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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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Letter to New BFF [letter, open,private,idk nk?] Empty Letter to New BFF [letter, open,private,idk nk?]

Sun Jun 19, 2016 6:16 pm
The day had finally come for Kurisu to try and investigate Kumo, he dreaded what the results would yield. A part of him hoped that everything that he'd learned was not real, that Echo didn't die neither did Misaki nor the rest of the village. Fruitless hope, he knew better than to try and think that even with the voices in his head there was no denying the facts that had been presented. Nevertheless he wanted to learn more and without risking more lives while still getting it from the top source. Sure maybe there'd be some lies tossed in but then again weren't Kage suppose to have a honor code? Probably not, Kurisu never had a honor code when he was Raikage, maybe that was how there'd be a way for them to be honest. Having been a ruthless and insane Raikage during his time in Kumogakure no Sato there was a chance he'd be able to reason with this new Raikage. He'd pull out a paper and put ink to paper.

To the current Raikage.

Hello, I've heard quite a bit about Kumogakure no Sato lately. Needless to say what I've heard has not been good. I'm not one for hearsay, so I wanted to hear it from the new Raikage. I have questions and I'm sure you probably will have questions as well, maybe one day we'll have to talk face to face. First, what happened to Misaki Ametsuchi and if she died I request the body if possible. Second, what happened to everyone else that was living in the village at the time of the takeover? If you could answer these questions then perhaps things don't have to escalate. I'd hate to see the old mountains of Kumogakure no Sato cease to exist. Thanks buddy.

Your new friend Kurisu Ametsuchi the Second Raikage and Seventh Hokage. 

Playing with fire with that last comment? He probably was pushing a fine line considering he didn't want Konoha to be attacked over his history with Kumo. The questions seemed reasonable; however, he wondered what the response about Misaki would be. Did this new Raikage kill her? Did she die outside of battle? Now to wait for the response. 
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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Letter to New BFF [letter, open,private,idk nk?] Empty Re: Letter to New BFF [letter, open,private,idk nk?]

Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:25 pm
This was a rare time indeed, the plague prince was never one to actually be in his chambers once the village had been properly set up. He usually left most of the documentation and paper work to his stand in kage. The man knew more about these types of things than he and also knew Mortarions desires more so than the rest. As he went through the normal motions of reading and replying, or reading and signing off on things his eyes caught something intriguing. Hidden slightly off to the corner under another pile of paperwork was a small letter that hadn't been opened. Kumogakure's kage wasn't one to receive letters from the outside world as by now what had transpired here had told all surrounding villages that the old leaders no longer held ground here.

The moment he began reading the letter he could feel his blood boiling while the threads beneath his skin tensed. The letter had come from Konohagakure and their new kage who apparently had also once ruled over Kumo. The letter read rather nonchalantly however anyone would be smart enough to see the underlying threats and intentions that each word carried. His mind flooded back with his first arrival to Konoha and the "welcome he had been given by one Navi and Viper. it seemed the village still carried it's air of superiority which might have been something warranted given the times but still nonetheless annoying. Picking up his own pen to write, he stopped for a moment before calling over a small servant boy that had been ordered to retain him. With a swift hand movement the boys head was removed from it's shoulders and now lay turned upside down on his desk. he'd write his new "Friend" a message he'd never forget. Dipping a dried pen into the childs head where blood was begining to bubble and puddle out he set to writing.

To the current Hokage.

I'm glad you have decided to gather information from me directly as you are correct, only so much can be gleamed from outside sources. However most of what you have heard will more than likely prove true, as with any reform of such a stature there will be "not good" times. As for the aforementioned female, she remains alive and I'd be more than happy to see her returned to you...

Mortarion paused for a moment as he began Telling Akuoy what to do and where to drop it. the gift would arrive before the reply to the current kages letter did but it would still be there regardless. He returned to writing....

I've dropped her body off to you in the forest outside of Konohagakure hidden away so that only you will find it. We wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong idea about this, I do recommend you leave her attached to the apparatus I have her hooked to till you can give her proper medical attention. The rest of the village is doing well, everyone has a task and a job that they all uphold very well. It took some doing but the village runs efficiently. If you find things disatisfactory, then there is no reason for you to take affront to the mountains of Kumogakure, as a fellow Raikage you'd know that they provide a natural defense and aesthetic to the village. Removing them would only do harm to any future generations. However I can be inside your village at any moments notice should you want to meet in person to further discuss this. You're welcome, Pal.

I hope this friendship continues.....

As he finished writing he held a small candle to the letter speeding up the process of the dried blood. A few minutes later the letter was being sent off to Konohagakure to be given to their leader.
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