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Tsuna vs Enishi [Observation] - Page 2 Empty Re: Tsuna vs Enishi [Observation]

Thu Sep 22, 2022 6:24 pm
The show continued to progress as the eyes of the smith watched with utter scrutiny of the battle. Violent flashes of color and steel collided within the ice blue eyes of the dragon and the only thing that had broken the stoic look on his face had been the smile he had been wearing. Had he just trained a little more this battle could have been his, but alas his time would come soon. None the less he would keep his eyes on the two, more so on the line of techniques that Tsuna had displayed. Somehow he had the ability to displace himself through time and space which had been interesting. He wouldn't have known this without the help of his Kenseigan, the eyes allowing him to see the scattered lines between dimensions though a little more had been seen as well. The individual strikes the male had been thrown in conjunction with this ability that made the male all the more curious as to what Tsuna had under his belt. The battle continued to amass into its finale as Morio stood up and smiled," Here it comes...the decisive moment. Will the lion claim its prey or will the hawk live to see another day," he mused to himself though his children and the elderwrym could hear all too well. When he thought the battle would end by blade, it was instead ended by a simple shuriken to the chest. The melodic irony of a shuriken to the chest made Morio chuckle a bit though he was a little bitter toward Tsuna sacrificing one of his weapons to achieve victory. None the less the finals had came to an end just as he had seen it come to pass. Taking his mask into his hand once more, he would place it upon his face as it whirled and settled into place, the circular lenses going from a blank black to an icy blue as he turned on his heels and began to head out," Looks like I was right. They should be announcing the winners here shortly. Let us take our leave to congratulate our family," as if on cue both Reimei and Ryouma would stand and follow their father while the elderwrym lazily flew behind them.
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