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Jutsu Creation Guide Empty Jutsu Creation Guide

Sun Feb 27, 2022 9:34 am

Jutsu Creation Guide E2z95uGYdrLTSdpLJrbla6RE1jc7byl4zS8oVtYOdMhX70gAb08x2_CfnFhdm8H4lYMpTioUxiMezNxM0UXX5D34V2pOda-WpIFSVu4AINpf3HgpWP8cmbBVglQDtLmrL3ittIAK

Jutsu Creation Guide

Hello, you've made your character, and now you are ready to explore your jutsu creativity on NRPGverse. Jutsu is anything your character does, ranging from special punches to breathing fire. This topic outlines the general rules of thumb you need to follow to make the creation in your vision fit the landscape of our forum. You can find the rules and guidelines for jutsu here Remember the wording of a technique is paramount to how it functions. More changes may be made, and different rules may be enforced and replaced as we move forward.

  • In NRPG, a few types of creations are more complicated than others. For information on these archetypes, please check Special Technique Guidelines and the Village and Missing Nin Exclusives.

  • When picking stats for your jutsu, use flat numbers. We will not allow multipliers or percentages.

  • When submitting a jutsu, please do not try to add extra effects that are not relevant to the theme of your creation.

  • In the appearance section, you describe the technique and add details like the jutsu's dimensions. Also, images are not forever unlike diamonds, so you are encouraged to add a written appearance.

  • On NRPG, we use the metric system to define the distance a jutsu can travel and describe its dimensions, such as length and height.

  • A canon jutsu is a jutsu from the series brought into NRPG. A site canon technique is a jutsu on NRPG but not the series. Site canon techniques are not locked behind character exclusivity. Finally, a custom is a technique personal to a character.

  • Members are encouraged to submit creations on the account they're creating a custom to keep things uniform and tidy.

  • If your character cannot use a jutsu, please try not to register it. Doing such takes the opportunity from another player when you cannot even use what you make.

  • To judge the power of your jutsu when registering, please look at the stats required to use it. The power of the jutsu should be between the rank markers in power. We will not allow a D-Rank to have the ability of an S-Rank. Please note that for every 2 points in power, the jutsu is from the beginning marker. It will require one additional action counter and 50 more words to learn. (For jutsu with a 3rd stat, such as Doton and Mokuton, you can scale their health up typically with everything else, and you won't have to train/pay extra for them.)

  • Any technique over 70 must be registered with the stat's power/speed/health. I.e., Ayato Hyuuga writes a technique with a power/speed greater than 70. Guest would put the speed/power of said technique at (Chakra) or (Vigor), whatever the primary stat of the technique calls for.

  • Stat enhancers can be of any specialty, only A or S-rank. They are usually limited to the bare minimum of the field and can only enhance two areas. These techniques can be handleless regardless of rank and might allow for effects that aid combat (such as flight). These techniques cannot have offensive properties. Enhancers that offer similar discounts to Chakra Stat don't stack with these bonuses, and the same limitations apply to them regarding what jutsu they can't discount.  For more information on enhancers, look at the particular technique guidelines forum.

  • Where your jutsu falls along the handseal spectrum depends on a few factors, such as how high the stats of the technique are from the rank's base amount, the number of effects/how loaded the method is, and how powerful said effects are in the appliance. These factors and minor technicalities will dictate whether the jutsu requires more handseals. The spectrum is more a baseline - an S-rank jutsu may need to be above 5,000 words for its rank.

  • S-Rank jutsu are the only creations capable of being as powerful as the scaling stat; however, they will cost 100 actions and 5,000 words to learn.

  • The jutsu range is halved for the area of effect techniques (AoE), as it would expand to the same coverage from the CenterPoint.

  • The type of damage a jutsu does, physical or chakra, must be specified in the creation.

  • Sustainable AoE that follows the user around can only do so at the user's speed. These techniques are also heavily penalized in terms of their range - able to be at a maximum of 5 meters in radius.

  • Major S-Rank techniques may require other jutsu as prerequisites. That is to make the build-up of character abilities more significant instead of someone randomly acquiring top-notch techniques without ever using anything.

  • Bonus Requirements don't make something more powerful. The only things that do are whether the tech is Restricted Village Exclusive or a pureblood tech.

  • A Clan technique cannot be Village Exclusive.

  • Techniques may only be One type of Special Technique per Creation (ex: a jutsu cannot be both a Debuff and Enhancer).

  • Hitscan techniques are not allowed in any form. Hitscan: Techniques that spawn on someone and instantly hit someone within range. Techniques under the Genjutsu can be exempt from this but will be heavily monitored for abuse.

  • Spawning techniques: These jutsu start outside the user's body through water or by bending space and time within a particular area. Regardless of the method, a character cannot spawn techniques within 3 meters of another target [playable character, Approved Village or Hunter NPC, Living Clone, summons, and familiar] —things with a point-spawn location longer than 10 meters cannot generate within 5 meters of another target. This clause is universal even if not listed in the creation itself.

  • Spawning is usually seen in Space-Time techniques. Ninjutsu techniques usually cannot spawn remotely unless they meet extenuating circumstances (i.e., Water Release techniques using an existing or artificial body of water.)

  • Character Debuff counters are usually included with pure defensive techs, not other techniques like amplifiers, fireballs, etc. However, they will be closely monitored, depending on how packed the refined defensive technique is. Jutsu debuffs always apply their effects without a check.

  • Techs must describe their clashing mechanics (winning, losing, drawing).

  • Techniques are not allowed to win equal clashes.

  • If an offensive jutsu defeats another jutsu during a clash, then the part of that jutsu is destroyed. If the entirety of an opposing jutsu is destroyed, it is placed on cooldown.

  • Purely defensive Techs can be designed to go on cooldown alongside the opposing tech if their power matches another's techniques power

  • Jutsu immunity for users will be judged case-by-case basis, typically reserved for techniques centered on and following the user.

  • Jutsu can bestow some form of manipulation on a separate subject; however, it can't grant complete free manipulation. Techniques can't create something and are inherently capable of manipulating its shape/form, and they have to be separate techs. Free Manipulation refers to manipulation without any limits and any costs.

  • All techniques must have a duration between 1 post and 5. Techniques are not allowed to have an indefinite duration. Curse Marks and Pre-placed Fuinjutsu seals are exempt from this. If you feel a case to be made for a jutsu to be indefinite outside of a combat situation, you can discuss it with the reviewer.

  • Techniques of A-rank and above must have at least posts used +2 in their cooldown. Enhancers always require posts used x2 in their CD.

  • The flight and Depth Cap is 50 meters from the elevation/submerging point. That applies to all techniques of these natures, even if it's not explicitly stated in the creation.

  • Dissipation & Absorption Techniques
    -They can usually absorb chakra-based techniques, not physical ones.
    -The absorption of a technique happens at jutsu speed and not instantly.
    -They will absorb jutsu (or jutsu area) attached to a caster like Uzumaki Chains without absorbing their Caster
    -They can never absorb genjutsu, intangible sensory fields, pre-placed fuin, enhancers (or their effects)
    -They cannot absorb Shadow Clones and barriers/golems tied to the user's movements/body like Susano'o. However, external effects of that barrier, like the Arrow of the Susanoo, can be absorbed.
    -Multi-hit jutsu like Great Fireball Shower will not be absorbed entirely, but only the part(s) that comes in contact with the absorption with the technique.

    -AP Absorption can happen only once post
    -When absorbing AP from a character, they can only do so at base jutsu power
    -A few techniques can return that AP the user at half the value
    -When absorbing AP from a jutsu, they can only absorb that jutsu's activation cost

  • Stat Checks
    -Stat Checks need to follow the clause 'if equal to or greater than the power of' followed by the clause if the character/jutsu's stat fails to meet the check threshold. Stat Checks can't be placed on a user's AP pool or HP bar.
    -Stat checks can vary from the physical restriction of a target by a wood/earth release construct to detrimental effects like blindness.
    -A Jutsu cannot give its user universal stat check immunity.
    -Techniques that give the user a stat check can only do so before the stat check affects the user.

  • Genjutsu Techniques:
    - AP Drain occurs at half of base AP Cost
    - A Genjutsu cannot simultaneously Debuff and cause paralysis or sleep
    - A Genjutsu tech cannot be a Debuff and also debuff a character/jutsu upon Genjutsu breaking
    - Sleep requires three posts within the Genjutsu

  • Taijutsu Techniques:
    - All close-range taijutsu techniques come with an inherent Taijutsu Barrier unless specified otherwise in the creation.
    - They usually do not require handseals unless additional effects are applied (elemental, ninjutsu abilities, etc.)
    - Ranged Tai does not benefit from Taijutsu Barrier
    - Taijutsu amplifiers are capable of amping basic strikes without putting the amp on cooldown

  • Sensory Techniques:
    -Invisibility techniques fall under this specialty
    -For a technique to have a homing or selective targeting effect, it must fall under the Sensory spec
    -Characters cannot use most techniques without the full or clan spec.
    -Invisibility techniques cannot hide from chakra vision unless they are S-rank.
    -A character cannot be invisible/hide their presence within 3 meters of another character.

  • Fuinjutsu Techniques:
    -Pre-placed Fuinjutsu requires both a placement and an activation cost.
    -If the effects of that seal upon activation have a duration over one post, it will also require an upkeep cost.
    -A pre-placed seal cannot be cloned through Shadow Clone and variants. That includes cloning equipment.
    -If the user places a seal on a different character, that seal stats will be at base stats without scaling.
    -A character can have five pre-placed seals on their person at a time—seals placed on their equipment count towards that cap.
    -A character cannot have the same seal placed more than once on their person.

  • Amplifiers
    -Technique stat amplifiers can never be handsealless.
    -Identical amplifiers under slightly different names in the same specialties are not allowed to prevent cooldown bypassing.

  • Mangekyo techniques:
    -They are tethered to the character, not the eye.
    -A character can have two and a third if they have MS in both eyes.
    -They can never be amplifiers
    -They can only be S-rank in jutsu rank.
    -They are not inherently more powerful than jutsu of their rank. However, they do not require handseals
    -A character cannot master Mangekyo techniques.

  • Jutsu Mastery:
    -For how masteries work, please check the Jutsu Rules forum.
    -Remember that not all techniques are guaranteed to be masterable during application. It is dependent upon: the base stats of the jutsu, the abundance of handseals, the rank, along with how packed the technique is.

  • Jutsu Replacement:
    If you have a jutsu that takes up a slot and want to replace it with another, you can thoroughly train the new jutsu of the same rank. That will erase the jutsu you currently have from your stat page, opening up that jutsu rank slot for the jutsu you have just trained to replace. On that note, Mangekyo techniques, once learned, cannot be trained over or replaced. Exceptions will be made if the techs are no longer viable due to a system change or a patch.

Jutsu Tiers

Power/Speed/Health Tiers

E Rank 1-9D Rank 10-19C Rank 20-29B Rank 30-49A Rank 50-69S Rank 70+Stat S Rank Self explanatory!

Handseal Spectrum

E Rank 1-2D Rank 2-4C Rank 3-6B Rank 4-8A Rank 5-10S Rank 6-10Stat S Rank6-12

Base Jutsu AP Cost

E-Rank 5 APD-Rank 10 APC-Rank 20 APB-Rank 30 APA-Rank 40 APS-Rank 50 APStat S Rank 100 AP

Base Jutsu WC

E Rank 250D Rank 500C Rank 1000B Rank 1500A Rank 2500S Rank 4000Stat S Rank 5000

Base Jutsu Ranges

E-Rank self - 5 meters D-Rank self- 10 metersC-Rank self - 20 meters B-Rank self- 30 metersA-Rank self - 40 metersS-Rank self - 50 metersStat S Rank self - 70 meters

The Template

What it looks like & How to fill it out:

All text goes after the code; it should look like the above example.

The Code

[b][color=#D7263D]Particular Jutsu Type:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#F46036]Stat Boosts:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#F46036]What it does:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#1B998B]Character Specific:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#1B998B]Wordcount to learn:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#1B998B]Action Cost:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#1B998B]Bonus Requirements:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#1B998B]Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive:[/color][/b]

Thanks Guest for reading the Guide to Jutsu Creation
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