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First Mission as a Shinobi  [Mission] [E] Empty First Mission as a Shinobi [Mission] [E]

Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:17 pm
Meet and Greet [E Rank]


Kama Uzumaki was, finally, on her first mission as a Genin of Hoshigakure. The people of the village were still weary of ninja so of course it was there job to take on tasks to lighten this weariness and prove they could be trusted. Kama herself had lived here for most of her life, so a good amount of people already had no issue with the girl, so much as they had issue with the culture of ninjas. Some wouldn’t even put missions forward even if it would make their lives immensely easier. Fortunately some did and Kama was lucky enough to have been accepted for this particular outing, though it only led her to the gate. Travelers, outcasts and ninja alike all came to the gate seeking entrance or shelter, and this was granted to some of course. Others couldn’t be so simply let in and had to go through an extensive background process or simply turned away entirely. The Uzumaki didn’t like the idea of turning away those that could use her help, but she understood there existed people who possessed ill intentions for the city and otherwise might come and try to harm the land of stars and it's people. The girl was prepared for the instance in which she may have to turn someone away at the moment they seemed to be a bit suspicious just to protect the village and it's people, though she hoped she had a good enough judge of character to do this.

The girl strapped her weapon pouches on her waist and leg, stretching as she exited her home and made a light jog towards the wall to get ready to begin fulfilling her duty. The girl was still dressed in her signature kimono that she had now begun to need to wash almost daily due to her training and activities. She had a pouch of kunai and shuriken on her right leg with her other pouch containing more miscellaneous items directly on the left side of her waist for ease of use. All in all she should be prepared for just about anything that occurred at the wall today should she run into any trouble. As she came up to the wall, there was a familiar blonde Kunoichi just outside the gate, leaning against the stones and looking rather bored with herself. The Uzumaki wasn’t sure how to feel about this, but a friendly hello couldn’t hurt. Getting past the gate she walked up to the blonde and waved. “Ayana? I didn’t know you were on the gate mission too!
The blonde nodded, wearily looking at the redhead but turning towards her. “Kind of, i’m also supposed to be looking for some specific people but...nothing yet. Just try and stay on task Kama. Try not to pull any Red Demon shenanigans.
Kama would blush heavily at the nickname and play with her hair in embarrassment, shaking her head. “I’m not a kid anymore Ayana!
The blonde simply giggled and resumed her post.

A few hours went by without much happening of interest. The two met several passersby, wanderers and travelers with most being acceptable to let inside. However there were several suspicious individuals who had to be turned away or at least sent for further inspection to look into their stories.This included a man with a very large scythe claiming to be a simple peanut salesman, a man with many bottles of creepy and dangerous looking fish who “simply wanted to see the Hoshi forest reserve”, as well as a crazy eyed woman who seemed obsessed with the idea that a man named Arthur was her father and she must meet with him. Both girls were growing exhausted by this point, even if the day was slowly getting to the point of wrapping up. The two had gotten to know each other better over the course of the mission as well. Kama had learned that Ayana had descended from the illustrious Uchiha clan and was interested in studying into the lighting element and it's applications with ninjutsu as well as how it could be used in day to day life. The Uzumaki herself had offered the girl some insight into her own clan, and talked about her training with Hikari, the wanderer Amber, as well as her general life at home. Even while doing a mission as simple as guarding the wall they had managed to form a light bond of friendship that went past their rivalry in school. They had become friends.

As the day was finally coming to an end and the two prepared to notify the Queensmen of the end of their duties, the man with the scythe burst from the room where he had been getting further questioning. He had a crazed look in his eyes and was flailing his scythe about, looking at the girls and then back to the Queensmen who had pursued him. Kama glanced past the door, glad to see their hadn’t been any fatalities but now they had to deal with this guy. How he’d gotten his weapon back was unknown, but the Uzumaki wasn’t going to let these men get hurt on her watch. “Stay back guys, I can handle this!
As she stepped forward, Ayana stood beside her ready to fight as well, nodding to the Uzumaki. “I guess I can help you out, if just to show off what I can do.
The queensmen seemed happy to let the ninja take care of this for the moment as the crazed man with the scythe ranted and waved the weapon about. “You can’t keep me out! I’ll have what I came for! Whatever I want! Just try and stop me!
Kama responded by leaping forward and activating her clone jutsu, jumping to the left in time so it would seem like the middle clone was her real self rather than the leftmost one. This plan worked out to her advantage as he swung the scythe down on the clone and was shocked to see it phase right through the target. Kama hit the man with a palm strike, using her chakra absorption skill to weaken him, being forced to retreat as he wildly swung his scythe to knock her away. Kama would use the body flicker technique to shoot backwards as Ayana moved forward to finish the fight. The blonde's fist seemed charged with electricity as she struck him, the man's scythe out of the way from when he tried to strike Kama, and the electric shocks sent through his body seemed to stun him significantly. Ayana finished the man with her other fist, blasting him with electricity hard enough to fling him into a tree.

The Queensmen would rush forward, tying the man up and putting restraints on his arms and ankles for good measure, lifting him. They all nodded to the girls as they went back inside to take the man into custody and process him as Ayana and Kama met up back at the gate. The Uzumaki smiled at the girl. “Well that was an exciting finish...I hope to see you around?
Ayana returned the smile and patted Kama on the back, going through the gate to leave. “Yea sure Miss Demon, till we meet again.

Kama sighed at the nickname, but was glad to have made a friend. She headed back to the office to turn in her mission, a job well done.

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First Mission as a Shinobi  [Mission] [E] Empty Re: First Mission as a Shinobi [Mission] [E]

Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:44 am
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