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Megami Kuoga
Megami Kuoga
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When Sephy Gets your Letter (Letter to Sephora) Empty When Sephy Gets your Letter (Letter to Sephora)

Mon Dec 11, 2023 3:27 pm
The good thing about the Konoha jail, they allow you to send letters out. Why? Well if you're a criminal, your probably writing to other criminals and this way they also get those criminals right? Riiiiiggghhht…on with the RP now….

Megami sat at her little table with some paper in front of her. She felt a little better these days since talking to Akki who was in the cell next to her. (which I do need to reply to and exit) Since she had a feeling Sephora was with her cousin in Hoshi, he was the Kage their and obviously her only family left, she decided to send her a letter.


It's me Megami of course. I owe you the hugest apology. You see, when I arrived to Konoha, I had received news shortly before when I passed by some family friends that my parents were deceased. A plague had hit my clan and my entire family was deceased. It was hard to deal with and I wanted to die to! I lied when I entered the gate and claimed I had deserted my village. Knowing you at one point were a high ranked missing nin due to the kidnapping of our team in Konoha, I claimed that I had helped you. I know that it is a ten year old crime and had already been dealt with and you name is probably erased from the missing nin roster, but I hated that I lost the only family I had since they had adopted me, and just wanted to die. Poor Akki, I don't know if she has even been told, I haven't told her, after all we were adopted together by that family. It would crush her. 
I am writing you from jail and I am probably stuck here because I lied and now facing time for a crime that I never even committed. If I ever get out of here, me and Akki would probably transfer to your village since uou are part of our team and we consider you like family.

Your Sister from Another Mister,

Megami Kuoga

She rolled up the scroll and sent the letter off as she wiped away the tears.
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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When Sephy Gets your Letter (Letter to Sephora) Empty Re: When Sephy Gets your Letter (Letter to Sephora)

Mon Dec 11, 2023 7:14 pm
Unfortunately, we've had to void this topic due to its content. The concern lies in the lack of information about Konoha Prison permitting the sending of letters and the absence of interception possibilities. Typically, letters are reserved for Kage-summoned summits and restricted for other uses. Another point is that Megami wouldn't accurately know Sephora's location, especially with the precision to reach her. Additionally, Megami's discovery of the bird lacks clarification. Lastly, the topic doesn't specify that Akki is in the cell adjacent to Megami's.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me on Discord! Thank you for your time. Let's make sure our RP stays in line with the established norms!
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