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Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong
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The Monks Training Session [p;NK] Empty The Monks Training Session [p;NK]

Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:51 pm
It seemed time was on the young ape boys side, watching his fellow Sunagakure civilians move along with there day. Some watched as Sun walked pass by, watching carefully as the ape boy took his steps. The sound of a desperate voice was heard behind him, screaming Wait for me!!! Dashing quickly until clashing with Suns body. Watch where your going ! The strange boy who seemed desperate for a reason of some sort was now sitting on his palms. Looking with now intentions of maybe hitting Sun. Darn you!!! Why the fuck you have to get in my way stupid monkey piece of trash! Sun's pupils wided to this incredulous statement. The ape boy had not believed that people could be so cruel just by meeting them. Still showing manners Sun reached out his hand to help the kid up. 

      Hey need some help Mr? Turning his head away to the kind act, the kid  some spit and released it towards Sun's Direction. Nah no Thanks! But here take some spit worthless monkey hahaha. Laughing evilly to his statement the kid arose on his two feet and began jogging. 

  No matter what the ape boy took the insults because the nature of fighting was only necessary when needed, and this was not a act of need. Now all the ape boy could do was wipe the spit from his chest.   Sighing the pain away Sun started to walk again. It's not like anything was going to change now that he had become a ninja. 

    There it is hehe Quikly forgetting about the last few minutes, Sun spotted the training grounds and finally his independent training could launch! His feet started to quikly run towards it. Stopping a few steps away from the steps Sun laughed a bit thinking about how ironical it was for him to stop. Ill have to remember that haha! A few steps away from the steps hehehe I kill myself! 

 Reaching into his pouch the monkey boy searched for some apples. However only a banana was found. Hey it's better than nothing. Going up the steps now, all Sun had in mind was to work his ass off right now! To make sure he could work and train himself as hard as possible. The sound of the winds fury was all that was heard, sand particles where easily avoided however as Sun placed his goggles on. Hehe look at me I'm Echo! Imagining himself as Echo made him smirk, the young ape boy loved his book and ways. Sun shook his head however to the thought reminding himself what was important at the moment, training! Train! Work! That's why he was here in the first place. 

  Analyzing the area carefully noticing something in witch had appeared to visualize itself as a target dummy. Wow look I can work on my accuracy skill great! Sun's tail moved side to side as his eyes did the same scanning the target. 1.....2....ok! Counting the dummy's carefully making sure his next actions would go according as planned. Hiya! Releasing three shuriken from his pouch into the air, Sun gripped his staff tight sending a incredibly fast slash at the shuriken. The sound of the metal clashing with his staff could be heard, the shuriken had now been hit sending them flying towards the target dummy's. if done correctly they would land right on target. 

Yea! I did it. Outbursting with joy from his voice Sun screamed. The shuriken had now landed precisely on the dot. The ape boy was surprised himself, it was obvious monkey boy's skill was now improving significantly. Jumping up and down with no care in the world. Yay ! I'm getting stronger ! Can't wait to show Raijin and Yukio this trick!
Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong
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The Monks Training Session [p;NK] Empty Re: The Monks Training Session [p;NK]

Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:42 pm
Time for Sun's second part of his training. Placing his staff back on his back the ape boy got flat on his belly. Eww I hate sand. Getting in a push-up position Sun began to lift himself with his arms. One.....two! Three! Doing his push-ups patiently, the burning feeling began to spread through his chest. Wow I feel it! All that weak muscle leaving hehe. I'm going to get stronger! Fifty three! Fifty four! Finally completing his set of fifty push-ups the Severn year old monk stood up on his feet rubbing on his arms. 
    Ok what's next ? Hmmm... Thinking about his next routine Sun started to wonder bout something. What was it ? It was as if he had forgotten something ? Oh yea ! His apple reward for completing the push-ups. With his tail the monkey boy reached in his pouch. However the boy was out of luck, the pouch was empty on fruits. Darn I gotta buy more, I knew it! Now it was time to go through his staff training routines. Getting in stance Sun started to wave his staff side to side. Spinning it at high rates as always. This was his best arsenal and the ape boy was now intending to make it better. Hmm.... Sun started to move in a strange way, kinda monkey like. The staff was still in Sun's possession however moving faster now. Sending fast thrust and slashes towards nothing but air, this caused the sand to rise. The little boys skills had improved from before. 

    Hehe yea... Sun tossed the banana staff in the air carelessly. The ape boy smirked. Let's fly! Winds created as the ape boys tail moved rapidly. Sun's tail was now Spinning at high velocity, this caused Sun to be lifted off right from the ground. Aaahhhhh! It's working ! The boys face lit up. Now Sun was flying above the ground. Reaching his hand out to the banana staff in witch now was infront of his face. I got it!  

   Slowly Sun hovered down to the sand surface. Wow I actually did it hehe!
Sun Wukong
Sun Wukong
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The Monks Training Session [p;NK] Empty Re: The Monks Training Session [p;NK]

Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:59 pm
The monk ninja Sun was now focusing on a new ninjutsu. Earth Clone Jutsu! The earth surface started to mold a figure, the dirt and soil started to fuse and form a clone. It resembled the ape boy vividly. Everything was the same, hair, smile, and tail all alike. Wow! Hehe it worked better this time. I'm astonished cause to be honest I thought my earth Jutsu skills where beginning to fade. But nah hehe. The monkey boy's clone was now facing him. Waiting for a request from the real Sun. Hey clone Sun Make sure you come at me with all you got! I'm working on a new Taijutsu. The clone Sun nodded to the real ape boy demands. 

    Dashing strait towards Sun, the clone Quickly slashed with his staff. Sun however knew himself better than anybody. Disappearing in a instant kinda as if he was never there. Soon reappearing beneath the clone, the ape boy kicked upwards. Hiya!! Sun's foot was now connecting with the clone's mid section. With great force the kick lifted the clone right off its feet, launching in the air the clone started to disintegrate into soil and rock peddles.

      Wow it seems my technique just gets better hehe! Yea monkey boy at his best ! SUN WUKONG THE PRODIGY Hehe. Laughing with such joy the monkey boy put his attention again on his training. Sun jumped onto a log, from the log the ape boy scanned the battle field searching for a  destination point. Hmm.....Ill just go there than. Pointing with his index finger to the spot, Sun started to hover with his tail in the air. Slowly but sure the monkey was now flying again, after some time Sun reached the spot. Finally ! I was getting worried I would Evan be able to stay in the air like that. 

   Landing on his destination Sun was now in gear. Shifting his body side to side with his staff in grasp, The monkey boy open his eyes to the grass. And with immense strength the boy slashed on to it. The impact crater a dent in the earth, the grass spread through out the small crater. It had seemed maybe Sun's power was now gaining something as well. Hard work was paying off, that's truly all the ape boy could desire. Inquire to what thoughts where going in and out Sun's mind, all that mattered the most was the increase in skills while training. Hehe seems like I'm all done here! I think ill go find out what Raijin and Yukio are doing. The boy now walked away from the training grounds, looking back at the destruction from the training, the ape boy smiled greatly pointing up a piece sign. See yah ! Hehe
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