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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi
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The New Era Begins Empty The New Era Begins

Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:03 pm
He walked into the Raikage’s office and examined the area for a minute, taking it all in. It seemed like a dream still, so unreal that just yesterday he but a genin and had been chosen to lead the village. He was ready for leading the village, although it was quite the daunting task for someone his age and he’d have to immediately start training fiercely if he wanted to truly protect the village as well as lead it. He remembered how powerful Konohagakure no Sato looked when it attacked the village, how easily they had seemed to go through the village and then Kino, the previous Raikage, arrived and ended up defeating the Hokage, Nashua. The rest seemed like a blur, Konohagakure somehow manipulated the Deputy Raikage into killing Kino and himself which allowed Konohagakure to effectively win the battle and run away with their Hokage’s body. It angered him that they had ended up losing even when their Raikage had tried his best to stop the opposing shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato. He needed to grow stronger in order to prevent that from ever happening again, to not die like the other Raikage had, but to live long and make sure the village was safe and prosperous.

First, he needed to introduce himself to the villagers of Kumogakure no Sato, and make sure they understood that things would be different. He wanted them to trust him, believe in him, and allow him to lead them to a new era of Kumogakure. He was going to make the village rise from the ashes of defeat and soar high into the clouds again, to prove that Konohagakure no Sato’s victory over them was nothing more than a mere fluke that would never happen again. He pushed aside the thoughts of war and revenge and focused on the present time. He had seen the destruction of Konohagakure and knew that there would be no need to fight with them, at least not for a while. He had to focus on uniting his villagers and restore the damage that was done. They were very close to having the village restored, as Kumogakure wasn’t in as bad of a shape as Konohagakure had been, he could only imagine the work that Konohagakure had to do to recover from such immense destruction. Kumogakure merely suffered minor structural damage to some buildings but the main damage was in the lives lost that day. His Raikage office had been restored, still looking the same as the way the previous Raikage, Kino, had left it. He was glad that his office had been restored to the liking of his predecessor, as it was a small way honoring his death and thanking him for preventing the village’s entire annihilation.

Taking some stairs to the rooftop of the office, he walked out to the edge and put his hands on the rails. He was no longer Kurisu Ametsuchi the genin, instead he was now Raikage Kurisu. Wearing the tradition Kage robe attire and hat, he titled his hat up some. He loved wearing the Raikage Hat and wore it with great pride, it was symbolic of his status as leader of the village and in this case it was to show the villagers that he had been chosen as the Raikage. He let out a gasp of air, knowing he;d be doing a lot of talking and answering questions. “Shinobi and Villagers of Kumogakure no Sato, hear me now.” He called out to the village in as loud of a voice as he could muster without truly yelling at them, he simply let his voice echo through the village. “I, Kurisu Ametsuchi, have been chosen as the next Raikage.” He announced, letting everyone in the village that may not have known up until that point be made aware that he was now the Raikage of the village. “Gather around, we have much to discuss.” He told them, hoping that everyone would listen and move closer to the Raikage building.

[Okay, I’m going to let most of the Kumo people post before I do my next post, wanna try and let as many as possible post.]
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