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The World of NRPG  Empty The World of NRPG

Thu May 26, 2022 12:44 pm

The World of NRPG  XxMgOET

The World of Naruto RPG

Naruto RPG is set in a fantasy world loosely based on Japanese folklore and historical elements like its series of origins. This world is a feudal setting where secretive warriors are known as shinobi (also referred to as ninja) wield a mystical power called Chakra, allowing them to do such things as breathe fire and move at incredible speeds or cast illusions. These ninjas perform various jobs for hire, work to build their power, and form reclusive city-states known as Villages. Ninjas without a village to call home are known as Vagabond or Missing-Nin.

While the governments in this world are primarily feudal, their society and technologies are eclectic. Some world areas rely on subsistence farming and Sengoku period technology, and some boast shining cities and electricity. Consistently, it is a world without firearms or motorized travel.

Table of Contents

The World Map

The World of NRPG  NRPG_Map

The World of NRPG  Tumblr_lym5uuJM501qmmhnro1_500


Villages are unique locations on the forum where large groups of Shinobi dwell. They offer security and stability for those who inhabit them and consider it a residency. These various boons typically attract a wide array of Shinobi that only help reinforce their strength, increasing their reputation. On NRPG, you can create your village featuring three levels that describe how technologically advanced it is: Settlement, Minor Village, and Major Village. More information on these village types and how to create your own can be found Village Creation Guide.

The various Villages recognized on the forum can be found below.

Major Villages:

Minor Villages:


The World of NRPG  2b953ed3c8aaf0db35b95cd596a69c22ab06280e

Village Leadership

A Kage leads a village. The Kage is in charge of all village decisions and is the highest-ranking Shinobi in the village, therefore, an influential political figure. They’re tasked with keeping the peace and managing the village positively. If not doing as such, failing their duties. Deputy Kage may exist to assist the reigning Kage in their commitment but must be specified on the village page.

As Kage is the village leader, they can set laws within their village to follow. The Kage can make any rules they like but must consider the villagers’ reaction to such laws and accept the consequences of a potential coup d'etat. All laws are subject to staff review upon request to make sure they conform to the site's rules. The concept of having multiple Kage’s is allowed. However, one village may only have a maximum of three simultaneously, and any benefits, such as the ryo stipulation, will be split equally amongst them rounded down. These laws are listed on their home village page, located in each village.

Though the village leader, the Kage isn’t immune or incapable of being dethroned. Suppose villagers feel the current Kage is unfit. They can take matters into their own hands and settle their qualms however they choose, leading a revolt, a vote amongst the villagers, or even taking matters into their own hands and challenging them for the title. It’s dependent on the village and their morales; a few limitations are how one wishes to RP these scenarios aside from following the site rules. If a village lacks a Kage, a member of the said village can post in the Kage office and claim the title for themselves, and if not stopped in 48 hours, will now be recognized as such. Allow your story to flourish and direct how you handle these situations. Be it a tyrannical Kage undeserving of the position or well respected Kage; you wish to dethrone for selfish matters.

Kage Summits were a concept created long ago to bring together the significant villages - though certainly not limited to major only - of the world to discuss important political matters and consult any dilemmas, hostility, or other issues to keep the peace or reach a verdict. However, these settings deteriorated into warfare sparks and saw for justifiable reasons or selfish desires. They aren’t considered a requirement or scheduled event amongst Kage; however, the lack of proper communication with fellow Kage could negatively impact their village, causing the villagers to stress and may even consider overthrowing the idle Kage.

When calling for a Summit, it’s typically held in a neutral country, usually the land of Iron but can undoubtedly be owned elsewhere, and any Kage can call for a Summit. Doing so requires the member to post a letter in the Kage office sub-forum of each invited Kage and notify them. A minimum requirement of one month is expected to arrive at the decided area. Ignoring such calls and not showing up is typically dishonorable and taken as breaking away from the various villages' uneasy neutrality. Therefore it’s highly recommended to attend them.

There are some rules when it comes to taking the mantle as Kage of a village:

  • A Roleplayer can only be the leader of one village at a time, and there are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Kage’s are expected to be active and direct the village accordingly. Therefore, they should post IC 5 times every 30 days with a minimum of 400 words each to verify their activity. The deadline day is decided on the date of approval for the individual’s claim of Kage. Leave of absence will be factored into these situations, but you should notify an NRPG staffer before such and post on the forum in the farewell area. Staff members are exempt from this requirement as they must manage the platform. If a current staff member quits or is relieved of their duties, their leave date shall start at the deadline.
  • Kage’s are expected to report their monthly post requirement, purchases of village upgrades, extraction of village funds, and describe the village's laws in their respective village here without staff having to remind them to do so consistently.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in staff stepping in and the character being removed from their position and won’t become a Kage again for 2 OOC months.

Village Economy

A village is sustained by its economy and how the leaders allocate village funding. Each central village receives 10,000 Ryo every Friday to symbolize a booming economy. Minor villages get 8000 Ryo while Settlement gets 4000 Ryo. Other ways of earning money may be through competitions, espionage, and any methods the village chooses to employ at its own risk, such as warfare.

When a Kage wishes to deposit or withdraw ryo from their village, they must request the amount and the proper calculations for the new value on the village update page. Additionally, they’re tasked with upkeeping the village update page and reflecting any form of secondary income or otherwise described to receive its benefits such as taxes.

Village Upgrades

Village upgrades are an umbrella term used to modify and create differentiation between your village compared to others. Inherently a village on this forum only comes with so few properties that hold sustenance, such as the village gates or kage office; however, through upgrades, more personalized areas can take life and provide actual benefits to the Rper that otherwise wouldn’t be recognized by the forum such as a hospital, bank or crafting store to purchase from.

Upgrades can satisfy various areas of expertise, providing proper defenses for the village, alternate rank-up methods, healing quarters, or more; it’s a matter of what the Kage envisions. Only the Kage/Deputy can purchase village upgrades or deconstruct them for 50% of the original price, and only five upgrades can be deconstructed monthly. A Kage can ask someone else to access the app for an upgrade, but they must be the one who purchases it on the village update page and links it. The limit of village upgrades is found here.

Upgrades shouldn’t be considered the primary method of victory or combating invaders whatsoever, and different quirks to help their cause on a composed level. Furthermore, unique upgrades shouldn’t be copied and pasted from one another or be too similar. This will be monitored for abuse and, if found, outright denied. Several villages typically have upgrades such as banks, libraries, or hospitals. However, more unique and creative concepts should wield their differentiations.

Village Entry/Exit

First, a character must post at the village gates to enter or exit a village. If a village entrance or exit topic goes unresponded for 48 hours, it is assumed that NPC guards give the visitor entry/leave and now may freely enter/exit the village. These NPC guards only exist to let ninjas in and out of villages and may not be used in combat unless appropriately registered. This doesn't in any circumstance mean upon being granted entry/leave from a village, the topic immediately closes, and no one can interrupt/invade the topic; it specifically is meant to be taken at face value: your character can now claim entry into the village with their next post(i.e., saying they walked in through the gates). Said post can still be interrupted within 48 hours of its appearance, in which a character can timeline the act of entering/leaving the village not to occur if they so choose, in which case the topic must be roleplayed out.

Kage and Deputy Kage may enter/exit their village without waiting for 48 hours or authorization for passage.

However, once the allotted time has passed and no interruption occurs, the character is considered to have acted claimed and is no longer on the topic. Gate guards must abide by these rules, receive people at the gate, and wait before leaving the gate topic. There must be an OOC indication of one of these actions occurring, typically done at the bottom of a post stating "[Entering/Leaving Village]" or "Interrupting Exit."

A member can enter topics in the village upon claiming their character is in the process of entering the village even if 48 hours haven't passed since the post was made. However, it should be noted if the post is interrupted at the gates, the following posts of the topics they entered are void until the dispute is handled at the gate topic, be it they made it out alive or not, in which case the void will remain as the character never made it past the gates. This will be monitored for abuse(i.e., the PC gate guard states a character can enter the village. Said character creates a topic causing mayhem or negatively impactful action to the village/person. The gate guard interrupts the character's entry at the initial gate topic to say they suddenly can't enter in an attempt to void the coming attack.)

When a character successfully exits the gates, they automatically exit any topics in the village they are part of, assuming they dissapeared/left/ran away from the topic. Finally, it should go without saying that a village gate topic should be at the village gates. Generally speaking, if a character is given entry into a village, that should be the coming end of the topic - as in, there shouldn't be any significant rping in the village itself. If characters wish to do so, they must create a new topic in the village sub-forum. There are exceptional circumstances to this, such as combat occurring at the village gates, spilling over into the village, or even destroying topics. However, if not necessary, gate topics should follow this usual procedure. Failure to do and circumvent the rules by partaking in a crime or other issues in the confinement of the village, then using the fact the topic is at the gates to exit into the country borders will be punished - typically resulting in a void of the entire topic, though certainly not limited to.

The World of NRPG  Tumblr_lx3zd8PvYg1qmmhnro1_500


Traveling between villages is rare but not unheard of. Envoys between friendly villages are ordinary and necessary between unfriendly ones. However, traveling is not limited to village business. Ninjas are allowed to travel for personal reasons too. When gaining entry into a foreign village, it is customary for the host village to ask for your passports, papers, and any additional proof of identification. If a traveler does not wish to provide such, he may engage the inquiring shinobi in battle but must then deal with the consequences.

Based upon travel distance, all characters must create a travel topic and wait a specified amount of real-world time - unless stated otherwise - before being considered to be in their new desired location. All travel topics must be made within the country's borders. Travel topics must be created stating the destination within brackets, and one cannot start traveling on an ongoing topic. If stopped by a missing ninja or attackers, you may count your journey completed following the conclusion of the topic. All wc in travel topics may be used as in any other topic.

There are quite a few ways to participate in the country traveling on this forum cited in the spoilers below(Keep in mind these topics do not need to be approved by staff but will automatically be approved after the time limit has been reached.) To travel with others, you must post on the same topic. However, the last post will refresh the wait time unless the time limit has been met. All travel topics may be invaded until their time limit ends, though to invade sailing travels, it must occur at the docks and not while already sailing):

If the character chooses to be on foot for their journey, they may only travel to an adjacent country one over from their current country and cannot traverse the sea. Each travel is a 12-hour OOC wait time. During said 12 hours. The character can be invaded. The edge of the map above can't be used to travel to another country along the edge(i.e., going from snow to wind country).

There are carriage stations in every mainland country where a character can use a fare to be granted a more speedy journey throughout the lands. With this service, a character can move to any other mainland country in one travel topic, with the wait being 12 OOC hours, a reliable method to cover ground quickly. The carriage rates depend on the character’s village affiliation and concern for the country of request. Each carriage ride is only one way. Therefore if you want to use this service to travel from Wind to Haven, you’ll have to pay another rate if traveling by carriage to go from Haven to Wind. If traveling with multiple characters, each will need to pay the rates. Payment should be recorded on the stat page with a link to the travel topic and the appropriate deduction of ryo in functional areas.

Village Shinobi: Village Shinobi must provide their up-to-date Shinobi identification and pay a 10,000 ryo to access the Carriage system. This is the typical fare of the Carriage system.

Missing Ninja: Missing Ninja must pay a flat rate of 12,000 ryo to access the Carriage system. This inflated rate is due to the carriage system turning a blind eye to alerting authorities of the criminal's presence which is non-negotiable.

Vagabonds: Vagabonds are independent contractors, and due to their humble status, they find themselves in the good graces of carriage drivers. For this reason, they get a discount and only have to pay 8,000 ryo to access the Carriage system. 

Local Village Shinobi: These Village Shinobi request a carriage while in their village’s country, where they’re given the unique privilege and access to the typical Shinobi. They have to pay a rate of 7,000 ryo.

Neutral Countries: The stations in these countries have less pull and traffic since no village occupies the land. Therefore they request payment of 4,000 ryo.

This is a unique method of traveling in which a character uses a ship to traverse the sea. To request sea travel is very limited where the destination can be, along with a substantial payment required. Travel topics via sailing may only be started in a coastal country, and the goal may be a coastal country akin to docking. Travel via this method is a wait of 12 OOC hours.

Sea Travel: The rate of Sea travel is 15,000 ryo for each trip to a single destination. However, Shinobi of the villages within an island country(such as Volcano or Moon) access this method of travel for free to the mainland and back home, though, of course, it must be started in a coastal country.

Teleporting: Some Shinobi have access to unique methods of travel, such as Flying Thunder God or Kamui. Universally speaking, to teleport to another country in any circumstance, said character must link a topic of them participating in a topic within that country prior - you can’t magically be aware of where you’re teleporting to just by looking at a map or being aware of its existence, you must’ve been there beforehand.

This is the only method of travel that requires no wait time. Additionally, it’s the only method of travel that allows a character to bypass the gate rules and enter a village without approval. However, akin to the country scenario, they must prove being in the village prior. For balance reasons, a character can’t enter a village via this reconstructed method (once destroyed and re-created) or hasn't been inside within one year.

The only thing to bypass the rule of being in the country in the past before teleporting will be if a technique states it’s traveling to a specific chakra signature, as they’re not locking on to a location but a person. Said person must be a PC, and you must enter the topic they’re currently in immediately to complete the link.

The World of NRPG  Tumblr_lsblejlpxt1qmmhnro1_500

Village Warfare

Our characters exist in a turbulent world, so the war between villages or even villages and Missing Ninja does happen. Should one wish to attack a village, they must make an open topic at the village gates declaring its purpose in the title, such as “Night of the Drowning Men(Destruction). If no one answers and halts the war topic within a week of its creation, the attacker can automatically claim a victory that can’t be stopped or timelined once done. A character posting on a war topic can’t be a part of other topics until they exit. The 48-hour rule still applies in these topics; the only exception is the week grace period before claiming victory. As is the nature of these topics, OOC away posts won’t be recognized on the forum as insurance to buy more time to post and therefore be houred if wanted. The various methods of warfare identified on NRPG are listed below:








Once a Village Warfare topic has been posted, and until its conclusion, the village vault is locked, and characters cannot withdraw, spend or destroy the ryo.
A village may only be a part of one war topic and must wait 45 OOC days afterward. Therefore villages that have been attacked or recently can’t do so again regardless of the outcome. As such, a village may only have one active war topic at its gates.


As is the nature of war, if the defending village stands victorious after clashing in battle with the attackers,, they gain no boons or spoils of war from their attacker. However, 45 days after claiming victory with the attackers gone for the next OOC, the village receives a moral and prosperity boost, which translates to a 50% increase in ryo rewards from personal stipends, village treasury stipends, and missions. At most, this boost can only ever go up to 100%. If a character from that village is a holder of the Beloved Presence skill, their mission ryo rewards will be doubled after the bonus from prosperity has been applied. Additionally, all ryo purchases for the villagers, including village upgrades, will be 25% off. These boosts must have a date on which they expire reflected on the village updates page documented by the Kage.

Any benefits or profits from war not personal to the character must be documented in the village updates page of the Kage if available. This includes taxes, exclusive village scrolls, defending village treasury, etc. In theory, Missing Ninja can create any war topic outside of assimilation.


A crowd comes with every fight, Jounin brutal as iron, arrogant Chuunin, bold young Genin, and even grizzled vagabonds. They are their spectators or await their turn to fight in the village. This topic observation must be made at the village gates, and only ninjas residing inside the village may participate. A character participating in the invasion cannot use actions taken in the observation topic to change or timeline theirs.

Village Escape

As with any attack, there are always those who wish to run. The attacking village must create an escape thread linked to the first war topic post. Those with less than 150 stats can post in this thread and immediately escape the war uninterrupted, while those with 150 or more stats can still attempt to escape but must do so on the main war topic. Characters with unique escape methods, such as teleportation, can post in the escape thread to avoid clogging the main issue. Those who escape are branded Missing Ninja.

The World of NRPG  Tumblr_lrsf0i8H961qmmhnro1_500

Village, Missing-Nin & Vagabond Exclusives

Village Exclusives

Village Exclusives are a particular category of creations that, as the name implies, are exclusive to specific villages. These creations can be canon or custom and symbolize the personal creations unique to their village, be they exceptional skills, elements, or even techniques. 

There are two tiers of Village Exclusives, Restricted and Unrestricted. Restricted techniques are considered something that only the most trusted in the village are allowed to learn. Creations such as Kiri’s Silent Killing or Konoha’s Flying Thunder God are examples of this category. On the other hand, the Unrestricted tier is free for anyone in that village to learn without exception and is typically made up of techniques that Village Exclusive Advanced Elements create. However, that isn’t always the case. When Exclusives are created, they must have [Restricted] or [Unrestricted] tags in their titles. 

Restricted Village Exclusives are mechanically more robust than regular creations. They are given greater leniency on creation, such as Flying Thunder God’s ability to be one handseal despite being an S-rank technique. Due to this, anyone character may only learn a maximum of 3 Restricted Techniques of each rank, and the Restricted techniques themselves may only be B-rank and higher. Restricted tier Skills and Elements are also considered to be mechanically superior, and as such, anyone character may only have access to 1 Restricted tier element and 2 Restricted tier Skills. On the other hand, Unrestricted Village Exclusives have no such limit as they are in no way mechanically superior to any other techniques, skills, or elements. 

Restricted tier Village Exclusives are all stored within particular scrolls in a sealed room that may only be accessed by the acting Kage, Deputy Kage, and Masters of a village. Reading its contents allows one to learn said arts, meaning it is only possible to learn these exclusives by either being taught by someone who already knows them or by having direct permission from one of the village's leaders and having them retrieve the scroll. These scrolls are indestructible and can be transported outside the room by those that can access them. Only characters who started within the village or have been a member of said village actively for six months OOC may teach others the village exclusives they know. Suppose a Restricted tier Village Exclusive is known by anyone outside the village it initially came from. In that case, it can be taught to anyone without consequence, although the limit of 3 Restricted tier techniques per rank will remain in play. 

Every character gains access to three additional slots that can only be used for Village Exclusives, specifically from their village. They have one slot for a Restricted or Unrestricted tier Village Exclusive Jutsu, one for a Village Exclusive Skill, and one for a Village Exclusive Advanced Element. The character must be capable of learning the creation in question and meeting its requirements (such as elements, spec, and power rank). 

Attempts to copy the unique concept blatantly won’t be tolerated and will be denied outright. A village exclusive should feature effects that aren't simplistic unless bundled in with the integrity/history of the village itself or justifiable cause. Additionally, Village Exclusives aren't a tool to break the systems and ignore specific complex rules that have been set in stone that outlined its limitations.

Village Exclusives can be taken by other villages, the most common way being the subjugation or destruction of the village in question by another. However, that is not the only way. Village Exclusives are considered a village's pride, and as such, they can be offered in exchange for favors and as a way of forming diplomatic ties with another village. Village Exclusives may also be stolen, although to do so, the person stealing them must post within the Kage Office of the village they're trying to steal from and successfully take the scrolls they wish to steal. 

Missing-Nin Exclusives

Missing-Nin Exclusives follow most of the same rules as Village Exclusives, but they are obtained differently from their village counterparts. Missing-Nin Exclusive techniques are considered extremely powerful and often forbidden techniques that various crime lords hold around the nations within the different Black Markets or Bounty Stations. As such, all Missing-Nin exclusives are considered to be Restricted Tier. These crime lords are more than willing to teach these Exclusives to any Missing-Nin who wishes to learn them for the right price. To learn a Missing-Nin Exclusive, the Missing-Nin in question must pay 25,000 ryo, and this price is static regardless of whether it is a skill, element, or jutsu. The only drop in price comes when an exclusive jutsu is lower than S-rank in power, which drops to a set 20,000 ryo. 

Missing-Nin can only purchase Missing-Nin exclusives. However, Village-Nin can get their hands on these techniques. They have two options: find someone who already knows the technique and learns it from them, or launch an invasion of the Black Markets to try to take it by force. An Invasion of the Black Markets may be undertaken as an S-rank Hunter Mission, and along with the regular rewards, the Village-Nin can take anyone's technique, skill, or element they wish. Doing this will not remove the jutsu from the Black Markets as a Missing-Nin Exclusive. However, the person who successfully took the technique will be able to make the technique/skill/element that was taken as Exclusive for their village, although they are in no way forced to do so.

Note: Any Missing-Nin that attempts to abuse this system by purchasing these techniques and teaching them to village shinobi will be entirely blocklisted by their fellow Missing-Nin and unable to buy any more Exclusives from the Black Markets. This will happen if they teach more than one person who isn't a Missing-Nin an exclusive or a derivative of an Exclusive

Note 2: Anyone who tries to abuse this by creating new characters for purchasing and teaching these Exclusives will be punished by staff. 

Vagabond Exclusives

Vagabonds can purchase their exclusives on Bounty Stations located across the borders of the shinobi world.  To learn it they must buy the scroll for 25,000 ryo, and this price is static regardless of whether it is a skill, element, or jutsu. The only drop in price comes when an exclusive jutsu is lower than S-rank in power, which drops to a set 20,000 ryo. 

A Village-Nin is not allowed access to those stations, and thus they cannot buy these scrolls. They have two options: find someone who already knows the technique and learns it from them, or launch an invasion of the Bounty Station to try to take it by force. An Invasion of the Bounty Stations may be undertaken as an S-rank Hunter Mission, and along with the regular rewards, the Village-Nin can take one technique, skill, or element they wish. Doing this will not remove the jutsu from the Vagabond Station as their Exclusive. However, the person who successfully took the technique will be able to make the technique/skill/element that was taken Exclusive for their village, although they are in no way forced to do so.

A Village Nin who has attacked a Bounty Station, if they ever leave their village, they will be branded as Missing Nin and unable to attain the Vagabond Rank.

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