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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Stat Page : Hikari no Tenshi
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Training with the Magical Ones - Page 2 Empty Re: Training with the Magical Ones

Thu Nov 17, 2022 6:49 pm
The Former Deputy Hogokage would tilt her head slightly, not quite knowing what the problem was, but the request wasn't something that Hikari was unused to. With that, The Uchiha would activate his 3rd tome Sharingan, and then evolve it further to a mirror wheel eye with a unique design. The Akari would advert her eyes for a moment, on reflex, thinking she would know what was coming, but would stop herself and look back at the teenager in the eye. So... that was what was going on. The Akari assassin would take a moment to let the boy wipe the tears out of his eyes, before speaking up. "So.... that is what has been bothering you..." The blonde Akari would say, before moving up to the boy and taking a knee so she could look at the boy up close and personal.

"Toran...." Hikari would softly speaking, thinking back to the Lord First's notes on the Mirror wheel eye, his explanation of the Eternal Mangekyo, and his theories of a state even further beyond that. "Have... Have you lost someone close to you recently? Because I think I know what just happened to your eyes."

The woman would give the Uchiha a moment to speak if he chose, but whether he did or not made little difference of what Hikari next spoke of. "Your Sharingan... has entered into a new state. A dangerous state. The Mirror wheel eye normally evolves with trauma, great moments of peril will normally cause the eye to evolve. I have seen students at the academy activate these eyes without said events, but normally it must be done through hardships."

The blonde woman would take a deep breath before continuing. "Those eyes... its rare for an Uchiha to unlock them, but its called the Mangekyo Sharingan, and its the final state that is unlocked by natural means. I don't know the full capability of the Sharingan, only that it unlocks great powers beyond what a normal Sharingan is capable of. That being said, it does come with a price..."

Looking the boy in the eye, the Kunoichi would continue. "Toran, every time you activate that state, every time you use one of its abilities, your eyes will slowly start to lose their light. I doubt you will have felt any of the effects at this point in your life, but that power will slowly devour your vision, until eventually you will become completely blind."

The Blonde would slowly stand up after saying that, before turning into her more cheery and chipperly mode. "So, do me a favor, will you? Never use those eyes again unless its a matter of life and death, Ok?"

Youta would at this point look around and say he had to leave, bringing up her leaving them durring the whole Puppet ordeal. "That is fair... Sorry again about that. While you boys were dealing with him, I found some information about his dimension, which I thought I could use to help me return to Hoshigakure quicker. I felt like you boys had it, so I snuck away to handle that, and a few bombs that had been set up to ambush us. Sorry again, I'll do what I can to help Toran with his magical eye problem." Hikari would say, giving a quick bow to Youta as he left before turning back to the Uchiha, looking to see if he had any other issues or questions.

WC: 575
Toran Uchiha
Toran Uchiha
Stat Page : The Willy Amusing Uchiha
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Training with the Magical Ones - Page 2 Empty Re: Training with the Magical Ones

Sun Nov 20, 2022 1:16 am
Toran was unsure of what Hikari’s own thoughts would be upon seeing the three eyed tomoe suddenly begin to merge together to take apart in the eight prongs that formed in an inky blackness of his own eye. His eyes felt the sudden strain being forced down onto them, the irritating feeling of them activating within. His chest felt a sudden shot of pain, seeing Hikari seemingly turn her face away meant that she had met this kind of eye before, and it had done something to her. Something that made her flinch on sight upon seeing it, yet what it was he would never know about until he would ask her about it. When he had deactivated them, his sleeve came up to rub the eyes free of any leftover irritation that had happened due to the increased amount of stress within the eyes as a result of their sheer strength within them.

“I-I… I don’t know… Isemori just VANISHED! How could I know if he had died or not… The invasion also didn’t help, especially not with everything else happening at the same time… How would I know if he had died suddenly or not, he was already suicidal as is!” He shouted back towards the Akari, especially given that he seemingly had something that could help the village, it made him feel some amount of use was within him. Yet her words slammed him right back down to reality like a hammer smashing against the hot metal of an unrefined blade. Her explanation of what this new thing was, the Mangekyo sharingan, something that he had no idea about… What was this thing, these eyes, they kept on being a pain to seemingly keep under control. Yet he had great power, something that he could use to help the village.

“What cost could possibly be so great? I can help the village now! I can be useful right? That way I don’t sit on the sidelines and I can help…” He snapped back towards Hikari, wanting to show that he was useful in this regard, he wanted to be useful, he wanted to help the village, his friends, those that he had made connections with. Yet now he was told that he shouldn’t use them, that instead to keep them hidden… Why would she do that?

The thought of his eyes going blind reminded him of his father… how one of his eyes was supposedly lost to a battle where they were cut out… Yet the way his father’s eye looked, it was not slashed out… at least not by enemy hands. It looked almost self-inflicted, like he had wanted to remove one of his own eyes from himself as a result of the nearly deteriorated vision.

“Why should I hide them!? Why should I? Just because I go blind? People have lost more than that in this life, I want to help the village, yet I’m told no to?! Why?! Why am I the one stuck on the sidelines while everyone else seemingly grows above me!? You weren’t even an actual ninja until just recently, you lied to us?! Even if you helped us you didn’t need to lie?!” He said back right as Youta had taken his leave, Toran not even wanting to look at the other who had helped Isemori during the puppet incident. When he left he turned his head back towards Hikari, his eyes having that same poised venom in them.. Yet he couldn’t think about hurting a comrade, instead shifting his eyes to the side.

“I just… Want to help the village… Is that so much to do that I could help?” He had no idea of the thought of what the Eternal Mangekyo sharingan was, yet perhaps he would never have to know, instead he could live, blind in all but his actual eyesight of what he wished to do. Yet he wanted to prove himself, his eyes showed that resentment bubbling up within him, he hated feeling weak, perhaps his own personality couldn’t help it, that he wished to show his strength now more than ever, as he was growing up to be a strong lad, yet everyone around him seemed so much stronger then he. He fell to the ground in anger, unsure of what to say other than turning his head back towards Hikari. He didn’t want to be hurtful towards her… Yet he had struck at her with his words, wanting to make her hurt in that small moment.

“I-I… I’m sorry…”

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