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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
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Ryo : 435700

Character Rules and Template Empty Character Rules and Template

Sat Aug 26, 2023 4:06 pm

Creating Your First Character

Creating your first character is an exciting step in joining NRPG. Reviewing the site timeline must ensure your character's history aligns with the established canon when crafting your character. While creativity is encouraged, respecting the existing plot and narrative is crucial. Once you've completed the application, post it in the Character Creation Forum  as a "New Topic." If you prefer not to join the discord, notify the staff in the #character-requests on Discord. A staff member will review your character and provide feedback for necessary edits. Keep refining your character until it gets approved.

Starting Ranks

In the world of NRPG, aspiring shinobi embark on their journey from different starting ranks, each with unique attributes and possibilities. Whether hailing from a village, living as a missing ninja, or wandering as a vagabond, each path offers challenges and opportunities.

Village Ninja

As an Academy Student in a village, you begin your training with 75 Stat Points, eager to learn the ways of the shinobi. Starting as a Graduating Genin gives you 100 Stat Points, indicating your progression and growth within your village. From mastering basic techniques to forming bonds with fellow shinobi, your journey is just beginning.

Academy Student (E Rank): 75 Stat Points 
Genin (D Rank): 100 Stat Points

Missing Ninja

Choosing the path of a Missing Ninja means your character carries a shadowy past. Starting as an E Rank missing ninja, you begin with 75 Stat Points, representing the skills and experiences that led you down this unconventional path. Starting at the D Rank, missing ninja status gives you 100 Stat Points, showing that despite your divergence from village life, your strength and determination persist. Your history is shaped by the incident leading to your status as a missing ninja, adding complexity to your character's narrative. To begin as a Missing Ninja, your character can hail from any location except the PC villages unless the respective Kage grants explicit permission.

E Rank: 75 Stat Points 
D Rank: 100 Stat Points 


Vagabonds, the wanderers and mercenaries of the ninja world, start with 75 Stat Points at E Rank. Your character's lack of allegiance to any specific village comes with its own set of challenges and freedom. Starting at D Rank, vagabond status provides 100 Stat Points, reflecting your growth as you navigate your destiny. Whether driven by past loss or a desire for independence, your history informs why you chose this unique path.

E Rank: 75 Stat Points 
D Rank: 100 Stat Points


In NRPG, your choice of starting at an E-rank rank brings its own set of rewards and opportunities beyond just progression. These unique rewards are not only symbols of accomplishment but also reminders of the path your character has chosen and the challenges they've overcome. Embrace these rewards as part of your character's story, and let them inspire you to continue shaping their destiny in the world of NRPG.

Honor Student Pin:

For those who start their journey as an Academy Student and progress to the Genin rank, an exclusive reward awaits. Upon graduating from the Genin Exam, your character is granted an "Honor Student Pin." This pin symbolizes your dedication to learning and mastering the arts of shinobi. It's a badge of honor that speaks to your character's commitment, marking them as a promising member of their village. 

Grifters Mark:

Starting as a missing-nin or vagabond and navigating the challenges of this unconventional path comes with its reward. Upon completing the "Learning the Ropes" mission, your character earns a "Grifters Mark." This mark is a testament to your character's ability to thrive in the shadows, making their way into a world without the constraints of traditional village life. The Grifters Mark symbolizes resilience and resourcefulness, showing that your character has found their place and power even in adversity.

To Be Clanned, Or Clanless?

In NRPG, your character's background includes the option to belong to a clan or go without one. If you start with a clan, you can explore the options available, each with its attributes and strengths. Alternatively, you can opt to not be from a clan and be considered clanless. In this case, your character has a higher capacity for learning across all styles of techniques for their chosen path in contrast to characters that originate from clans with their specialties. This decision can shape your character's identity, focusing on their individuality and strengths that come from within.

NRPG offers a dynamic and immersive role-playing experience regardless of your starting rank or clan affiliation. As you navigate the world of shinobi, forge alliances, and face challenges, your character's story unfolds, creating your tale.

You can find the different Clans we offer here in the Clan Creation forum.
If you have chosen to forgo clans, you will be granted buffs to your character.
The various buffs for being a Clanless or Clan Shinobi can be found in the Clan/Clanless/Bloodline Guide.

Roleplay Sample

The role-play sample you provide for your application should be at least 500 words and mustinclude one of the scenarios listed below. If you create a Village Ninja, you're role-playing as the defender. If you want to make a Missing Nin, you will role-play as the antagonist. If you are a Vagabond, you will role-play a defender of sorts.
  • // A group of civilian children has been kidnapped. Either role-plays rescuing and caring for the abductor or abducting said children and holding them for ransom.

// A guarded caravan is forced to stop due to a broken wheel in a territory famous for rogue ninja activity. Roleplay either protects the caravan contents against bandits or role-plays the bandit leading the attack on the caravan.
// Sometimes, ninja defect a village. Roleplay either defecting a town to embark on the path of a Missing Ninja or role-playing the loyal village ninja that stops him/her.
// You've been tasked to hunt down a missing ninja to bring them back alive to the nearest bounty station.
Do not use actual village names in your sample, which might interfere with the existing site canon.

Be sure to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation to the best of your ability when filling out your application. We don't require you to have a degree in English, but we expect readable, coherent text. 

Players to claim word count from roleplay samples, but cap the maximum WC that can be claimed at 500.

Creating Your Next Character

Here on NRPG, you are allowed Ten Characters (‘First Character,’ plus nine alternative characters.)

Character Interaction Restrictions

While characters from the same player can interact for social or storytelling purposes, they won't gain particular in-game advantages. It's important to note that characters controlled by the same player can't leverage training discounts, bloodline transfers, monetary gains, or other game-related perks. Our vigilant staff monitors interactions to ensure fairness and prevent misuse. Additionally, character applications beyond your first don't require a roleplaying sample, streamlining the process for experienced players.

Additional Helpful links

The Template

Character Application Template Preview:
[center][color=#D7263D][b][size=28]Character Name Here[/size][/b][/color]

[center][b][color=#D7263D][size=18]Basic Information[/size][/color][/b][/center]

[b][color=#D7263D]Age:[/color][/b] Age Here
[b][color=#D7263D]Birthday:[/color][/b]  Birthday Here
[b][color=#D7263D]Gender:[/color][/b] Gender Here

[b][color=#D7263D]Height:[/color][/b] Height
[b][color=#D7263D]Weight:[/color][/b] Weight
[b][color=#D7263D]Appearance:[/color][/b] Appearance Here

[b][color=#D7263D]Personality:[/color][/b] Personality Here
[b][color=#D7263D]Likes:[/color][/b] Likes Here
[b][color=#D7263D]Dislikes:[/color][/b] Dislikes Here

[b][color=#D7263D]History:[/color][/b] History Here

[center][b][color=#F46036][size=18]Ninja Traits[/size][/color][/b][/center]

[b][color=#F46036]Rank:[/color][/b] Rank Here
[b][color=#F46036]Village:[/color][/b] Village Here
[b][color=#F46036]Element(s):[/color][/b] Elements Here
[b][color=#F46036]Specialties:[/color][/b] Specialties Here
[b][color=#F46036]Clan:[/color][/b] Clan Here
[b][color=#F46036]Clan Specialty:[/color][/b] The Specialty of your clan. If Hiden or Clanless put N/A
[b][color=#F46036]Bloodline:[/color][/b] Bloodline of Clan if applicable


[b][color=#1B998B]Health:[/color][/b] Health Here 
[b][color=#1B998B]Vigor:[/color][/b] Vigor Here
[b][color=#1B998B]Chakra:[/color][/b] Chakra Here
[b][color=#1B998B]Speed:[/color][/b] Speed Here
[b][color=#1B998B]Strength:[/color][/b] Strength Here

[center][b][color=#C5D86D][size=18]The Player[/size][/color][/b][/center]

[b][color=#C5D86D]Other Characters:[/color][/b] Other Characters Here
[b][color=#C5D86D]Faceclaim Name and Series:[/color][/b] Info Here[Any character can share the same faceclaim on this forum.]
[b][color=#C5D86D]Roleplay Sample:[/color][/b] RP Sample Here

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