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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 5 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:15 am
She cleared her throat kind of hasty since this was kind of weird of a sort. Shortly she touched the piercing at her ear and yes it was there. She took a deep breath speed was something that she needed more rather than strength because this was not about hurting people this was about gaining hugs? Was it? She tilted her head and looked at him. He seemed prepared and she nodded at him smiling a little. Her feet took a solid stance where as her hands raised up into a relaxed position from which she would strike as if she was using her sword. She was not sure if this worked but it should be alright to do it like this. She did not want to hurt him in case of if he was not that sturdy to begin with. But this was all about hugs? Getting him in a bear hug was okay.

"I am ready if you are", she said and nodded to him.

So she would as he recommended take a deep breath and collected her mind into the deep breath in and out. Returning to her calm and peaceful self and then she looked at him straight smiling softly and then taking the first step which quickly turned into the dance she knew so good that she would be able to do it blindly without missing a step. Tuning on her toe tips and quickly turned as she lashed out with her hands towards him and tried to grab him to get him into this bear hug. Because she wanted to know what would happen if she really got to grab a hold of him.

WC: 280
TWC: 6725

Tsubaki no Mai
-20 Ap = 171/191 AP

Speed: 60 Basis + 25 Tsubaki no Mai + 25 Piercing = 110 Speed
Attack: 30 Basis +25 Tsubaki no Mai = 55 Attack
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 5 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:43 am
So then the game was to start. With a series of lashes for a strong attempt to get in close. Yet xuba was noting her foot work which was in tune to some sort of dance of sorts.

Ooooooo interesting.

Xuba thought as he smiled taking a slight scoot and step back into stance. Since the girl was well within range as it was well within tune. Each strike of this seeming dance was matched with a slight brushing of xubas right/left forearm acting as a glancing block to her attempts to make a clean hit. Her strength however was fierce as noted that each block would if allowed send her slightluly off balenced due to the diffrence in strength. (Each block speed would be done at full speed, and a strength of 60) Although the  seemingly sword stab motions were the interesting part.

"This is a very impresive style. Sanae"

Xuba stated as he maintained his distance and blocked in tune to her strikes. Only to step back and then piviot his lead foot after 5 steps back. (Left, right, left, right, left) turning 90 degreees. Thus puting xuba a meter away maintainng his guard, and smiling. As sanae would take a step, or scoot forward (depends on how you move towards xuba)  xuba's lead foot (left foot) would attempt to softly tap the side of her right ankle with the intent to knock sanae slightly off balenced. (speed: 125, strength:60)

With this manuver xuba would move his left arm. 

 If..... she began to lift her right leg to avoid the attempted sweep, xuba would lower his left arm towards her risinng right knee, and rest his left hand on the girl's lifted knee  palm facing downward on the kneecap. (Speed:125, strength:65)  All the while his right arm would be up in a guard slightly extended a 2 inches to the right side of his head so he could keep his perifiel vision on her other leg and arm. So if  sanae decided to strike back. With a kick or a punch, even a grab.  Xuba like any wise hand to hand combatant had a guard that was ready to block, or react to her attacks.

Xubas left hand would press down on her right knee to send it back down to the ground (speed:125, strength:60)  and should she belive that this meant that she can strike the left side of his face. Xuba would strike an elbow strike with his left arm to her now exposed rib cage (speed: 125, strength:60) and pivot on his left foot so he was facing tge same way as sanae (speed:125.)  He would wrap his left arm around her waist into a side hug. While looking down at her he would nuzzle her nose with his nose.

If.... she is suscessfully swept xuba would attempt to catch her arm with his left  hand (speed:125,) and bring her close with a slight tug (tug speed 125, strength:65) if it all went well she would spin like a ballerina, and come to rest with a stop facing xuba in an embrace with his arm wrapped arond her. All with xubas right knee softly pressing into her rib cage. (Speed:125, strength:5) he would then nuzzel her nose with his with an amused look.

Regardless of outcome xuba would speak and smile.

"I see you are focused sanae. This is good. Now keep up your dance. You are exceptionally skilled."

Xuba would state as he would let her go if permitted. Thus return to his assumed stance smiling. However a meter away.  Beckoning sanae closer with his left hand.
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 5 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:22 pm
While the dance lasted she could see that she was unable to really get a hold of him, since he was always kind of a minimal distance ahead of her. Maybe once or twice she brushed his arm as he was blocking her attacks with ease but that was it. Kind of a frustrating thing bit still she would continue to try her lashes at him. Left following a left and right, or two rights followed by one left ad again two rights then mixing it up again she needed to stay true to the dances nature. No pattern like the one before. The strongest point on this was that he could not foresee it, but still he had just a moment before she hit him to just evade the hit or redirect it. It was a pain but still her only chance at trying to get him, but she could not reach to him.

As he scooted away she would follow in the intent to come closer again, maybe starting to circle him in a way that she could get into his back and have a better chance at grabbing a hold of him. But as she did she would feel him attacking her ankle. A kind of smart move if she was to say so herself, just with on little thing, it was not strong enough to break her stance since she could hold against it. At least she had some point of advantage to him that would be relevant. Maybe not but who knew while she saw one thing that could play to her advantage. As he had prepared for her to evade his she could see a short opening nudging into his left side but this was a short push and there she went again. (110 speed, 55 strength) Further circling him or at least sidestepping around him for a moment.

The strike to her ribs, once again he was too fast for her to evade it but no harm done she would glance at him for a moment and then he would wrap his arm around her to pull her into a hug. Looking up at him in a stage of confusion she would feel his nose touching hers and she looked at him blushing. She needed to become faster indeed, even if she felt to be it already, it was not enough. With a tug at her arm he turned her like a little ballerina and after that embraced her in a close hug. She could feel his knee in her ribs but still no impact. Everything was so dulled down when she thought of it but this was the moment when she wrapped bother her arms around him and slightly tried to raise him off his feet with the chuckling remark: "Bear hug!" (110 speed, 55 strength)

After that he would surly let him go and looked at him as he took a stance again and she looked at him as well. Her mind was kind of flurry with attempt to find something she would be able to do to eat least try to hold him down even for a moment but she could not really think of something to help her in this matter. Maybe she could do a Genjutsu to distract him, but since they agreed on a spar even without weapons this would be too much of a deal. And that would cut all the Ninjutsu she knew as well leaving the taijutsu as the one thing to use, but she knew only those of her clan and if she did not want to stab him with a bone there was nothing better she could do.

So it was with a bitter taste to it that she had to admit what she should have known all along she was still not good enough to even be a match up for anyone. Her nose twitched as she only saw her on flaws and not the fact that she had taken some hits without even a single pain. This was erased by the bitter defeat she thought she had come by because she could not even reach him in time, even if she might have been able to do the hug, but only because he had come close enough for her to do so. So she looked at him with a kind of excusing expression while she waited for her body to get to rest again, since it would need some time to do the dance again which was the only thing keeping her kind of at par: "Seems like I am not fast enough Tutamursa-sama, I am sorry."

WC: 769
TWC: 7494

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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 5 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:28 pm
Xuba was listed off the ground slightly taken aback as he flexed and negated her squeeze with a slight intake of breath. It also helped as he did this that he turned slightly and added a tiny push kick that he hopped would find its way into her ribs. (Speed: 125, strength:60)

With that this placed her at a distance of a meter or two and he smiled. 

"I love bear hugs and that was great. Do not be sorry for your down fallings. You learn to adapt and grow. So relax sanae. I may be faster now but your art makes up for that. Example"

Xuba stated as he scooted forward at a speed of 60 to close the distance. His right hand would rotate across the center of his body in a closed fist. As an inside to outside block  in attempt to knock. Away her lead hand.(inside to outside block: +10 strength: closed fist. Speed:125, strength:75) 

The hopeful outcome would lead to sanae possibly finding her hand simply knocked away as with the same hand xuba would attempt to cup the right side of her cheek softly (speed:125) speaking softly.

"Shhhh. An artist strives to grow in the hand to hand arts. For it is nothing to hold you back. You will fight faster people."

Xuba rubbed the side of her face softly as he would softly lift her chin to look up towards him. A small smile on his face.

" show me what you can do and dont be afraid to score. Your abilities are shown with your discipline and i will not judge you for what you show. I shall draw no blade, but you may if you see that you need the edge nessary. But put your all behind each step. Wothout harm. This is the diffrence between a person seeking control of their demons and that has control. So..."

Xuba leaned in close as he whispered softly to the girl.

"Come after your tatsuma with anything you see fit ok sanae?"

With that xuba aimed a knee with his left knee to her gut in attempt to strike and push her back a couple meters. (Speed: 125, strength: 65)

If suscessful or not xuba will speak once more as he kindly looked upon her with kindness.

"And as a fighter i will reveal my art i honed in my home lands of the tornadeo... on guard sanae. tatsuma of the white heavens is comming."

His demeanor did not change but his stance certainly did it moved as in the flow of the wind his mind clear as he deepend his stance and his grey cloak shredding from his body to reveal the muscular black body underneath a tight black shirt. 

Ap: 485

-5 inside outside block
- 10 white heavens
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 5 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:46 pm
The kick found to her ribs for sure but did not leave as a big impact on her as anticipated but still well energy needed to flow where ever he went. She was a little puzzled because of his smile but well at least he had a reason for it. What would she smile about as she just met her match and it was so rather easy, that she did not know how she ever thought she was ready for anything? Maybe it was all a false illusion and she had to train so much more if she really wanted to stand a chance against anyone her age and skill range. It was kind of infuriating but nothing to be done about it. But there he came again with some attack at her. No this was not an attack it was a block.

Sanae would stand her ground as she felt her bones hardening to form her armour that she knew so well to protect her. (+30 health/ strength) The block would lose its force but not its ability to gently scoop aside her hand and shortly afterwards she would find his hand gently touching her cheek and she looked at him. Her cheeks turning hot and red while she was kind of angry at herself for the off guard reaction and the fact that while fighting he was able to do such games with her just as easy. If anyone could do it like that someone might just rather pin an explosive on her that would blow her head off or something? What was then?

While she was softly rubbing her cheek against the palm of his hand and instantly scolded herself for it because it was such a stupid thing to do right now. He said to come after him with what she wanted? But well what did she want? Was there anything she could do to at least try to catch him off guard? She could not really think of it but then still she thought of her possibilities she had and the more she thought about it the less useful they seemed. All the training she had done and all the Jutsu she had learned nothing seemed to be useful. Maybe that one C ranked Fuuton Jutsu she knew could pose some kind of threat to him, but was it that? But he said she was to take him seriously so she took a deep sign as he hit her with his knee she had not taken the time to even try to evade it rather than now pulling out her arm pointing the sword at him.(52,5 sharpness/ health) "I don't think this will change anything, but still this is seems my best option."

Now he would be met with the art of the Kaguya just as it was usually aimed to be like. (+25 strength/ Speed) Slashing and stabbing at him with the effort to at least try to hit him since she was quite sure he could take it at least once and if not she would try to heal him. It was not like she really wanted to spill blood, but this was what she could do and knew to do. Faster and faster she would go up into a swirling dance. Faster and faster she would try to even get to him but just as before she was lacking speed. Gridding her teeth she would then try to think. But her mind was blank, he was better than her, so much better than her that she did not really think there was use in still trying so hard. But if one would not try they would not get anywhere.

He had said something about revealing his art as she saw that it made him even faster or at least his reactions faster, but what was she to do about it, nothing she did not know how to break it, she just once wanted to land a hit. Not because he slowed down to cuddle her but, because she somehow got to him. But therefore she was to slow, but wait she tried what he did before. (+5 speed) With her open left hand she tried to push one of his hands aside to get closer to him and land a hit, but it only made her momentum a little bit higher which was not enough to give her the upper hand, but still it was an attempt that brought the sword made of her arm a little closer to hitting.

WC: 748
TWC: 8242

-30 AP Bone Armour
-10 Hone no Ken
-20 Dance of the Camellia
-5 Inside to outside Block

106/191 AP

Speed: 60+25+25+5 = 115
Health: 75 + 30 = 105
Strength: 20 + 25 = 55
Sharpness: 52,5
Sharpness boost: 41,25/42,5
Regular stabbing: 52,5 + 41,25 = 93,75 Sharpness
Last attack with sword Power: 52,5 + 42,5 = 95 Sharpness
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 5 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:22 pm
Xuba was astounded as he impacted some hard surface and although she kept up her assault xuba tried his best to avoid it. Tbe blade pointing at him cut his grey cloak and part of his shirt drawing a trickle of blood to run down his chest. He smiled as the skillfully read the parmtterns and swuvered around each cut and slash although not completely. His arms ended up taking cuts as well as his shoulders. A puncture to the shoulder on her last slash as he admired her drips of blood running down his arms as he calmly took a breath in.

"Very impressive sanae... you hokd such an amazing ability. Do not curse yourself for what you cannot catch."

Xuba stated as he initiated a solid block against her own attempted block catching her wrist and resting his hands against her fingers before interlocking them softly.

"Respect and take full pride in your abilities. You may not catch everyone, you may not always win. I broke bones merely learning a strike. And suffered fevers to come and grow in my art in the cold.... i was alone."

Xuba stated as he held her hand softly and a tear comming to his eyes not from pain, but joy. The violence that issued amid the two made him smile dispite age.

"It is time to set you for the next step. Feel the wind flow and like the wind make your offense roar with the lights of heaven..."

Xuba stated as he opend a palm and with the graces of the white heavens his hand moved with unatural speed. As he lightend the slap to come across her face as merely a brush. (Discipline: speed 155, strength: nill because i care)

His hand unless stopped would stop under her chin amid the bone and he pulled her close brushing her cheek while holding her hand.

"The arts represent the beauty inside and expand in physical motion. This i show you because now i shall teach you with my motions. If i may."

Xuba offered as he spun her around and lead her hand with his speed. Then showed her with his stance and now art in hand what it was like.

"Feel my wind flow across and understand through my eyes the white heavens"

Xuba threw a strike hand held. The full force and speed behind it. He then showed her the opposite hand a block sequence. 

"What do you feel?"

-5 dicipline

-10 white heavens
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 5 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:08 pm
She could see him bleed and as she could see the blood running down his arm her heart to a little stab as well. She did not want to hurt him and she did not want to see him bleed. She just wanted to show what she could do but that went along with hurting him. A small shiver ran down her spine as he caught her wrist and slowly locked down their fingers. She looked at him in a little bit of a shock looking at his shoulder from which the blood was coming.

She reached out with the free hand as she wanted to try touching the wound on his shoulder in an attempt to heal it. But as she was he said something about flowing wind and the roar of the lights of heaven? But before she had touched him she could feel his hand swish over her face. She was only surprised because it was so very gentle that she almost did not take notice of it as he once again pulled her close while caressing her cheek with his hand and she held onto his hand that was still holding hers a little confused about what was going on again.

But then there was a pattern. This was kind of like when her father first taught her how to do the dance. He had also taken her hands leading her into it until she had gotten used to the movements and this was how he seemed to be doing it right now and it felt a little weird but also like flying or dancing. A safe feeling as he made her do some movements she did not know by just directing her arms in places and patterns she did not know. Her heart was pounding again quite fiercely and she was not quite sure why or how she was to cope with it.

He delegated her stance and threw a punch with one hand and showed something like a block on the other and then, what did she feel? "This is kind of weird my heart feels so light just as if I was falling from somewhere very high into the sky. But falling into the sky is not possible because I would need to fall upwards. My body moves so lightly like in the dance I know but faster as it is or maybe different. I do feel your control on me but it is not like it is forced but my body wants to move that way", she signed and turned her head a little to smile into his face, look in his eyes, take a moment to rub her cheek against his for the brief moment she was close enough. "It makes me shiver, maybe excitement?"

WC: 464
TWC: 8706

-15 AP Bone Armour
91/191 AP
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 5 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:21 pm
Xuba chuckled at her words and took a breath. Relaxing and holding the girl as it suddenly as it began. It ended. 

"Some call it relaxation. Others say its coping. You are getting used to me it is what i say." 

Xuba stated as he ended the white heavens to relax a moment and shivered as the puncture now hurt.  Still he noted something the bones had not faltered in her... perhaps it was natural, or costly.

"Sanae relax your body for the bones i have no idea but i wouldnt want you fainting if it was straining. Life is a sidewalk. Enjoy the stroll ok.?" Xuba stated as he nuzzled her nose  once more. 

A slight  shock of pain made xubas shouler shudder slightly. 

"But i wont lie you truely are a deadly princess?"
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 5 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:51 pm
"It sure seems like that", she smiled and nodded at him as he said that she seemed to be getting used to him being around her. Was that good or was it bad? She was not quite sure about it and a little nervous. She gently touched her heart and closed her eyes as the armour disappeared leaving her venerable again and she felt now even more like a doll made of porcelain then before. But then something else caught her attention. As he was nuzzling her again she could fell him shudder. It was only a little bit but she noticed it.

"Yes I am deadly when my strike does hit", she said with worrying eyes now performing the seals with her hands she needed to do the medical ninjtsu. Chakra drifted through her hands and made them glow in a green light just as if she was covering them with chakra to enable the power to heal him. "But I can also be healing", she then said putting her hands to his shoulder infusing it with the healing chakra that started to try and mend what she had broken within him. But still she lacked the knowledge to do it properly but at least she was able to make the bleeding go away and maybe ease the pain a little. "We need to put a bandage on this I suppose", she said after raising her hands and looking at it. "Unfortunately I am not yet good at it."

She looked at her hands where some blood had stuck and in a reflex she just licked it off until her palms where free of it afterwards cleaning the saliva off her hands. Then she looked at him again. "I hope the hurt goes away soon I did not want t injure you badly but I am still not as masterful as my father, I knows better how not to fatally harm people with what he can do", she smiled a little sorrowful and then looked up at him, "But it is not that bad, is it?"

WC: 347
TWC: 9053

-5 AP Medical Ninjutsu Level 1

86/191 AP
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 5 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:09 pm
Xuba smiled softly as the girl healed his shoulder well tried to. It was an interesting fact that due to her efforts it stabalized and the bleeding slowed to a stop.

"You are an angel with the heart of gold." Xuba stated softly. He smiled  as she seemingly without hesitation licked up his blood from her hands. Perhaps it was a sign of affection? Or it was a quick hand in cleaning her hands. 

"You did wonderful in healing. I once broke a girl. She well was not the most stable, the man tried to bully the boy i lost. She ended up on the wrong end of my wrath and i saved her. Although i have no idea what is of her. Affection comes diffrent over time sanae. It even changes. But you will grow into a master like your father. He too like the leader here was once weak. But he trained and grew as a person."

Xuba brushed back sanae's hair as his rough skin from years of training were apparent. 

" you train for what you belive and stand for. You grow for what you belive in, but you live life because like night fall the dawn will always greet you. It will shine in your eyes that are like the sun. Living. And pure. Even in the darkest caves, or the deepest fogs. You will shine sanae. Because you are a master of your life."

Xuba stated as he rolled his shoulder and smiled. 

" i can still go on and teach you more things. Of course if you deem it hold my hand some more as dance of life is quiet a vast path, but together its coverable."

Xuba stated honestly as he found her company was the warmth that he wanted to get more used to.
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