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Jiro Kyuketsuki
Jiro Kyuketsuki
Ryo : 1100

Mailman Shinobi - E Rank Mission [Closed] Empty Mailman Shinobi - E Rank Mission [Closed]

Sun Oct 27, 2019 10:33 pm
The mission of the day was quite boring, if truth be told. Jiro wanted something with more blood, more torture. But, he guessed delivering letters was an okay substitute. He pushed his blond hair out of his face as he went to the post office and was assigned his route. He gathered the bag of mail and began to skip to the area, ponytail bouncing happily behind him as he hummed to himself. 

He found the first house and ran up to the mailbox, jamming the letters into it before closing it again and going to the next house. The next house had a mailbox a little further up their driveway, almost by the actual home. So Jiro ran up and did the same thing. But as he walked back to the street to go to the third house, a group of kids came behind him. He could hear their whispers.

They were young, academy student age for the most part. But clearly civilians. He swore softly under his breath and went to the third house. He walked up to the house that time and slid the mail into the slot. He was doing good. And he had not even set anything on fire! But the sun was making him feel weak. 

"Where'd ya get those scars?" one of the kids asked him as they followed him to the next house.

Jiro placed the mail into the mailbox before closing his eyes. He let out a dark laugh. "I got hurt..." But it's okay. I enjoyed it. He thought the last part, having just enough self-control to not say it out loud to the children. 

Seemingly satisfied with his answer, they beamed at him. "The rest of the houses are there." The ringleader pointed to the next row of houses. Jiro looked down to doublecheck and, sure enough, the kid was right. He smiled widely at the kids, showing fangs as he did so. 

Their eyes widened as he did so. He winked at them. "Thanks for helping." And he ran to the next house, doublechecking the address and putting the letters into the mailbox. 

The Kyuketsuki swore softly as he looked at the address  next batch of letters and tried to compare it to the handdrawn map. Only to realize the next batch was across the street, going to way he had just come from. He moved across the street and to the house, delivering letters to there too. It was rather interesting to be out in the village again. It had been far too long and a lot of things seemed to have changed. 

He finished the route after another block of houses and went back to the post office. The blonde pushed open the door and went to the front desk, dropping off the bag and smiled at the lady behind the desk who accepted it. "This was fun!" he stated as he waited for the proper paperwork to be done and then ran out, eager to get home and check on Daisuke. 

TWC: 505/500 
Claiming 1 chakra
E-Rank Mission 1AP
500 Mission Ryo + 100 Genin Salary = 600 ryo
250/250 Ou Tsuba
250/250 Basic Medical Ninjutsu Rank 1

Mission Name: Mailman
Rank: E
Type: Collection
Mission Location: Village
Word Count Requirements: 500
Repeatable? Yes - by other people
Reward: 500 Ryo

The mailman has so many letters to deliver and pick up around the village that he had decided he would hire a Genin to help him deliver as it is their jobs as citizens of Kumogakure
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Ryo : 0

Mailman Shinobi - E Rank Mission [Closed] Empty Re: Mailman Shinobi - E Rank Mission [Closed]

Sat Nov 02, 2019 8:58 pm
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