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[Mission] Shibata Catches the Little Squirt Empty [Mission] Shibata Catches the Little Squirt

Mon May 11, 2020 10:29 pm
Mission Details:

Shibata woke up from another night's rest, sure to spend as much time in bed as possible in an attempt to shorten the length of his day. He had really been on a downward spiral ever since Kirigakure had decided to start enforcing their control over Konoha, especially targeting everyone's wallet. The oppressive state had seeped its way into every facet of his life, from his personal, with talks surrounding what the two Nara, him and his father, were going to do about keeping a steady income up during this trying time of high taxes. Shibata was making half as much money each mission, and wasn't making the steady income from weekly stipends. The Land of the Mist was also infecting his missions in more ways than just the pay out, some of the troublemakers in the village as well as the increase in general tension and decrease in everyone's patience was directly a result of the strain and demoralization put on the people of the Land of Fire by this occupying force contributed to an increase in violent behavior among the villagers, as well as a surplus of missions needing done considering several shinobi had gone on strike.

The young Nara pulled himself out of bed as he trudged over to his bathroom, splashing water on his face to wake up. He then proceeded into his kitchen to fix himself breakfast, alerted by the loud coughing of his father, who had been all but present the past two days. Shibata greeted his old man before beginning and finish his meal, whereafter he brushed his teeth and got properly dressed for the day, completing his clothes with a false smile, that upon checking in the mirror, the Rebel Heart quickly thought was out of style and ditched it. He stepped out the door of the hunting lodge him and his father called home and, as always, continued to and down the path through the village gates. His pep was noticeably missing in his step, even if the swagger he had walked with had only be barely noticeable in the first place. His mood had shifted from that of a rebel without a cause, to that of an anarchist with a very clearly defined goal, with their sights set on getting enough explosives to get said goal done. He was no longer "Shibata Nara, lovable trickster and occasional menace to society," he was now, "Shibata Nara, the man of little to no patience."

The Rebel Heart wasn't in the mood for any sort of pretense or games, he knew what he went in the village to do and he was going to do it as efficiently as possible, with no outside distractions. He thought he could purge his mind of any outside thoughts and focus on the mission, but in his rage his sharp focus only provided an edge to him that could very well get himself or others injured. He made a beeline for the mission center, ignoring the chaos surrounding the board holding his near future, scanned the D rank before saying, "Fuck it," and picking up a random one of the several slips of paper pinned to this board. The parchment read out "Local Prankster in Need of Capture, Ryo Reward if Apprehended," to which Shibata let out a sigh similar to that of his last mission, another fucking case of a kid making trouble, sheesh even I wasn't this big of a problem, he thought to himself. He read further into the dossier, confirming that the suspect was a child of suspected academy rank, but also revealing that this goddamn rascal was painting pro-kirigakure shit all around the market square, further contributing to both the financial constricts on the village as they needed to pay workers to clean this graffiti, but also the demoralization of the village people as they were reminded of their apparent inferiority to that of the citizens of the Mist.

Shibata was pissed off, and in his rage ignored the usual first step of his procedure, where as he would usually talk with the person who filed out the mission request, he instead went directly to the sight of the crime, prowling the streets of the commercial district for this propagandizing graffiti "artist." His anger manifested itself in his walk, widening his shoulders as his head pivoted from side to side, looking for any youngin that had an oddly shaped and noticeable tube protruding outside their pocket with the distinct cap of a spray paint can. Searching, his eyes scanning each and every passerby on the street he could find, for the longest time his efforts found no fruition, with only the occasional red herring in the form of a person carrying hair spray, or being an adult construction worker with spray paint (and a good reason for having it). Eventually, however, his eyes locked onto a teen maybe two years younger than himself in a hoodie with both hands in the front pocket of their jacket, concealing a fairly obvious can of what the young Nara knew deep down inside, was spray paint. He trailed the criminal with the intent to catch him quite literally red handed, waiting for just the right moment to make his presence known and capture his target in his Shadow Imitation Jutsu.

The Rebel Heart saw the boy with criminal intent eventually slip down an alley, presumably to do the deed proper of tagging the building with some sort of anti Konoha, pro kiri sentiment, so Shibata used his wall walking jutsu to get to the roof of the building, before creating two Shadow clones, who both went to the flanks of the now more experienced genin, as he could see from this vantage the beginning of the graffitti this vagrant was going to leave. They two reflections dropped down, one catching the kid with a shadow imitation, the other running up and grabbing the boys "tools" from him, before the real one of the three hopped down.

"You know, typically to people like you, I give a monologue," he opened, "A long winded speech explaining the error of your ways, and how you could maybe learn something from the words I would spew, but today I am not in that kind of mood, so, here's to hoping you learn your lesson with an old fashioned beat down." Shibata took out a pack of cigarettes, before singling one out of the pack, shuffling it out, and putting it to his lips, letting one of his clones light it for him as he inhaled. He exhaled as he let out as tsk tsk tsk and the clone punched the shit out of the vagabond his younger, before the other dropped his Shadow Imitation Jutsu and assisted in the smackdown the other clone had started, beating the kid into a bloody pulp. Something deep down inside the Nara knew he would regret this later, that he would feel bad for exploiting his power, but for now he was taking great katharsis in punishing the youth that had been a thorn, albeit a minor one, in the side of the village.

Eventually the Rebel Heart tied up the kid using his wire, and dragged him through the street into the mission office, showing them the evidence in the form of the paint cans the kid was using, as well as the address of where his tag was interrupted. Although disgusted by the mess of a culprit that Shibata brought in, they thanked him before giving him his payment, taxed at 50% by the Kirigakure government. Shibata was disgusted in himself a bit, after all he knew that he went far too far in his merciless beatdown of the brat, but there was something inside him, something he didn't like, that took satisfaction in the execution of the beatdown, that exhilarated the Rebel Heart, and got said heart beating faster than anything had been able to as of late, that exercise of power over another. He shook his head as he was starting to puzzle what he really wanted, what his goals were with his life, and what he would be willing to do to reach them; these thoughts provided a weird calming effect for the Nara clan member as when he would walk home, no longer thinking of his own domination, he was significantly more calm and tranquil. He reached the path not knowing that this had been the beginning of something much larger than he could imagine.

500 Ryo (due to 50 % tax)
WC: 1,418
+7 Chakra (1,400/1,400)
Shadow Imitation Field (1601/2.5k)
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[Mission] Shibata Catches the Little Squirt Empty Re: [Mission] Shibata Catches the Little Squirt

Tue May 12, 2020 12:51 pm
[Mission] Shibata Catches the Little Squirt Image117
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