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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 11 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:47 pm
She nodded as he said they would set up for the night and made room for him to get up. But as he slipped and fell to a knee she stretched out her arms as if to catch him but she was too late as it was. So she just offered a hand to help him up to his legs. But still he got up himself since his hands were already full with cloak and what not. She signed n a little relive that he seemed to be alright as it was. She wrapped him in an additional blanket and smiled at him. "It will be very comfortable I promise", she said and walked towards her room where she then would roll out two futons one for each to sleep in next to each other. The room was warm and quite plain as it was but still it was a room that showed here was a girl living. A Kimono was hanging on a wall, black with the colour scheme of the sun going down in red, violet and blue like the northern lights. There was a desk and a chair where she probably did writing and such on. Books rested inside a shelf on the wall and she placed a stuffed bear on top of her futon. "So all set, do you need anything more?" She asked looking at him.

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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 11 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:18 pm
He followed sanae throgh the house as there was the promise of confort. Yet it was well lit despite that xuba was aware of the shadows. Years of on the road and silence  made him quiet unaccustom to this. Yet he had to adapt. It was life.

"Thank you sanae for all of this my princess." 

The fuutons were set up as xuba out of instinct set up the next day's clothing he had carried in a sack. with him amid traveling. The color that suited him was of vibrant colors ogf various colors. He naturally wore black and grey amid wilderness and mountains to blend in. But in rural country he wore various rich colors that matched the area. A goldish linning shirt, withdark blue slacks.

He took out a kunai and with delicate care began a haircut he had done by  blade many times. Using the moon light to be his guide.  His grey locks shortend to a fine set of grey curles as he tidied up the back of his hair.

"Its time to freshen up of course sanae. Hygine is important out there as if you forget to care yourself it is easy to find yourself well dead." Xuba stated as he lowered his towel  only when the lights wer out and stared out the  window. 

"Perhaps mother. Perhaps i will grow to make the choices you and father never made. To guide my own path. Sanae, this land is peaceful. I hope they can accept my help. For my disire has chabged in the months following. I... asked for help.... i came for help.... does a man in the bloody path  get the chance for himself to truely be in the favor of the heavens. Please watch over me and guide me like you once was supposed to."

The man stated as with silence  he cleaned his area quietly and held the kunai as he kept his promise to return one day. The moonlight emmited his shadow as he put it away. No more blood for his mother so he felt his debts were repaid.

He stared at the moon for hours as he remained at peace. He was back in his home country. It had been 15 years but he made his round trip. His mind went back as he looped continuously back to the river and as a child he turned,away from the land. Now within a few days  he turned and saw the land change. Now a ninja village. Where there was but a castle and the decree of the land.
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 11 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:58 pm
She smiled at him and nodded in agreement as she took out her night gown she was to wear shortly. "I will go to the bathroom and get ready for bed, I will be back soon", she said and walked out of the room as he seemed to start to cut his hair. She closed the door and took a small dip into the slightly warm water she was relaxed a little more and cleaned of the dust and sweat of the day that she had harnessed. She did not care to wash her hair now because it would take so long to dry it. The rest was taken care of well and carefully and as she had brushed her teeth and then braided her hair into a long tail she would make the water run out of the tube and clean it off. Then she slipped into that sleeveless but over knee long dress and the short pants she would wear to sleep this night and returned to her own room.

There she found her guest still in prayer or deep though standing at the window staring outside. She would then move closer and wrap her arms around his hips and rest her head against his shoulder. Gently rubbing her cheek against the shoulder and then saying: "I will now turn towards the sweet dreams about what today will mean for me in the future and so should you, to fill your thoughts and your heart with joy and happiness from this day forth to be your guide instead of loneliness and dark shadows", she smiled as he let go of him again, "If you get lost in dark thoughts, I will be the light to guide you I promise", then she yawned again and crawled under her blanket hugging the bear she had previously placed onto her pillow.

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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 11 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:22 pm
Xuba then felt sanae's hands wrap around him as he exhaled. The day was defintley long and he smiled at her words. 

To turn my nightmeres into the dreams... when did i dream last. She is right though. Despite the difference i will call her my guide in the dark. For it matters not yesterday. But tomarrow. What will tomarrow hold for me? 

Xuba thought as he heased himself into the fuuton in thought and found it soft and not hard like the ground, cave floors, the dirt or snag of the trees. Even the face of a cliff. It was secure. No need to rise up out of instinct to scan the eviorment. Or investiage a suspicious sound.  The silence wouldve been unerving if he had been alone. But he wasn't. Sanae was there as the yawning ceased in the girl xubas hand dangled down and his injured arm patched up. His good hand was down and hence he fell into a sleep unlike  one he never had. The last thought and sight he saw was sanae resting.  

How gods can she maintain that inner peace? Perhaps... here is a good place to be. The place to merely check in and stay.

Xuba thought as he finally lost conciousness although sharp still for anything suspicious. Some habits never die hard.


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Check in [P,NK, Xuba] - Page 11 Empty Re: Check in [P,NK, Xuba]

Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:11 pm
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