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Swearing and mature language is permitted, with some limits.
Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.
Violence is allowed, with some limitations.
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The NRPG Guidebook Empty The NRPG Guidebook

Mon Oct 31, 2022 5:17 pm

The NRPG Guidebook Hw6lc6Q

The NRPG Guidebook

Embark on a captivating journey into the Naruto RPG, a forum-based roleplaying game that takes a thrilling leap from Masashi Kishimoto's renowned Naruto series. Set 168 years after a cataclysmic supervolcano eruption, this alternate universe invites you to breathe life into your character and weave an extraordinary destiny.

Whether forging alliances, undertaking missions, or engaging in battles with fellow players, every decision you make resonates through this transformed reality. Will you lead your village through challenges or carve your path as a missing ninja? The power to shape your character's fate is in your hands.

Naruto RPG is your canvas for adventure, where diverse landscapes, intriguing characters, and hidden secrets await exploration. Your actions unfold a unique narrative-driven world, offering an open book of possibilities to immerse yourself in. Seize the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on the tapestry of this alternate Naruto universe—your chapter is eagerly waiting to be written.

The site encompasses several critical elements that define the immersive experience. Character Creation marks the beginning of your journey, allowing you to shape your unique persona with distinct traits, life stories, and talents. Written Roleplay thrives in dedicated forum threads, offering a space to step into your character's shoes and craft detailed actions and emotions that bring the narrative to life. Our collaborative storytelling approach is central to the community, where every player's contribution weaves the tapestry of our world through character interactions.

The Forum Structure provides clarity, neatly organizing character creation, world lore, roleplay threads, and out-of-character discussions for easy navigation. In our Play-by-Post Format, players take turns crafting detailed and immersive interactions, fostering a rich storytelling environment. The dedicated Staff Team stands ready to guide players, ensuring smooth gameplay, offering guidance, and maintaining adherence to rules and guidelines, thus fostering an inclusive and enjoyable community.

A Fun Fact about NRPG lies in its evolutionary journey, undergoing several iterations to shape its present form in the new era—Version Eight [v8]. Additionally, our private Discord server is a dynamic platform for community interaction beyond the forum. It facilitates discussions, idea-sharing, feedback on character creations, and the development of camaraderie among players. To join the discord, click on the image below.
The NRPG Guidebook QsHZduS

The NRPG Guidebook Tumblr_lxf4mqoTU71qmmhnro1_500

For a pleasant experience during your stay, it is essential to adhere to the rules and prevent potential conflicts. In case of rule violations, a reminder will be issued. If such behavior persists, more severe penalties like strikes and bans may be imposed. This extends to the prevention of abuse or exploitation of any loopholes. These rules are applicable across all NRPG platforms, including Discord servers and DMs.

1. Respect is a fundamental principle within our community. Harassment or degradation of fellow members is strictly forbidden. If conflicts arise or there's a lack of compatibility, it's advisable to minimize interactions. Always approach discussions and debates with kindness, understanding, and constructive engagement.

2. Members in NRPG have the flexibility to manage multiple characters, with the condition of having only one character per account. If you wish to introduce a new character, the protocol is to create a new account. An exception to this rule is the concept of Living Clones. To facilitate effective tracking of characters, all accounts must be named after their respective characters. If you lose a character, the account can be renamed to match the replacement character. To maintain order, usernames such as “ghfjksj123456” will not be accepted. Discord members lacking approved characters may also face removal, especially if their intent is perceived as trolling or instigating drama.

A staff member must approve all users registering on the site to ensure a secure and controlled user environment. After signing up, users must submit a request in the #misc-requests channel on Discord or DM a staff member, specifying their username for verification and approval.

Characters and creations must be approved before being used in roleplay. You can only post creations after your first character has been approved. The exception is clan and bloodline if the newly submitted character is part of that clan. 

3. The NRPG Staff Team is committed to assisting you to the best of their abilities. Refrain from excessively contacting staff on Discord or through direct messages. If you have an outstanding request, you may politely inquire about its status on Discord only after a 72-hour waiting period without a response.

4. The site rating 212 permits in character [IC] swearing and mature language with specific boundaries. Mild sexual innuendo and references are allowed within the context of roleplay. Violence is also permitted, but it is subject to certain limitations. However, explicit content, including gore and sexual connotations, is strictly prohibited in text, images, or links.

5. NRPG does not accept advertisements or affiliations and does not permit attempts to bypass this rule, such as sending server advertisements in members' direct messages or discussing other servers in NRPG channels.

6. In NRPG, we address two common roleplaying issues through our rules: godmodding and metagaming. Godmodding occurs when players try to force actions, assuming their character is invincible or unstoppable. On the other hand, metagaming involves using out-of-character (OOC) knowledge to influence in-character actions. While we encourage OOC plotting and collaboration, respecting the boundaries between OOC knowledge and in-character decisions is crucial.  Furthermore, remember to distinguish out-of-character comments [OOC] in brackets from in-character actions in roleplay posts. Using these brackets to make backhanded comments against your roleplay colleagues is prohibited.

7. Copying and pasting RP posts from NRPG or any other site is strictly prohibited. This encompasses copying your posts from one topic to another to gain rewards for both and using someone else's post as your own. This practice undermines the creativity and originality of roleplaying, as each post should be unique and reflect the player's individuality and character.

8. Keep topics on-site in the proper area and discussions in the discord in the appropriate channels.  The site will promptly delete all spam topics and posts. Forum spam encompasses unwanted activities, such as irrelevant or off-topic posts, excessive advertising, duplicate content, phishing attempts, and inflammatory or abusive language in messages, posts, and topic titles. Users who engage in spamming may receive reprimands, including warnings or other appropriate disciplinary actions.

9. Banter within the platform is allowed, providing opportunities for humor. However, it's imperative to approach such banter with sensitivity to prevent jokes from crossing the boundaries of public decorum, respect, and good faith. Humor should be wielded thoughtfully, considering fellow community members' feelings and comfort levels.

Additional Helpful links
Thread and Roleplay Guide

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In the context of roleplaying and forum etiquette, here are the definitions of some standard terms:

A forum roleplaying game (forum RPG or forum RP) unfolds on an online forum platform, where participants immerse themselves in the roles of fictional characters and engage with one another through written posts and threads.
Alternate Universe (AU) roleplay involves creating a narrative that diverges from the established canon or original storyline, allowing participants to explore new and creative scenarios.
Strikes and Bans: The punishment for violating the rules in bad faith. A strike will also result in a weekly mute from the discord server. Accumulating three strikes will lead to a ban from the Forum and Discord server. The duration of the ban varies but is generally permanent. Evading a ban will result in a re-ban. Except in exceptional circumstances, such as extreme harassment, a warning will be issued before a strike or ban is given.
In Character (IC):  Refers to a character's actions, thoughts, and dialogue within the fictional world. It distinguishes the character from the real-life person controlling them. IC does not equal OOC.
Out of Character (OOC): Refers to communication or actions outside the fictional world. It involves the real-life person behind the character. OOC does not equal IC.
Houring: Skipping or continuing a topic after a certain period (48 Hours or 72 hours for staff) if the other participant has not replied. In combat, this causes any active techniques/jutsus/skills that require Action Points Upkeep to go on cooldown. It allows the flow of the roleplay to continue even if one person is unresponsive.
Void (Voiding): When a topic or post is voided due to a violation of a rule, it is no longer considered part of the ongoing storyline or events. It is nullified and does not have any impact on the overall narrative.
Auto hit: Unfairly attacking or hitting another player's character without allowing them to respond or defend themselves.
Godmoder (God-modding): A role-player or roleplay character engaging in metagaming, power playing, god-modding, or retconning.
  • God-modding: It refers to a role-player or character engaging in behaviors that go against fair and balanced roleplaying, such as metagaming, power playing, or retconning.

  • Powerplaying: Like godmodding, power playing occurs when a player controls or manipulates another player's character without permission, taking away their agency in the roleplay.

  • Metagaming: Involves using out-of-character (OOC) knowledge or information to influence in-character (IC) actions or decisions. It is considered unfair because characters should only have the knowledge they have obtained within the fictional world.

  • Retconning: Refers to retroactively changing or altering past events in roleplay or storyline. It is often considered unfair because it disregards the established continuity and can disrupt the narrative flow.

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The NRPG Guidebook Tumblr_nm8zez1LGf1qmmhnro1_500

Character Application: 

Welcome to the foundational step of your NRPG journey—your character application. This vital process breathes life into your envisioned character, bringing them into our vibrant universe. Through this comprehensive page, you introduce your character's essence and forge connections with fellow players, setting the stage for narratives shaping your adventure. In the world of NRPG, aspiring shinobi embark on their journey from different starting ranks, each with unique attributes and possibilities. Whether hailing from a village, living as a missing ninja, or wandering as a vagabond, each path offers challenges and opportunities.

Find the entire ruleset by clicking the link  [Character Rules and Template]

Character Statistics:

Once your character receives approval, their growth is anchored in carefully managing their stat pages. These pages serve as intricate blueprints that document your character's evolution. Every facet of their development is here, from techniques and skills to inventory and threads. As your character's journey unfolds, remember to update these pages diligently. Whether you acquire new jutsu, items, or change, your stat page should accurately mirror your character's progress.

Find the entire ruleset by clicking the link [Character Statistics and Template]

Mission Records: 

Within NRPG's expansive world, mission logs become your invaluable companions. These records meticulously detail your character's completed missions, acting as a compass guiding you toward the next level of power. While each mission contributes only once to rank advancement, these logs witness your triumphs, preserving your journey's milestones.

Find the entire ruleset by clicking the link [Mission Records and Template]

Creating Your Next Character:

On NRPG, you can bring to life ten characters—your first character and nine alternate creations. While characters from the same player can interact for social or storytelling purposes, they won't gain particular in-game advantages. It's important to note that characters controlled by the same player can't leverage training discounts, bloodline transfers, monetary gains, or other game-related perks. Our vigilant staff monitors interactions to ensure fairness and prevent misuse. Additionally, character applications beyond your first don't require a roleplaying sample, streamlining the process for experienced players.

Additional Helpful links

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The NRPG Guidebook Tumblr_nm8z3cm9Oz1qmmhnro1_500

The Creation Center in NRPG is an exciting game where players can create and revamp various elements, such as jutsu, clans, bloodlines, and more. To ensure smooth and efficient processing of creations, the following rules have been implemented:

Creation Slots: Each player has three creation slots: one New Creation Slot and two Revamp Slots. Players can use New Creation Slots for anything they wish to create. Revamp Slots are specifically for creating a new version of a technique that existed on the site in the past but requires improvement or modification.

Mission Slots: Besides the standard creation and two revamp slots, each player is granted one extra slot designated explicitly for missions, emphasizing character development. This limit extends to three slots if the player submits missions of the same "Arc." It's important to note that these mission slots are exclusive to non-custom missions.

Submission and Review: Upon posting a creation, players must link it to the appropriate channel on NRPG Discord under staff requests. A staff team member will review Creations on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only current and active ninja players who passed the last activity check are eligible for reviews.

Queue and Edits: If a player has multiple techs pending review, the first posted creation will be reviewed first, and the next will wait until the first one is approved or there are no other techs to review. All reviews and requested edits will be publicly known on the jutsu thread. 

Discord Discussions: While players can discuss techs with staff members on Discord private messages, any changes discussed must be posted in the creation thread.

Approved Creations: Once a creation is approved, it will be moved into the approved section, and a link to it is expected to be added to the Master Directory, which can be requested on NRPG Discord.

Revamps and Permissions: For revamps, players are advised to link to the old version in the app and must justify the revamp. Revamping another active player's creation requires explicit permission from the creator for canon and custom creations.

Inactivity: A mod will inquire if a creator remains unresponsive for seven days after edit requests. The app will be sent to the archives if there's no response within 48 hours. Players can later request to pick it up again. Approved Custom techniques [jutsu exclusive to a character] are usually archived when the character fails an activity check [more on AC below]. 

Hotfixes: Minor troubleshooting after approval can be done through hotfixes, where creators can request staff to pull the app for edits. A note of what was changed must be posted in the creation. Hotfixes can only be requested by the creator or on their behalf.

Second Opinions: A last resort option for players to seek a second opinion on their app, but only after making efforts to discuss with the original staff member or encountering an impasse or denial.

 As the game evolves, more changes and rules may be introduced to improve the experience.

Additional Helpful links

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The NRPG Guidebook Tumblr_m0mjjxxlhK1qmmhnro1_500

Threads, Claims and Wordcount

In NRPG, Word Count (WC) is earned by players through roleplay. This currency is used to acquire new abilities, techniques, upgrades, or other character advancements. Word count serves as a measure of a character's growth and progression, allowing players to unlock new opportunities and abilities as they accumulate more of them.


In NRPG, "claims" pertain to tallying the word count in a thread or post to determine the rewards or benefits a player can obtain based on that word count. These claims are made at the end of a thread when a player exits the thread. When a player completes a thread or post, they count the number of words they have written.

Word Count cannot be banked or accumulated over multiple threads. Instead, players should claim WC at the end of each thread, specifying the word count for each post and the total word count for that thread. This practice helps in making approval processes quick and accurate. 

Additionally, when training jutsu in a thread, players should provide proper links to any threads where the jutsu was previously trained. This is necessary to clarify and ensure that all jutsu training is properly documented and accounted for. The same rule applies to Stat Pages. If a jutsu was trained elsewhere in a different thread or with an other character, it still requires a link back to the original thread for reference and clarity.

An example of rewards that can be claimed based on word count include:
TWC 1439 [Total Word Count]
Stat Claims 14: 10 to Vigor and 4 to Speed [Based on words written divided by 100 and rounded down]
Now allocate the words to Jutsu you want to learn by linking them
1439 words towards Blast Wave 1439/1500

Mid Thread Claim: 

A character can make a "Mid Thread Claim" once before the end of a topic or before they exit the thread. This claim allows the player to tally their posts' word count (WC) up to that point and determine the rewards or benefits they are entitled to receive based on that word count. The Mid Thread Claim allows players to receive rewards or progress during the ongoing thread without waiting until the thread's conclusion.

Once a Mid Thread Claim is made, the player cannot make another claim for the same thread.

It's essential for players to accurately count the words in their posts to ensure they receive the appropriate rewards or benefits. Claims are typically made by posting the word count and the corresponding rewards in the designated thread at the end of the completed thread or when they exit the thread.

Training Discounts with WC: 

To encourage social interaction and roleplay, characters in NRPG can receive a 50% word count discount when learning a jutsu, skill, or specialty from another character who already knows it. This is a way to foster social engagement and facilitate character development through learning from others. However, players cannot stack this discount with the 25% Max Stat Discount; they can choose to apply one or the other, but not both simultaneously.

To benefit from the training discount when another character teaches a character a jutsu, it is required that they actively engage in physical training sessions to learn the specific jutsu in question. Passive or indirect learning methods do not qualify for the training discount. The requirement for physical engagement and active learning to be eligible for training discounts extends to advanced training facilities within villages and other comparable settings.

During training sessions where a character is taught a multi-rank jutsu, the discount applies solely to the version known and possessed by the character providing the instruction. If the instructor only has, for instance, the B-rank version of a B/A-rank jutsu, the discount will apply solely to the B-rank version. The student cannot continue to use the discount for the higher-ranking version of the jutsu unless the instructor acquires and demonstrates proficiency in the advanced rank in later topics.

Return to Table of Contents

NRPG Discord

The NRPG Discord, aside from being a social hub for players, has a dedicated section where players submit their character creations for review and approval by staff members. Each staff member is responsible for reviewing specific types of creations, and players can quickly identify the staff member assigned to their submission by checking the emotes next to the links.

If a player's creation has been awaiting review for 72 hours without any response from staff, they can use the "Bump" option by posting their application in the #⁠bumps channel. This will alert staff members to the pending review and encourage them to prioritize the application for assessment.

In addition to character creations, players submit their claims from completed topics in the discord server. When a player completes a topic, they must post their claim in the #thread channel with the necessary details, such as the word count and any specific rewards they are eligible for based on the forum's rules. Staff members will then review the claim and verify the information before granting the rewards or benefits to the player.

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The NRPG Guidebook Tumblr_lpeh4ahuMh1qmmhnro1_500


Missions are a fundamental aspect of character progression and development in NRPG. By completing missions, players can advance their characters' stories and contribute to the dynamic and immersive world of NRPG. 

Mission Guidelines: This guide links with a detailed explanation of how missions function on the site. 

Mission Boards: The Mission Boards serve as the central hub for all available missions on the site. Players can find a variety of missions listed on these boards, each with its difficulty level and reward.

Hunter Missions: On NRPG, Hunter Missions are dangerous endeavors that may result in a player's character facing the risk of death. However, the potential rewards for completing these missions are substantial.

Mission Creation Template Mission Creation is an essential aspect of the NRPG, allowing players to craft unique challenges and narratives for their characters. All missions must be created using the Mission Creation Template, which includes details such as mission rank, classification (Universal, Village Exclusive, Missing Ninja), and challenges.

These are the links to the Mission Directories on the NRPG website:

Mission Directory - E to C Rank: In this directory, players can find all the approved missions between E and C rank. These missions are suitable for characters at the lower ranks and offer various challenges and rewards.

Mission Directory - B to S Rank: This directory contains all the approved missions between B and S rank. These missions are more advanced and challenging, suited for higher-ranked characters with more experience and abilities.

Players can explore these directories to find missions suitable for their characters and engage in exciting role-playing adventures within the NRPG community.

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The NRPG Guidebook F3f1c83b86ee0b2c30daa76794011668f90dc80c

In Naruto RPG, the staff team, also referred to as mods (moderators), plays a crucial role in the day-to-day management of the forum. Their responsibilities include ensuring the site runs smoothly, protecting members, maintaining balance and fairness, and addressing any issues. However, it is acknowledged that the staff team comprises humans who may make mistakes.

If any situation makes a member feel uneasy, whether it involves threats from another member or uncertainty about a decision, the staff team strongly encourages open dialogue. Members are encouraged to contact a staff member to discuss their concerns. This communication is vital for resolving problems and making necessary changes.

To streamline productivity on the forum, the typical 48-hour rule for posting topics is extended to 72 hours for current staff members. Additionally, when confirming thread exits, there is a standard waiting period of 48 hours. However, within the first 72 hours, current staff members can intervene and address any issues related to the thread exit.

A widget is available on each forum page to provide easy access to the staff team. This widget, located on the left side of the screen, displays the current staff members and their respective positions. The staff team has implemented organizational innovations and created three special roles to enhance the structure and efficiency of their operations.

Approval Moderators

Approval Staff members play a crucial role in the staff team. They approve stat page changes, thread claims, character applications, and running dice rolls. Their role involves verifying the validity and usability of claims made by members, ensuring that the word count (WC) is original and not plagiarized. Additionally, they can NPC (Non-Player Character) and approve summons, new missions, villages, and jutsu of C-rank and below.

New team members often start as part of the approval team. They can potentially specialize in either balance or coordination when ready and wish to take on additional responsibilities. Collaboration within the staff team is encouraged and expected, allowing staff members to participate in events and technique moderation.

Balance Moderators

The balance staff focuses on maintaining the site's balance. They identify if any specific mechanics are becoming overly oppressive or if there are loopholes in the existing rules. This team addresses these issues and ensures the site remains fair and balanced. They also handle the more complex aspects of the creation center, such as higher-level jutsu (B-rank and above) and skills. Individuals with strong attention to detail, a deep understanding of the site's systems, and a willingness to dive into the numbers are well-suited for this team.


The coordinators are responsible for overseeing the overall operation of the staff team. They maintain an unbiased stance and a calm demeanor while assisting other teams in performing at their best. Their primary responsibilities include planning and developing seasonal events, site maintenance, and ensuring that different site sections fulfill their purpose. Coordinators update directories, rule pages, and the site timeline. They also act as the main point of communication between the staff team and the rest of the site, providing updates on staff progress and objectives. In certain circumstances, if necessary, coordinators may pitch in with approval work in the creation center due to time constraints or an exceptionally long queue.


Staff work is not easy, and as such, we believe that the staff team should get some form of compensation for their work, and we have a system that rewards the staff WC based on their work. Each staff member's work within a week is recorded on topics inside the staff s action of the forum. This is, of course, for everyday work, and additional projects like Rule and System Design may result in additional WC being given. This payment can be freely split between characters as the Staff Member in question sees fit, but once that WC has been claimed on a character, it cannot be transferred. If the character has an active Living Clone, the LC can access that character's WC bank. 

How to Join

To be considered for future staff opportunities, it is essential to actively engage in and contribute to the NRPG community, particularly in the Creation Center. Proficiency in managing character creations, a deep understanding of creation rules, and the ability to work collaboratively with reviewers are vital aspects that enhance the likelihood of future staff consideration. Those who consistently showcase their dedication, expertise, and positive collaboration within the community increase their chances of being recognized and considered for staff positions in the future.

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The NRPG Guidebook 099af3b12a4b2ee58df084800018fcda33f679f3

Activity and Activity Checks

In NRPG, where roleplaying is a source of enjoyment and community vitality, occasional activity checks are necessary to gauge and ensure the community's health. Typically announced on Discord, these checks provide players ample time to confirm their continued interest and activity in the community. Failure to respond during an activity check results in a character being marked inactive, indicating that the character is no longer actively played or available for interaction.

Activity checks update the character roster, ensuring that characters with inactive players do not hinder potential roleplaying opportunities for others. This practice helps maintain an accurate and current representation of the site's active characters, promoting a dynamic and engaging environment.

It's essential to note that a character marked as inactive during an activity check doesn't preclude the player from returning to active play in the future. Players can reclaim their character and resume roleplaying when ready to engage more actively with the community.

Are you returning to the site after some time away and want your old Character back? See if you can reclaim that character! You can Reclaim a Character via this thread Character Re-Claim Thread with the template to follow on the first post.

Additional Helpful Links: 
Latest Activity Check 
Active Player Masterlist

Banned Characters

In NRPG, banned characters are members who have been permanently removed from the site due to severe offenses against the staff, community, or role-playing. When a member is banned, their characters are also considered banned, prohibiting further community participation.

The fate of banned characters is decided by their respective village heads in coordination with the staff, ensuring that the resolution of their storylines aligns with the overall plot and community dynamics. Exploiting a banned character's assets, such as their body, money, or items, is strictly prohibited to prevent any unfair advantages resulting from a member's removal.

If a banned character possesses a Bijuu, it returns to the NRPG pool, and any Legendary Equipment is forfeited to their village. These valuable assets become available for other active players to use or acquire through appropriate means.

Other players can skip that character's posting turn-in topics involving a banned character. This allows the narrative to proceed without acknowledging the actions or presence of the banned character, assuming they left the topic voluntarily or disappeared from the scene.

In the case of banned characters actively participating in combat topics at the time of the ban, other players in the same topic may claim their body, along with any items and equipment explicitly mentioned and recorded in the stat page during that specific combat topic. This exception ensures fairness in ongoing combat scenarios and allows the community to resolve immediate conflicts related to the banned character's presence.

Even if a banned member is later unbanned, they do not regain ownership of their characters or possessions. Once a character is banned, they are permanently removed from the site's active roster, and their storylines are concluded based on the decisions made by the village heads and staff.

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The NRPG Guidebook 5r1AuZm

Thank you Guest for reading the NRPG Guidebook!

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