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Kujaku Uchiha
Kujaku Uchiha
Stat Page : Stat Page
Ninjutsu Default
Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 5000

Dinner Arrangements Empty Dinner Arrangements

Wed Feb 08, 2023 7:29 am
Dinner Arrangements
Reward: 1,000 Ryo, 5 AP

Today was a mission day and Kujaku walked into the assinment hall hopeful. Word going around the village was that some high ranking missions were being rewarded to ninja who performed excellently. Kujaku certainly considered himself to be of the excellent caliber, and he was hopeful that someone had seen such from him. Unfortunately on this day he would not get such satisfaction.

Instead Kujaku was assigned a shopping trip for an elderly couple. They were hosting a dinner party for aristocrats from Haven Country, and the Village wanted to ensure they had the best of the best. Kujaku would be assigned with the all important task of shopping. He wasn't exactly enthused. In fact he was a bit disappointed.

Lately Kujaku had been showing off in all sorts of ways. The village higher ups noted that he had a fully mature Sharingan, and Kujaku was certain they would want to see him using that in combat missions.

In truth Kujaku wasn't exactly excited to be in combat scenarios, in truth he was a little afraid. But he wanted to prove his worth and break through barriers, and he knew there was only one way to do it.

Never the less Kujaku accepted the mission and began making his way toward the address provided to him forthe mission. After a good long hour walk Kujaku made it to a gated mansion, and he pressed the radio buzzer.

"Yes?" A voice replied to his buzz.

"My name is Kujaku Uchiha. I've been assigned the uh, mission for Mr. and Mrs. Ochigawa. I'm here to do the shopping!" Kujaku sounded as happy as he could. He didn't like boring in house missions that kept him locked in the city, but he did like helping out the village and that shone through as he spoke.

"Ah yes. Kujaku, come through." The gate suddenly began opening and Kujaku walked on up. The pathway was long and widing but after ten minutes Kujaku made it to the Ochigawa mansion. He knocked on the door and was immediately greeted by a butler.

"Okay Kujaku, I have been given the list. Written up by Mrs. Ochigawa herself! You see they are very wealthy and their time is consumed by finer things so they won't be able to give you directions directly. Instead I will." The butler bowed gently and handed Kujaku the list. It was a pretty long list but the butler seemed to have it memorized. He went over each thing on the list telling Kujaku to double check firmness and ripeness of vegetables and meat, to find the freshest cuts and other little tricks that shoppers might know. Kujaku was a bit overwhelmed but he nodded along and agreed to everything.

After a long three and a half hours of shopping Kujaku managed to get everything on the list. He picked out the most ripe fruits and vegetables, and the cuts of meat he gathered from the butcher were superb. The butler was incredibly happy with Kujaku's service and gave him a small tip for his services.

After all was said and done Kujaku was pleased with his performance and left the Ochigawa's feeling quite proud of himself. He was certain that the couple would have a fantastic dinner, and he was a little bit jealous he wouldn't get to try the lamb he had cut. It looked delicious. Thinking it all over Kujaku made his way back to the Village office. He planned on taking another mission.

Wordcount: 583

Stat Allotment:
+5 Speed

Jutsu Training:
Clan Pureblood (Previous Training)(1,276/2,000)
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page : Ayato

Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Remove Taijutsu Remove Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 11400

Dinner Arrangements Empty Re: Dinner Arrangements

Wed Feb 08, 2023 9:04 am
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