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The average day in the life of Nokino Empty The average day in the life of Nokino

Sat Nov 04, 2023 1:27 am
da missions::

The average day in the life of Nokino YbTapOz

As she woke up pumped as always, Nokino looked at her agenda, filled to the brim with tasks and responsibilities like usual. Motivated to see she was still active and contributing to the village, she got up of her bed, noticed the early hour of 7 am and proceeded to do her usual training of 100 push ups, a 100 sit-ups, and a hundred chin-ups at her house gym. 

After the intense training, she jumped into the shower and quickly dressed in her iconic attire, ready to tackle that busy day.

'' 'Aight another full day for me! Whats on today's agenda?'' said to herself the tall Iburi kunoichi, as she got out of her house while eating her breakfast, a spicy beef onigiri, reading from her agenda with the other hand. 

1. post and distribute some recruitments flyers and posters for the academy, showing the new school reforms to entice young kids of Konoha to become shinobi! 

2. Go to the Konohagakure Hospital for a doctor apointment, its important to keep the progress onto your health!

3. Go to school Even if its your off day, another teacher called in sick and you need to take the class to teach them the basics of taijutsu and bukijutsu (today's class) this afternoon. (hope this shit get me to school head, please see this lord hokage)

Well first thing first, its time to get to the prints with whom Nokino issued the flyers and poster and distribute them across town! 
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The average day in the life of Nokino Empty Re: The average day in the life of Nokino

Tue Nov 07, 2023 7:18 pm
As Nokino walked down the streets to go to the printer's shop, she noticed the village was barelly active, still too early in the morning. Almost no one wandered the streets normally busy, but this would be perfect for her to set all the flyers and posters across town! As she entered the printers shop, she found him asleep with a poster still stuck to his forehead, sleeping drunk on the floor! The poor idiot probably did her order last minute, printing it all night. Per chance, all the order was there, a large cardboard box filled with sheets of colorfull posters, and Nokino took it with her, leaving a few ryo bills right on top of the drunk man's head. Looking into the box, Nokino was proud of her design she had printed for her, and started to wander town to stick it everywhere.

The average day in the life of Nokino EDFaSwl
Stapling posters all across town, on fences, wooden poles for electric lines and even walls, Nokino spread the news of the academy having a fresh coat of paint, and being in a reform that welcomed new students and citizens to become ninja. She also handed out flyers to doors, setting them inside every house mail boxes, and putting some in key place like the marketplace, so that merchants and stalls could hand them to the passer bys. She would also swing by the Hokage office, placing them at the entrace where the citizens came to get answers at the front desk, the only public place of the hokage manor.

Having almost finished her box, Nokino noticed that the day and the morning advanced quite fast, and that there was now a lot of people around her and wandering the streets. Seeing that the city was back to its usual bustling streets and alleys, Nokino climbed atop a wooden crate and began to shout like a town crier, showing the posters in her hand and attracting as much folks around as possible.

''HEYA GOOD FOLKS OF KONOHA! DO YOU HAVE CHILDRENS? ARE YOU A YOUNG PERSON FULL OF ENERGY AND LIFE WHO WISH HE COULD DO SOMETHING ELSE? ARE YOU SKILLED IN A PARTICULAR WAY? THEN ITS TIME FOR YOU TO APPLY FOR THE SHINOBI ACADEMY OF THE HIDDEN LEAF! SERVE OUR LORD HOKAGE, DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS AND LIVE ADVENTURES! WHAT ARE YA WAITING FOR? COME HERE YOU! DO YOU HAVE CHILDRENS? SIGN THEM ON AT THE ACADEMY! GATHER AROUND PEOPLE, GATHER AROUND! THE NEW SCHOOL REFORM IS HERE! I'M A TEACHER AND I COULD MAKE YOU OR YOUR CHILDRENS INTO FULLY FLEDGED NINJA, CAPABLE OF TREMENDOUS FEATS!'' would yell Nokino, transforming herself from teacher to salesperson in an instant. As she finished distributing her remaining leaflets, Nokino had a big smile in her face, before lighting up a cigarette and leaving the area with a sense of accomlishment, feeling like the school would have enough attention with her intense publicity for a good while.

Walking now in direction of the hospital for her doctor appointment, Nokino stopped at a stall to buy chicken yakitori and takoyati filled with delicious octopus meat. As she ate while walking towards the medical office, Nokino took a deep breath, trying to calm herself as she was not a fan of doctors or medical visits in general. Almost forgetting to put out her cigarette, and noticing that she smoke all the way up to the doctor's office door, all the way into the hospitals corridors, nokino's face began to blush at her lack of focus, and she quickly put out the lit cigarette, throwing it aways swiftly into the garbage before her doctor sees her with it in her mouth. As the door openned to lead to the office, Nokino was met face to face with her doctor, Dr. Teko, a tall man of a certain age, professionnal, stoic, calm and always caring. He had a large scar across his face, a sign of a previous ninja career, but now he was only a doctor practicing medicinal jutsu, as well as traditional medicine too. 

''Welcome Nokino-san. How have you been? Please. Take a seat. I've heard you had quite the progress curve in the last months! You are a teacher at the ninja academy if im not mistaken, right? And words is that you are working also at reforming the school system. You clearly have been busy!'' would say Dr. Teko, smiling as he sat down too in front of Nokino, his legs crossed. The office was quite high into the hospital, the whole backwall of it a window pannel showing the view over the village trough the white blinds. Other than that, the room was filled with medical apparatus, with posters of anatomical schemes and plans, showing both organic systems as well as the chakra systems, with the tenketsu points. There was the central desk with a chair for the doctor, and one in front for the patient, and on the far side of the room, was a hospital bed, along with shelves filled with supplies and tools of the medical trade. On the opposite side was a scale to weigh patients and a threadmill to test their heart rates. 

''And i'm also a sensei for a recently appointed team, Team Mirai, Dr Teko. Yeah, I've been busy quite a lot with all the assignements, as well as the life of a ninja doing missions across all of those responsibilities. But I don't complain. It means I have a good standing with the lord Hokage, and that my efforts bear fruit. Now i've registered to participate in the Chunnin exams that are soon gonna take place here, the culling games. So i figured a medical check and all would be in order to make sure i'm at peak performance, and that i dont have any health issues.'' replied Nokino adding to the informations about herself that the doctor would know.

''Alright, I understand. Remove your flak vest and lay on the bed here please, we are going to do a few basic medical tests, making sure everything is good.'' said the Doctor. '' 'aight'' said Nokino, removing it and laying down.

As the doctor analysed her physionomy, taking notes on the progress of her musculature, on her breathing, and general condition, Nokino remained still, and silent, letting the doctor do his job.

''you seem to be in general good shape! you grew quite a bit in terms of muscles since last time, keep up the good work! Now we'll test the basics: I'll do a reflex test, a sense test, and then we'll weight you, take a blood sample as usual, make you run on the thread mill, and test that chakra of yours. Sounds good?'' 

''Yep. Lets get it over with.'' 

''So, first test. The reflex.'' said the doctor. He would then proceed to test her reactivity and muscle memory, asking her to tap her nose and his fingers in fast succession. After that, he use a pencil as a focas point to test the reflexes and speed of her eyes, following it left and right and up and down, faster and faster. He also use a small wooden hammer to test her reflexes and the nerves of her articulations, like the knees, the wrists and the ankles.

''Alright this seems good enough. Now senses. I'll test your senses with differents stimuli, each one different to see if you can tell what it is.''
said the dr.

The first sense tested was the smell. Nokino closed her eyes, and the doctor would make her smell things and guess what they are. The first was citrusy, hmm maybe orange? No it was more sharp than than, more acidic. Lemon! Oh another one? hmm this was earthy, full of aroma. Coffee! 

Now came the visual sense. She needed to distinguish colors from one another, and read texts from afar. This was really easy,  and Nokino didnt struggle. After that came the sense of touch. At first the doctor tested if she could tell the difference between a sharp object like a needle or a sea urchin, from a blunt object like a finger or a wooden chopstick. This was again, quite easy, but after that, he tested her sense to tell textures with her skin, rubbing different kind of fabrics on her hand and fingers, making her guess what fabric it was and if could be considered rough or smooth, coarse or not, light or heavy, etc. 

After that was her sense of hearing. At first, he made her listen to some soft music, talking over it and asking her to repeat what he told her. After that, he did differents noises into each ears, progressively lower and lower, asking her each time what was the noise and from wich side of her head it was, Nokino havingof course her eyes closed for this test. 

The last one was the best: the sense of taste. The doctor would have the Iburi woman close her eyes, and gave her samples of food and aromatic herbs, as well as drinks. The first was easy and quite delicious: it was a slab of sashimi, specifically fatty tuna, a delicacy. The second was even better. It was a spoonfull of ribs barbeque sauce, sweet, spicy. the third one was a sip of a drink, something floral, something that the kunoichi wasnt a regular consumer. Was it Jasmin tea? Yeah, that almost perfume like flavor felt like she drank a sented candle, it wasnt good, but it was again, easy to identify.

''Good job on the tests, your senses seem to be all sharp! Now please undress down to your underwear and step on the scale here, i'll get the needle and I can take the bloodworks from you while the scale adjust to weight you properly. I know you dread needles, I'll make it quick ahahah! To think at your age, with your hardcore attitude and fortitude that you still fear needles is beyond my comprehension! But anyways, everyone have fears right? Im afraid of snakes, so I'm not better than you Nokino-san!'' Said the man while fetching the needle. 

As the shinobi did as ordered and the doctor weighted her and took her blood in a sample, Nokino frowned and her face expressed something rarely seen, pain and discompfort. It was over in an instant, but still, the type of pain was something she hated deeply. After this test, the others tests were conducted without much insidence, checking her cardio vascular status with her running for half an hour on the thread mill, and then making her channel her chakra, and with a special kind of machine, mesure her reserves and overhall control of it. Being done with all the medicals, Nokino dressed herself back.

''Well that will be all miss! Your health is going good, and everything seems in order. I gotta say, your progress is quite impressive! Im looking up to you being head of school. Take care now!'' said Doctor Teko, waving her a swift goodbye before burrying his face back into the medical notepad containing Nokino's medical file.

Waving him goodbye too, Nokino got out of the office, and out of the hospital completely, lighting herself another cigarette as soon as she passed the doors and found herself outside. Seeing the hour, she realized that she was actually late to her assignement as a substitude today! She started to run toward the school hopping to arrive not too late.

As she arrived rushing to the school backyard, students were playing in the grass, disorganized as if it was a break between classes and they were playing. Well it wasnt their fault, they were suposed to have a practice field class today, and she had run late. Grasping herself to be professionnal fast, Nokino took a few slow breath, getting her mind back together. A few seconds after, a now calm Nokino took out a kunai from her pockets, and twirled it with her hand, throwing it upwards not too high and catching it each time.

'' 'AIGHT KIDS! GATHER AROUND, GATHER AROUND! Today, im replacing your teacher and we will practice the basics of taijutsu fighting and bukijutsu. Firstly we will practices basic hand strikes and kicks, and after that we will practice the basic weapons of the ninja, shurikens, kunais, and smoke bombs. There is other weapons but for now since its only the basics we wont use other more dangerous weapons. But first, who can tell me the difference between taijutsu and bukijutsu?'' said Nokino with her serious voice, now more in her element as a teacher.

''Bukijutsu is the usage of weapons, and taijutsu is the hand to hand combat!'' said a student, well informed.

''Correct! Bukijutsu usually use you agility and reflexes, werehas the hand to hand combat usually use the raw strength of the ninja. Sometimes tho, the arts can use the others abilities, such as blunts weapons, or special fighting styles of taijutsu, notably users of the gentle fists, the style of the hyuuga clan.'' Replied Nokino to the student adding details to the answer.

After the questions, Nokino made the students pair in teams of 2 and practices basic hand strikes and kicks, watching over them as they practiced, correcting their forms and patroling her hands behind her back as her watchfull eyes analysed the spars. After a while, Nokino stopped them and gathered them again, ready to give a speech.

''Well done students! Now, lets practice fighting close with a kunai, and throwing shurikens. I want to see each and everyone of you block at least 3 blows with the kunai from your opponents, and stick into the wood logs 10 of your shurikens each! A little hint to help you: to throw the shuriken well, you need to put some spin into it, it will help it stick! To block well the strikes of a armed opponent, keep your eye sight on the tip of the blade and follow it, it will help you process the movement and block the strike! Now practice! GO GO GO!'' would say the Iburi teacher, making them practice until the end of the class.

''Now the class is done! Your homework is to practice those weapons skills, as today not even half of you succeeded in the task i asked you regarding the kunai and shuriken usage! You need more practice so pair up after school, get the help of a parent, or practice alone, but you need at least 2 hours before next lesson, 'aight? Good evening class.'' added Nokino sending away the kids. 

After a day well spent, Nokino was tired and got back to her house, smiling by the fullfilled day she just had, but craving her bed too from the exhaustion of it.


TWC: 2710

Rewards: 5000 Ryo, +25 AP

at 25% discount from max stats, learning Summoning: Iron Maiden for 1312WC (1398 wc remaining), finishing learning Immitation Black hole from this topic with 931 WC (467 WC remaining), learning Demonic Illusion: fabric Smoke for 375 wc (92 WC remaining going toward Mist Servant Technique 97/375)
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Marabelle Blossom
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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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The average day in the life of Nokino Empty Re: The average day in the life of Nokino

Fri Nov 10, 2023 8:45 pm
Nokino wrote:


TWC: 2710[/left]

Rewards: 5000 Ryo, +25 AP

at 25% discount from max stats, learning Summoning: Iron Maiden for 1312WC (1398 wc remaining), finishing learning Immitation Black hole from this topic with 931 WC (467 WC remaining), learning Demonic Illusion: fabric Smoke for 375 wc (92 WC remaining going toward Mist Servant Technique 97/375)


Note: Nokino has note noted any bonus AP so new total will be +25. Please update/track once able to!
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