting
(HU) - Hunter
(LD) - Long Distance
(PR) - Professional
(Hoshi) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Hoshigakure
(Kiri) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Kirigakure
(Kono) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Konohagakure
(Kumo) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Kumogakure
(Suna) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Sunagakure
(Tanbo) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Tanbogakure

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A Display of Talent (Kono)
A Great, Big Wall (MN)
A Missing Noble (Kono)(LD)
Aggressive Negotiation (Kono)(CO)
Anbu Sparring Partner (Kono)(HU)
Bloodsport: A Pool of Blood (Suna)(HU)
Bloodsport: Blood Money (Suna)(LD)
Bloodsport: Fresh Blood (Suna)(CO)
Bloodworks: Myrmidon (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloodworks: Myrmidon [Duos] (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloodworks: Myrmidon [Squads] (U)(HU)(AR)
Bomb in the Bath House (U)
Cabin Fever (Kumo)
Chilling Discovery (MN)(LD)(AR)
Dining in the Desert of Death (Suna)
Dissecting the Viper (Kono)(CO)
Don't fear the shadow, kill it! (MN)(HU)
Don't Forget an Umbrella (Kiri)
Drowned Rats (Kumo)(LD)(AR)
Ecology Management (Kiri)
False Stars, Falling Fortunes (Kumo)(PR)(CO)
Fluff Piece (Kiri)
Follow the Money (Hoshi)
Genin Astray (Kumo)
Gettin the Good Stuff (MN)(PR)
Gung Ho Grave Robbers (VE)
Hidden Away (Kiri)
Honoring Ancestors (Hoshi)
I Ain't 'fraid of no Ghosts! (Hoshi)
It's Elemental (U)(CR)
Jashin's Blessing (U)(HU)
Missing Merchant (Hoshi)
Missing Monkey (Kiri)
My Kingdom for a Banana (Kiri)(AR)
Outpost Sensor (Kono)(PR)
Not the Bees! (Kono)(PR)
Patrol the Dome (Suna)
Patrol: Slums (VE)(AR)
Patrol: Village Walls (VE)(AR)
Pretty Plants, Potent Poisons (U)(CR)
Prison Break (MN)
Rebel Series: Intel Gathering (Kumo)(AR)
Rebel Series: Protest Control (Kumo)
Ruined Dollhouse (Kumo)(LD)
Scroll Scuffles (Kumo)(PR)
Search and Destroy...? (MN)(PR)
Searching the Ancient Ruins (U)
So Fluffy (U)(CR)
Spick, Span, Spire (Suna)
The Ambitious (Kumo)(HU)
The Copycat (VE)(HU)
The Deep End (VE)(PR)
Deep Web Hitman: Barracuda (U)(HU)
The Detector: Bubble Trouble (U)(PR)
The Elementalist: It's "Elementary" (U)(PR)
The Genjutsuologist: Interrogation (U)(PR)
The Hero (Kiri)(HU)
The Martial Artist: The demonstration (U)(PR)
The Missing Scrolls (Hoshi)(AR)(HU)
The One That Got Away (Kumo)(HU)
The Pathologist: A New Client (U)(PR)
The Root of the Problem (Kono)
The SealSmith: Refreshing Defenses (U)(PR)
The Will of Stone (Hoshi)(AR)(LD)
This Isn't your Dad's Fiber (U)(CR)(HU)
Time for an upgrade (Suna)(PR)
You Maniacs! (Kiri)(AR)(HU)
Guarding The Greatest (U)
Rice Rustlers: Confrontation  [Pt. 4] (AR)(Tanbo)
Festival Season: Leisure Time (AR)
The Warmonger Gauntlet (Kumo)(HU)
The Rule of Two (Kumo)
Escort the Daughter (MN)
Home Improvement (MN)
Taijutsu Training Tutorial (PR)(VE)

Return to Table of Contents


Trust Me, It's Art (U)(CR)
A Score to Settle (Kiri)(HU)
Accross Kaizoku (Kiri)(CO)(HU)(LD)
Accross Konashi (Kiri)(CO)(HU)(LD)
Actually, Frankenstien was the Doctor (Kumo)(HU)
Bloodsport: A River of Blood (Suna)(HU)
Bloodsport: Blood Bank (Suna)(LD)(AR)
Bloodworks: Gladiator (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloodworks: Gladiator [Duos] (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloodworks: Gladiator [Squads] (U)(HU)(AR)
Caved in (Suna)(PR)
Contract Negotiations (Kumo)(PR)
Deep Web Hitman: Tiger Shark (U)(HU)
Drop the Turtles, You Fiend! (Kiri)
Forgotten Survivors (Kiri)(AR)(LD)
Guest Speaker (Kumo)
Hidden Gardens (Hoshi)(CO)
Holy Shit! Pirates! (Kiri)(HU)
Hunting the Grave robbers (VE)(HU)
I'll Never Rest for a Second Again! (Kumo)
Inpregnable Fortress (U)(CR)
Jashin's Blessing (U)(HU)
Maintaining the Valley (Kono)(PR)
Patrol: Outpost Route (VE)(AR)
Rat Catching (Hoshi)(HU)
Rebel Series: Infiltrate the Hideout (Kumo)(AR)(HU)
Reconnecting with Ones Roots (U)
Root and Stem (Kono)(AR)
Temple Takedown (MN)(HU)
The Defenseless (MN)(HU)
The Detector: Lost in the Woods (U)(AR)(PR)
The Elementalist: Immovable Object (U)(AR)(PR)
The Escape (Kumo)(HU)
The Fifth Tsuchikage (Hoshi)(AR)(HU)(LD)
The Genjutsuologist: Sensitive Information (U)(AR)(PR)
The Martial Artist: The Course (U)(AR)(PR)
The Lost Shipment (Hoshi)(HU)
The One Left Behind (Kumo)(AR)(HU)(LD)
The Pathologist: A Poisoned Client (U)(AR)(PR)
The Prodigy (Kumo)(HU)
The Sealsmith: Failsafe Failure (U)(AR)(PR)
The Shinobi And the Lion (Hoshi)(PR)
This Troublesome Priest (Hoshi)(CO)(HU)
Venatio (Suna)
Viper's Fang: Habitat (Kono)(HU)
Viper's Fang: Shed Skin (Kono)(CO)
Viper's Fang: Constrictor (Kono)(LD)
Weathering the Storm (Suna)
Whatever that is into.... water! (Suna)(AR)
No more heroes (MN)
The Warmonger Gauntlet (Kumo)(HU)
Media Matters (CO)(Kiri)
It's Always Sunny in Kirigakure (Kiri)
The Rule of Two (Kumo)
The Man, The Myth, The Legend (MN)
Lord of Iron (MN)(HU)(LD)
Rumors of Cobalt (CR)(HU)

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Apology NOT Accepted (Kono)(AR)(CO)(HU)
BloodSport: A tidal Wave of Blood (Suna)(HU)
Bloodsport: Blood Diamonds (Suna)(AR)(LD)
Bloodsport: Blood Ritual (Suna)(AR)(CO)
Bloodworks: Champion (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloodworks: Champion [Duos] (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloodworks: Champion [Squads] (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloody Tears (Kiri)(HU)
Crypt of Terrors (Kumo)
Deep Cover Ninja (VE)(CO)
Deep Web: Sea Serpent (U)(HU)
Dont Open, Dead Inside (Kumo)(PR)
Face Yourself (U)
Falling Stars, Rising Fortunes (U)(CR)
False Promises (Kiri)(LD)(PR)
Here be Monsters (Kiri)
Hostage Negotiations (Hoshi)
Jashin's Blessing (U)(HU)
Only you Can Prevent Forest Fires (Kono)
Patrol: Border Checkpoints (VE)(AR)
Prince of Rot (Kumo)
Seizing Dominion (MN)(AR)
Tapestry (Kiri)(CO)
The Big Meltdown (Hoshi)
The Detector: On the Run (U)(AR)(PR)
The Elementalist: Unstoppable Force (U)(AR)(PR)
The Lost Jinchuuriki (Kumo)(HU)
The Genjutsuologist: The Box (U)(AR)(PR)
The Martial Artist: The Tower (U)(AR)(PR)
The Pathologist: A living Client (U)(AR)(PR)
The SealSmith: Unlocking the Antechamber (U)(AR)(PR)
The Vault of the Kazekage (Suna)
Viper's Fang: Honey Badger (Kono)(AR)(LD)
Viper's Fang: Venom Sac (Kono)(HU)
Children of Fianna: Wrath of Fianna's Chosen (AR)(Kono)
The Warmonger Gauntlet (Kumo)(HU)
Trial of the Ōtsutsuki (HU)
Forging the White Swords (Hoshi)
Handle With Care (MN)
It's Like Romeo and Juliet, but with Ninjas. (LD)(MN)
Wood You Rather...? (CR)
Bring Her Home (LD)(HU)(Hoshi)
Barking up the Wrong Tree (MN)(HU)

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