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Kayori Hatake
Kayori Hatake
Stat Page : Kayori's Studies
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

Working With a New Friend! Empty Working With a New Friend!

Fri Apr 26, 2024 3:54 am
Missions Attempted:
Building Blow Up
Bulk Trash Day
Stalking The Stalker
Shopping Spree Supervisor

It was a beautiful, quiet morning in Hoshigakure when Kayori rose out of bed. As normal she awoke before the sun had peaked over the horizon and began her morning routine. She’d get dressed in some athletic wear before leaving her home and taking a two mile jog around the village. As the sun rose in the sky she’d bask in the morning light, say a quick prayer to Amaterasu, then once she felt energized for the day she’d return home. Slipping out of her clothes, she’d take a long cold shower and finish her morning preparations.

Recently she had been neglecting her church duties due to her most of her time being consumed by the missions she had been accepting on behalf of the village. Though she knew that these jobs would help prove her dedication to the village and help her grow in strength, she couldn’t help but feel guilty about not being more involved with the worship of Amaterasu. Thankfully her siblings had been picking up the slack, so she was happy that the duties were at least still being fulfilled. For now she’d push these intrusive thoughts to the side and attempt to focus on her job for the day.

She had been tasked with assisting in blowing up a building, then helping the local landfill deal with the rubble and trash the destruction produced. Admittedly she was confused as to why she’d be tasked with such a thing seeing as she had no experience in the field, regardless she was willing to help wherever she was needed. Upon acceptance of the mission, she was informed that one other would be joining her so she was excited to meet a new face. After her shower, she’d quickly get dressed, have some breakfast with her family, then head out for the day.

Making her way to the meeting spot, Kayori would smile and wave at a handful of familiar faces. Through her community service, she had grown quite fond of some of the civilians that had called upon her for aid. Occasionally she’d stop to speak with some of them, though she wouldn't be able to talk for long so she’d apologize to them before excusing herself and continuing on to the meeting spot. She was eager to meet a potential new friend, so to ensure she wasn’t late she’d jog to her destination.

Upon arrival she began to look around for her soon to be companion with an sweet smile on her face. To any onlooker they’d see a fair skinned young woman with long, platinum blonde hair that cascaded down her back and framed her face almost perfectly. Her light blue eyes sparkled slightly in the sunlight as she attempted to find her mission partner. She looked to be wearing a pristine white dress that stopped roughly around her ankles. The top of the dress snugly clung to her torso and hugged her body in just the right places. Long slits could be seen up each side of it, stopping roughly around her hip bones. As she walked, her plump but toned thighs could be seen peeking out from the slits, but they were mostly hidden. A golden necklace with a sun pendant could be seen proudly displayed on top of her dress, sitting on top of her chest.

Kayori would patiently wait for her companion, though internally she buzzed with excitement. If anyone approached her, she’d offer them a warm, welcoming smile and a polite bow before introducing herself.

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Toran Uchiha
Toran Uchiha
Stat Page : The Wily Amusing Uchiha
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 62500

Working With a New Friend! Empty Re: Working With a New Friend!

Yesterday at 6:13 pm
The gleaming light of the morning began to pour into his room. Rays of sunlight dispersed the shadows on the floor, allowing Toran to wake up knowing that it was a good day. Toran climbed out of bed, wearing only a white T-shirt and blue Pajamas. His hair, tangled and messy, would be quickly brushed to the side right before he began his daily routine. His eyes scanned the surface of his room, noting where his equipment was, his clothing, and also the small desk on the side of it. He was living by himself for now, yet the feeling of missing his home still tugged at his chest. He was older now, he needed to be stronger, for the sake of his family, and the sake of his team whom he had not seen in so long. The thought of his team made Toran sit in silence. His friends who had helped him now were busy people, people who were advancing far faster than he was. That, or they were buried, gone with the wind of the world and left with him trying to see just who could have done it. Who could have killed her?

The thought ran through his head while he got undressed and made his way into the shower. Small warm droplets hit his skin, Toran combing his hair slightly, trying his best to relieve himself of all the small knots that had tangled themselves together during his sleep. He had been informed of being assigned on a mission with a relatively fresh genin. He still had not received the rank of chunin, the thought annoyed him to no end. After everything he did, everything that he can become. He still was stuck as a simple Genin. The thought vexed him to no end inside the shower, his hand clenched in anger at the thought. Perhaps he must gain more strength before being recognized. For now, it was in his best interest to keep himself composed.

Getting dressed wasn’t too hard, his lightweight bodysuit always ended up going on first anyways, followed immediately by a white and red jacket and black pants. He didn’t think he’d need his sword for this, especially given that he wanted to practice his skills in taijutsu more and more. As a result, Toran shoved his feet in his shoes and walked out of his small room, down the hall, and outside of the small apartment he was living in. A few took notice of the young Uchiha. His posture was much more confident than before. He’d be pleasant with the few that would wave towards him, a small smile on his face as he moved across the roads while making his way towards the meeting center. Yet who he found there would make him rather surprised. Certainly, not the attire he was expecting while going on missions regarding blowing up buildings.

Her appearance reminded him too much of Hikari. . . He had seen her at the meeting location, assigned to primarily look out for pearly white hair and pale skin. What he was not expecting was the attire that the Hatake was wearing, the pristine white dress, golden sun necklace, and her platinum blonde hair made Toran’s face slightly blush from her appearance. She did look beautiful, yet beauty could often be deceiving.

His looks were far less lavash, the simple red and white puffy jacket, along with the standard black pants and sandals fit him rather well. It also hid his physique from the public eye, allowing Toran to look rather unimposing while he strode towards Kayori Hatake.

“You’re Kayori Hatake correct? It’s a pleasure to meet you,” His tone was rather nervous, inky black hair and black eyes stared back at the light blue eyes before him for a moment. Toran’s hand reached out, offering a handshake towards his fellow ninja.

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