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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Mending the Magical Girl Empty Mending the Magical Girl

Sun May 12, 2019 8:06 am
27th of Spring, 419AV

Kenshin swept through the walls of Sunagakure’s hospital with a look of utmost seriousness upon his face, the foul smelling and unhealthily light form being cradled gently by The Ragdoll being the cause of his haste. Quite frankly it was a miracle that Namikaze had remained alive for as long as she had, and he truly had to question whether or not the air-headed woman was simply too stupid to know how to die. It would certainly explain a few things, but for now he needed to focus more on ensuring that his actions wouldn’t be for naught by making sure that she stayed that way. He was well aware of the looks of shock, fear and apprehension that he was receiving from both the patients and employees of the hospital, but he didn’t know whether it was because of his presence or the corpse-like figure that he seemed to be cradling gently. It mattered not in the end, but at the very least he was sure that some were already in the process of starting rumors about him… and it was very likely that most were going to be quite foul. He honestly couldn’t care less what the sheep said about him, but he knew that public opinion was an important thing… so he would need to ensure that at least some saw that he was doing all he could to save the life of the pest he was carrying.

As he passed continued down the hall he came upon a set of security doors with a set of civilian guards in front of it, obviously there to prevent any unruly patients from forcing their ways into the operating rooms attached to the halls beyond. When the two saw The Immortal heading their way he took note of one attempting to puff himself up, while the other paled dramatically and seemed to shrink in on himself. Each noticed the others reaction and the terrified one quickly informed his counterpart just who was heading their way, resulting in him too seeming to shrink in on himself in abject horror. The two men were quite obviously paralyzed by the pure terror that they were feeling, but the conqueror of Sunagakure would simply pass by them and through the doors that they were guarding without a word. The temperature dropped rather sharply when he passed through the doors, and within the hall stood quite a few members of the hospitals staff, chatting in a large group of 5 without a care in the world until they noticed the towering figure that had just entered. Much like the guards before them he passed without sparing any of them a glance, but this time some words would spill from his pale lips.

“Two of you will follow me and assist.” Was all that he would say, his tone more chilling than the temperature of the hallway that they were standing in. It was obvious that none of the lot wished to follow him, and a small argument ensued between the group as he continued to walk, but eventually he was joined by a young man and a somewhat older woman, both of whom were almost gawking at the form of Namikaze.

“I need an operating room immediately. You will lead me to the nearest one and help me with healing this woman.” The half-blood would state, earning a half nod from the obviously terrified young man and a small glare from the older woman, who immediately began to walk just a little faster than him in an effort to lead him. The small group arrived within moments, the reaper bypassing the sensitization station entirely as he entered and deposited Namikaze gently on the operating table. He would quickly activate the chakra cleanse technique and begin to go through another set of hand seals, this time causing his fingers to be engulfed in familiar ‘flames’ of chakra. He would jam his ‘flame’ covered fingers into the woman's chest, preventing her from feeling any true pain from what he was about to do.

He would form another set of hand seals, but this time for a technique that neither of his two assistants would have expected but would immediately recognize by the blades of chakra that formed around his hands. His hands would be but a blur to the two nurses, but the dull, wet thuds of flesh being severed by the technique was unmistakable… the four necrotic limbs of the woman simply dropping to the floor as he removed them. He heard a somewhat feminine shriek as they realized what he had just done, but he paid it no mind and activated his self created technique, the Mystical Palm Aura.

“Why would you do that!? Do you want her to die!?” screeched the older woman, all the while the telltale sounds of retching told him that the younger one had obviously just lost the contents of his stomach… he hoped the man had at least managed to do it in the hand washing station rather than on the floor

“The flesh was beyond repair, completely necrotic. She will die unless I treat her as quickly as possible, and the fastest method of removing the tissue was to sever the limbs.” He would state simply, his technique already having spread to its maximum distance and healing the woman that he had just ‘maimed’.

“Even if she survives she will be a cripple. It would be kinder to simply let her die!” the woman would then shriek in righteous anger, earning her little more than a scoff of annoyance from Kenshin as he focused on regenerating the very limbs that he had just removed.

“If shrieking is all that you are good for then leave me be. As is you are nothing more than a hindrance.” He would state coldly as the woman's limbs continued to regenerate before the active Sharingan and Seigan of Kenshin. The nurses would also take note of the phenomenon, earning him a pair of gasps… something that he did have to resist the urge to smirk at.

“I specialized solely in Medical Ninjutsu for most of my shinobi career, and while lately I have begun to focus more heavily on Ninjutsu I haven’t simply forgotten what I learnt. I have created many techniques and this is simply one of them… and as you can see, I am not bound by the same rules as most of the Medical Specialists that you likely worked with in the past.” He would explain as the limbs finished their growth, something that would startle the two nurses enough to break them free of their shock.

“I… I see… my apologies, I-I just thought-” The female would start, only to get cut off mid sentence by Kenshin.

“I don’t care what you thought, I only care that you be of use. I need one of you to set up an IV while the other gives her an intravenous broad spectrum antibiotic.” He would simply state as he carefully removed the filthy rags from her form, leaving her bare before his eyes. She needed to be cleaned before he did anything else… truthfully he should have done it before severing her limbs in the first place, but he knew that he didn’t have the time to spare before. Even now he didn’t have much time, but while the nurses actually made themselves useful he would have to do something, and he was quite against carving the necrotic tissue from her back before getting her some fluids and some antibiotics.

It would take a long time to fully fix Namikaze, but he refused to let her die like this. No, she wouldn’t die at the hands of the peasants of Hoshigakure…

She was only permitted to die by his hand

WC: 1301
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Ryo : 145900

Mending the Magical Girl Empty Re: Mending the Magical Girl

Mon May 20, 2019 11:56 pm
The smell of rubbing alcohol was the first sensation that came to the young Namikaze as she slowly awoken from the depths of her slumber. The clean fragrance felt foreign to the young Akari, having not smelt something so pure since her time in the leaf village. It was such a strange smell, different from the normal drinking alcohol. The second sensation Hikari felt was a soft pain in her eyes as she slowly opened it as a bright light shone down on her golden colored iris, forcing the girl to turn her head away from whatever was blinding her.

As the girl re-positioned herself, the woman felt a stinging pain searing through her insides causing the girl to let out a low audible moan. As the breath escaped her mouth, the blonde heard a muffled voice say something. Through her deafened ears the deputy kage couldn't tell for sure what was being said, but it sound something along the lines of "No way? She lives? Someone get Dr. Kenshin like he asked!" Followed by the sound of feet scampering around, as if someone was quickly trying to get out of the room. The Deputy Kage would turn her head again toward the sound of the voice, through her blurry vision the maiden could see a figure in white with a feminine body, but that is all that she could tell. The figure would move toward the young Kunochi, who's body would be laying horizontally on her back on a bed of some sort. She could also feel a softness pressing down on her skin, telling her that she wasn't wearing the dirty rags that she had been wearing before.

The Feminine figure would lower her body to be closer to Hikari, before slowly speaking to the girl. "Sweetie? Can you hear me?"

"Ughhhhh," Hikari would moan out, "Y..yes... I can."

The woman would start to pick up the speed of her words, Hikari didn't know if that if she was speaking normally and there was something wrong with her, or if the woman was acting hectic and no one, let alone the Akari, could make heads or tails of what she was saying. As the female talked, the deputy kage of Hoshigakure would try to move her head around, attempting to get a feel for her surroundings. Judging by the smell of rubbing alcohol and the bright lights, the Fuinjutsu mistress of light could guess she wasn't in her dungeon cell anymore. A hospital would be the kunochi's best guess, but Hikari couldn't tell for sure. The woman would look back to the feminine figure, who was still was making noises that maiden couldn't understand.

"Ummmm," Hikari would cut the unknown female off. "I'm sorry, I am having a hard time understanding you... Miss.....?" The woman would give a high pitch squeal of something Hikari was sure no one would be able to understand. "Yes, that," Hikari would continue. " Would you mind grabbing your superior for me I'd like to speak to him about my... condition?" The woman would continue on for a while, Hikari gave up a silent prayer that the person she was talking to wasn't the highest ranking officer, or whatever position she was in right now wouldn't cause some sort of negative consequence to herself. At the same time though, the Kunochi had very little confidence when it came to this women's competence, and hoped that whoever was above her would be able to at least give the maiden some piece of mind and a hint as to what the world was going on.

After what felt like minutes, the unknown figure would quickly dash out of the room, leaving Hikari alone with her thoughts.

WC: 629
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 8000

Mending the Magical Girl Empty Re: Mending the Magical Girl

Sat May 25, 2019 4:51 am
29th of Spring 419AV

Outside the walls of Sunagakure was an almost unending sea of sand, the dunes stretching out for as far as the eye could see with little to no greenery. Only a few hundred meters from the entrance of the village was one of the many training grouds of the village, and as one would expect it was made up of little more than a somewhat smooth layer of sand with some training dummies. But this particular training ground was in ruins, it and its surrounding dunes having been scorched, soaked and almost completely annihilated by something. Situated in the middle of the carnage stood a creature that wouldn’t be out of place within nightmares, a humanoid shaped mass of dark, pulsating chakra devoid of any true identifying features. The face of the creature was completely blank, no eyes, no ears, no nose and no mouth..., simply nothing more than a completely blank slate. It did possess extremely long hair, but said hair was made of the same extremely dark and foul energy as the rest of it’s body. The twisted creature would gaze upwards, its blank visage facing the heavens… and in what seemed like an instant the creature was gone and in it’s place stood The Ragdoll.

The silver haired man would begin to chuckle lightly as he lowered his head, raising his right hand and clenching it lightly as he stared and continued to chuckle. It had taken some work… and a lot of rather intense training, but he had done it… even if it was only temporarily he had managed to completely surpass all of the limitations of this pathetically human body. Yes, his body was indeed superior to the bodies of normal humans, and yes, even by shinobi standards his body was unnatural due to his threads… but regardless he was still possessed some of the same weaknesses. He didn’t need to eat, drink or breathe, surviving only on the potency of his chakra and the multitude of hearts that beat within his chest… but if said hearts were destroyed then he would still die. His brain was quite possibly his biggest weakness…  it wouldn’t matter how many hearts he possessed if his head was removed or his brain were damaged beyond repair. But this new form that he had created… it possessed none of the same design flaws as his regular body. It wouldn’t matter if his ‘head’ was destroyed in that form as technically it possessed no true brain, nor did it matter if his entire torso was destroyed as the hearts didn’t exist either… it was simply a mass of chakra.

Of course, that was all in theory, and he wasn’t about to let his ‘head’ be destroyed in that form just to test it out… but he doubted that anything would be strong enough to ‘destroy’ any of him in that form, as said form was made entirely of his Miasma, and for him to be damaged the attack that hit him would need to be more powerful than it. His train of thought was cut off as he heard the sound of sand crunching under approaching feet, it sounded as though the person was running but he based on the sound they weren’t moving all that fast… so it was likely a civilian. His silver eyes caught sight of the rather masculine figure as they came to a halt by the edges of the training ground, their eyes wide as the stared at the figure standing silently in the middle of the destroyed land.

“M-My Lord, that woman in the hospital has woken up.” The familiar looking man would state, stammering the first word and saying the rest through some light pants.

“That was quicker than I expected.” Kenshin would mutter to himself, a small frown on his face as he stared at the man.

“What was her condition? Was she coherent?” He would quickly ask the now startled man, who seemed to choke on his own tongue for a few seconds before speaking again.

“I-I went to f-find you the moment that she woke up. J-Just as you ordered, my lord.” the younger male would then state, stammering lightly out of fear as he watched the conqueror cautiously.

“I see… no matter. You followed my orders well, thank you.” He would then state, ignoring the man as he stammered his thanks and bowed, the form of The Reaper seemingly vanishing mere moments after the man was finished.

A series of rapid jumps and Body Flickers laster and Kenshin was at the top of the walls surrounding his new villager, and by repeating the same process across the roofs of the buildings within he quickly arrived in the hospital. The moment he entered he began to make his way towards the room that he knew Namikaze had been placed in, a small smirk on his face as he caught the looks of shock and surprise on the faces of the nurses and doctors. Apparently they hadn’t expected him to arrive as quickly as he had… but it was quite a refreshing change to see the usual looks of terror were not being shown this time. He suspected that it was due in large part to the lengths that he had gone to in order to save the Fuinjutsu Mistress, the hours that he spent pumping her full of healing chakra and and the amount of knowledge that he had displayed throughout that time likely having earned him some respect. When he arrived at the room he was quite surprised to see a nurse nervously fidgeting outside rather than tending to the dangerously ill woman inside. She only seemed to shuffle mroe when she caught sight of him rapidly approaching, but before she could even begin to speak he would pass through the doors and enter the room. Rude… perhaps, but she had been the one that had stood there without saying a word until he reached the door.

As he entered he caught sight of the dangerously thin blond, eyes open and simply staring off into space as she lay silently on the bed.

“It’s been quite some time Namikaze… how are you feeling?” the familiar voice of Kenshin would ask, his voice as smooth as ever but missing most of the ice that was usually present when he spoke to her.

“I’m sure you are surprised to see me… believe me I was more surprised when Valen showed up, and even moreso when he summoned you and I saw your condition.” He would then state, moving towards the stationary woman slowly yet deliberately, a small smile fixed on his usually cold face.

“I’m sure my word doesn’t mean much to you at this point, but I swear that you are safe here.” The half-blood would then say as he reached her bedside, and for once he truly meant what he was saying. He hadn’t gone to the length that he had simply for her to be killed before she could make herself useful to him.

“Are you in any pain? Are you able to move?” He would then ask, kneeling down next to her so that he wasn’t simply towering over her helpless form. it was rather obvious that she feared him on the best of days, so he was trying his best to ensure that she would at least feel comfortable around him.

WC: 1234
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Ryo : 145900

Mending the Magical Girl Empty Re: Mending the Magical Girl

Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:55 pm
Well, today was full of surprises, wasn't it? The last thing the Deputy Kage recalled was rotting in a cell, most likely being left for dead. However, not only did she awaken to find herself apparently being given treatment of some sort, she could sense the dark presences of the artist formally known as the Ragdoll of Hoshigakure. Hikari had been debriefed that he had been made a wanderer of Hoshigakure, only to be declared a rouge shinobi just mere days later. While the Akari couldn't confirm for sure why these turn of events happened, the Kunochi had her suspicions that it had something to do with the fact that the events that unfolded at the kage summit.

The Fuinjutsu Misstress of Light would turn her head toward the Senju as he entered the room. As he spoke, there was something different about the dark entity's voice. He seemed more... was Hikari actually going to use this word to describe Kenshin... friendly?

“It’s been quite some time Namikaze… how are you feeling?”

Belving it was proper bedside manner to greet someone when they entered the room, the kunochi would slowly start to rise until she was sitting in an upright proper position. Pockets of nitrogen that had formed in the woman's hips and vertebrate would start to burst, creating a "POP" as she tried move. The maiden's mussels exploded into screeching agony from the basic maneuver, but with great effort she was able to pull herself upright.

"Miserable," The Power of Haven responded "I feel like my insides have been stabbed by countless senbon. But if my memory hasn't been tampered with by a genjutsu or by other means, I guess I should be lucky that I am feeling anything at all."

During the living zombie's next question, the girl would allow her head to turn around again, her vision starting to clear up, she had visited many of Haven's hospitals, but she didn't have any recollection of the room she was in currently. “I’m sure you are surprised to see me… believe me I was more surprised when Valen showed up, and even moreso when he summoned you and I saw your condition.”

"A little bit," The maiden would confirm, but with all honesty she wasn't to surprise. If she had been on the verge of death it would make sense that Valen would of brought her to the best medic he knew, even if they had a stressed relationship. Still, Hikari had to question that if Kenshin had left the village why he wouldn't of tried giving her to another medic? Even if they didn't hold a hair compared to the biological mastermind that was the Uzumaki that stood before her, surely there were others in Hoshigakure that had the ability to save her, correct? "But honestly, I'm more surprised about the fact that I don't know where I am. I don't think this is a patients room in any of the hospitals in Hoshigakure, so I have to assume that Valen brought me to you on the outskirts of Haven Country, would my guess be correct in that? Probably near Vallaki."  Something that the Ragdoll said had caught the alpha's attention, the fact that Valen had summoned Hikari to him. This gave the girl a sigh of relief, at least she knew she had her Hogokage's permission to be here.

As the man approached until he was next to her bed side, he would speak again. “I’m sure my word doesn’t mean much to you at this point, but I swear that you are safe here.”

"Kenshin, why wouldn't I trust you?" The girl would ask. "I'm fairly confident that if you had any desire to harm me, I would be dead already. Do you feel like I may hold a grudge on you for leaving Hoshigakure after the events of the summit? I'm sure everyone had doubts with Hoshigakure after that and what had happened with Kyousuke right before hand. While I do wish you could of figured out a way that you could of stayed in Hoshi, I can't fault you for believing it would be best to leave when you did." While it was true that Hikari did fear her former Alpha, the circumstances made it quite obvious that he had no intention of hurting her in the near future.

Assuming Kenshin still decided to ask the Nova core member if she was still in pain after what she had said before, the girl would look down toward her body, trying to get a better feel of what exactly had happened to her. Her frail body was little more than skin and bones at this point. "Yes... I am in alot of pain. It's hard to move, but I am barely able to." She would state, letting those words hang in the air for a few seconds, collecting her thoughts, before changing the subject.

Her mind was still on Hoshigakure, on Valen, on the events had just befallen onto her. The Maiden just couldn't come to terms with what was going on. She needed answers, and she needed them now. "But Kenshin, what has happened? You said Lord Valen summoned me, is he still here? Did he mention anything of my transgressions?"

WC: 872
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 8000

Mending the Magical Girl Empty Re: Mending the Magical Girl

Fri Jun 07, 2019 10:52 am
He would bite back the urge to reprimand the Magical Girl as she began to shift from her place in bed, assuming that the agony she must be in while attempting to do so would be more than enough to make her give up on her efforts, but it seemed that she was even more stubborn than The Ragdoll had anticipated. He would simply remain silent while she did this, allowing the woman to respond to the words that he had spoken upon entering her room, and just as he expected she was apparently in a great deal of pain. Upon his next words she would confirm being a little surprised to see he of all people caring for her, before taking note of the differences between the hospital that she was in now and hospital of Hoshigakure… although he would suppress the urge to chuckle when she guessed if they were within one of the many cities on Haven’s borders. He wouldn’t say anything to confirm or deny her guess just yet, simply giving her his word that she was safe here, but her next words did manage to surprise him more than a little. It seemed that the young woman was both far more forgiving… and far more naive than he, but that had never truly been something shocking, in fact it had been common knowledge within the ‘holy’ village of Hoshigakure.

What did manage to shock him though was her use of logic within her reasoning… it was actually quite sound, and knowing Namikaze as well as he did in the past… he wondered whether his departure from the village had something to do with her apparent mental growth. She did have a few things wrong about his departure and the reasoning behind it… but that was a discussion that could be had in the future. For the time being he needed to make sure that the woman was as comfortable as possible, and while he knew a good way to ensure that she was no longer in pain he needed to first ensure that she would be alright with him performing said technique on her. First step was getting her to admit that she was in a great deal of pain, something that she did quite readily the moment he asked… and from there The Immortal would perform a familiar set of hand seals and allow his fingers to be engulfed by a familiar set of blue flame-like wisps of chakra. He would hold the hand up in front of him, looking from it to Namikaze without much preamble.

“I’m sure you recognize this technique, but in case you don’t it is called Chakra Anaesthetic, and as you likely guessed from the name it serves as a general anesthetic. It will numb your nerves for some time… if you would like me to perform it just say so and I will, but it will require you opening your robes enough for me to push my fingers into your chest. If you are uncomfortable with this then I won’t, but it will relieve the pain.” The Mad Medic would explain softly, a small smile on his usually cold face in an attempt to put the fragile woman's mind at ease… although due to her past experiences with him she would likely know that such a facade was fake. If she gave him permission and opened the robes he would simply extend his hand forward and allow his fingers to sink into her sternum, the wisps of chakra entering her body and numbing her nerves to the pain that she was feeling and overall just leaving her feeling much better. If she did not give him consent he would simply allow the ‘flames’ to fade, deactivating the jutsu and lowering his hand back down to his side.

“Now… back to your earlier questions. Firstly, we are certainly not within Vallaki, we are not even within the land of Haven or even close to it… we are currently within the main hospital of Sunagakure. I… liberated the village from Kumogakure’s control, and as such I have taken the title of Kazekage for myself… and none of the locals are in any condition to object after everything Kumo did to them.” The Uzumaki would explain, a small frown appearing on his scarred face as he turned to fully face Namikaze, the Byakugan in his right eye clearly visible to the woman when he did so.

“Namikaze… if I were you I wouldn’t trust me or my motives, you have known me for a long time and the two of us have never had what you would call a good relationship, let alone a true friendship. You feared me for a long time and I despised you for just as long… and that was before I tore a man's mind to pieces as I defected from the village that I know you care for. That man was a good and upstanding citizen of the village, someone with a family that loves and cares for him… and someone that had done nothing but his best to protect the people of Hoshigakure in his own way for decades. Knowing that… how can you possibly try to justify my actions by saying that I was simply confused after the summit?” Kenshin would question, trying to state his actions in the most objective way that he possibly could. He didn’t regret his actions in the slightest, but he knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that he had overreacted in his rage at the news of Akihana’s death, and Solus was simply an easy target for him to direct that rage at.

“At the time I couldn’t have cared less that Valen butchered the Shinogami boy because he was scared to face the Mizukage’s wrath, although I have come to realize that his actions that day ruined Hoshigakure’s image in the eyes of all the other villages. The truth is much simpler than that I’m afraid, I was… truly shaken by news that I received during the summit, and as we returned that confusion turned into anger… and Solus was simply an easy target for that anger… because he was the one who hid the news of Akihana’s death from me, despite being one of the few that truly knew how close she and I were. I don’t regret my actions, nor would I take them back even if I could… but I will admit that I overreacted, and in the process I turned the lives of his family upside down. ” Kenshin would say, finally giving Namikaze the reason behind his actions after the summit and the truth of what happened during said event. In truth he had destroyed the mans mind and the life of his family… simply because he had been angry, and even now he felt absolutely nothing, not a hint of guilt or regret.

“Valen… I don’t know how to tell you this Namikaze, but while you were in Konoha Valen defected from Hoshigakure… he has been branded a Missing-Nin and traitor just as I have, and while I do know his reasons for doing so I will leave that for him to tell you. He mentioned leaving you a letter, and the way he was speaking when he mentioned it implied that you WOULD find it no matter what. If that was the case then it has to be somewhere quite important to you, yet also somewhere quite safe, as I doubt the man was foolish enough to leave it somewhere that anybody could find it… perhaps your home in Hoshigakure? Some secret location that the two of you know about… I don’t know, and truthfully I care very little.” The Ragdoll would admit, telling him most of what he had learned from Valen in their little meeting, as well as breaking the news that her ‘Lord’ had defected from the very village that he had once sworn to protect.

“Valen left to gather any shinobi of Hoshigakure that are sick of the persecution they face daily from the civilians of the village they defend… shinobi that are willing to abandon the village just as he did… and shinobi that will be willing to serve someone that he referred to as a stronger leader… myself.” The Ragdoll would explain, mentioning words that Valen himself had spoken during their conversation.

“But truthfully I suspect that was but a second objective. In reality I suspect his main goal was to take his revenge on the people that tortured you… I truly don’t think I have ever seen him quite so bloodthirsty before… he must care a great deal for you.” He would then state, a small smirk on his face as he turned away from Namikaze, briefly using his Mystical Palm Aura to heal the woman as much as he could as he moved to stand back to his full height.

“You are free to leave when you wish Namikaze, there is very little that I can do to heal you more than I have so far... but I would suggest that if you do you go somewhere safe… somewhere that you can rest for awhile without any worry. I assure you… it will take months for you to return to fighting form, but… I know that you are just as strong as you are foolish and stubborn.” He would state with a small chuckle, reaching down up slowly and allowing his hand to come to rest on top of Namikaze’s soft blond locks, freshly washed by the staff of the hospital while she had been unconscious. The action served two purposes, one to preface what he was about to say, and the other to place a Mark Seal in a location that she would never be able to find it.

“Despite everything… I am honestly glad that I met you Namikaze. You truly are a better person than either Valen or I could ever have hoped to be… and truth be told, I think you are far stronger than anyone gives you credit for. Truth be told, you may even be able to match, perhaps even defeat, Valen and myself in combat if you truly tried, but that isn’t you… you have never really been the type of person that focussed solely on power like either of us… you truly are the best of us.” He would state with a somewhat watery smile, a different blonde Akari appearing in her place for a few moments… and for those few moments Kenshin truly felt at ease. But she faded as quickly as she appeared, and The Ragdoll came back to reality… and for the first time in a long time, he felt true loneliness

“You really do remind me of her you know… Akihana, both in looks and in personality. She was the kindest person I have ever met, and when I was nothing but a child lost in the dark she saved me… at least for a time. But it’s too late for that now… get out of here while you still can, leave this life behind while you can still hope to live a happy life… before it steals your heart and soul like it has mine.” The half-blood would then say, his tone almost pleading with the young woman as he withdrew his hand his hand from her head and simply smiled sadly.

“Goodbye Hikari… for your own sake I truly hope we don’t meet again.” he would then say finally, turning around and leaving the young woman's room with a small, satisfied smirk plastered firmly upon his scarred face.

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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Ryo : 145900

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Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:48 pm
As the living zombie started to describe his technique, Hikari would nod and slowly start to unbutton her top, feeling an immense amount of pain spiking through her arms as she did. While Hikari at times may of not been a fan of exposing her body to others, she had become to some degree use to it after the hi-jinks that a certain princess made her go through. And even then, this wasn't a normal situation, this was a doctor's office, and Kenshin was her primary caretaker. Also, the power had noticed she was wearing different clothes than when she had last recalled being in, so the maiden had the feeling that Kenshin wasn't about to see anything he hadn't seen recently. The woman would unbutton her top enough that Kenshin would be able to have access to her cleavage area, but would allow the fabric to hang in such a manner that would keep her breast still covered by the cloth. A simple, nod of her head would be all that the woman would do to convey her desires to the rag-doll.

Once Kenshin was finished, the newly crowned kazekage would continue to explain his situation to Hikari, stole the village from Kumogakure? That was insane! Even if this was from Kenshin Uzumaki, to challenge an entire village like that was insanity. Sure, Hikari had heard of how weak their average shinobi power level was, but that was still reckless to openly take on a shinobi village without deep knowledge of them. Hikari was thinking about how her retort to such alarming news, but before she could come up with anything, Kenshin dropped another bomb on the Archangel of Haven about his assault on a poor well meaning medic in Hoshigakure. That was news to the deputy kage, she hadn't been given that report from the homeland yet, but that still didn't change her overall opinion of the man.

The woman who was now able to move much easier would turn to face toward the new Kazekage, allowing her legs to fall off the side of the bed. With that, Hikari would say in a soft voice, "Kenshin, let me see your hands." It was an odd request, one that the deputy kage had the feeling that coldblooded monster may deny, but on the off chance that he would, the gaurdian angel would take her own hands and remove any sort of glove that biological mastermind had protecting his hands, exposing the ghostly white hands of the albino. The deputy kage of Haven would then use one of her own fingers and press them up against one of the many scars on the back of the kage's hand, at a point that one of his scars had started and started to follow it as it would go up his hand. To an untrained eye, it would be nearly impossible to differentiate the scar tissue from the normal skin of the albino, but Hikari had seen the Half-Blood in a transformed state from the curse mark she had placed on the Uzumaki oh so many years ago. She knew all about Kenshin's scars.

As she traced her long skeletal pointer figure around Kenshin's hand, the Kunochi would ask. "Humor me Kenshin, how many foreign bloodlines do you hold in your body right now? You don't need to tell me what kind of bloodlines they are related to, but give me a rough estimate."  The woman would pause long enough for the Frankenstein of the shinobi world to respond. "Ok, next question, when you joined Hoshigakure all those years ago, how many did you have then?"  Another pause, assuming Kenshin said a much lower number, the Akari would continue. "Ok, so just one. Enough to give an untrained traveler or bandit a slight advantage against those who would wish him harm out side of a village walls, but not enough that say, you would feel comfortable with being required to protect a village with, correct?"
The Kunochi would at this point swap over from Kenshin's left to his right hand, giving him a slight bit of time to respond if he wished.
"I may not be a medic, but I do know something about the body. If you play around with it to much, then it will do more than effect the abilities you are able to preform. It changes your mind, your mentality on life. You aren't left with just physical scars, but mental scars as well. The mindset of how you have to do anything to protect the ones you love can drive you crazy and turn you into something that you don't want to be. A monster.

But that by itself isn't a bad thing, what did you tell me when you were trying to convince me to take my first transplant? 'What is better, a monster that will protect the innocent? Or a saint that will stand by and watch the innocent be destroyed?' It was something like that. Anyways, I feel like you are the person that will do what you need to in order to protect the ones you love and care for, to the point that maybe you lost yourself along the way. You may be a monster now, but I don't think you have always been that way. Have I been scared of you for all these years? Yes, I have. Ever since you suddenly appeared to defend Genevieve in our Chunnin exam. However, look at that event more closely and ask yourself why you got involved with it? You didn't have anything to gain from joining that fight, so why did you? You did it because you felt that kunochi needed your help, and so you helped her. That isn't the actions of a monster Kenshin. That is the actions of someone who cares for their friends greatly. And in all this time, trying to learn how to better protect yourself and your friends, you lost sight of what was truly important. We are soldiers Kenshin, this kind of thing happens to us if we aren't careful.

I don't know if how scared you are Kenshin, how far you have fallen in your pursuit of power, but I know it isn't to late for you to come back from the dark place you have came from."
At this point Hikari would close her eyes, and allow Hikariton energy to flow into her body, wings would sprout out of the girl's back as she activated Angelus Autem Lux. She would open her eyes, her golden eyes giving of a dazzling shine, almost enough to blind those who would cast their gaze upon it.
"Scars will never truly go away, Kenshin." Hoshigakure's Guardian Angel of Light would explain, as the girl would place her Hikariton: Shield of the Maiden + on the back of Kenshin's hand "But they can be covered up...." The woman would remove her hand, showing that the already nearly invisible scars that covered the back of Kenshin's hands were covered up by one of Hikari's most powerful seals. "With enough love and caring."

Hikari would take a deep breath as she deactivated her angelic form, the chakra anesthetic doing its job well and keeping her body from exploding in pain.  "I don't know for sure if you have gone down a path that you can't return from, or even if you don't want to be completely lost to this pain and anguish. But I am saying that if you don't want to go down this path, and you want to recover, it may not be to late for you. You have done a lot of horrible things for sure, haven't we all? But you have also done a lot of good as well.

I couldn't do it now, or probably until I am back to full fighting ability, but I could help you on your path to recovery, if that is an option you wish to take in the future. With your permission, I would like to place a telepathy seal on you Kenshin. This seal will allow us to stay in contact when you wish. I am not going to force this on you, but if you feel like you ever may wish to step out of this life, I implore you to allow me to place this seal on you. You can reach out to me and we can talk to see if there is a process to trying to get you back to a normal life."
Assuming the master ranked rouge of Haven said yes, Hikari would slowly reach out and place her right hand behind Kenshin's left ear and leave a mark connecting the two of them VIA a comm link. Assuming the Kage said no, Hikari would simply nod and try to hold back tears, knowing she had probably just permanently lost Kenshin forever.

When Hikari brought up a question about Valen, the woman felt as if she had been stabbed in the back with a rusty knife, that would dive into her chest and pierce her heart.  "I see," The woman would understand, trying to keep from bawling out crying, the fuinjutsu mistress wanted nothing more than to run and hide in Lux Aeterna, and to never have anything to do with the outside world again when she heard the man she sealed the Gobi into had abandoned his village. Hikari had made a mistake not informing the inquisitor of whatever information he wanted on Valen. She should of understood by the questions he was asking.

Still this was no time drown in one's self pity, if Valen had truly left the village, it meant Hoshigakure was largely undefended right now, she couldn't return instantly, that was for sure, but Hikari needed to recover quickly, she needed to return to her homeland. It was her duty as of right now to claim the title of Hogokage and be the protector that Hoshigakure needed. Once that was settled, Hikari then needed to seek out Valen to settle things between him. Was the new Hogokage going to be forced to kill her predecessor? Was Hikari going to convince him to return to Hoshigakure? Was the power of Haven just going to let the two go their separate ways? These were questions that Hikari Namikaze didn't know the answer to, but she needed to figure out quickly.

"I can't guarantee that I can allow the shinobi that ends up leaving Hoshigakure the free pass that Valen had promised them, but I will need to return to the Star and see what is going on there."

Kenshin would then return to his standing position, and would tell the Nova Operative that she was free to go, and that it may take months before she was up to full combat fighting form.  "I will probably stay here a few more days, before heading back to my home. I should probably also write a letter to Shina, who has probably taken over in my steed of running Hoshigakure."

Kenshin would then start to explain he really felt about Hikari, about how similar she was to Akihana, and how she was the best of the three heroes of Hoshigakure. At this point Hikari couldn't take it anymore and tears would start to fall down her cheeks, "Kenshin... please... don't say that. I could never be as strong as you or Valen. The only reason I am this strong is because the two of you helped me. The only reason why I am able to be this way is because I had the two of you that were able to handle all of the hard jobs in Hoshigakure that turned you into monsters. Please Kenshin. You don't have to give up yet. Its not to late for you to find your way to the light. Its not to late for you to find a happy life. Just... don't give up yet. Please!"

With Hikari in tears, the Kazekage would say his final goodbye, turning away from the woman. Hikari was to choked up to respond, to tell him that she didn't want this to be the end and that Kenshin also deserved a good life as well, but at this point her tears had become so profound, that she was unable to even formulate a sentence, as she was forced to watch as Kenshin walked back toward the dark corridor, into the unknown.

WC: 2202

AP Consumption
- 50 AP for Angelus Autem Lux and +25 to Power
-100 AP for  Hikariton: Shield of the Maiden+
-25 for Golden Eyes Power boost +25
-40 AP for Telepathy seal


Placing Hikariton: Shield of the Maiden +
Base power 220 because of Chakra, +25 from Booster, +25 from GE BL, +25 for Uzumaki DNA, making the total power 295

Placing a Telepathy seal on Kenshin unless he states otherwise. Power is 125 after Uzumaki Boost and Chakra scaling.
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 8000

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Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:59 am
Once Kenshin had finished explaining the fate of Solus, the unfortunate man that had been the target of The Ragdoll’s fury upon his return to Hoshi, Hikari would begin to move, turning until her legs were hanging from the side of the bed and she was able to face him directly. Their faced were quite close to each other due to the fact that he had been crouching right beside the bed, but rather than moving back he would simply tilt his head a little to the left and raise a brow in an unasked question. When she softly asked to see his hands his confusion would only increase, but assuming that the woman was going somewhere with this he would humor her and present his cold and pale hands to her. When she placed one of her almost skeletal fingers on the heavily scarred flesh of his left hand the albino would simply watch as she began to trace it along what he knew to be one of the hidden scars… could her eyes somehow see the scars that usually blended in with his unnaturally pale skin? He could faintly make them out in the correct lighting, or if he had his Sharingan active… or he simply tried remembering back before he had healed the scar tissue to this point, but somehow she also knew where they were… and that unnerved the usually unshakable man.

“Six foreign bloodlines, four if we are not counting the Dojutsu I have implanted.” He would say in a rather confused manner when The Fuinjutsu Mistress asked, his confusion stemming both from her touching him the way she was and the question that she had asked.

“At that point I only had one additional heart.” Kenshin would then say, still as confused as ever when Namikaze began to question how many hearts he had possessed upon joining Hoshigakure.

As she began to imply that he had gained all of his additional hearts, and potentially even the additional bloodlines, out of some misguided effort to protect the village that he used to claim to be loyal towards he would simply stay silent. That wasn’t the case and Kenshin both knew and accepted that fact… he suspected that deep in her heart Hikari knew it as well, but if she truly wished to believe that protecting Hoshigakure was the reason he had done all that he had he wasn’t about to say otherwise. As she began to trace the scars of his right hand she would leave enough of a pause for him to interject, but he wouldn’t say anything, simply allowing the woman to continue with her rather confusing actions and thoughts. When she began to talk about the effects of self experimentation and the effects it could have on one's mind, that the mental scars that type of experimentation were worse than the physical ones that were left behind by an inferior Medical Specialist. That such actions could change one mentally and turn them into the very thing that they had once tried to gain the power to defeat, a monster.

How right she actually was with that assessment… but while she could indeed understand that The Ragdoll had been created, not born, he seriously doubted that she truly understood. Not one of the scars on his body was self inflicted… but all of them had been added due to his own naivete and weakness. The Monster had only been born when The Boy had died, much like he had told the two wayward Uchiha of Hoshigakure, Damon and Yurei, so long ago. When she mentioned being scared of him for years The Immortal would resist the urge to smirk in self satisfaction, but when she mentioned the former priestess known as Genevieve he would feel… absolutely nothing. Not regret, not sadness… simply nothing, pure emptiness. She may believe his actions to have been benevolent, but they had been some of the most self serving things that he had ever done… all in an effort to curry favour with the woman that he had been infatuated with. And what happened… he had gone on a grand total of three dates with her and got what he had truly desired on the third… only to disappear from her life without a word or a single moment of regret… yet another life left in tatters due to his own selfishness. If Namikaze truly believed the words that were spilling from her mouth then she obviously didn’t understand a thing about him… and if she truly thought that he was capable of redemption then she was obviously more naive than he had known.

As she activated her technique Kenshin would just watch in curiosity, knowing full well that she wasn’t about to attempt to kill him after everything that she had just said and done. The transformation was definitely something… and honestly he wasn’t all that surprised that Hoshigakure’s resident Magical Girl had a transformation like that. When she placed a seal on the back of his hand he would activate his Byakugan and begin to study it… and what he saw was so far beyond his meagre comprehension of Fuinjutsu that it astounded him. He had known that The Fuinjutsu Mistress was quite skilled in her chosen field… but this was so far beyond what he had expected, he couldn’t even begin to comprehend what it could be used for. As she began to talk again, it wasn’t about the seal, but rather her belief that he could stop himself from going further down his chosen path and instead walk a new one… but truthfully Kenshin had no interest in deviating from the path that he had chosen to walk.

When she offered to place a telepathy seal on him, just so that the two could contact each other, the silver haired medic would pause for a brief moment in contemplation, before giving her a small nod. He wasn’t planning on using it for the reason she wanted him to, but he figured that having a way to get in contact with Namikaze whenever he needed to would be beneficial to him. As she placed the seal she would inquire about Valen, and The Mad Medic figured that this was the perfect time to continue with what he had been planning to tell her earlier, so from here on out Kenshin could continue with everything written in the previous post. When she mentioned the possibility that the shinobi who joined him would not be getting a free pass Kenshin would simply smirk and stand, looking down at the far too thin blonde.

“We both know that it wouldn’t be worth it Namikaze… those people will be under my protection should they choose to join Sunagakure and I will deal with any and all threats to my people. Is it truly worth risking open war, and making an enemy of me, for a few shinobi whose loyalty to Hoshigakure was shaky at best?” Kenshin would say, asking her whether she truly believed the potential fallout would be worth the risk.

“You are free to leave when you wish Namikaze, there is very little that I can do to heal you more than I have so far... but I would suggest that if you do you go somewhere safe… somewhere that you can rest for awhile without any worry. I assure you… it will take months for you to return to fighting form, but… I know that you are just as strong as you are foolish and stubborn.” He would state with a small chuckle, reaching down up slowly and allowing his hand to come to rest on top of Namikaze’s soft blond locks, freshly washed by the staff of the hospital while she had been unconscious.  As mentioned in his previous post this action was done for two reasons, the first being a small show of genuine affection for the little pest, and the second was to place a Mark Seal in a location he doubted she would ever be able to find it. With the seal placed the Uzumaki would release a light chuckle and ruffle her hair lightly, the action surprisingly fitting despite the fact that she was actually older than he.

At this point she would mention that she would stay for a few more days and planned to send a letter to whomever was currently in charge of Hoshigakure, and The Immortal would simply give a nod as he simply gazed at Namikaze. Surprisingly enough… this felt like it would be their final goodbye, or perhaps it was simply the end of this chapter of their lives… either way, he felt the need to get something off his chest.

“Despite everything… I am honestly glad that I met you Namikaze. You truly are a better person than either Valen or I could ever have hoped to be… and truth be told, I think you are far stronger than anyone gives you credit for. Truth be told, you may even be able to match, perhaps even defeat, Valen and myself in combat if you truly tried, but that isn’t you… you have never really been the type of person that focussed solely on power like either of us… you truly are the best of us.” The self proclaimed monster would say with a genuine and somewhat watery smile, the image of a different blonde haired Akari and her gentle smile appearing for a brief moment as he gazed kindly at the young woman. As the image faded all of his comfort would go with it, and he would feel true loneliness for the first time in what felt like an age… but in reality was only a matter of years. It truly had only just occurred to him how similar she was to Akihana… and perhaps that was why he had been looking out for her for all these years, albeit in his own rather unique way.

“I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner… you are so similiar to her you know… Akihana, both in terms of looks and personality… so much so that I am honestly wondering whether you could somehow be her younger sister, Think of her what you will, but she truly was the kindest person that I have ever met, and when I was nothing more than a child lost in the darkness she truly tried to save me… and despite what I have become, I will never be able to thank her enough for how bright she made my life.” The half-blood would then say, his mismatched eyes shimmering with unshed tears… the death of the one woman that he could truly say he loved still hurting him to this day. He knew that she would be ashamed of what he had become, and despite that knowledge he had no plans of trying to change himself… but that didn’t mean that he cared for the woman any less.

Almost as if she sensed that this was their final goodbye the older woman would begin to cry, all the while begging him not to just give up on himself… but he doubted she would ever be able to comprehend that he had truly given up on trying to be better years ago. He knew that there was no way someone as innocent and pure as her would be able to accept that he had long since stopped hoping that his tale would have a happy ending. She truly was beautiful… it was no wonder Valen had been drawn in by the light that she seemed to exude… but his own light had died alongside Akihana, and nowadays his goals lie only in the darkness.

“Goodbye Hikari… I suppose you can consider this to be my parting gift to you… I just hope you can forgive me”  The silver haired young man would say, using the Sharingan that had been implanted so long ago to trap the blonde in a Genjutsu. Within she would experience Kenshin’s entire life from his perspective, minus any feelings of pleasure or pain, simply a long and sad movie playing out from a first person point of view. By the end she would have a better understanding than anybody alive of just what had pushed him to the lengths he had gone… of what had managed to create The Monster known only as Kenshin Uzumaki. She would experience years worth of The Immortals memories, and she would see everything that he had done, all the monstrous and heroic deeds that he had done, experience his innermost thoughts and all of the plans that he had made over the years. She would get to experience his meetings with both Valen, Akihana, and many others, including herself, from Kenshin’s perspective, and even gain access to everything that he had thought during those times. The only exceptions were his latest memories, as the illusion wouldn’t play anything of him time in Sunagakure itself save his taking of the village, with the memories being slightly altered to not include any of his current allies. He would include his meeting with Valen in the memories, although again he would ensure that the parts that mentioned Alice or any of his other allies were removed. And finally he would include the memories of everything that he had done to save Hikari’s life and the memories of this particular meeting and all of his thoughts and feelings throughout. He didn’t want to arm someone who in the future could become an enemy with the knowledge of just how he had been improving its security, so he had been sure to leave out anything that may have included knowledge of Sunagakure’s defenses or any of his allies.

By the time the illusion had finished playing close to five minutes would have passed and the woman would feel almost completely drained… but she would still be able to note that The Ragdoll was long gone.

WC: 2331


TWC: 6807

With the claims from above I only have 2331 words remaining

Putting an additional 1692 words towards Corrupted Sage Mode, putting the total words towards it at 5679 words from this topic, claiming (other words trained here)(25% max stat discount)

639 words towards Wood Release, 361 words remaining

Hikari placed both Telepathy Seal (125 power) and Hikariton: Shield of the Maiden+ (295 power) on Kenshin
Ryo : 12000

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Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:07 am
Sure >.>
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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When Kenshin's Genjutsu finished, Hikari would find herself so overwhelmed with emotions that she would pass out before she even realized that Kenshin had left the room.

It would be a day later before the woman would wake up, still exhausted and unable to do anything of worth. With a sigh, the woman knew she needed to get back to Lux Athrena in order to start recovering anything that Kenshin hadn't already healed her for. She would leave three letters, one that would be mailed off to Hoshigakure, informing them of her presence, one with a quick thank you to Kenshin for healing her and explaining she had left Suna, and one to Valen, which Hikari had no doubt would find it's way to him with a quick note telling him to meet her in in "a place only the two of them could meet." 

With that, the Maiden of Light would teleport away from Suna and to her Dimension, and would start rappelling her seals in her safe place.


TWC: 3872

Claiming exit of Suna to Lux Athrena

3,000 WC to Hikarition: Alis Ad Angelum completing it with max discount.

375 WC To Storage Displacement completing it at max discount

497 WC to Hikarition: Body of Light

The following seals at the following power/speed/health:

I have done these claims multiple times but it keeps getting lost, I will count up the AP for it if required, but I do know I have enough.
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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