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Far Away  - Page 2 Empty Re: Far Away

Sat May 11, 2024 6:33 pm
With the tall dark haired Hyuuga lowering fully his guard, Reiten knew the situation was in control. After all, it was late at night, and the relaxed ambiance of the twilight night covered the quatuor of shinobi under the light of the moon, Reiten felt excited to get to know them more. In fact, she asked for authorisation to questions them more not because she didnt trust them, but simply out of sheer curiosity, wanting to know more about them. 

With Amikiri giving her finally the authorisation to ask away those questions after having watched all their papers and giving his affirmative to let them enter, the tall blonde shinobi would start to talk.

''Well it seems your entrance was already cleared by my fellow collegue, so I will try and be brief, as i'm sure the travelling and living in the wild must be demanding. I recently met with Talon, and he seemed quite different, and intriguing to say the least. I am curious as to where your adventures took you all, so if you would, i'd like to meet you both agin inside the village to know a bit more.'' would said seriously Reiten, curious to know the life of outside the village, but mainly the state of the world, and how the land of earth is as of now. She took a small pause, exhaling and continued. ''As for the remaining questions regarding the entry, I would like to ask you this: are you here only to live a civilian life, or do you plan on joining the village as shjnobi and be ready to give your life to save the village or your brothers and sisters?'' asked the blonde girl, her tone and mood more serious than before, even if not at all agressive. Reiten wasnt doubting their will and honnesty, but she wanted to know if the two girls who wanted to join had the same resolve and devotion as she did herself. 

After taking a pause and waiting for the reply of both, Reiten simply crossed her arms, at ease and happy to meet two new potential friends and battle sisters.
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Far Away  - Page 2 Empty Re: Far Away

Wed May 15, 2024 10:08 pm
Akki and Megami were clearly happy to hear that Team Fuku had settled down quite nicely in Hoshigakure. As Akki excitedly proclaimed she wanted to stay here, Amikiri nodded. Despite missing the comforts of the countryside, Amikiri had to admit Hoshigakure was a very nice place to live. “Well, Hoshigakure is certainly a wonderful village to settle down in. And it seems you two already have quite the network of friends, so I’m certain you two will fit right on in. Talon, Sephora, and Tori certainly all seem to be a nice crowd, so it'll be nice to see more people like them in the village.”

Amikiri was pleased to see Reiten’s line of questioning. It was something that Amikiri usually didn’t think to think about, as he figured his rank as a Genin would limit his ability to help them out in that regard. However, it was still an important question to ask. While her phrasing of the obligations of a shinobi rubbed Amikiri the wrong way, the Hyuuga gave a nod of approval to Reiten, signaling his appreciation for her pursuit of that line of questioning. Like her, he also would like to know more about the state of the outside world. However, the Hyuuga was curious to find it out for himself and see it first hand.

The Hyuuga chimed in, saying, “I highly recommend meeting with the Hogokage, Ayato Hyuuga, especially if you want to become shinobi. I can’t say for certain, but his siblings are real good people, so I’m certain he’s more than happy to welcome you into the village.” Amikiri realized that he really should get around to meeting Ayato, especially since he practically already knew his whole family already.

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Far Away  - Page 2 Empty Re: Far Away

Wed May 22, 2024 7:39 pm
Akki listened to the questions Reiten asked. Oh she had met Talon, kind of a surprise considering he's one to keep to himself.
“My intent is to train and become a stronger ninja! I am a Senju after all and I have to honor my clans name.” Akki said with a smile. She was feeling really hungry at this point. She knew there had to be a restaurant nearby she could smell food amidst the smell of cherry blossom trees!
“I'm really hungry, are there any restaurants near here?” Akki asked seriously after answering the question. Regular village citizen wasn't her thing, she knew she could be a good Shinobi.
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Far Away  - Page 2 Empty Re: Far Away

Wed May 22, 2024 8:01 pm
Megami listened to Amikiri and Reiten talk. Talon…she had met Talon? Hopefully the meeting went well, he was usually so quiet!
She was starving at this point but knew she needed to answer the questions. “Definitely Shinobi, not average civilians.” Megami said with a smile. They had always been ninja as far back as she could remember. Technically her sister Akki did have a name to uphold! Senjus aren't really civilians.
“I'm really hungry as well, if we are done can you point us in the direction of the nearest restaurant? We will find our team mates after dinner! I'm pretty sure they will be easy to find.” Megami smiled at them.
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