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Ashie Uchiha
Ashie Uchiha
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Ashie Catches a Thief! {Private Mission} Empty Ashie Catches a Thief! {Private Mission}

Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:02 am

{The Dream II}

Ashie was following her father, he was sprinting as she was, arms behind them to maximize speed, but Ashie was still slower. She panted as she forced herself to keep up, "Daddy wait! You're too fast!" She watched him as he glanced back at her a fire in his eyes, "Come daughter! You're brother needs our help!" She gasped as she did her best, but as she was she could only move so fast, and soon a giant lightening bolt struck the ground before her father's foot. She gasped as he hopped back evading the strike, but not before another one struck the ground just in front of her. This strike had enough force to blow her away she felt herself falling until she met ground. She could hear her father calling her, but she couldn't see, it was black and her body felt heavy like lead.

"Ashie!" Her eyes forced open wide feeling her father embracing her tightly, his tears hitting her neck, for his face was burried there in mourning. She smiled and breathed in relief, "I am still here father. No lightning can take down the daughter of the greatest ninja ever." She felt his grip loosen as they stood up together, Ashie looked behind her father as she saw the figure of a man, his entire being shrouded in darkness as he approached her father. She gritted her teeth in anger, activating her eyes out of anger and defense. She slid her hand in her pouch pinching a Kunai between her forefinger and middle finger before swinging her arm forward throwing the blade towards the man.

"Father look out!" Ashie's voice yelled, but it was too late, once the kunai had left her hand everything moved in slow motion, her father picking her up with one hand by her arm and tossing her with as much strength and speed as his body would allow. However...this didn't give him enough time to evade.She landed safely at a distance as she watched as the man pierced his arm through her father's chest. Ashie could see her father cough up blood, her eyes trembling as she could see the hand protuding his chest, holding his heart before squishing it like a water balloon. Her father managed a small smile before uttering, "Take care of your brother for me."

His final words before his body hit the ground. This was Ashie's last straw of sanity crumble. Her chest was heaving with her breaths as she hyperventilated. Her eyes tearing up as she gritted her teeth, the man grinning at her anguish. She ran forward her eyes making contact with his shadowed face, her Clawed gauntlet upon her hand as she ran forward her hand poised to do the same as he did to her father, "I'll kill you!" She roared out, but as she came within hitting distance he slammed his fist into her stomach knocking her senses out of wack. Ashie's body gives out on her as the man leaned in real close to her ear and whispered, "So weak, and this is the power of Viper Uchiha's Heirs? Pathetic." She spat out at the demon, her words venomous, "I'll find you...and collect your repentance for killing my father...!" She grunted out, the throbbing pain which caused a knot in her stomach. Her vision had started to fade, before everything faded to black she heard the soft voice of her brother, "He deserved death, after he left his only son on his own for years while he coddled you and lets not forget killing his best friend in cold blood."

{End Nightmare.}

Ashie shot straight up panting, her light blue t-shirt clung to her as sweat dripped from her forehead. Her mind was racing no point of focus as the realness of her nightmare faded from her perception. Her bear had wandered up to her at some point, she was staring at nothing as her thoughts raced about her that she didn't notice tibbers until he nudged her head with his nose. "I'm okay tibbers...I-I'm okay." She gently ran her hand through her hand before hugging her bear friend tight. After a few moments she released him and got up to get dressed. She had decided to sleep in her uncles house for a bit, in asgard she felt caged. She discarded her blue shirt before grabbing her black tank top and pulling on her basic white haori with the Uchiha symbol on the arm. She pulled on her black leggings and slid on her sandals before heading downstairs. She saw a pile of missions on the table, looks like village was in need of help. Such was the mission that Ashie was currently reading, the string of shops down by the Ichiraku ramen shop had some problems, thief problems. Ashie grimaced, stealing was a rough thing for her to understand, on one hand you have the greedy ones. Thieves who steal just because they can, just because they want it. Those are the one's who don't think about how their actions cause others harship, those needed justice. However Ashie has read about people themselves who have their harships and along with the will to keep living, they steal, but things that they really need, like food.

Ashie debated on taking this one, what if it was someone who just needed food? Someone who was just having a hard life? She huffed, she couldn't think like that. The same kind of thought when he uncle's died. Caring too much about feeling over the good of Konoha. She slid the mission into her pocket as she walked up the stairs of her uncle's home. She was greatful to the village for letting it stand, they really didn't hae a choice with it being part of the Uchiha district. She walked up the stairs and into her room, she went to her bed where her hip pouch lay. She packed it with wire and kunai just incase she needed to lay some traps. She tied her hair up into a low pony tail letting her bangs frame her face, as she looked into her vanity mirror she saw how puffy her eyes were. She 'tsked' as she held one of her kunai to her eyes, the cool metal reducing the puffiness. She wasn't sleeping well, and she was still having nightmares. She had one the other night and it still bothered her. A fox made out of a giant mass of chakra, talking down to her as if she and her brother were dependant on power. She grit her teeth in aggrivation. It didn't help that Ashie didn't have the confidence to begin with, she always down played herself to make another individual look better. She knew this wasn't right, that it was just part of nature that she's not as strong as her father or...She almost broke the Kunai in half from gripping it too tight. Not today, she promised herself she wouldn't grieve anymore, that she'd be there as a totem of strength for her family.

She sighed out softly tucking her kunai back into her pouch. She walked back to her bed where she sat down and slid her feet into her sandals before making sure they were tied right. She stood and grabbed her blue haori, her Uchiha symbol proudly embued on the back. She looked in the mirror once more, she did look like her mother she noticed, but she had traits just like her father. She turned her back to the mirror and walked out of her room and down the stairs grabbing her head band off the table and tying it around her neck for all too see that she was a Shinobi of the Leaf. She closed the door behind her walking out of the Uchiha district towards the shopping district. Chin up and shoulder's back she waklked briskly as she passed by the shops she glanced inside. Nothing out of the ordinary. She talked with the supply salesman and he said that he hasn't had any problems. She sighed deep in thought, she hopes it wasn't what she thought it was. She decided to ask some of the villagers or other fellow shinobi that were in the area for any extra tips or advice. None of them had heard about any theives in the shopping district as of late. She waited in the ally way listening for any trouble while she wasn't showing herself. Thinking about why she hadn't found anything yet. Her mission wasn't out dated that's for sure! She looked around from the opening of the allyway, no one looked suspicious to her, no uneededly huge bags, or masks.

She 'tsked' again as she walked out of the shopping district. Frustrated and impatient she marched her way over to Ichiraku, she needed breakfast before she bit someone's head off and trust Ashie that when she was mad, it wasn't a pretty sight. She had just gotten to the door before she heard someone yell, she pressed her back against the left of the door frame. "Give me the money old man!" Her eyes flared with rage as she took her time, she didn't need to get any bystandards injured. She heard russling, she didn't sense any heave chakra and didn't hear any struggles. She could here someone running towards the door so she got her hand at the ready. As soon as the figure burst through the fabric of the door Ashie jumped up grabbed the person by the back of their collar kicked out his left ankle with her foot and slammed his upper body down onto the floor, her opposite hand had dug into her pouch to draw out a kunai and it was now poised in front of the theif's throat to keep them down.

When she got a good look at the person she was glad to find they weren't young, they weren't in tathered clothes either. She gritted her teeth and leaned real close, "You are so going to pay for the dare you steal in my village?!" She growled low as she patted the man down feeling his pockets jingle with ryo. She huffed and reached in feeling the fabric of different wallets in his pocket. She confiscated every last one of them and then she turned the thief around onto his stomach and pulled out some wire to tie his hands behind his back and she lifted him up by his wrists until he got the idea and stood up. The man kept his head down obviously embaressed he was caught by a girl. She brought the wallets and bags of ryo into the ramen shop and tossed them on the bar counter, "Make sure these wallets get back to your customers safely and if one of those belong to this guy, keep it as paying you back for all the ryo he stole from you before." Both the ramen chef and the customers applauded and thanked her, but Ashie was just doing her job.  

She scowled as she forced the thief out the door and two the office where shinobi's were suppose to turn in criminals like him. "This is the thief who was giving the ramen shop so much trouble, take care of him for me and make sure to search him for other stolen goods just in case." The Jounin nodded and bowed his head to Ashie. She sighed as she bowed and turned walking out of the office before returning to the Hokage office to turn in the mission.She huffed as she stopped at the front of the Kage's office. She cringed with pain. Navi, she was going to visit him inside the office and sneak him in some sweets. She inhaled deeply to calm herself before she bowed to the Jounin guarding the front doors. They bowed back and even opened the door for her. She's been in here a few times, handing in her missions, the halls seem...emptier. She walked up to the receptionist and placed her mission papers on the counter, "This one is finished, if you need to, contact the cells for the criminals, I dropped him off there and gave the stolen goods back to the shop." The Jounin shrugged and took his seal of approval and stamped the paper before placing it atop a giant stack of paper work. Only the Kage goes through them...and since there hasn't been another replacement I think everyone has been trying to sort them on their own.

She bowed before she turned her back and began to walk towards the door. That's when the nameless jounin stopped her with a call, "Hey! You're Ashie Uchiha aren't you? Daughter of Viper Uchiha?" She scoweled, she wasn't in the mood, she turned her head so her right eye could be seen. "What of it?" The Jounin gulped and shied back a little bit, "W-well, isn't he coming back to reclaim Hokage?" She frowned, that wasn't any of his business. It wasn't any of Ashie's either, she might be a princess but that didn't mean she knew everything while she trained to climb ranks. "I do not know, and I do not think so, it is not my job to inquire, if someone wishes to get in contact with him, send a letter to Echo Uchiha's house." She opened the door slowly before his voice interupted and irritated her further, "But Ma'am! Echo Uchiha is no longer..."

"Silence!" and it was. You could hear a pin drop from inside the Kage office itself. How dare he?! Ashie's wounds have not fully healed, it was not his place to remind her. She turned her eyes active her three tomoes piercing into his mind. "Send it to Echo Uchiha's house in the Uchiha district. That is our home. Just because a man dies doesn't mean his existance is erased." She could hear the whimper from the jounin as she opened the door further walking briskly passed the two jounin and back to her home. She blinked her Masutaai away and blinked herself into tears. It was hard, how does someone deal with these deaths?! One giving his life for the people he loves, and the other died by her own father's hands, why? To stop his temper tantrum?! Once Ashie got to her Uncle's door she slammed her fists into the door. She leaned on it for support, Ashie was struggling keeping a hold on her feelings. She could feel her sorrow returning ten times stronger. She needed rest...that's what she would do. She walked into their home closing the door behind her  falling onto the couch to return to the realm of dreams.

{Exit Ashie and Closed Topic, Word Count 2449, claiming the 1000 ryo and 3 action points.}
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Ashie Catches a Thief! {Private Mission} Empty Re: Ashie Catches a Thief! {Private Mission}

Fri Feb 05, 2016 12:24 pm
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