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Takashi Chishiki
Takashi Chishiki
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A Letter. Empty A Letter.

Wed Jul 08, 2015 5:18 pm
Kasai was not sure if the merchant was telling the truth when he said that, yes, he was headed to Kumo. However, he had no reason to lie, and Kasai was not burdening him with simply handing the letter to any shinobi in Kumo. That shinobi, however, would have to be burdened with bringing the letter to the Raikage; something Kasai knew would have to be done delicately. However, if all went smoothly, the letter handwritten by Kasai would arrive in Youka's hand, the return address just being a drawing of what should be a familiar mask. The letter read:

"Hello, old mentor,
I should hope you remember me, for when you make eight projects, and only two of them succeed without fatality, one is likely to return.
And so it is, Youka, that I, Kasai Senshi, the child of the sun whom you trained, lives. However, from the time that I was buried under the ruins of Iwa, until now, where I sit, returned in Konoha, thoughts have gone around in my head. I have been listening, and watching with all the eyes of the forest; something you taught me well, and something has come to my attention.

Aside from the falling ranks of Konoha, the weakness of our almost non-existent army, and I myself perhaps being the most prepared shinobi in the region, there are those who seek your blood specifically. I can provide more information if you wish.

I will be leaving the village soon, in order to preserve my ways of the ancient flame from the grasp of those who would seek to steal it; not even to learn it. However, as a risen and improved student to their previous teacher, I will ask: Would I to come to Kumo next, what would be my greeting?

-The Son of the Sun, and still contemplating your teachings, Kasai Senshi."

Kasai was preparing for the trip already, but he would wait for a reply.
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A Letter. Empty Re: A Letter.

Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:42 pm
On the rare occasion that Mortarion was actually in his office doing paperwork and taking care of the villages other critical area's that only he could do he spotted a letter that was written to him directly. Few people knew that Kumo had fallen recently and he doubted that the few that did would ever send him a letter. Picking it up with a tint of confusion on his face he would open the envelope before pulling out it's contents. As he read, a small smile appeared on his face and he couldn't help but let out a laugh once he remembered who it was that had sent this letter to him.

Kasai was one of the ninja of Konoha he had actually rather enjoyed for the way the male spoke and went about life albeit a little more whimsical than he had liked. The male still was profecient in battle to some degree and he could only get better with time. Mortarion had always wondered what had happened to the male and now he had found out. Picking up a pen from his desk he quickly wrote up a reply.

"If you are indeed the Kasai that I remember then I welcome you to Kumo with open arms and llok forward to your arrival. I've always wondered if you survived and I'm glad to find you in good health."

With that he would seal the letter and hand it to his attendant to deliver.

Takashi Chishiki
Takashi Chishiki
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A Letter. Empty Re: A Letter.

Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:36 pm
(Exit as well. Will be on my my hopefully within the week)
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