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[Mission] Shibata has an Answer for Genjutsu Empty [Mission] Shibata has an Answer for Genjutsu

Thu May 14, 2020 2:54 am
Mission Details:

Shibata was on his way home, having finished his last mission, reminiscing on the anger he felt, how he lost control of himself to it, and the immense amount of satisfaction he obtained from exercising the rage in the form of showing his dominance and overpowering some vagabond on both a mental and physical level. It disturbed the Rebel Heart how much he enjoyed this, as it felt alien to him, the thoughts of gratification were foreign almost, invasive, they dominated his mind like the young Nara clan member had dominated the prankster earlier in the day; How could something so... unnecessary be so exhilarating, Shibata thought, Must just be that I like fighting, that's all, just haven't had the chance to fight with anyone in a long time, it wasn't that I was pummeling hit, it's just that I was in an actual battle. This explanation of his feelings comforted him, as it made him look like just a socially acceptable brawler, someone who would go cruising for a bruising, not some sort of dictator in the making, the kind of person who would kill just to get in a position of power, even if they didn't really want any of the things that came along with the title; no, that is not the kind of person Shibata is, at least, it wasn't the kind of person the man thought he was.

The Rebel Heart arrived at his house, opened the door and stepped inside, almost incidentally synchronizing with a thunderous series of coughs emanating from his father, something that was becoming more and more frequent as of late, but younger Nara dismissed this as him just starting to get old, and having had a similar smoking habit to that of his son, it might be serious eventually, but nothing that big now. Shibata spoke up to his father, letting out a, "Hiya pops, better watch that cough less you wake up the heavens a couple hours early," and, midway through his father opening his mouth to speak, interjected with, "Anyway, I'm going to go to bed, had a long day, might see you in the morning, might not; have a good night," then proceeding to race to his bedroom and eat, unusually, without having any sort of supper to close out the night with food. He laid in his bed till much later that night, delving into his own brain to attempt to analyze what exactly it was that got triggered within himself to bring him down to such a violent pursuit of happiness, a path that could only lead to carnage and harm to himself and others, a negative impact on the world around him. A seemingly foreign force in his mind speaks up, that same alien influence that seemed to take over Shibata when he trapped the prankster in the alley and compelled him to pummel the kid, it seemed to speak the thought into his head, A negative is an impact nonetheless. This idea's genesis rocked Shibata to the core, and as he tried and failed to merely shake it off, he got out of bed and pulled out a false floor board, revealing a bottle of sake he had stolen a previous day and had reserved for some sort of special occasion; when he hid it he thought it would be positive, but, as he started downing the whole bottle, he was proven wrong. The Rebel Heart drown himself in the intoxicant, riding the wave that it took him on as his vision started fading, not that he would need it as he had nothing to look at but his own ceiling; more importantly it dulled his mind to the point that he no longer had these intrusive thoughts, matter of fact he barely had any thought at all, just the basic, time to breathe, or the simple, hehe, laughing in his mind at anything from the size of his own fingers to the realization that houses are just human boxes.

While in this inebriated state, the young Nara clan member shuffled, bumped, and otherwize scooted his way out of his room to get to the kitchen, where he could see his father sleeping in the living room, with a handkerchief covering the elder Nara clan member's mouth, which startled the stupored Shibata, who upon making this observation stumbled back to his room as quickly and quietly as possible in a hastened retreat. With his once chaotic, now malazed mind kept in check, the Rebel Heart was finally able to drift away and get claimed by the sandman, that took him into an odd dream, one in which Shibata saw a female figure that looked very much like him, one he assumed was his mother, who opened her eyes to reveal something purple in color beneath, and just as he was about to say something, he woke up.

He shot up in his bed, beads of cold sweat decorating his head and chest, and immediately regretted it as the head rush mixed with his hangover combining into a crushing and swirling headache that paralyzed the man with pain for a moment before he lied back down, waiting for the grogginess and achiness of the night before to wear off so that he could continue his day like a rational human being. When he could finally get up, he went to the kitchen to retrieve copious amounts of water to help clear his head and wake him up, where he saw a note from his father that mentioned the elder Nara would be out hunting for the day, and that he should eat a little extra considering Shibata had nothing for breakfast the night before. And so Shibata did, and as he checked the the kitchen's food stores, to find them somewhat lacking due to the oppressive tax of Kirigakure, so he picked up some venison, one of the only options, and made himself a sandwich with the meat, before eating it as he dressed himself, proceeding a standard tooth brushing, and with personal maintenance done, he walked out of the hunting lodge on his way to the village.

Shibata strutted through the pathway to the village hidden in the leaves, walking through the large gates with the determination to do a mission of higher grade than his previous two, that had proved rather boring and grating on the Rebel Heart's psyche, in his mind planning on going on a C level mission, before he got to the mission board proper. As he got to the wall that held a slip of paper containing his soon fate, he started looking over the large backlog of C ranked missions, reading through all their titles as he tried to find one at all interesting to himself, glazing through the "Help needed with Mine"s and the "Strange Beast's Needing Hunted"s until he stumbled across a mission that found one that peaked his interest. The title of the mission read "Mysterious Manipulator in Need of Capture," which enraptured the young Nara clan member immediately as the use of alliteration caught his eye, and the content seemed engaging, after all, what better way to fight then to find some bad guy abusing people and give him what for.

The man's eyes scanned over the details outlined in the dossier, first starting with what, in question, the problem was, which the filer of the mission explained as, "Mysterious genjutsu specializing ninja has been terrorizing the night, targeting people and subjecting them to his torturous illusions that destroy the mental state of the victims for the night, earning him the title of 'The Naptime Nightmare Ninja, terrorizer of those who go out at night,' catch him if you can and bring him in for a reward!" which got a legitimate chuckle out of Shibata, laughing at the absurdity of the naming and the seriousness by which the mission requester handled a more than borderline absurd scenario. His eyes then shifted towards the location and time section of the request, which, as previously stated, indicated that it was happening solely during the night, but added that the attacks had mostly been occuring in the western section of the town, a section plagued with multiple missions requesting the clearing out of ruffians from within the perimeter since the advent of the high taxes emanating from Kirigakure. The mission request also included a physical description of the illusionist, mentioning that he wore a large, purple, pan hat that covered their face, as well as a oversized robe described as having a swirl of blue and red converting into a circle of pure purple at the center.

With all the information consumed by Shibata, he then started developing a plan, using the knowledge of the area and the time in order to best be ready for the situation; remembering that luckily it would be a full moon that night, meaning when finding the genjutsu user, shadows would be as long as they possibly could be, and the tools the Rebel Heart had access to would show a definite shadow. Shibata tied a wire to one of his kunai, and then connected that same wire to a second kunai before heading towards the Western District of the village, throwing up the two kunai in an alley before he left just outside of it and started talking mad shit against this "Naptime Nightmare Ninja" saying, "That his true name also starts with an N, but is instead 'No Chance of Amounting to Anything in His Life," and also mentioning, "If he wants a piece of me, he will have to come up and get me any time any place, just gotta come at me so I can beat that ass. During this smack talking, Shibata created two clones who waited by the wire and kunai, who had both disguised themselves amongst the garbage, scaring people off that looked to take the weapons that were left high up in the area between two buildings. As he waited, eventually night did come, and with it the streets cleared out before a shining light shot into the sky, and a loud voice shouted out, "I AM HERE, OH SOON TO BE DEFEATED ONE. You too will fall to my genjutsu like so many before you, I'd like to see you even try to touch me."

The young Nara just blinked, unphased by these theatrics, before cracking his knuckles and neck, and scanning the area for the flamboyant character that was described in the mission request. Eventually he stepped from a far off alley, leading to Shibata running down his own, where he quickly jumped up onto the wire he had suspended between the two buildings. The Manipulator, having followed the Rebel Heart to the alley way, looked confused as by the time he got there, there was no one on the ground for him to find, and just then one of Shibata's clones made the sign of the rat and caught the genjutsu specialist in a shadow imitation jutsu, leading to the real Shibata shouting out, "Shadow imitation jutsu, COMPLETE!" before dropping down and delivering a diving double axe handle to the frozen shinobi, before his two clones joined him in kicking the shit out of the bright color bearing vagabond. He once again feel that force compel him to take things too far, as the man was already knocked out, but the three copies continued the combo cracking of the crappy con man's cartilage, ending up in breaking the both the man's fibias, tibias, fibulas, clavicles, and fracturing 5 ribs, before Shibata used the same wire to tie up the criminal scum and took him into mission control.

Shibata walked through the crowding people who even at night were picketing the mission center, bruised, bloody, and broken prisoner in tow, trailing behind, going through the doors before slumping the body of the figure down and asking for his payment, which the flustered clerk of mission control gave him, minus, of course, the fifty percent tax from the village hidden in the mists. Shibata decided to head home right after that, having dinner this time before going to bed. The next day he did something he had not in quite some time. He left the house with a pack of smokes, walked over to some fields and watched the clouds all day, telling his pa, of course, that he had important business.

1,000 Ryo, 5 AP
WC: 2,071
2,000/2,000 2nd Specialty Medical
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[Mission] Shibata has an Answer for Genjutsu Empty Re: [Mission] Shibata has an Answer for Genjutsu

Thu May 14, 2020 6:55 pm
next time link em in your claims :]

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