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Kujaku Uchiha
Kujaku Uchiha
Stat Page : Stat Page
Ninjutsu Default
Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 5000

Dog Walker Empty Dog Walker

Tue Feb 07, 2023 7:28 pm
Mission Details
Reward: 1,000 Ryo, 5 AP

After a long day of ditch digging for the prestigous village of Hoshigakure, Kujaku decided to treat himself to some delicious ramen for dinner. After scarfing down three bowls the red headed Uchiha made his way to the village bath house and washed away all of the dirt and grime he had collected whilst digging ditches.

It wasn't glamorous work, but it did help serve as a great work out and Kujaku was excited about that. As he sat in the bath house he flexed his muscles awkwardly in a corner, other men tried not to stare at the young man.

Once he was squeaky clean Kujaku left the bath house and made his way back to where he had come from before he spent the daylight hours digging ditches; the mission directory office. Kujaku was still grieving over his fathers unfortunate murder, and he dealt with it by working tirelessly. Kujaku had been up for nine days in a row, working day and night. The man was known among genin as having an iron will. In fact no one of the genin could say they worked as hard as he did. Tonight would be just another night for Kujaku, and as he walked over to the office he ate a military grade stim ration. They gave him energy and increased his focus, Kujaku was basically living on these rations.

As Kujaku made his way into the office the ration was kicking in effect and he felt quite elated, almost as if his head were floating. Kujaku smiled widely to Miss Okihara, the stewardess at the office. Kujaku didn't actually know what her job title was, but she provided him with missions and he quite liked her. After some brief chit chat the two began discussing the missions available. Night time always offered more unique missions, well almost always. Tonight Kujaku would just be walking some dogs from the Inuzuka den. Kujaku loved animals though so he was excited to spend the night with dogs.

Once he signed his name to the mission Kujaku was granted specific details on where to pick up the dogs and he headed off. It wasn't far from the office, but Kujaku didn't notice that there were a lot of alley ways in this part of the village.

Kujaku loved Hoshigakure, he was very proud to be born and raised in the great Haven Country Village. What intrigued him most of the village was how he always found new areas of the village to explore. As Kujaku traversed the alley ways toward the Inuzuka compound he pulled out a tri folded piece of paper. It was a map Kujaku kept, and he was watching it carefully as he stepped through the darkness. Eventually he triangulated where he was on the map, and proceeded to run faster with his destination in mind.

Waiting for Kujaku were two older Inuzuka genin, presumably a married couple. They were kind and friendly, instructing Kujaku on how to walk their dogs Piju and Biku. They were grey hounds and loved to run. Fortunately they didn't require leashes since they were whistle trained. Kujaku was sent in the direction of the nearby forest, and was told to follow the trail. Kujaku blew into the whistle and the dogs followed his heel into the woods.

Once the dark night time hit Kujaku realized it was hard to see at night time in this forest, so he activated his Sharingan eyes. Now with enhanced vision he could track the shadows and easily percieve the forest around him. Kujaku blew the whistle again and the dogs went off into a run.

"That wasn't what I expected.." Kujaku sighed and rushed forward to chase the dogs tail. After a long chase the Uchiha finally made it close to the dogs and began to lead them forward. A few hours went by as the three of them ran through the forest. Eventually the fun had to come to an end and Kujaku whistled again for the dogs to head home. The two grey hounds immedietely stopped and turned around. Kujaku ran forward, and blew the whistle again. The dogs started running home.

The Inuzuka genin were happy with Kujaku's walk and signed his mission voucher. All was done and Kujaku headed back to the office to collect his reward. After nearly getting lost again in the alley ways Kujaku made it to the office and cashed in his voucher.

It was still early, early in the morning so Kujaku decided to get some breakfast before he began day ten of working straight through the night.

WordCount: 769

Stat Allotment:
+7 Speed

Clan Pureblood (Previous Training) (2,000/2,000)
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Familiar : Archie the Bear
Remove Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Remove Ninjutsu Remove Remove Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 176650

Dog Walker Empty Re: Dog Walker

Wed Feb 08, 2023 12:51 am
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