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Shouhei Sato
Shouhei Sato
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Monks, Pet Owners, and other Crazy People (P) - Page 4 Empty Re: Monks, Pet Owners, and other Crazy People (P)

Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:06 pm
Shouhei was never sure if he would even understand this man or his thought process. The way he just spoke about the possibility how the jutsu came off to Shouhei like he wanted to tell him how it worked rather than him pontificating its function. Although, Shouhei might also have been a bit annoyed that he wasn’t asked. In any event, he wasn’t going to bite in and turn an annoyance into a wound, so he disbanded his jutsu.

“That was what the scrolls I learned it from said, Kyousuke Sensei.” He smiled and gave the man a little bow. “I appreciate the time you have given me today. However, I will need to leave now and deliver that last one or two packages before it becomes evening. I also think my mother would appreciate it if I came back with my clothes in somewhat order too.” He laughed a bit.

Taking a few steps around, he picked up the weapons that had landed on the ground, and that Kyousuke hadn’t taken. However, on that note, Shouhei walked up to the large man. “I also think I am going to need my kunais again.” He reached out his hand and accepted them if given. Thereafter, he would take out his hand out again for a handshake. “Maybe we can see each other again another day, eh?” Their hand shaken or not, he would then leave the premise with his equipment, and the two leftover packages containing clothing.


Brooke Uchiha
Brooke Uchiha
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Monks, Pet Owners, and other Crazy People (P) - Page 4 Empty Re: Monks, Pet Owners, and other Crazy People (P)

Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:12 pm
“Yeah, I hope your mom doesn’t get too mad. If she does, just say you were following that jerk Snow’s orders.” He would throw a hand behind his head and rub the bald spot and smile. “I also hope I didn’t make you late for your deliveries.” While standing Kyousuke would take all Shouhei’s weapons from his pockets and seeing that the boy was approaching there was no need to also move forward.

“I think that is the only one I had. I caught them because I know how expensive these things are, I don’t even own any. I lost most of them… Usually in someone’s back. That was some time ago though.” Seeing the hand raised Kyousuke would shake it with a firm grip, not enough to crush the boys hand but one good enough to be considered a decent shake. “I also hope we will have the opportunity to work together, I can learn a lot from you.” When he said work together he meant in a capacity where they were both trying to achieve a task like a mission, instead of training. Sometimes it was nice to be out in the field, it was where his mind wandered the least.

The current state of Hoshi was calm compared to years ago, while Kyousuke enjoyed the peace it was always in the back of his mind like an echo “How long will that peace last and when will it be shattered?” There were already things happening in the upper ranks to prevent future attacks. Akihana was… somewhere doing something to keep Haven safe. Denkiteki was securing the borders against missing ninja. Kyousuke was building up the genin to protect themselves and others if it came down to it, while also training himself so that there would be no need for the young ones to worry at all.

At least there were things off his mind now, like suddenly going on a rampage because of a nature energy induced madness. Denkiteki sure did understand about the problem Kyousuke had been facing and working together they were able to solve it. Berserker Kyousuke was no longer an immediate danger to everyone. Like during this training there was no voice telling him to gravely injure, maim, or kill the kid, which personally the jounin appreciated.

Watching as Shouhei left the ninja would wave, before disappearing into an orange blur through the grounds and make his way home. I need a nap. As the ninja moved he remembered he had left something behind and had to return to the grounds to retrieve it. Returning to the spot the ninja would grab the shirts, of course he wouldn’t open them just yet a lot could happen from here to home. With the use of the body flicker the ninja could get home within a couple of minutes and set the shirts down onto his table. Kyousuke opened the package seeing as they might need ironed, looking over the clothing though they all seemed to be cleaned and folded well. Okay, now I can take a shower and get  to sleep.  Taking off his clothes the man would enter his shower and get ready for bed. There was no telling what tomorrow had in store…

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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Monks, Pet Owners, and other Crazy People (P) - Page 4 Empty Re: Monks, Pet Owners, and other Crazy People (P)

Sat Dec 03, 2016 2:18 am

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