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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Stat Page : Hikari no Tenshi
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 276150

A magical girl is born, (Training, Private, solo) Empty A magical girl is born, (Training, Private, solo)

Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:18 am
It was early in the morning when Hikari Namikaze woke up, she had a new stronger drive then usual, she recently had been informed that she was being considered for the chunin exams, and that specific details would be given to her within the next upcoming days. This made the young genin beyond excited as she would quickly get up and almost ran out of the door instantly in order to go out and train. She would stop as she got to the door however, and realized she still wasn’t dressed for the day however, and would go back to her room to change. After getting into her regular white combat outfit, she would go to her kitchen and quickly poor some cereal (Hikari knows how to cook, but she didn’t want to waste the time cooking today, and would finish eating quickly before stopping. She was going to go out training today, as such, she probably needed something a little more ….. well….. lets say something to hide her face. After all, it was probably for the best if Hikari kept her face under wraps while she trained. After all, if she could keep the fact that she is a shinobi hidden so she could solve more situations like the one the other day where she was able to act like the priest follower, that would be ideal.

The sixteen year old would go back to her room and change out of her white combat outfit, and look around a little bit. After some time, she found a white sweat shirt, a black sleeveless top, and white yoga pant bottoms. Swapping her current attire to change into those, Hikari would head out of her apartment.

The question now was what to do today? She felt like she had done everything she needed to in the gym, but felt in the library also wasn’t going to be of much help anymore. She learned all the ninjutsu that she could from the place. That being said, just going to the training grounds seems like it would be quite strange without a plan. So, she came to the problem of what she should do. Ask for another mission? She hadn’t been getting any missions that would help her at this point. What about getting more supplies for whatever is to come? The hopeful chunin would shrug, thinking that was for the best. As such, the young girl would make her way to the shopping district in order to do some shopping.

Hikari would go down a dark corner of the shopping district, and look at the shop at the end of it, it was called “Jade’s Shinobi Weapons Shop.” It looked like quite a dirty and run down hut at the end of the street. Hikari doubted that this was the right place and turned around, before remembering that shinobi were kind of hated here. Since they couldn’t attack the shinobi directly though, any sort of radicals that wanted shinobi dead wouldn’t attack them directly, but attack shinobi shops. As such, it would make sense that this was off the main road, so less people would know about it. Hikari would go into the building. She would brace herself and step into the building.

The inside of the building was dirty, with a few shelves with low level ninja weapons, like kunai, explosives, senbon and shurkien. It was sort of dark though, so Hikari would walk through the building slowly, looking carefully at everything, making her way to the counter. Behind said counter, there was a a large man, about 6 and a half feet tall, weighed over three hundred pounds. He had a large dark brown beard and a big beer belly, but at the same time tone, muscular, large arms. There was cracks on his large, meaty figures and burn marks, this was obviously a black smith. The man was sitting in the chair, with his head down, he was obviously dozing out, or perhaps even flat out asleep. This wasn’t proper, after all, anyone could just come in and steal a bunch of stuff. Hikari would go to the man, and say in a soft voice, “Um… excuse me…..?”
The man would still be out cold. “Um, excuse me?” The chestnut haired girl would ask a little louder, still slightly below talking voice.

The man however, stayed asleep, Hikari would raise her voice to regular talking, “Hello, Could you please help me I am trying to pick something out?”

The young chestnut haired girl would think that the man would wake up at that, but to her surprise, the man didn’t wake up! Hikari would take a deep breath, and speak even louder. “Excuse me! Hello, I’m a ninja, and I am looking to upgrade my arsenal, can you help me?”
She would of said the ‘excuse me part in a escalated voice, loud enough to wake the man, but would then lower her voice once he was awake, and continue to talk in a regular tone.

The man (She was guessing this was Jade from the opening, but couldn’t tell for sure) would stumble awake, and look at the young genin and say, “Huh, uh, oh, yeah, sure, wha… where am I…..? Oh, yeah, the shop! Yes, I am Jade the weapons smith, I make high their weapons for people.. so, how can I help ya?”

Well, at least I got him up the young girl would think, “Well, my name is Hikar….. u …. Hikaru Kurosaki, (Remembering that she is trying to keep her identity as a shinobi a secret, she decided at the last second to change her name,) and I was hoping that you could come help me with picking out a weapon! I’m not much of a weapons expert… so I was wondering if you could help me pick something out sir?”

The man would grumble and say, “Uhhh…. Yeah, but… not much of a weapon user? What are you? One of those pathetic genjutsu types?”

Hikari would blush, “Uh….. No sir, I am a ninjutsu user sir.”

The man would stuffle a little bit, “Huh, a little better, I suppose…. At least you let people fight you for real, and don’t hide behind some sort of illusion. So… good for ya. Now, let me see, what kind of weapons do I have for you?” The man would go in and start to shuffle around the back of his shop area.

After a few minutes, he would come back with a huge buster sword strap in his hands, like, twice the size of Hikari size. He would look over to the little girl and ask, “How about this?” Hikari would look at the man strangely, “Um….. Are you kidding?” She would ask, “There is no way in heck that I could possibly carry that.”

The man would look at the sword, and then the 120 pound girl, back to the sword, and then the girl again, then it clicked, “Welp, yeah, that would be hard for ya!” He would chuckle a little bit, and would go back to the storage room. It would cross Hikari’s mind that this man was probably still half a sleep from before and wasn’t thinking straight. If there was any doubt of this, the fact that the man would come back out with a sword even bigger than the first proved that to Hikari. “This one?” he would ask.

Hikari would sigh, and try to be a little bit calmer. “Um, sir? I am a small girl that can’t lift anything to heavy, do you have something that could help me, I don’t know, complement my strengths? I have heard of weapons that can increase ninjutsus abilities, or increase my speed so that I can keep away from my enemies better…. Or…. I don’t know….”

“Like maybe having the ability to fly?” The man would ask.
Hikari would look at the man strange for a little bit, “Yeah…. That would be awesome….. so what would you have?”
The man would go to the back and pull out another sword, this one looked a lot more manageable to the little girl. It was a bit big, four feet in length, with a handle that covered both ends of the blade, and a design on the end which made it look like the blade was on fire. Hikari would look at it, (Liking the design) and ask, “Um, That looks better, but what is it supposed to do?”

The man would look at her strangely. “It is supposed to make you fly….. I thought I said that already.”

Hikari would look at the man. “You are kidding, right?”
The man would look at her, “No.”

“How much?” The young genin would ask.

“Five thousand Ryo.” He would respond.

Hikari would bite her lips. She did save up some money from her missions, but this would deplete most of it, but… at the same time if she did this, she felt like whatever exam came her way, she could complete it easier. Hikari would nod and take out some money from her wallet and put it on the table. The man would hand her the sword and say, “Thank you for your business!”

Hikari would run to the training grounds, there was a few people there, but that was ok. She would pull out her new blade and examine it, this was made of cold metal, despite looking like it was on fire. She would hold it in her right hand and put chakra into it. When she did, she would would then try to take a step forward, but when her foot was at the highest point that it should be, she would feel her foot suddenly stop on the air. That was aweome. She would continue to climb up into the air, higher and higher, until she was 10 meters in the air. Looking down, she realized that she could stay up here and use ninjutsu without fear of being struck at. Hikari would smile and start to form a hand sign, but then realized that she couldn’t do that with one hand still on her sword! That was going to be a problem. Perhaps she could get a refund?

Hikari would fall down to the ground, and would go into her back pack she had with a bunch of books in them. Looking through them, she found what she was looking for. A pack that said something about how to use handseals with a single hand. It read as following

Throughout history, there has been instances where shinobi have been able to use hand seals with a single hand. It is unclear how to do this, but it is believed that if a shinobi has a high enough chakra level, they would be able to force enough energy out of a single hand sign in order to preform techniques. They are able to perform this by using the sign of confrontation (a one handed tiger sign) and then the normal hand signs that follows it, but can be performed with a single hand sign.

Hikari would re-read this a few times, this doesn’t seem basic, but Hikari knew that her chakra level was higher than most peoples. So, she felt like she might be able to do this. She would put her books down and look away, toward a small strip where no one was around, she figured she might as well try her jutsu now.

The young genin would put make one of her hands into the sign of the bird, what she was about to do was use the wind style, wind bullet jutsu and would practice it until she could shoot it out at her regular speed and power. The jutsu came out as 4 bullets at a speed and power of 50 usually, but Hikari wanted to see what would happen now.

The young girl would form the hand sign and would shoot out four burst of air at a speed and power of 20, it would however go out at the proper distance that it was supposed to. However, the power was below what it was supposed to be if she did basic ninjutsu without putting any of her chakra in it. Hikari would take a deep breath and try again.

The young girl would take a deep breath and form the hand sign and would shoot out four burst of air at a speed and power of 25, what it would be if she didn’t use any chakra with the attack. Better, but she needed to do better

The young girl would take a deep breath and form the hand sign and would shoot out four burst of air at a speed and power of 35, but wouldn’t go as far as it should of. The power went up, but she needed to get it up more, and needed to get the distance back up. She would try again.

Hikari Namikaze would breath in deeply and form the bird hand sign and would shoot out four burst of air at a speed and power of 50, but they wouldn’t go out and instantly blow up in her face, sending her hair back. She would stumble back a little bit, but catch herself before she fell. Well, that had good power to it, but she needed it to not blow up in her face.

The chestnut haired girl would once again try and would form the one handed hand sign and would shoot out four baseball sized blast of chakra infused air at a speed and power of 40, this time going out the distance that it was required to before blowing up. This was good and acceptable, but not good enough,

Namikaze would once again take a deep breath and form the bird hand sign and would shoot out four blast of air at a speed of 50 and power of 50, going out and blowing her up at the distance it was supposed to. That was perfect! She had it perfected the technique. Hikari would do it one more time, just to make sure, and once again, speed was 50, power was 50, distance, 20 meters, everything was perfect.

Hikari would wipe the sweat that was on her forehead, and would go over and pick up her backpack, she would put it on her bag. She would then proceeded to head back to her apartment, it was late at this point and Hikari felt like she had made good progress for today, she felt like she was ready for her chunin exams.

Total word count: 2476
20 Ap
1-handed handseals 2000/2000
Hikari’s necklace (474+7026 that was already claimed)= 7500/7500

(Already purchased the sword)
Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
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A magical girl is born, (Training, Private, solo) Empty Re: A magical girl is born, (Training, Private, solo)

Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:25 am
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Stat Page : Hikari no Tenshi
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 276150

A magical girl is born, (Training, Private, solo) Empty Re: A magical girl is born, (Training, Private, solo)

Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:28 am
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