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A Ninja's Guide to Equipment Empty A Ninja's Guide to Equipment

Fri Jul 15, 2022 10:43 am

A Ninja's Guide to Equipment Jr6WpqKXJAeS375szKR22V3uP-W8J1u8G8OPezNQJjw52kVgHdjVHCTxcxPvkw5FPIXERZyjXpg6diWx3zUPN7yeP2qiTSlnJF9zzBZyITUFsKvKg2LaiUF_5JEuYDEefcNY1V2VA9PuV7IGXDPuMOA

A Ninja's Guide to Equipment

"Amazing… The brilliance of the blade… the design. They're all beautiful! I want to take them all home!" - Tenten.

Ninja Tools are essential to a ninja's arsenal. A versatile ninja uses any weapon, item, or armor to change the course of combat by capitalizing on the offense, defense, or utility they provide. This guide will help you navigate through the diverse options ninja cools can provide, how they are obtained, and in what ways ninja tools can be augmented to blend into players' unique styles.

Table of Contents

Helpful Links

A Ninja's Guide to Equipment OpFASXA

Essential Ninja Tools

In this guide, the term "Ninja Tools" encompasses every weapon, item, armor, etc., here on NRPG. If a rule or guideline applies to a ninja tool, that type will be directly named, and other types will be unaffected.

There are seven ninja tools listed below with links to their creation guidelines.

Weapons: Swords, Shuriken, Kunai. Weapons are offensive tools used to combat and damage an enemy. Most weapons are not worn but held in a user's hands to be used effectively. It can be blunt, sharp, or sometimes both. A character can dual-wield weapons without meeting any special conditions or skills. NRPG allows ranged weapons to the extent of bows. Pistols or rifles are completely banned and will not be permitted.

Armor: From leather hides to chain mail, the user usually wears armor, a defensive tool against enemy weapons and attacks. Armor can be effective against specific attacks and weapons depending on the type of armor and its use. There are two types of armor on the forum, one called ‘Physical Armor’ and the other ‘Chakra Armor.’ Physical Armors are strong against physical attacks like a sword thrust requiring those attacks to be 20 superior to their health to pierce. Still, physical armors are weak to chakra damage and are treated as though they have -20 health against those techniques AND need to have their health surpassed to be pierced. Chakra Armors possess the same strengths and weaknesses, but this is reversed: they are strong against chakra damage and weak against physical damage. 

Items: * Smoke Bombs, Bandages, Etc. Items can be used offensively and defensively but are not classified as weapons or armor. Almost anyone with some skill can use simple and diverse items. Consumables would also fall under this group. Consumables such as Military Rations pills replenishing the user's AP Pool can only be taken by a character once per topic. They share the same cooldown with consumables that offer the same effect under a different name.

Materials: Rare objects power up universal ninja tools using the augmentation guidelines. Requires weaponry or puppetry

Poisons: Potent Toxins that can be used to injure a person from the inside out. This group also applies to antidotes. Requires the Medical Specialty

Puppets: Mechanized objects that can act as weapons, armor, and an item controlled by chakra threads. Requires the Puppetry Specialty.

*Items can commonly be two types of ninja tools simultaneously and may have specific rules applied only to them not covered in this guide.

Crafting & Skills

Crafting here doesn’t involve creating weapons, armor, or items from scratch, as the name implies. Instead, it refers to the abilities that revolve around repairing and enhancing the equipment available in NRPGverse. Below are all the available crafting skills, a link to the skill description, and a brief explanation of what they do. Aside from playable characters, registered village NPC(s) of C-rank and above may have access to Crafting Skills, provided they have been created with the appropriate specialty.  A village NPC may have two crafting skills.

Apothecary: Ninjas, with this skill, can create poisons and antidotes. The potency and effect of the venom are determined by the ingredients used. Requires the Iryojutsu specialty.

Augmentation: Ninjas with this skill can use materials to augment armor, items, puppets, and weapons to increase their potency. While any crafted item can be augmented, ninjas can do so with this skill. Must have the weaponry or the puppetry*specialty.

Blacksmithing: Ninjas can create, use, repair, and craft weapons and armor with this skill. Must have the weaponry specialty.

*Ninjas with the puppetry specialty can learn this skill to augment their puppets but cannot augment any other ninja tool unless they have the weaponry specialty.

Some specialties are granted crafting skills as slotless. Below are the specialties that are affected and how they are obtained. Unless stated otherwise in the skill, all must be trained as per standard rules.

Medical: Ninja with Medical as a primary specialty treats Apothecary as a slotless skill.

Puppetry: Ninja with Puppetry as a primary specialty gain Puppeteer as a slotless skill. 

Weaponry: Ninja with Weaponry as a primary specialty treats Blacksmithing as a slotless skill at C-Rank. 

A Ninja's Guide to Equipment Tumblr_pmq9uay5di1sof1evo1_540

The Ninja Shops

On NRPG, the site provides three shops for ninjas to use. Each shop offers ninjas a place to buy and sell their wares (depending on the product), which is explained below.

Ninja Shop: Here, ninjas can purchase classic ninja tools at a fair price. The ninja can also sell their wares to the shop for 50% of their value. The Ninja Shop is your one-stop shop for equipment of all kinds. Reply with your purchases or sales in this thread and make the appropriate changes to your ryo upon approval. Village Ninja Shops are the respective Kage's responsibility to keep current.

Each equipment entry has a link to its associated application. Please read these, as some equipment requires additional purchases beyond paying ryo. Most equipment will have two prices - the first is for characters without the weapon specialty. Characters with the weapon specialty may optionally buy more powerful versions of most equipment, with that price listed on the right. Finally, some kit comes in a bundle, with this number in brackets. So, to sum up:

Example Equipment - Normal Price / Weaponry Specialty Price [Comes in a bundle of 5]
Note: If you are a new player or have recently gained a rank, please check out the bundles with special deals on essential equipment.


Rusty's Second-hand: In this shop, characters can sell unwanted equipment and recoup half its purchase value in ryo. Broken equipment will not be accepted!

Craftsman's Lodge: Here, ninjas can purchase materials for augmentations, ingredients to make scrolls and poisons, and sell crafted items at 75% of their value.

Night Market:
Here, ninjas can purchase almost anything they might generally be able to purchase in their local ninja shop. Exclusive items are available for sale at a high price. The ninja can anonymously sell anything they want on the black market to anyone in the ninja world, earning the profits for themselves, but lose a flat 20% as a rake to the black market for using their services.

Bumi's Travelling Stand: A Magical dwarf from a different dimension appears on NRPG world once a quarter to sell unique scrolls containing jutsu and skill knowledge. The prices of Bumi's goods will always reflect the current economic landscape. Shops cannot sell scrolls through village/hideout upgrades or otherwise. This is a mechanic exclusively done through Bumi or other staff-sanctioned events.

A Ninja's Guide to Equipment Mythic10

Mythical Items

This guide breaks down mythical items on the site, the difference between lesser and greater mythic items, and a directory of all currently registered legendary items on the site.

What is a Mythical Item

Mythical Items are an exclusive set of objects with various powerful effects and can only be created by a member of the NRPG Staff. Mythical Items have no health stat and cannot be destroyed under normal circumstances.

Mythical items grant the user various unique effects found nowhere else on NRPG. They can alter a ninja's stat page, create powerful weapons and armor, summon Bijuu, or many powerful bonuses. All mythical items are one use only, are consumed once used, and must be approved by a member of NRPG Staff.

How To Obtain Mythical Items

Mythical Items can be obtained through various means on NRPG. Some of the common ways players can earn mythical items are below:
  • Participating in NRPG Site-Wide events (Such as the Christmas Event)
  • By completing certain milestones through the Mission System

There may be other ways players can earn mythical items on the site. All instances where a mythical item is reached must be approved by a member of NRPG Staff and will be monitored for abuse. There is no limit to how many mythical items are ninja can possess.

Lesser/Greater Mythical Items
Mythical Items are divided into two groups: Lesser and Greater Mythical Items. Each item will fall into one of the two categories based on its power and a subset of rules.

Lesser Mythical Items: These give users a minor advantage over their ninjas. Lesser Mythical Items can be traded, looted, or stolen from another ninja during an RP Topic. They can be sold to Rusty's Resale Shop for 17,500 Ryo.

Greater Mythical Items: These give users a major (perhaps site-altering) advantage. These items are Soulbound, meaning they cannot be traded, looted, stolen, or used by anybody other than the ninja that earned them. These items are (arguably) the most potent objects here on NRPG. Greater Mythical Items can be sold to Rusty's Resale Shop for 35,000 Ryo.

Mythical Item Directory
Below is a list of all the Mythical items currently obtainable on NRPG

Lesser Mythical Items

  • Bijuu Summoning Ticket: Have the chance to summon a random-tailed beast, and results may vary.
  • Dragons Dice: Roll the dice, and earn a ryo or word count reward!
  • Jutsu Scroll: Instantly teaches the ninja a jutsu of the corresponding rank.
  • Material Demagnetizer: Remove all materials from an augmented ninja tool without destroying them. 
  • Specialist Tome: Swap one specialty for another.
  • Stat Alteration Pill: Rearrange stats for free.
  • Tinkerers Toolkit: Instantly augment an item.
  • Onmistone: Can transform into any registered material
  • Travel Tokens: Bypass the Out of Character (OOC) travel time to a new location. These cannot be used during combat.
  • Toddler's Favorite Rock A magic rock that can be transformed into any Lesser Mythical Item.
  • Defiled Doll This item contains the living soul of a dead shinobi; as such, this consumable item can be used instead of an actual body for Edo Tensei.
  • Lucky Joker The item allows the character to Re-roll any future dice roll or wheel spin.
  • Strawberry Cake Double the Word Count [Up to 4,000]
  • Doppelgangers Potion: Entirely changes your character's aesthetic to match another PC/NPC/Etc.
  • Venom Spiked Pills: Upon consumption, this pill replenishes 400 AP.
  • Fraudulent Files: Using this item will credit the user for completing one hunter mission of D Rank. 

Greater Mythical Items

A Ninja's Guide to Equipment 31099810

Augmentations Overview

"True Beauty lies in things that last forever: never rotting or fading." -Sasori.

Ninja Tools give players the potential to change the course of a battle in unique ways. Augmentation offers players unique ways to upgrade ninja tools to their most significant potential. Enough creativity and ryo augmentation can bring about near-endless results. This guide breaks down how Augmentation works, how materials are obtained and used, and provides clear direction on how players can start crafting their unique ninja tools!  

This section provides a basic overview of Augmentation on NRPG. Later sections will go over these topics in detail.

  • Augmentation can only be completed in an RP Topic (An Augmentation Topic). This topic cannot have combat of any kind. 
  • Only ninja/ninja with the Augmentation Skill can complete Augmentation. Any ninja can learn this skill, but those with either Weaponry or puppetry as their primary specialty can learn it as a slotless skill.
  • Armors, Items, Puppets, and Weapons can undergo Augmentation. All augmented ninja tools, or ANTs, are subject to NRPG staff approval. 
  • When an essential ninja tool undergoes Augmentation, it gains an augmentation rank. Any ninja tool with an augmentation rank becomes an Augmented Ninja Tool, or ANT, and must have its unique stat page. 
  • ANTs can gain up to three augmentation ranks. The Ryo Cost increases the augmentation rank, but so does the number of ANT's material slots. Once an ANT gains an augmentation rank, it can no longer lose it. 
  • Materials are well-crafted objects that imbue ANTs with powerful traits. Materials are divided into three ranks and can be obtained in various ways. All materials consume one material slot. Players can create materials exclusive to a region but not a village.  
  • Materials remain permanently on the ANT once applied but can be swapped out for a new one. Replacing materials destroys the old ones.  

Augmented Ninja Tools

This section breaks down Augmented Ninja Tools, Augmentation Ranks, and material slots. 
What is an ANT?

ANT stands for Augmented Ninja Tool. All ANTs must have their specific stat page that outlines what augmentations they have earned. A member must approve this stat page of NRPG staff before being used in a topic. 

Specific ninja tools can become ANTs: Armor, Weapons, and Puppets. Though, puppets follow a separate system where they do not count as ANTS, but instead as active puppets. Items are allowed to gain augmentation ranks. However, consumable items (such as smoke bombs, bandages, etc.) are excluded, and some materials/traits may not be applied to items. 

NRPG staff must approve all augmentations.

Stat Pages for ANTs

Refer to the ANT Stat Page Template in the Augmented Ninja Tools sub-forum. Depending on the parent ninja tool, this template may need to be edited slightly. Each type of ANT (except puppets) must have a link to the registered essential ninja tool. 

All topics where the ANT has been augmented must be linked in the history section to avoid confusion and solve claims disputes. Though not required, players are welcome to give their ANTs specific names, appearances, and any backstory they want to add. 

A link to all registered materials currently augmented onto the ANT must be listed next to each material slot. The chosen trait and its effect must also be explicitly stated. 

A member must approve all ANT stat pages of the NRPG staff. Once approved, a link to the stat page must be attached to the wielder's stat page. 

Augmentation Ranks

ANTs are classified by their Augmentation Rank. The higher the Rank, the more influential the ANT. Once an Augmented ninja tool gains an Augmentation Rank, it cannot lose it for any reason. All ANTs start at B Rank; they can be upgraded to A-Rank and ultimately to S Rank. ANTs cannot be upgraded past S Rank. 

Gaining an augmentation rank requires only a certain amount of ryo and the material being upgraded. A ninja with the Augmentation Skill must do this in the augmentation topic. The amount to Ryo increases the augmentation rank, but the cost does not change regardless of the material. 

Material Slots

All ANTs are given a certain number of Material Slots based on their augmentation rank. The number of material slots determines how many unique materials can be augmented. The higher the Augmentation Rank, the more material slots are available. All materials consume one material slot regardless of Rank. 

The three Augmentation Ranks, the ryo cost to upgrade them to that rank, and how many material slots they have are outlined below:
  • B Rank - 4000 Ryo - 1 Material Slot 
  • A Rank - 6000 Ryo - 2 Material Slots 
  • S Rank - 10000 Ryo - 3 Material Slots

Cost Reduction

Ryo spent to gain an augmentation rank does not contribute to the next augmentation rank's cost. The total cost to upgrade an essential ninja tool to an S Rank ANT is 20,000.

The ryo cost to gain an augmentation rank can be reduced within an augmentation topic. By paying 1500 WC, the ryo cost is reduced by 25%. This WC fee can be split between all players in the augmentation topic, but the amount is fixed: Max Stat Discounts or training discounts cannot be applied. 

This reduction cannot be stacked; a player cannot pay 3000 WC to reduce the cost by 50%. If an ANT gains more than one augmentation rank in a single topic, the cost still decreases per Rank. For example, A B Rank ANT being upgraded to S Rank can pay 3000 WC to reduce the cost of the A-Rank Augmentation by 25% and the S Rank Augmentation by 25%. 

How ANTS Work

This section outlines how ANTs work on NRPG. This section includes limits on how many active ANTs a ninja can have, how inactive ANTs function, and the master at arms skill.
Obtaining ANTs

Ninjas can possess as many ANTs as they desire, and can be obtained in various ways. The most common method is making the ANT within an augmentation topic. They can be bought from ninjas or on the black market or looted off the corpses of fallen ninjas in combat threads. Some higher-ranked hunter missions may have their NPCs use ANTs and, when defeated, can be claimed as part of the player's reward.

All ANTs in a ninja's possession must be explicitly stated on their stat page with a link to their approved ANT stat page. ANTs that are either not approved or not on the ninja's stat page cannot be used by them in a topic.

Active and Inactive ANTs

Like most aspects of NRPG, there are limits to how many different ANTs a ninja can use in a topic. While players can possess as many ANT as they desire, only a certain number are allowed to participate in a topic. Neither the Rank of the ANT nor what materials are augmented into it matter in this regard.

Active ANTs function as written on their ANT Stat Page; they grant users all their bonuses and effects. The player must explicitly state which ANTs are active at the start of the thread or on their stat page.

Inactive ANTs function as they do on the registered basic ninja tool page. They grant the user none of their augmentation bonuses.

Active ANT Slots

Two factors determine how many active ANT slots a ninja can have: Their Power Rank and their specialties. Ninjas with the Weaponry specialty are trained to use ninja tools; they are given access to ANTs at an earlier power rank and gain more active ANT Slots. 

The breakdown to determine how many active ANT slots a ninja can have is as follows: 
  • Ninja without weaponry specialty earns two active ANT slots: C Rank and A-Rank. 
  • Ninjas with the weaponry specialty earn three active ANT slots: one at D Rank, B Rank, and S Rank. 

The Master At Arms Skill

The Master at Arms Skill allows the qualifying ninja to gain an extra active ANT slot once they are B Rank.

Ninjas with Weaponry and Puppetry can learn Master at Arms as a slotless skill at B Rank.

Legendary Equipment has no bearing on a ninja's active ANT slots; however, those are also limited, and their rules are detailed in the Legendary Equipment Guidelines.

ANTS and Combat

This section will cover ANTs as they apply to combat topics.

Before the Combat Topic

All ANTs (Active or Inactive) must be listed on the ninja's start page. A member must also approve the stat page of the ANT of NRPG staff, which cannot be broken before entering the topic. 

Should the ninja have more ANTs in their inventory than active ANT slots, they must explicitly state which ones will be active at the beginning of the topic. This can be done either on the ninja's stat page or at the beginning of the topic. This decision cannot be changed at the mid-topic. 

Losing an Active ANT

The ninja must have control of the ANT (have or be actively manipulating it) to gain its augmentation bonuses. Should the ninja lose control of the ANT immediately, they immediately lose all augmentation bonuses associated with that ANT. 

Most ANTs hold no allegiance to a particular ninja. If another ninja takes control of an ANT, they will immediately gain their effects. The only exception is when a ninja exceeds their active ANT limit, in which case it functions as an inactive ANT. 

If ANT is broken or destroyed, the user loses all augmentation effects immediately and must be repaired before it can be used again.

Replacing a Lost ANT

Should a ninja who enters a topic with all their active ANT slots lose one of their active ANTs, they can replace it with a different inactive ANT they currently possess. Ninjas can also swap out one of their active ANTs for one of their inactive ANTs should they deem their current active ANT ineffective.

In either case, the swap requires one post before the swap becomes complete. This can only happen once per topic. 

Example Scenarios

Below are a few scenarios that may play out in a combat topic:
  • A ninja with two active ANT slots enters a topic with three ANTs: Two active and one inactive. During combat, the ninja loses control of one of his active ANTs. After one post, the inactive ANT in their possession becomes one of their active ANTs. Should the ninja lose one of these Active ANTs, they cannot replace this one. 
  • A ninja with an open ANT slot gains control of an ANT (active or inactive) in a combat topic; the ninja immediately gains the effects of the active ANT. 
  • Two ninjas with all their Active ANT slots filled swapped one of their active ANTs with each other. Since they were both at their max active ANTs, they must wait for one post, then both ANTs become active again, but should they swap them back again, the ANTs will remain inactive for the remainder of the topic. 

One Final Note: Every combat topic is unique. The battle moderators of the NRPG staff will make official rulings on the use of ANTs depending on that unique situation. As precedents are made, this section may be further expanded to state these added rules explicitly.  

A Ninja's Guide to Equipment Ffxiv-10

This section includes how materials are made, their ranks and traits, and how players can make their unique materials.

Raw Materials

A raw material refers to any material not used in Augmentation. Raw materials have no health stat, are valued based on the ryo value listed on their registered page, and give no benefit to the user. Ninjas are allowed to possess as many materials as they desire. 

There are several ways raw materials can be obtained: 
  • Crafting Missions: A unique mission type that rewards players with raw materials for completing them. The Rank of the material determines the Rank of the crafting mission. 
  • Shops: The craftsman's lodge can deliver most materials to you anywhere in the shinobi world. Some raw materials are exclusive and can only be purchased in specific countries. All raw materials are available on the black market but can be more expensive here than anywhere else. 
  • Loot: Players can earn raw materials by completing hunter missions or collecting them from their unlucky targets in PvP combat.

Some raw materials can only be found in specific countries of the ninja world, such as the land of wind or rain, and may only be available for purchase in those regions or on the black market. Materials are not allowed to be village-exclusive.

Material Ranks

Materials are divided into three ranks: B, A, and S. The higher Rank, the more influential the traits associated with them become. All materials consume one material slot on an ANT. The Rank of the ANT does not matter; a B Rank CNT can be augmented with an S Rank Material, and vice versa. 

The Ryo value of materials depends on their Rank and is fixed across all materials of the same Rank. The cost to obtain said material might vary due to the abovementioned circumstances.  

The three ranks for materials and their ryo value are as follows:
  • B Rank: 5000 Ryo
  • A Rank: 10000 Ryo
  • S Rank: 15000 Ryo


All materials are created with specific traits: powerful attributes that enhance the ANT with their effects. The higher the Rank of the material, the more influential the traits become. 

Materials can have a maximum of three traits a player can choose from. Some materials may have less. However, that does not mean the available choices are more powerful. Regardless of the Rank of the material, no trait can be chosen twice on the same ANT, but two different traits of the same material may be applied to the same ninja tool. 

Some traits may be specific to a particular type(s) of ninja tool. If not specified, that material trait can be applied to any ANT. The effects of all traits are explicitly stated and leave no room for interpretation as to how they work. Each trait is also named to distinguish it further. 

Trait Types

Traits are classified depending on their effects. Most traits will fall into one or more of these trait types. This section is meant to give players an idea of the extent of a trait's power.

Below is a list of these trait types and their effects:
  • Attribute Traits - The trait will give the ANT a passive-specific impact. Attributes can be highly varied depending on the material. 
  • ANT Specific Traits - The trait may only be applied to a specific type(s) of ANT. This type is usually meant to discern offensive traits traditionally used as weapons, and defensive traits are usually applied to armor. If a trait is not equipment specific, it can be applied to all types of equipment.  
  • Enhancer Traits - Provide the ANT or the user with a specific numerical advantage. Such increases cannot put an ANT over natural caps. If the trait grants the ANT additional health, especially with armor, the added health will not affect the user's encumbrance, and the same equipment cannot have two different health boosts applied to it.  
  • Unique Traits - Can only be chosen once across all of the ninja's ANTs. If a player has two or more of the same unique trait listed on their ANTs, they must choose which remains active, which cannot change the mid-topic. Unique traits are only found on S Rank materials. 

Rules of thumb

  • Only S-rank material can have a form of damage mitigation that does not stack with other debuffs and is only possible once per topic. And these are always unique traits.
  • Traits cannot be used to enhance the user's base stats or amplify their techniques. Traits cannot be used to generate Nature Stacks or any stack. 
  • Traits cannot be used to generate the health points.
  • Once the equipment is broken, all ANT effects cannot be used until repaired.

One Final Note: Traits might require using AP, having cooldowns, or being activated to allow for specific effects. Some traits may open the door for jutsu to be created by the user; however, the material themselves will not grant such effect. 

Material Creation

Material creation can be done following the Materials Guidelines, and the Template must follow the rules laid out in this guide and be approved by a member of NRPG staff before being used.

The Ryo value of materials is fixed. Refer to the section above for accurate pricing.

Materials exclusive to a specific country or region should fit the theme of that country. For Example, An ice-like material wouldn't make sense in the land of wind. These materials should not feel more potent than that non-exclusive ones.

Materials are not required to have more than one trait, but it is highly encouraged that all three trait slots are filled. Traits can be varied but should have a similar feel across the material. No two materials are the same. 

A Ninja's Guide to Equipment Captur10

Augments - How to use

This section explains augmentation topics, skills, and the replacement materials.

Augmentation Topics

All augmentations must be done on a non-combat topic, with no minimum WC requirement to complete the process and the proper tag in the title [Augmentation]. There must at least be one ninja or NPC with augmentation skill in the topic for the thread to be approved. The ANT being augmented must be present in the topic, and there is a 3 PC or Approved village NPC limit for those participating.

The ryo adds an augmentation rank, and the material is consumed and must be removed from the player's inventory immediately. ANTs CAN NOT gain an augmentation rank without adding material. If a new ANT (an essential ninja tool gains augmentation ranks), a new stat page must be created before it is used in another topic.

When using a material with more than one trait option, the player must state which material trait is being chosen when augmentation claims are made, and this cannot be switched once the topic is complete. 

The 1500 WC fee to reduce the augmentation cost must be completed before the topic is concluded. This WC can be split between all players in the topic, but any WC used cannot be used to claim stats, AP, or techniques. ANTs can earn multiple augmentation ranks in the same topic; in this case, players can pay the 1500 WC fee discount once for each new augmentation rank. 

A member must approve all Augmentation topics of NRPG staff before ANTs can be used. 

The Augmentation Skill

A ninja can only do Augmentation with the Augmentation Skill. It is immediately removed if a ninja loses the Skill, all of the effects gained by having it. 

All ninjas can learn augmentation skill at B Rank. Ninjas with either the weaponry/puppetry specialty can learn Augmentation at D Rank, and those with either specialty as their primary specialty gain augmentation as a slotless skill at B Rank. 

The ninja can purchase materials at the craftsman's lodge at a 25% discount. This does not apply to purchases made on the black market. This will be monitored for abuse (E.G., buying country-exclusive materials at a discounted rate only to sell them on the black market). 

Replacing an Existing Material

There may come a time when a player wants to change a material currently augmented into an ANT for a different one. This can be done to any ANT or material regardless of Rank. 

Replacing materials can only be done by a ninja with augmentation skills. Completing a material replacement requires no cost (ryo or WC). 

Once complete, the material being replaced is destroyed.

Players in an augmentation topic may also swap one material currently augmented onto an ANT for a new one. There is no cost to do this; however, the old material getting swapped out is destroyed. 

A Staff member must approve all Augmentation topics before ANTs can be used.

Valuing, Repairing, and Broken ANTs

Determining the Value of ANTs

The Value of ANTs is needed to sell or repair them. The value of an ANT is determined by the value of the registered essential ninja tool, the ANT's augmentation rank, and the value of the materials augmented into it.

The Equation is as follows:
  • The Base Value of the Registered essential ninja tool + 1/2 the ryo cost of its current augmentation rank + 1/2 the combined value of all materials augmented into it

Because of their intrinsically superior value, all ANTs can be sold for their total ryo value and lose no value when sold back to the Ninja Shop. 

Broken ANTs

Broken ANTs are those that reach 0 health in combat. Once broken, they immediately become inactive ANT, and their wielder loses all their material traits. Broken ANTs that are not destroyed do not lose any augmentation ranks or materials and function as usual once they are repaired.

Broken ANTs are worth only 25% of their total Ryo value. 

If the ANT is destroyed (E.G., The ANT falls into Lava, is turned into dust, or some other vicious end), it cannot be repaired, and the ninja tool is wholly lost. It might be up to NRPG staff discretion to determine whether an ANT is broken or destroyed.

Repairing Broken ANTs

Broken ANTs can be repaired using the Blacksmithing Skill. Ninjas or NPCs can only learn the blacksmithing skill with the Weaponry Specialty. Refer to the blacksmithing skill for a full breakdown of how to repair all ninja tools.

Like Augmentation Topics, repair topics cannot involve combat of any kind and require a Ryo component to be completed. Given their higher value, repairing an ANT is more expensive than an essential ninja tool.

Misc Topics

This section covers any other subject regarding Augmentation not covered in previous sections.

Augmentation and Puppets

Only ninjas with the puppetry specialty can use augmented puppet in combat, but any ninja with the augmentation skill can give a puppet an augmentation rank. Refer to the puppetry guidelines for a breakdown of how puppets work on NRPG. 

Puppets can choose most traits listed on a material, but some may be harder to incorporate than others. Some materials may have traits specific to puppets. As outlined in the "Puppet Creation and Customization" Section, puppets can be augmented but do not count towards the user's ANT slots, because they count towards the user's active puppet slots instead. Inactive puppet that have undergone augmentation lose all material traits and function as their primary form.. 

A ninja with the Weaponry and puppetry specialty can train The Master at Arms Skill as a slotless skill at B Rank. 

Mythical Items

There are a few mythical items created that benefit Augmentation. Please refer to the Mythical Items page for a full breakdown of how they work. A brief description of these items is outlined below:  
  • Tinkerer's Toolkit: Instantly Augment an item to its next Rank. A material must still be provided, but this item eliminates the ryo cost attached to Augmentation. 
  • Material Demagnetizer: Instantly remove all materials from an ANT without destroying them. New materials must immediately replace the ones being removed. 
  • Onmistone: Can turn into any material used in Augmentation. 

Signing Off

This section will be periodically updated to explain specific rules and rulings not covered earlier in this guide.  
  • Augmentation is a crucial component for weaponry and puppetry users. While any ninja can use ANTs, those with either one of those specialties can use them to their fullest potential. 
  • Hunter Mission NPCs can use ANTs which can be earned as a mission reward. The hunter's mission rank determines the Rank and value of these ANTs. 
  • Non-consumable items (Bandages, ammunition, smoke bombs, etc.) cannot become ANTs. Since materials are not designed to be compatible with items, it may be challenging to augment them. 
  • Equipment bought in bundles like kunai or cross bolts must be augmented separately.
  • Augmentation is a mid/late-game aspect of NRPG. The only D Rank ninja that can use ANTs are those with weaponry/puppetry as a specialty. 
  • Occasionally, material traits may be tailored to fit specific equipment. This is subject to NRPG approval and will be heavily monitored for abuse. 
  • Other than the Master at Arms skill, there is no way for the ninja to gain more active ANT slots. Those with Weaponry as their main spec or clan spec are not given the right to gain more ANTs because it is so. 
  • Should an ANT/Material combination be deemed too powerful, NRPG staff reserves the right to deny the approval of specific ANTs.


This guide could not be complete without the support of the NRPG Staff Team and community members. Please thank the following members for their contributions! Next to their names, you can find their NRPG discord tag in a parenthesis.

Ayato (Ayato#5093)
Moose (Moose#0017)

Coding and GFX:
Kaito (gh0stdr1fter11#9424)

Special Thanks to:
Weez (Weez#3096), who made the bundles

The Moderators of NRPG for their feedback, hard work, and collaboration.
Yamato  (Meatloaf the Bardbarian#8890)
Yuuma  (Breaker#6666)
Biju Hunter Fu  (Xp#1934)
Crom Tokage (Crom#3179)

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