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[Mission] Shibata pulls weeds Empty [Mission] Shibata pulls weeds

Tue May 05, 2020 6:42 pm
Mission details:

Shibata woke up, his belly still full of the venison he had harvested with his father and cooked up the night before with a drive new to the young Nara. He got up with a will to go on a proper mission, something he had barely done since he became a genin. The day before he had been taught the shadow imitation jutsu by his father, and he was just dying to try it again, but at the same time considered it a big time effort, so maybe he'd just start with something simple. He strut to and up the path to the village from the hunting cabin he called home, made his way through the streets and got to the mission board. He surveyed a few, pretending like reading the titles actively impacted which choice he was going to make. After taking a look over the possible missions a few times, he eventually randomly picked one out of the lot and read it. "Pulling weeds" the dossier read. "Huh," Shibata thought aloud, "I never really thought I'd go from hunting to gardening, but eh, the fates will it so I guess it will just have to be. Never really pictured myself as the landscaping type, but it's a mission and I got to start somewhere." Shibata studied the address and headed that way, sure to make sure this mission went successful.

He arrived at the doorstep of a rustic house in one of the older districts, knocked on the door, and was greeted by a lady who looked like she had seen well past 4 times the years the shinobi standing across from her had been a witness to. Shibata opened his mouth to say "Hey, I'm a genin sent to help at this address, looks like you said you needed help with a certain weed problem? I assume the garden in question that needs my assistance is in that yard in the back of your lovely... cottage" Shibatta said, feigning politeness in an attempt to get in the good graces of an elder much more, well, elder than he was used to.

"Oh, sonny boy, no need to play coy with me, you can just be forward, I'm too old for niceties anywho," she spoke, in a raspy voice that seemed to mature more along the lines of milk than wine throughout the woman's years. "What I'm going to need you to do is pluck some weeds from the gard, and luckily, they happen to be quite conveniently equidistant from each other, so if you can get an ordered way of plucking, it should take no time at all. There is just one hiccup, however. It's my great grandson, I want him to do at least some of the work but he's a lazy brat, so if I could get to see him working that would just make my day."

And so Shibata made it to the backyard where he saw both the aforementioned garden as well as the great grandchild of the fossil that had lead him beyond the fencing, who was sitting down in the grass, staring at the clouds. Shibata envied his position, but knew he had to get to work. He started by getting a view of all the weeds amongst the garden and saw in fact that they were equidistant from the three to nine closest ones, depending on their placement in the patch. He found the pattern and made a grid in his mind of the size of it. It was apparently infested with a nine by nine growth of weeds, to which Shibata started working, finding the weeds large enough, and the soil soft enough that the root digger need not be super precise in his actions pick them out. Shibata was making his way through the rows, and yelled out for the great grandson to help him, to no avail. Shibata realized he had to get crafty, so, after completing the third row by himself, he approached the kid, a few years younger than himself, looked to the great grandmother of him, and then formed the sign of the rat as he subtly connected their shadows, making sure he was as spaced out from the kid as the there was space between the plant. Under his breath, to the child he whispered, "Shadow imitation jutsu, complete." 

Shibata and the kid then started, in perfect synchronicity, rapidly picking the weeds, two at a time, before moving to the next row. It was like this that they got the work done in no time, but it did massively drain the Nara clan novice of his stamina. As they wrapped things up, the granny gave them both glasses of lemonade, payed Shibata, and wished him luck on his future endeavors as he finished his first mission in a long time.

(WC: 807), 600 Ryo

38 from + 807= 
845/1500 Shadow Imitation Jutsu B rank
800/800 +4 Chakra

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[Mission] Shibata pulls weeds Empty Re: [Mission] Shibata pulls weeds

Tue May 05, 2020 8:58 pm
[Mission] Shibata pulls weeds Imagee96
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