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Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:14 pm
Kasai had left a letter for Youka before he had left. It read:

I apologize for my sudden vanish. I assume you are very busy at this moment, and I understand that. My original plan had been to wait for your return, however, in light of current events, it seems that the situation has changed. Konohagakure has gained a new Hokage, and the possibility of pushing out all missing ninja in the village, including the Kokuan.

As you well know, that said group is my largest concern at this given moment, though I know you are still interested in the fall of Konoha. With two younger genin having died at their hands, while under my protection, I will return to Konohagakure for the time being, and attempt to aid with a push to remove their grasp on this village. If successful, it should cripple their efforts on an army and more arms against you. 

I realize that you may be disappointed with my choice, but fighting one opponent at a time is the smarter option, and Kokuan having the soul goal of killing you seems the better option to eliminate first. 

If you wish, I may return soon and meet with you at your convince, and perhaps relay more information. After all, I do still trust you, as you have never lied to me, unlike many others. 

I do hope you understand and approve,

- The Child of the Sun, Kasai Senshi.
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