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Sephora Hyuuga
Sephora Hyuuga
Stat Page :
Remove Taijutsu Default
Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Shiko/Byakugan
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 1000

Sephy's Training (p/closed) Empty Sephy's Training (p/closed)

Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:24 pm
Sephora Kaguya-Hyuuga woke up and stumbled out of bed. She had heard everyone else in the house waking up and decided not to be the last. She was intent on taking over the world after all, no room for a lazy mistress. Even though she knew she was considered a minion by Samuru, she considered herself a ruler in training. Sephora knew that you have to start somewhere in order to be on top. She put on her favorite training clothes  and strapped her weapon across her chest to her back. She wasn't one to wear her headband like everyone else wore theirs. She hooked hers to the strap across her chest. 
Heading to the training grounds Sephora knew it was time to train herself. She had so many ideas and things she wanted to try using both of her bloodlines. Being a hybrid she knew she may as well use any and all of her abilities possible. It would be a waste to not try out both bloodlines together. She arrived to the training ground and began to stretch a little to loosen her body and help build up chakra. After a few minutes she was prepare to start training.
Most of the jutsus from her Hyuuga bloodline were taijutsus based on the use of chakra points and channels. Henceforth why the eyes were important. Using the Byakugan she was able to see chakra networks so she could strike the proper places on the body. What if, not only could she damage the chakra networks by striking and blocking the flow, but she could damage the body on the outside with her Shikotsumyaku as well? Yes, this could prove quite a useful combination. Most definitely worth the training if it worked properly. This would be her test day to try this combination out.
Activating her Byakugan she scanned the grounds to see if anyone was out there to practice or train with, and as she expected, there was not anyone around for as far as she could see. Leaving her eyes on she prepared for training. Of course she couldn't use the practice dummies they had at the training grounds. No they would bend to easy under her pressure and break under the use of her bone jutsus. Her bones could slice through metal and concrete. Now the large tree in front of her would be perfect, tree trunks could handle pressure. She stepped back and as she moved towards the large trucks using the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms jutsus performing various strikes on the tree trunk as though it were the human body and as she did this, she created bone spike from her fingertips and from her knuckles. With each strike of her hand not only did she hit the pretend chakra point, she also cut into the tree trunk. After the jutsu was complete she stopped and stepped back from the tree. Success! She did it, the tree trunk was full of deep cuts some oozing sap as a human body would ooze blood!
"Step one complete, it is possible to mix the jutsus together! My parents made quite a creation when they made me. Sometimes I wonder if I was intentionally created." Sephora giggled with a slight evil laugh. Her theory was indeed accurate, The two bloodlines could make a deadly combination. Now for the next jutsu. Sephora knew she could use these in battle. 
She stepped towards the same tree and only this time she sprayed the tree with ten bullets before attacking it using a different Hyuuga clan technique, Eight Trigrams: Palms Revolving Heaven. Once again she created bone spikes from her fingertips and from her knuckles. Now the tree looked as though it were barely standing. "Yes, this was definitely a good training session proving my theories were accurate. Both bloodlines mix well together." Sephora chuckled lightly to herself. So this training session had proved she was right in the first place. She would definitely need further more practice but for now she had to go home and then to the local library and to a few friends to take care of some further research. Sephora had worked hard to try and research this and she was determined to prove that bone manipulation could do a lot more than people assumed it could. Her clan had not been much, and maybe they were just battle monkeys, but the bloodline was quite useful.
As she walked home to change her clothes and notify her mother, or whoever was home that she was leaving, she was in a serious state of thought, there was much planning and work to do and now any other plans had to take a back burner. Maybe the trip to see her father could help her, she must make that the most important thing she was to do.

(+4 stats, +8jp)
Xuro Bakuton
Xuro Bakuton
Remove Ryo : 1447

Sephy's Training (p/closed) Empty Re: Sephy's Training (p/closed)

Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:21 am
All approved!
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