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Akaime Chinoike
Akaime Chinoike
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Water Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Ketsuekigakure
Ryo : 64000

A Shinobi Mission Begins Empty A Shinobi Mission Begins

Thu Feb 16, 2023 4:46 pm

Akaime's eyes slowly open, blinking a few times as they adjust to the bright light of the sun shining above. While it is warm and there's a slight gust of wind that sends shivers down the Chinoike's skin as he pushes himself up to take a look around. He's sitting off a path underneath a lone tree with a forest up ahead, while behind him sits an ocean with no sight of land for eyes can tell. He doesn't remember how came to this place at all.

He can't remember anything.

The blonde groan as he sits up more and tries to move, his head is aching and his right ankle feels incredibly sore. It seemed like he had twisted it or something. The blue-eyed Genin also noticed his clothes were pretty dirty, a few places torn, revealing little scrapes and bruises all over his arms and legs. Sighing, Akaime tries once more to stand but gives up as his leg throbs. His head feels heavy like he was underwater. His chest tightens, a weak groan escaping from his dry throat. It seemed like luck was on his side though. There was a loud squawking of a crow in the distance, followed by a few yells—a person. 

Akaime spotted the crow flying up high and what looks to be a young man running below it, heading in his general direction. Hope flares in his chest as they seem to spot Akaime, leaving the path to come straight toward him. The crow lets out another loud caw and circles above as the man swiftly approaches. He's wearing some kind of black uniform that had gold jewelry acting as pins to hold it together. His hair is a deep burgundy, slightly messy, and swept back with a few loose strands. Blood red eyes, and porcelain skin,

As he bounds over, he shouts something to Akaime... but he didn't understand a single word.

"Hey! Are you okay?! Do you need help?"

Akaime tilted his head slightly and furrowed his brows, trying to understand what he was saying, but not a single word is making sense. Did he hit his head hard?

"I saw you on the ground... and..."

He comes to a halt in front of Akaime, his words trailing off as his eyes quickly scan the Chinoike up and down, confusion mixing with the concerned look in his eyes. An awkward smile breaks out as he scratches his head. He crouches down, his smile easing and coming more naturally as he speaks again, softer but still holding a sense of urgency as he looks Akaime over again.

"Did something happen?"

The blonde tries to focus on the words but still... nothing. Akaime shakes his head to hopefully clear it but when the words still don't make sense the hope he felt before dwindles just a little bit. Akaime doesn't know what he is saying at all, which could only mean that he is speaking another language.

"I... I don't know... what you're saying," Akaime says slowly.


Akaime remembered when he first came to this island. Amnesia decided to make its home inside the child's mind. Leaving him scared and confused about anything. Until that man found and healed him back to full health. It took a while for Akaime to get his memories back but during that time, Dai and Atsuki Kyuketsuki were the people that cared for him as if he was their child, a debt he could never repay. He didn't know if it was fate, luck, or pure coincidence that led them together. Atsuki longed to bear children but never could; Akaime just lost his entire family then to losing his memories. It was a blessing in disguise for both parties.

When memories started forming, he began to lash out from the anger and sadness of remembering his old life. However, Dai and Atsuki never punished the young Chinoike, just gave love as no other person has given. In time, Akaime's mental wounds started to heal over, and grow accustomed to his new lifestyle. He grew up in a secluded, poor village, far from civilization. This was the opposite of that. He now lived in a house with many rooms and doors. The massive home stood on top of a hill and had three stories to support it.

His main obstacle when arriving was that he didn't understand their language. His village had its own, unique, language different from the rest of the world. So as time went on, he was tutored to learn their language. Luckily, he was still young enough that it didn't become too complicated to learn. Along with language learning, he was taught about the history of their country and the individuals that populate it. On top of that, he learned skills and techniques from his adoptive parents that led him to be able to join their academy and that was just last year.

And now here he is, graduated from his class and on his first few missions. While they were basic and most certainly, not challening. They were the foundation that would settle him into the rest of his career as a shinobi. However, Akaime wasn't alone on this journey, two of his friends came along with him, Arutemisu and Ketsuyru. Well, they were more like his squad mates than anything. Ketsu was vampiric like most of the civilians back home, but Arutemisu was human, like Akaime. Akaime met Arutemisu in the academy days, but he met Ketsu because their parents were close friends, so Akaime grew up having playdates with the young Kyuk.

-Moments Later-

Akaime was wiping his hand across his forehead. The sun overhead was now at its highest peak, but the freezing weather made up for it. The trio had been walking for at least an hour now. It was getting harder to keep going. Akaime felt his legs becoming weak again. But he didn't want to bother Arutemisu or Ketsu with something so small as needing to take a little break, he was pretty sure he has them already worried enough earlier with Akaime's sudden outburst. So, he just gritted his teeth and bared it. Surely, they would all stop sometime soon to rest or there had to be a town close by... right? 

But a couple of hours go by and you're still walking, the path leading into a dark forest up ahead... not a single town in sight. Oh well, you could probably use the exercise and should get used to walking a lot. It didn't seem like forms of transportation were very common around here.

The sun has slowly gone down with about an hour left now and Akaime had only stopped for a short moment when Ketsu pauses, her steps slowing down and tilting her head curiously. Arutemisu looks at her and tenses when Ketsu's face suddenly drops and her eyes widen.

"Do you hear that...?"

Arutemisu blinks and looks to the forest up ahead. "No... I don't hear anything."

Now, Akaime was curious as to why they stopped and what they were saying but doesn't have a chance to ask. Ketsu sniffs the air and tenses even more before walking towards the forest, a bit quicker than before. Fun fact, apparently vampires have heightened senses, so Ketsu gets the luxury of being their guide and healer.

"That smell... there's blood!" 

Arutemisu's eyes bulge, and his voice is high as he whines after Ketsu and Akaime continue to walk ahead, leaving Arutemisu to follow behind them as quickly as he can. Once Ketsu sets foot under the dark shade of the trees, Arutemisu stops in his tracks.

"No way! We can't go in there! There's probably a creature in there and I-I'll die!!" he protests loudly.

"Someone may be hurt!" Ketsu says urgently, looking into the forest. "We need to go in there and help!"

-Thirty Minutes Later-

Fortunately, it wasn't anything worth stressing over. Just a little snow bunny that was injured. A healing jutsu from Ketsu sent it on its way.

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Akaime Chinoike
Akaime Chinoike
Stat Page : Stats
Ninjutsu Default
Water Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Ketsuekigakure
Ryo : 64000

A Shinobi Mission Begins Empty Re: A Shinobi Mission Begins

Sun Mar 05, 2023 7:57 pm
Now they were making their way through the familiar village. The commoners didn't seem to mind them as the group continued on its way. Fresh bakery and salted foods filled the nostrils of the young Chinoike. While vampires did roam this land, there were still humans that also lived in conjunctional with them. Like himself

Finally, the group got to the inn where they were supposed to meet the woman needed help just like the scroll said. As they knocked and waited, one of the doors in front of them opens up to reveal a small elderly woman, who greets them with a polite smile.

"Hello. Should I presume you are all the shinobi?" She asks kindly, her eyes landing on the trio.

They all nod, and she smiles again, bowing lightly before guiding them through the door. "Please come in."

They all follow the woman on a stone path leading up to the house. She walks them through the front door and shows them their room with a spare change of clothes and food already prepared. They all stare in surprise, not expecting all of this. It's like she knew they were coming! The smell of the delicious-looking food collects all of their attention and they immediately descend upon it. Ketsu almost yelled at Arutemisu, as he'd quickly dropped you onto one of the futons on the floor before scrambling back to the table of food. He wasn't completely careless in dropping you though, so he just let it slide for the time being. They didn't need any more fighting for today.

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Akaime Chinoike
Akaime Chinoike
Stat Page : Stats
Ninjutsu Default
Water Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Ketsuekigakure
Ryo : 64000

A Shinobi Mission Begins Empty Re: A Shinobi Mission Begins

Tue Mar 07, 2023 7:33 am
It was a sunny day in Kestuekigakure, the clouds were laid out perfectly in the sky, and the slight gust of wind that would come through every once in a while, felt great from within the training ground at his family's compound. Akaime was excited about his day. Today he was supposed to learn a new technique his father told him about. Akaime was on his way to the forest area to learn his jutsu because he needed a place with a lot of room because of the destructive nature of the jutsu. The jutsu he that he was learning is a water release technique.

Akaime finally arrived at his destination. The young Chinoike put down all the supplies he brought, which was only a piece of parchment paper describing the technique. Akaime decided he would not leave this destination until he mastered his jutsu. So, Akaime begins to read the parchment once more to see what needs to be done.

Akaime then begins his training by concentrating on his chakra all over his body, he stands in one area and doesn’t move a muscle for this jutsu to be achieved, he needed enough chakra control to release a big blast of it, almost like shooting water from every direction. The blue-eyed Chinoike closed his eyes and felt the flowing of chakra in his body, circulating to every tenketsu. With that, he formed the chakra into the very nature of water and expelled it.

Akaime's first training session insisted on gaining ridiculous amounts of chakra all over his body, so he need help from an excellent water user, but his father was away, so he turned and went to find his mother. He knew she wouldn’t be easy on the young Chinoike but he would be able to teach the technique.

-Moments Later-

One hand was painted red, one arm was carrying the weight of his own body, and two eyes were staring at the demon itself. There was nothing Akaime could tell his legs to convince them to move an inch. Why was his mother making fight such an atrocious and evil creature. Fear locked him in place. Not by a spell, not by some trap, but by sheer and utter terror. The blonde couldn't move. "Scared?" The giant demon had a surprisingly skinny voice, and Akaime would have laughed at the weirdness of the thin voice coming out of such a burly figure if death itself wasn't trapped in his lungs, so all he could do was whimper with fright and stumble back. "Don't worry, tiny," the creature guffs. "I'll kill you and feast on you really quick. I'm generous like that." He grins, and then he's moving again; knees bent in a weird running formation and fingertips touching the grass below, and he's off. Akaime barely breathed between two blinks before he was without much thinking, he threw himself under the arm that had swung at him to slice off his head and rolled back onto his feet a couple of steps away from the demon. Akaime doesn't get the chance to calm his puttering heart down as a shadow falls over him once again.

Pain blooms like burning stakes across his chest. Gasping, he stumbles back, arms circling his torn-open chest and eyes wide and swimming in tears. He was going to die. He was going to die, wasn't he? Not a moment longer, and he's again getting slammed with three times his weight across his chest; he hears something snap, and then he's flying headfirst into the nearest tree in the area. Akaime has barely any reason or logic left in his brain; at this point, the pain has washed it all away, but thankfully... Maybe it's instinct? He finds himself without thinking, swinging his tiny body around and just in time protecting his skull with the back end of his right shoulder, gagging at the momentary pulse of pain that writhes through his flesh. Akaime is up and running again, long before his mind has even caught up to his body. Survival instincts mixed with the sheer and utter fear course through his veins, and it's all the blond-haired boy can do to keep a lid on his emotions as he runs and runs and tries to stay quiet so he could eventually hide from the demon.

Akaime doesn't know how long he runs for, only that he's running toward the safety of the trees, away from the monster that both terrifies Akaime and makes him want to run for all of eternity. Akaime doesn't stop until he can't hear the chill-inducing laughter of the demon anymore, and only then does he crumble under a tree. After he barries his head to his knees, his shoulders start to shake, and his clammed-up lips are barely holding back a sob. The young male hears a roar in the distance, and Akaime's whole body freezes. While holding his breath, eyes staring at his legs, he listens. The cry is drawing nearer and nearer, and - he – he was going to die. By the hands of some demonic creature and fuck revenge. He hadn't even made it a month without the help of his mother and father; how pathetic was that? How sad. Another roar. This one is much closer. He hadn't even gotten the chance to get revenge for everyone. So, with a hiccup, Akaime buries his face even further into her knees. He'd walked away too far. No one was going to find him out here. Alone and afraid and soon to be dead. No fellow survivors could help him. Tears started flowing all over again, and damn it. How pathetic.

A roar. Akaime flinches. At least he was going to reunite with his mother and father and-
[NEVER GIVE UP] It was as if an electric current suddenly jolted into every nerve in his body and sent it ablaze.
[NEVER GIVE UP] How could he just - clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, Akaime tried to steady his erratic breathing. Father had said...his father had told Akaime that it was okay to run away, it was okay to fall, but – to give up? Father had never taught him that, and - raising a shaky arm to his eyes, Akaime rubbed away the wetness as best as he could and took a deep and steadying breath. It was only one demon. He would be a ninja and avenge his family and make everyone proud so, how could he lose here? This was his story. His mission. His life. What kind of hero died in the prologue? Akaime grins, teeth coated with dirt and specks of blood. "Yeah, I'll be fine. But-"

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Akaime Chinoike
Akaime Chinoike
Stat Page : Stats
Ninjutsu Default
Water Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Ketsuekigakure
Ryo : 64000

A Shinobi Mission Begins Empty Re: A Shinobi Mission Begins

Thu Mar 09, 2023 8:29 am
The late-night sun had decided to hide behind the pristine waves of Konashi's harbor, making the overcast skies bathe the world in a soft blueish grey with the mixture of oranges and yellows. Although, Akaime quite enjoyed times like these, he more enjoyed the rain and the grey skies along with it. Without an umbrella, however, he was content with only the muting of Ketsuekigakure usually natural vibrant colors. Looking out to the sea, he remembered why he was here. Apparently, he was sequestered into a small party to accomplish numerous missions for the village. So, along with him and three other individuals, have to complete these tasks. Bad part about it is that he doesn't remember any of the names of the individuals he supposed to meet.

Akaime was kind of bad at remembering names, only really people he's taken an interest in. Besides that, just slips his mind. Anyway, he was supposed to meet them there for the night, then head off to the smaller island off the side of the volcano country. The inn they were supposed to meet at for the night was near the port. Luckily for him, it was simply easy to find. Just a left at the port and a block down. 

Standing before the inn, the outside looks clean, homey and delightful. Hard wooden planks and thick, hard wooden logs make up most of the building's outer structure. It's hard to see through the darkened windows, but the laughter from within can be felt outside.

As Akaime entered the inn through the hard wooden door, he was welcomed by a feeling of comfort and the smile of a waitress. The bartender is a little preoccupied, but still manages to welcome him with a wink. It's as alluring inside as it is on the outside. Hard wooden beams support the upper floor and the torches attached to them. The walls are littered with so many different memorabilia, he's not sure if they tried going for a specific style at one time or just put up anything they like. The inn itself is packed. Shinobi seems to be the primary clientele here, which could be seen as the best sign you can get. Several long tables are occupied by what looks like couples, lone travelers and anybody else who enjoys great company. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who are singing and dancing, occasionally pulling an unsuspecting waitress amidst their dancing group. Even most of the stools at the bar are occupied, though nobody seems to mind more company. However, he did hear rumors along the way about this tavern, supposedly it's famous for something, but he can't remember what for. Though judging by the warmth and joy radiating through the inn, it's probably the atmosphere that makes this inn famous.

Walking to the bar, he was met with gaze of the bartender once again.

"Ello mister, can I get you anything," he said with deep gruff to his voice.

"Hm, not really. Was supposed to meet someone here and leave for Sadogashima." Akaime said, hopefully the bartender will point him in the right direction.

"Ah, of course, taking the late boat ride to the small islands. I have a room in the back where you can wait until your partner arrives and the ship at the port is ready." He said as he put the glass down, he was cleaning, waving his hand to follow him through the back door. Nodding his head, he proceeded to follow him through the back down, and up the flight of stairs.

The wooden flooring creaked underneath each step until the got to the second floor. Dim candlelight lit the hallway, as several doors presented themselves in front of the duo. Following him to the first door, he opened it for Akaime allowing him to walk in first. The area was spacious, almost like a home inside a home just placed in one room. There were two palettes on the floor, almost seemingly ready for them to sleep, but along that, there was a kitchen area as well, all ready for someone to stay to stay the night.

"Didn't really need a room, just a table downstairs would do," Akaime gave off a nervous laughter.

"Nonsense! We provide extra care for those who defend and help keep peace in our country. Once you company gets here, I'll send em' up. Feel free to indulge in anything here." The man whistled as he quickly left the room.

"Ah." Akaime said as he turned around and looked through the room before finding himself seated on a palette.

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Akaime Chinoike
Akaime Chinoike
Stat Page : Stats
Ninjutsu Default
Water Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Ketsuekigakure
Ryo : 64000

A Shinobi Mission Begins Empty Re: A Shinobi Mission Begins

Thu Mar 16, 2023 5:20 pm
Not soon after the interaction, Akaime found himself nested up in the comfortable bed that was stationed in the room. He hasn't been able to sleep for a while, let alone dream, since the disappearance of his brother. He has been tossing and turning as if there is an itch right beneath his skin. Sometimes, he would pray to God to take him from the hell that he is in. Well, that would've been the case if he was in the same mental state as he was a year ago. but he has grown...better? He didn't know if that was the right word to use but it felt right.

His self-sabotage and breakdowns have almost ceased to exist, with his last one happening months ago. How did this happen? Things just don't change overnight, or do they? He could say he grew out of it, but you don't just grow out of trauma. He overcame it. While it was very much a part of him like a tattoo, it didn't define him. It never did. Once he accepted that fact. Akaime's love for himself became apparent and his confidence grew like a blossoming flower.

He can't say that he did it on her own though. If it wasn't through the support and love from his friends -who she considered family- he became the very definition of a bush clover: a blunt, candid love who treasures the bonds with his friends. With their love and support, he grew to be open more.

Through his thoughts, finally sleep overcame him and took him into oblivion. Where he could finally explore his imagination in real time. Not a nightmare like he has had before. But a real dream. A fantasy world where everything was bright and calm, not like the real world, but a world that he could escape and find peace. Even for a split second. These types of dreams are ones that finally lead him to what he really wanted in life. .

Sunshine broke through the uncovered window and shined brightly into the room in which Akaime was in. With a rough yawn and slight stretch, Akaime awoke in a daze. It was time to get a move on. They said the boat would depart the harbor at high noon, but the position of the sun seemed it was still relatively early. Getting ready in a hastily manner, he went downstairs to see if they offered any type of morning foods that he could fuel himself on before the departure.

Once he fed himself, he made his way to the docked port to wait for the Hashira that would be attending. Ariya. While waiting for her, he found the small vessel that would carry them across the harbor to Sado Island. There, he met the captain of the ship.

"Ah, you're one of the one's that are going to that cursed island. I praise that luck be on your side, for anyone that has entered that island has never come out." He said as he led Akaime into the small room that he would be waiting in while he would be transported. While the boat was small to the Akaime, it was rather big as it housed a couple crew members on the inside to row the boat to the destination.

"I agree," Akaime said in response.

"Well, we are all ready, so once your friend gets here, we can set sail." He said and left Akaime to his lonesome.

"We've arrived, apologies for the wait." a woman named Ariya faintly spoke, the long travels bothered her earlier, but there was no sign of that exhaustion now. She had her new nichirin blade strapped and sheathed to her side, and Hina had already gone up the deck of the boat they were going on.

"No need to apologize, I haven't been waiting long." Akaime gave a subtle smile as he watched the women take their places. Studying their features and insecurities, he took mental notes on everything about them. Starting with the one that first entered and spoke to him. Elegance and attractiveness radiated off this one like the northern star. The pinnacle of beauty when it comes to women, especially with mark right below her eye. As for her 'follower', she was not as easy on the eyes as compared to her companion. Not to say she wasn't beautiful in her own right, just not the type for Akaime.

"Shall we?" She asked nicely, her dark eyes reflecting of an amethyst hue, as she was trying to get a read out of Akaime Fue. He had that faint aura to him, one that would be perfect for a tracker-focused demon slayer. To which this made Ariya feel satisfied. As the two boarded the boat that would take them to their destination, sitting down across from him with Hina next to her, she thought it'd be a good idea to engage in conversation.

"Yes," Akaime said in response to Ariya with a subtle bow in her direction.

"Chinoike-san, correct?" Ariya placed her hands on her lap, her poise delicate yet dignified. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Murasaki Ariya, and this is Hina." She raised a hand to gesture over Hina, who straightened her back and let out a polite yet muffled hum. Ariya wore her typical uniform, with a haori stitched with lace and intricate designs that resembled a kimono, and her shows had a slightly taller pair of heels to them. Hina, however, wore a skirt instead of the typical pair of pants that a shinobi uniform would don, and wore a light gray cape that wrapped around her shoulders down to the length of her elbows.

"Sorry, where are my manners. It's nice to meet you as well, Ariya and Hina...such...a lovely name...Hina." The white-haired demon slayer said in a cheery tone giving the skirt-wearing slayer a grin. From his stationary position inside the cabin, he could hear the captain yells at the crew to start their sail. In a mere hour they will be at their destination, but for now, they will talk about plans.

"While we're on our way, let's talk of our plan. Thus, you must tell us more about yourself."

Those words sent shivers down Akaime's spine. He knew who it was. Someone he hasn't seen in a long time. Someone who he thought had disappeared without a trace. Someone who Akaime loved and cherished. Shino. His very presence brought memories of his past. Specifically, how everything, since he was adopted by the Kyuketsuki family, was handed to him on a silver platter. He is the youngest out of three siblings. His brother and father stood massively at 6' 1" and above, while he was always little. His family always considered him too fragile and incapable of looking after himself. They even went to extreme measures to protect him, including hiding his existence from the rest of the world, which resulted in very few people knowing that the family even had another son. His parents expected their son to be well-mannered and proper due to their noble status, even when their nobility fell through. Fortunately, as Akaime grew older, his parents would let him outside of the compound, but they never told him that he would be watched from the distance just in case. He remembered the time he found that out, which was the last time he saw Shino.


How the night was clear, quiet? The open skies made it possible to see the stars, nonetheless. Not that Akaime had any thought about it, he was far too distracted with his own thoughts while his body acted on autopilot. With bought goods in arms, he paced his way through the street.

Akaime then turned into an alleyway he usually took to get back to his family's compound quicker. He wasn’t afraid of anything that could happen. He did, in fact, fear he may go too far if he were to be bothered by the pests that lingered in these alleys. Speaking of, Akaime saw a ragged man standing on the opposite side of the alley and, when he turned, he found two more similar looking men blocking the other side.

“Now, where’s a child like you think yer going, huh?” One of the men exclaimed, revealing a small knife. Akaime barely showed any concern, instead showing a slight annoyance in his eyes.

As one of the men stepped close to him and was about to grab the Fue, a figure leaped from atop the roof of one of the buildings forming the alleyway. The men all turned their attention to it, confused and startled. The figure then did what seemed to be a bowing motion as another figure came out from behind them. It didn't take much for the two assailants to make quick work of the rubbish men, who took tail and ran.

Akaime let out a sigh as the figure stepped into view to reveal himself. “Shino.” He announced, “I could’ve handled that…” Shino bowed again, “No you couldn't, Akaime, you were in danger.” Akaime gritted his teeth as he walked towards his elder brother. “Were you following me?” Questioned Akaime. Shino stood silent for a moment, then answered, “Yes”. Shino was usually loud, and brash but in this moment, he wasn't. "And you should be thankful that I was." Shino said with a slight smirk. Shino arrogance showed through his smile, which only aggravated Akaime more.

Akaime stood in front of him for a moment, then handed the taller male his groceries. “Well, if you want to be my guardian angel so badly, at least make yourself useful”. Shino took the groceries without question. Akaime looked beside Gensai to Zakari, who has been silently sitting, watching. “I’ll say this: That was an impressive performance,” Akaime praised Shino's friend. “I kno-." Shino spoke before being cut off, “I was talking to Zakari.” Stated Akaime. Shino looked down for a moment before looking back up, “Shall we get going?” Shino asked.

The two walked together during the surprisingly quiet night, Akaime avoided looking at Shino and preoccupied himself by staring at the buildings on the other side of the street. Shino, however, took careful glances at him each minute, as though checking on Akaime. Akaime sighed for a moment before turning to finally look at Shino. “I need to know…” he stated, catching Shino's attention. “What is it?” Shino asked.

Akaime stayed silent for a moment before taking a deep breath. “Why ARE you following me. I know mom and dad put you up to it but you never bother to listen to them, so why now?” Akaime asked. There was a brief pause for a moment before he finally answered. “It’s might know- “. Akaime cut him off, exclaiming, “I don’t want to hear it from mom, I want to hear it from you.” Shino stayed silent. He stopped walking suddenly, forcing Akaime to halt.

Shino looked up to meet Akaime's gaze, and answered, “I hate to remember it, but when you first came here, I hated you.” Shino's voice had pure emotion in his voice. ““Even when I treated you harshly, you would always show me compassion. You always cared for me as though to help me. Something I rarely got from our parents.” Shino answered surprised Akaime, he never was open about his feelings, so this was a first for Akaime. “I know you can look after yourself, but even still, I want to protect you. You are my little brother and I love you, you stupid idiot."

Akaime stands stunned for a moment, still processing all he’s heard as Shino extends his arm to ruffle Akaime's hair before continuing to walk again. The two finally made it in front of the compound, Akaime took his groceries from Shino. “Thank you for carrying these for me”, “Of course,” replied Shino. Akaime walked up to the front door before stopping then looking back to Shino.

“Why aren't you coming in? Mom and I are fixing your favorite tonight." Akaime threw a soft smile to his elder brother.

"As much as I want too, there's something else I have to do." Was all that Shino said.

Akaime quietly went into the compound and Shino began to turn to leave. But before Shino could finish his motion, the reopening of the massive double-door catches his attention. As he turns in response to the noise, Akaime surprises him with an unexpected, but warm hug. Shino is almost motionless but attempts to lift his arms to hug back, but as he does so, Akaime slowly pulls away. “Thank you,” Akaime said comfortingly to Shino before disappearing into the house.

-End of Flashback-

Akaime gently placed his hands on top of Shino's and slowly removed them from his eyes. Akaime could feel his blood begin to boil. While many others would be rather joyous to find out that their sibling was alive after all this time, Akaime was not. He was pissed beyond belief. The younger Fue quickly stood and faced Shino, glaring daggers into him. How can he stand there with his smug look and act like this was some sort of grand reunion.

"Fuck you," Akaime words where nothing short of venomous.

"You selfish you have any idea of what you have done to our family!?" Akaime voice began to roar into a low yell.

"How just ran off without a single word! Not even a letter! We all thought you were dead! You left our family in shambles, grieving the loss of you." Akaime could feel the tears welt up in his eyes.

"Father began to drink himself into a stupor every night thinking he lost his pride and joy. Mother visits the empty grave they made for you every day for hours. I can hear our sister crying herself to sleep on most nights. And yet, here you are, with that stupid fucking smirk on your face." Akaime was at the point of screaming. All the customers and the bartender kept a watchful gaze as the scene unfolded in front of them. Akaime could feel the hot tears beginning to stream down his cheeks.

Akaime's eyes gazed Shino up and down. "By the looks of it, it appears that you're a slayer as well. Which means is that you must have been assigned to this mission. So, if it wasn't by coincidence of us meeting, would you have gone longer to keep us blind that you are actually alive?" The younger sibling asked as his emotions began to falter.

Akaime shook his head and wiped his eyes, "It doesn't matter anyway, you did what you always wanted to do without a care for anyone else." Akaime couldn't even look at Shino anymore.

"I...I need time to process this and some space," Akaime said as he turned away from Shino and exited the building into the cool spring air. Was Akaime happy that Shino was alive and well? Of course, he was. But that didn't mean he didn't have the right to be furious with him right now. Shino was acting like as if nothing has happened or changed. Probably didn't for him because he was left in the wake of his 'disappearance'. Akaime had to pick up all the pieces that broke within their family while he was off lollygagging and doing whatever he was doing without a thought about them. Shino was selfish.

-Moments Later-

Akaime found himself deep into the thick forest that is known as Koajiro-no-Mori. The screeching howls indicated that he was likely surrounded by those wicked beasts. While one of those was more than enough for Akaime to handle, he couldn't handle a whole pack of them. Three fell to his attacks before he found himself gravely outnumbered. The death would be imminent if he faced all of them on his lonesome, so he fled in a hastily manner deeper into the forest.

Through his senses, he could tell the pack was catching up to him. How many was there? He couldn't really tell at the moment, but it sounded like about seven, or eight at most. Still too many for him to deal with on his lonesome. Maybe he should've waited for Shino and the others, but he was too emotional at the time and now he was probably going to lose his life if he doesn't find somewhere safe to recuperate himself.

As he legs tirelessly moved themselves forward, something caught his eye from the distance which was that of a massive building that could be seen under the light of the moon. A safe haven perhaps. A better chance there than sticking it out in the forest. Akaime quickened his pace and changed his trajectory to that of the building.

It didn't take long before he arrived at his soon-to-be sanctuary. A massive manor: well, more like a small castle stood in front of him. Stonework made up its base foundation as white, wooded walls made up its exterior. A few candles could be seen lit from where he was positioned at which indicated to him that the place was currently occupied. If he could wait here until daybreak, maybe he can send word for backup and maybe find the remnants of his team.

"Shino...I hope you're okay..." He whispered to himself as he pushed open the heavy stone doors and secluded himself inside. Though he was mad at him, he still just got his brother back and doesn't wish any harm on him. He could only imagine the feeling of his last words to Shino was an explosive rant.

For a few moments, Akaime could hear the howls and the scratching at the doors of the demon dogs trying to make their way in. However, as time passes, they could tell they would not be able to make it through the sturdy doors and soon ceased their actions, eventually leaving. In that time, Akaime studied the area that he was in. The main hall was lit up by many andons and gave sight to the glorious staircase that led up to the second floor. Doors lined up on the walls and from what he could tell, five on the top floor and six on the bottom. The very aura of this place gives it an eerie, mystical feeling and the sound, or the lack of, indicated that no one was here. Yet, who lit the lamps?

TWC: 6,571
Akaime Chinoike
Akaime Chinoike
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After a seemingly long day of journey's, meeting strange individuals, and just a pure case of restlessness. The end was nigh and Akaime couldn't be more thankful. Now, here he was with man named Asahi and every time he grins, it kinda makes Akaime's skin crawl, because it seems he was up to something that was not good. Akaime rolled his eyes as he said he should go to the street and he would stay there, of course, he would. "Now, don't get too drunk in here," Akaime said knowing the man's love for the drink. Akaime stood up as the man a hand seal, and that was the point the blonde would head outside. Upon opening the door, the bell on top of the frame rang out and the cold winter air licked his face, turning his porcelain white skin to blushing red on his cheeks and tip of his nose. 

Now what is that he was outside, he began locating for the female that was supposedly being followed. Looking around that's when he noticed a beautiful and rare citing, the Scilla. Akaime almost screamed as he ran to the plot of land containing the flower. Bending to his knees to inspect the flower, he started almost petting to bulb on the flower. He knows that these flowers have six tepals and six stamens, and are arranged singly or in racemes of two or three. Petals may be reflexed to the horizontal when sunlight is bright, but are more often cup-shaped. The stamens of Scilla are separate, unlike those of the related genus Puschkinia, which are fused into a tube. These flowers can withstand harsh conditions in winter but usually stay dormant. Almost foaming at the mouth, Mikaela knew he need this for his room. Seemingly forgotten about the mission he heads into a nearby store, gets a pot, and starts digging up the plant carefully.

Once he finished putting the plant in the pot, he sighed with relief. Now he needs to get this home but he remembers the mission. Damn, I hope I haven't lost sight of the woman. Still holding the plant, he scans the street for the woman but he would see Asahi looking at stores and it looks like he was talking to himself. From the distance he could see the woman, but barely. He knew that Asahi had to see her, that's why he's outside. But he knew that he probably saw him playing in the dirt instead of focusing on the mission. Damn. Maybe he should take the shortcut around to the bathhouse so it would look like he didn't abort the mission for a flower, or maybe he can go face Asahi, and hopefully, he didn't see him. He let a loud grunt and decided to take off through the back alleyway and cut through the street towards the bathhouse. Carrying the plant it would look like he was just out buying a plant at the beginning of winter, but who would notice.

As he approached the side of the bathhouse, he looked inside it to see if anyone was in there, but what he saw shocked him completely. Paper bombs covered the walls. He quickly walked around it and inspected all the windows and saw what he knew was try. The bathhouse was filled with paper bombs. What he had assumed this must have been an assassination attempt on the girl from whoever was stalking her. He needs to let Asahi know but if he waits for him, the girl would enter the building and be blown to smithereens, most likely taking out civilians on the street as well with how many papers bombs are in that building. Or he could stop the girl but then his cover would be blown. Still holding his plant, he cut back across the street and fast-walked to Asahi.

"We have a problem, the bathhouse has paper bombs in it," Akaime stated to Asahi. "What do we do," Akaime was reaching at this point, hoping Asahi would have an answer. Maybe if Akaime wasn't playing in the dirt, he would've caught this sooner. But he looked to where the woman was, it seemed that she is almost made it to the bathhouse.

Whatever the case may be, Akaime finished the final mission and reported the completion to the Kage. All in a day's work, time to cook some bacon.


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Ayato Hyuuga
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