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Mar Byrd
Mar Byrd
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Seal life VS Human Life Empty Seal life VS Human Life

Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:42 am

“Why are you f*** crying so loud?” The animal keeper asked, wondering if Mar had some kind of horrible allergy to the spotted seal he’d been asked to see. “I’m sorry I’ve just, never had a friend this good before.” The burly ninja wailed, patting Bubble’s the baby seal on the back. Granted it might have also had something to do with the stress of the last money catching up to him. Days of unconsciousness, guitar crafting, and running for his life out of collapsing caves built up tension that he was ill prepared for. In short, feeding the little guy was the closest to pure bliss he’d experienced in a long time. 

“So, so why on earth does a perfume mogul have such a collection of baby seals?” He asked. The thirty year old with tanned skin and a ballcap shook his head in frustration. “The blooming springtime mix you wear all the time? The kind you bought a full shipment of last year? Yeah, secret ingredient is baby seal musk.” Mar was silent, slowly removing his letters from the aqua pup and looking at his palms. “These are the hands that have spelled doom for endless innocent creatures.” “Oh please, you know it’s worth it.” Mar stoically nodded, drying his tears though they fell with more pain now. That sweet, subtle aroma was to die for. Every morning it gave him all the confidence he needed to shine like the Star he was. And covered up the hobo stink or nomad life.

“Ok, ok. So, this place is empty. You want me to go around catching more seals until your farms full up again.” The contractor shook his head. “Actually I was just about to restock for the season, had a fresh shipment of babies coming in that’d grow to adulthood in 16 months. Then we go through some rounds of breeding and harvesting for about ten years before another shipments needed. But my no good supplier went awol, took a better deal from the competition. AFTER I ALREADY PAID HIM! So yes, your mission should you choose to accept it is to bring back the Iwagakure seals and absolutely slaughter anyone involved with taking them.” Mar holds up his hands. “Whoa that’s gonna get real bloody real fast pall. Recovering stolen goods is one thing, but wholesale killing of-“

“They’re seal f*****’s.” Mar stopped. “They pit seals against one another in fights, sell them to circuses that abuse them, and yes in various ways they do molest or otherwise interpose the endangered animal. Like Bubble’s here. Need I go on?” Mar felt so sick that even the deluxe springtime breeze he was coated in couldn’t help him suppress the gag to follow. “No, no. They’ll be forgiven but that’s between them and god. It’s my job to send them to him. Where do I start?” 

The constructed mosied on over to a collection of seal care utensils and maps. “Well a part of their operation is a seal trap and diving team here. There were a total of sixty stolen so if you think any might have been killed thus far you might want to recover what they’ve cought already. You can take them to a friendly boat I’ve got here. Just call this number and they’ll swing by to do the heavy lifting. But yeah, those Divers are your key. Torture them for the whereabouts of their boss or wait for them to make a drop and catch them in the act. Either way you got to do it fast because… Mar? Maaaar? Where did you go?” He looked over to the map he’d been making. Finding it missing. “Huh.”

“I gotta hurry!” Mar shouted to himself, knowing that their crimes had to be stopped at once. He leapt out from the back entrance of the perfume shop. Kicking off a wall and flipping before adjusting his course in mid air. He spiraled downwards mirroring a waterfall as he quickly escaped the town on the steep hill by the water. He deflected his momentum off of
The slopes roof of a smoke house, the pleasing scent of meat mixing in with the night air. He sailed and sailed through the air. Nearly the length of a football field as he came to a fleet of departing fishing boats along the water. He performed a full acrobatics routine. Swinging off of a fishing net stand like a trapeze, using the surface walking technique to form a trampoline on the water. He hopped heavily off the side of a house boat causing it to tip the other way before breaking clear of the fleet and running along the water in a straight line to his destination. Dodging and surfing along waves the whole time. 

After nearly an hour of skipping along the water faster than any boat known to man he spotted a light house mentioned on the map. By now the water had gone from highly cold to downright icy and fridged. But his natural fortitude bolstered by the inner fire technique. He kept up his momentum, biting into his thumb and putting his hand down on a chunk of ice. Where his best friend dutifully answered the call. “*chirp!* I’ve never been this cold, I’m dieing!” He dramatically pleaded. Burrowing onto his long head of hair into his favored position instantly for warmup. Satisfied as he was naturally hotter than normal. “Hi buddy! I need your eyes, pronto. We’re saving a colony of baby seals!” “Awww! Of course… Wait! Please don’t stick me in the water!”

The ninja rolled his eyes at the far more frail bird. Taking out a masonry jar from his backpack to offer to his friend. “You’ll go in here and I’ll put you in the water a couple times. We’re looking for seals or divers, either would do.” “Ok,.. ok this won’t take long!” Nectar assured his master. His eyes perfect in dark or light for up to a full mile. Finally sliding to a stop Mar dunked the jar under for just ten seconds. Nectar then came up. Squeaking. “Penguins, octopus, lots of fish, no seals.” “Alright.” He said, proceeding to sprint 2 miles in around one minute across the surface of water before testing again. “Pretty baren, try the other way.” *groan* Mar booked it for four miles the opposite direction, getting winded by this point as even his Herculean stamina was tested by the marathon of travel. “Hey! I see like 13 seals here! There’s traps and yes, divers! They got a boat!”

Mar slowed down heavily, sighing as he crumpled down on a floating chunk of ice. “Oh god, I’ve never ran so much in my life.” His friend pecked encouragingly at his ear. “You can do it! You’ve been through worse! I believe in you!” “Gunna stick around then?” He asked, feeling better already. “Oh uh, I think I already lost two of my tail feathers to the ice. Birds don’t wear coats! I’ll catch you later, at a warmer climate. Kiss!” He pecked Mar’s forehead softly while he rolled his eyes. Disappearing in a puff of smoke. “Sure, take a break guy. God knows you deserve it.”

Johhny Hook fingers was on the phone with his girlfriend on this especially cold winters morning. Smoking a cigarette and tending to the oxogen pump for one of the divers that was hundreds of feet below the water. Chatting. “So last night when you got home, could you get through the door.” A giggleing could be heard on the other side of the receiver. “Hahaha, yeah all the teddies you deserve on your birthday baby girl…” he walked over to the edge of the boat. Watching a small iceburg sink almost instantly without sound as a tiny blur went up to the air like a water gyzer. There was a flash as a tiny object blotted out the sun. “Second gate! Gate of healing.” He heard off in the distance, cutting off his favorite girl he said. “Hey uh, I love you doll. Got to catch you later, ok. Good bye.” 

His phone snapped in two pieces as Mar impacted the thirty meter long boat. Tipping it over enormously as wood splintered and a wave of water messily poured on deck in great volume. It violently corrected itself the other way. Johhny was tossed overboard instantly, and he felt like his soul had entirely left his body for a few moments as the water rushed in over his head. He climbed back on board through a rope net hung on the side of the deck. Gasping and trembling as he barely managed to wash back onto the floor.

It really didn't look or feel like they were fighting a man. More like a natural disaster in the shape of one. With his throbbing veins and empty eyes. His progress was equally as brutal as it was merciful. His comrade who had his still beating heart torn out by the ninja did not feel a thing as he crumbled over the edge into the water. His best friend had his head punched off so swiftly his spine came out clean and white. His head landing next to Johhny’s feet. Though some had originally opened up the hatches to run out and investigate or render help. Now they were doing the opposite. Several poor souls locking themselves away instead of facing the icey water below.

Delivering a shallow kick to the pump Mar catapulted it off of the ship and into the water. Dooming the divers below. Who’d attempt to swim up too fast, and would perish from a mix of suffocation and pressure differential. Some were able to find a temporary shelter underneath the air of a diving bell. That they hoped would be pulled back up, they were so seperated from the carnage up above that they lasted about ten minutes before the first diver passed out and the remaining three drew straws to see who would try and swim up. The first ran out of air, the second made it to the top only to find no way to help his comrade and to see himself trapped out on the open water until he froze and drowned. The last one hung on with the last of the air until the ship above sank several minutes later. Tipping over the bell first then trapping him below. He passed out first and his corpse was promptly crushed as the boat settled a hundred feet below.

But back up on the surface just after the pump had been kicked. The rogue shinobi formed several hand signs before blasting a large fireball down the hull of the ship. Noticing Johhny as seemingly the last survivor Mar steadily walked over in his direction while the boat began to capsize to the side. Even as Johhny struggled to stay aboard less he face an icy grave their attacker walked as if gravity was just a suggestion. Until a small explosion rocked the craft from below deck as the fuel line cought on fire. It made Mar shudder to the side, glancing the other direction to see what the cause was. It gave Johhny just a split second to attack.

Mar felt a dull prodding along his neck, turning back around to see a frozen sailor with a tiny knife had attempted to do him in. But his choice of weapon was just too dull to pierce his strengthened hide. His training had turned even his eyeballs into armored orbs of steel. He slapped it away. Breaking Johhny’s hand before grabbing him by his good arm to hold him waiting off of the ground. “Where do the seals go?” He asked, short and sweet. The broken and battered Johhny laughed, it was sad and in pain. “I’d really like to avoid doing you any more harm my friend.” “No, I know but… all this for some clipper laden dogs? A little money Maby? What beef could be worth all this?”

Mar shook his head. “There are laws you’ve all broken, supporting some god awful industries. It’s not pretty-“ “But this is what the solution looks like huh? Blood in the water, not a drop of mercy.” Mar nodded. “Unfortunate.” He waited several seconds before Johhny pointed at the coast. “By there, every Thursday. A boat comes around.” The shinobi nodded, holding a hand back ready to finish him off. “There’s a good reason they hunt you rogue ninja down like dogs. Nothing works like this. What are you going to save the,... sav the warld?” He asked. Mar digging fingers coated in blue flames into his chest. But not coming close to breaking the skin. He lost all sensation of pain and feeling. Even in his tongue. “Don’t worry my friend, I promise I will. Your sacrifice won’t have been in vein.” Then, from belly to neck. He tore the seal trader in half, dropping him into the cold water. The last thing that Johhny saw in his time on earth was an orca swimming his way, picking up speed. Before it’s teeth swooned up in one final crunch.

The next night, a man who looked like Johhny Hook Fingers waited by a large cafe filled with grey seals. Sitting on the top and waving down the lonely boat that arrived in the middle of the night to make the exchange. “Johhny, why are you all alone?” The helmsman called out in a friendly voice. “Boats in the shipyard, somebody had to make the exchange.” He called back. The ship laid anchor and several folks climbed off the bow to greet him. Once their last foot had hit the ground Mar performed several hand signs. Spitting out six fireballs which cut off the group of right equipped with hooks to haul the container back on deck. 

To his surprise, almost half of the 8 person team leaned down into a sprint. Still slow by his standards but an obvious sign of basic ninja training. All but their leader who disappeared forward with the body flickering technique. The blond woman levered a clever to his throat which he cought in between two of his fingers. Struggleing with such a small area to keep her from diving forward. “What kind of fool are you to play this kind of game? All alone, thinking you can stiff us? My girls are gonna turn you into seal chow.” “Never fought any other missing nin before, can’t we all just get along? I’ve only got beef with your employer.”

But by then her allies were close to his side, brandishing far for serious looking Sai than Johhny had been equipped with. Mar was not at all interested in testing their edge. He rolled backwards. Kicking the leader up over and past his head before punching directly into the ground. First nobody saw the effect of what looked like a casual maneuver to stop himself. But before anyone could realize what was happening. A fifty meter circular torrent in the ground erupted. Flipping their ship completly over and sending all of the girls crazy high. Eighty my meters except for their leader. But where the three landed back with cracks indicating all of their bones snapping. Six more barreled out from the boat as it flipped upside down. Running along the water to meet him as the leader turned around to stab at his heart. Blade trickleing with chakra. 

He spun around in place opening the first gate and greeting her attack with a perfectly timed intersection technique. Looking to all he others he took as high to the sky as possible. With shadow clones he had one throw him up to the sky, then jumped off the second one. He performed a wind jump into a body flicker. Absolutely soaring beyond what any of the girls below could imagine. At first they all thought that he had simply flown up and escaped. Until their leader called out. “Run!” But many were simply too late. He’d turned around all of this vertical power into a heavenly kick of pain the likes of which these shores had never seen. The resulting shock wave was triple the size of his initial attack. The shock wave sending girls in every direction. Some of the slowest missing limbs. But the result was all the same, they were completely out of the fight. 

Stalking back to their leader he asked. “So, where did you- Oh god d*** it.” A brief examination revealed that she’d taken a small pill laden with poison and ended her own life. He sighed. With his body in pain even after so briefly opening the gate he made his way quickly to the downed boat. Smashing open the top of the hull and seeing several sailors trapped with in. Likely laborers instead of security. They were all huddled together and trying to get a flooding door in the cieling open. Before what was noe the roof cracked open. A black figure with the moon behind him bellowing. “Where were the shipments!?” “Help us!” A sailor said, mistaking him for one of their own missing nin. 

“Where were you delivering the seals?” Mar demanded first. “Help us first.” He shook his head. With scarcely any options they beconed back up. “Igluey! The igluey port, right to the Icecube lounge!” He nodded. “Good.” “Now get us out of here.” Mar nodded. Leaving their vision before gathering all of his strength. No one, even those drowning above deck. Saw their deaths coming before he drilled five massive holes on the remaining craft blowing it to pieces with the Evening Elephant technique. 

The ninja walked down the beach afterwords. Planning on resting for the night before continuing tomorrow but wanting to distance himself from the wreck. He’d killed countless people today, and. He decided. He really needed to take the time to decide how he felt about it. This was not the Great War that he had pictured would erupt in the future. Finally bringing peace to the world. It was, quite simply. A slaughter on a huge scale of people who may or may not deserve it working below those who were actually evil. It was so messy, and with no clear end in sight. He knew that each and every one of them had their hopes and dreams. Each corpse having no less the right to live than his.

But his ninja wat was that he was going to make the world a better place, did these people being gone make it so? For not just the people but the animals? It went far beyond the seals, he had no doubt that at this level even if they lost their livelihood they’d all so quickly replace it as burglars it gangsters. ‘So…’ he thought to himself decidedly. ‘They are each a small, very necissary sacrifice for the greater good. No one deserves to suffer as their life comes to an end. And more than anything…’ He had to be so, so careful about the lines that he crossed. Never betraying his inner code of right or wrong less he become worse than even his greatest enemy. It was not the goals that made a man evil, it was doing evil things.

Before the sun had risen the next night a shadow looked over the small town of Igluey, after the delivery had not come in any and all staff members of the lounge were on high Albert. But of course not much time had been given for them to figure out much about what had happened. The dead did not pick up their phones and the boat dispatched to investigate would not be due back by sunset. Mar took a stroll around the perimeter, before catching a great deal of Hawkeyed guards on the lookout for threats. He smirked, calling up on his gold old friend again. “Get back here you love able ball of fluff!” He asked, biting his thumb once more. 

Within minutes. Nectar was buzzing around peacefully. Noticed by few but ignored by all. He was able to get an incredibly good look at the club. Which was shut down for the moment being given that it was so impossibly late at night. He even peaked into the off window or two that he could manage. Coming back. “There are 16 guards all alongside the outside pall! I looked in where I could and found a huge po in this one place in the middle. Probably where they keep a lot of the seals. What are they used for anyways?” He inquired with curiosity. Mar deflecting his question with a laugh. “They’re just some awful crooked customers and I’m gunna pilfer back all the seals they swiped from my employer little guy. Oh, let’s get some ice cream later. Once I finish off this little job.” He proposed, not wanting Nextar around for the bloodbath to follow. “Sure! Oh, I miss the days when you needed me.” He joked, disappearing once more as Mar used a simple jutsu to seal the hole in his thumb.

Mad smashed open the fifth gate and rushed through the complex faster than ever before. By the time anyone had properly reacted to him bursting through the main window he’d already checked the dance floor, bar, and upper area. With one almighty fist he crushed his way into the basement. Causing the entire building to quake. Using his chakra sense to constantly look for the slightest sign of his targets. He found the central seal reiviore within ten seconds. He picked up an armored door and flattened two seal caretakers by the time they’d even so much as heard him. The wind rushing around his body and the sound of doors and walls crashing open betraying him far more than his footsteps. 

Thankfully, Mar did not have to debate too long for how to best get all of the seals out of here, as well as the population of creatures older than the babies that had been thoroughly mixed in by this point. From the beginning he’d been analyzing the structure of the building and noting key supports all the way through. Applying his engineering talents to great success. All he did was turn upwards and blow the roof off with a double kick. “SMASH!” Outside of the lounge civilians were screaming and seaking cover, though most were pretty much entirely safe in their homes. Nearby shops for four blocks would suddenly have bricks embedded in their walls. Onlookers reported a man in goggles with a gigantic santa’s sack like net full of grey seals making for the ocean. Which would cause, all sorts of crazy urban legends in the town for decades. 

Though Mar had not at all been surgically precise with the true culprit, anyone in the building that survived the initial collapse was soon claimed by a fire that broke out in the following rubble. More than fulfilling the clause of slaughtering the thieves responsible. “Little sacrifices.” He mumbled to himself, apprehending a boat and making his way out of town. Nobody dared to follow the walking disaster as he set sail. The ninja quietly reviewed his own progress. Which was about the only thing he’d done quietly. Once he had his armor, anyone and everyone would be able to easily recognize him. Perhaps he could use the high profile nature of his skills to his advantage. The ninja sermized. Making public appearances with great destruction and herculean damage. To then perform work far more discreetly whenever he had to be undetected. Never slamming through a single wall and taking things more slowly to mimic the effects of a lesser. Unknown ninja.

He let a trickle of satisfaction tingle down his spine as the town disappeared off into the distance. He’d gotten away with crimes unspeakable. In one day crossing more lines than he had in a lifetime of small time robbery. It left him unsettled, but he allowed himself to feel this way. Feeling it was healthy to garner the slightest pleasure out of what he’d no doubt be doing for a long time yet.

(4,048 words. +10 Health. 4100 Ryo.  Sucker Punch (Mastered, Increased Power 3,000) Tooth Projectile (1,000)

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Seal life VS Human Life Empty Re: Seal life VS Human Life

Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:55 am
So for claims

Fang Passing  fang requires,a specific clan to use. As you are not that particular clan i will request that you edit your claim to another tec. Same with Gauppou since kozai can teach it.
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Seal life VS Human Life Empty Re: Seal life VS Human Life

Fri Nov 08, 2019 9:48 am
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