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Mission Directory (E - C Rank) Empty Mission Directory (E - C Rank)

Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:14 am

Mission Directory (E - C Rank)

This page lists all the currently available missions that a ninja can attempt to complete. It will be updated by NRPG Staff accordingly as new missions are approved.

See the Mission Boards for a complete list of all available missions.

See Mission Directory: B to S Rank for the higher ranked missions.

Refer to the Mission Guidelines Page for a full breakdown of missions.

Table of Contents


(U) - Universal Missions
(VE) - Village Exclusive
(MN) - Missing Ninja Contract
(VAGA) - Vagabond Contract
(AR) - Arc
(CO) - Covert
(CR) - Crafting
(HU) - Hunter
(LD) - Long Distance
(PR) - Professional
(Hoshi) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Hoshigakure
(Kiri) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Kirigakure
(Kono) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Konohagakure
(Kumo) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Kumogakure
(Suna) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Sunagakure
(Tanbo) - Village Exclusive Missions only for Tanbogakure

Return to Table of Contents


A Dollar Short (MN)
Another day at the Monkey's Uncle (Suna)(AR)
Art is Subjective (Suna)
Bank Maintenance (Kiri)
Books, Books, Books (Kumo)
Clean up that Damn Sand! (Kiri)
Delivery Day at the Monkey's Uncle (Suna)
Dinner Arrangements (Hoshi)
Dog Walker (VE)
(Don't) Shoot the Messenger (MN)
Escort Service (MN)
Falcon Friends (Kumo)
Flower Picking (Kono)
Food Shopping (U)
Foot Fetish (Kumo)
Give a dog a bone (Kono)
Holy Helpers (Hoshi)(CO)
Holy Matrimony, Or Something (MN)
I Hate Sand (Suna)
Information Booth (Hoshi)
It's not an addiction, I swear! (MN)
Knowledge Vs Wisdom (VE)
Leafy Greens (Kono)
Maintaining History (Kono)
Monument Mopping (Kiri)
Patrol: Training (VE)
Pet Food Delivery (Kiri)
Photo Op Protege (U)
Poster Problem (VE)
Research Grunt (Kumo)
Rot Solid (Kumo)
Shadow a Queensman (Hoshi)
Shelving Sea Salt (Kiri)
Simple Gardening (VE)
Tending the Grove (Suna)
Thats my purse, I don't know you! (Kumo)
That's not snake oil! (Kono)
The Sneaky Cat (U)
Valueable Assets (Kono)
The Rice Fields (Tanbo)
Supply Sabotage (Kiri)(CO)
Festival Season: Set up Shop (AR)
Starting off Wrong, Part 1. (AR)(MN)
Wanted: People (Kono)
A Poultry Task (Kono)
Finding Furry Friends (Kono)
Street Cart Cleanup (Kono)

Return to Table of Contents


A Feast of Kings (Kono)
A Ninja's Woes (Kumo)
A Rowdy Group (MN)
A Small Lesson (MN)
A Simple Delivery (MN)
An Apple a Day (VE)
Anger Management (Kiri)(HU)
Akihana's Helpers (Hoshi)
Ass Backwards (Suna)
BloodSport: A drop of Blood (Suna)(HU)
Bloodworks: Pit Dog (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloodworks: Pit Dog [Duos] (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloodworks: Pit Dog [Squads] (U)(HU)(AR)
Chaos at the Monkeys Uncle (Suna)(AR)
Day One at the Academy (VE)
Deep Web Hitman: Shrimp (HU)
Find the Missing Puppy (Hoshi)
Guard Duty Intern (VE)
Garden the Gates (Hoshi)
Hunt The Thief (Kiri)(HU)
Is this Even Edible (U)(CR)
Jashin's Blessing (U)(HU)
Minor Construction Help (U)
Minor Vagrant (VE)
Patrol: Intern (VE)
Parched Dry (Suna)(Hoshi)(MN)
Poor Unfortnuate Souls (Hoshi)(CO)
Renovate the Bridge (Kiri)
Restaurant Rehab (U)
Sharpening Senbon (Kiri)
Shouldering Hardship (Kumo)
Simple Smuggler (MN)
Smelters Blues (U)(CR)
Substitute Teacher (VE)
Swift as the Coursing River (Kumo)
Sworn of the Shrine (Suna)
The Arsonist (U)(HU)
The Relic (Hoshi)(HU)
The Tanning Rack (U)(CR)
The Vandal (Hoshi)(HU)
Time Heals (Kumo)
Time to Go (U)
Toll Troll (MN)
The Crystal Palace. Shattered (Suna)
The Pencil Pusher (Kumo)(HU)
The Shakedown (Kumo)(HU)
Tree Grooming (Kono)
Troll under the bridge (U)(HU)
Troublesome Tree (U)
Soil! (Kono)
Join the Outpost (Hoshi)(MN)
Rice Rustlers: Repairs [Pt. 1] (AR)(Tanbo)
The Warmonger Gauntlet (Kumo)(HU)
Strike While The Irons Are Cold (CO)(HU)(Kiri)
Death & Taxes (MN)(HU)
Starting off Wrong, Part 2 (AR)(HU)(MN)

Return to Table of Contents


Aristocrat Off-Track (Hoshi)
Are Words Really Silver (U)(CR)
Ashes to Ashes (U)(CR)
Band of Misfits (MN)
Bland Sand Hand...ling (Suna)
Bloodsport: A Bag of Blood (Suna)(HU)
Bloodworks: Bloodletter (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloodworks: Bloodletter [Duos] (U)(HU)(AR)
Bloodworks: Bloodletter [Squads] (U)(HU)(AR)
Business, Business, Business (Suna)
Bulk Trash Day (VE)
Building Blow Up (U)
Call the Fire Brigade! (U)
Cave Story (Kumo)
Cog in the Wheel (MN)
Commentators' Curse (Kiri)
Conflict of Interest (Hoshi)
Dead Drop (Kiri)(HU)
Deep Web Hitman: Koi (U)(HU)
Dirty Dining: Ramen Style (Kono)
Disinformation Campaign (Kiri)
Family Visit (Kiri)
File Organization (Hoshi)
Grisly Encounters (Kumo)
Haunting of Mayberry Mansion (Kumo)
Have you Seen our Canary (U)(CR)
Jashin's Blessing (U)(HU)
Little Dragon (Kumo)(HU)
Monkey Business (Kiri)
Not so safe (MN)
Now you See Me (U)(CR)
Passing on the Torch (U)
Patrol: Residental Areas (VE)(AR)
Patrol: Trade District (VE)(AR)
Patrol: Village Outskirts (VE)(AR)
Peeping Puppets (Suna)(CO)
Restaurant Rumble (Hoshi)
Scenic Slopes (Kumo)
Second Thought Shinobi (VE)
Shadow Guards (Kono)(CO)
Shopping Spree Supervisor (U)
Stalking the Stalker (VE)
Tax Dollars at Work (Kono)
Ten Island Tour (Kiri)
The Most Dangerous Game (Hoshi)(HU)
The Remora (Kiri)(HU)
The long Departed (Kono)
The Slumbering Knight (Hoshi)(HU)
The Truth of the Matter (MN)
Them's Fightin' Words (Kumo)(HU)
To Move or Stay (MN)(HU)
Tourist Trap (MN)(HU)
Trust me, I'm a Chemist (U)(CR)
Water into.... whatever that is (Suna)
Rice Rustlers: Investigation  [Pt. 2] (AR)(Tanbo)
Rice Rustlers: Pursuit [Pt. 3] (AR)(Tanbo)
Festival Season: Work the Stalls (AR)
The Warmonger Gauntlet (Kumo)(HU)
The Rule of Two (Kumo)
Big Battle, Big Mess (Kono)

Return to Table of Contents

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