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Ryumi Hiyu
Ryumi Hiyu
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The Friendly Spar - Page 2 Empty Re: The Friendly Spar

Tue Sep 13, 2022 5:26 pm
Ryumi was impressed with her own quick thinking on the matter, she kinda had to rack her brain for a mere moment to try and think of a way out of blast waves damaging effects. So she decided to simply block the attack when it was racing towards her at full power. Or at least full power for someone like her, she was nowhere near the caliber of Enishi… Yet. Her arms had shined a bright purple light as the fire had come in, giving them a reddish hot color, almost as if she had turned her arms to metal, yet that was not all that Ryumi had been able to do against the Chunin in front of her. After the massive bomb-like blast wave swirled around the entire arena, picking up and burning away the dirt and small amounts of grass, it was almost like a wasteland, one where Ryumi could have done nothing but roared. Mainly because she was acting off of the instinct of fight or flight at that point. She had barely any stamina left inside of her tank… If only she had a bit more, perhaps this fight could have gone a different route.

She could only stand there with her chakra being sapped away by her own enhancements around her body, Enishi however seemingly was not out for the count yet because of her scream, instead he had come charging forth as a result of her exhausted state. Ryumi attempted to step away from the Sage, yet was caught off guard, those flaming fingertips suddenly digging into her own skin as she stood there… And held onto him for a bit of time as the markings fully made contact with her own body. Her strength immediately sapped out of her body with one quick seal…. Her legs shivering as she could barely stand from the sudden taking away of her own chakra. She fell right against Enishi as a result, barely able to stand now as she rested on him for a moment. Trying to regain her bearings for a moment as she lifted up her shirt, chuckling slightly at the intricate seal that had been placed right on her own abs. Surprised that ENishi easily pierced through her own defenses. She could only smile that he was able to do that seemingly so easily.

“Sheesh, you could have just knocked me out Enishi, although I guess you are correct, pushing myself now would only cause more damage to my own body…. You really are strong, didn’t think that I’d have been taken out with simply one attack… Atarashi would scold me for being defeated like this Haha!” Her sudden laugh would give rise to her noticing him saying that he had hoped that he gave her a good fight, even going so far as to state that she was one of the strongest genin he has ever seen. Which actually got a reddened face to appear against her skin at the amount of compliments Enishi was throwing towards her.

“Aww jeez Enisen! You’re makin me hot here- Never would I think that a chunin of the village would give such praise to the likes of me… Yet I’ll be entirely honest, I… Haven’t been training for as long as you believe. Hell, I only graduated from the academy a few months ago actually… But that doesn’t matter right now! How do you get off this seal?” She asked, trying her best to see if she could get it off through some use of chakra, going so far as to try and smack her own stomach with her open palm. Yet that only got her to groan in response from how sore the seal felt against her scarred flesh.

Yet when he changed his tone, it reminded her of Atarashi, her face immediately going to serious as well while he began to motivate her more… Although in perhaps a more savior esque way. She felt that sudden weight be placed on her shoulders by him… Yet she could only give a small and confident smile. Taking a stride towards Enishi, her face keeping it’s small confident smile for a moment, turning to take a glance towards him. He wanted a champion to walk through the halls of Hoshigakure, then he’d certainly get one with her.

“Perhaps I should say the same to you Enishi Kurosawa… Yet I must ask you… Do you follow your own words? Have you been wearing a mask all this time? Not understanding who you truly are and want to be… I want to become this village's great protector, that’s something I damn well want. Yet I, along with many others don’t have to shoulder all of the burden. You should keep that light of yours held high. As lights such as ours are one of a kind, always remember that.”

With that, she’d slowly offer a hug towards him, her strong arms spread wide as she could tell when someone was hiding something… She hadn’t been hiding anything, yet perhaps it was more or less that she could relate to Enishi as to why people should not run away from their own problems. Perhaps that is why both of them had even interacted, because fate has a weird way of showing strength towards yourself and towards others.


Gonna just take the hit
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The Friendly Spar - Page 2 Empty Re: The Friendly Spar

Sat Sep 24, 2022 7:19 pm
Enishi continued to flash his usual serene smile as Ryumi reacted to his initial statements. He was half-expecting her to be slightly annoyed at her loss considering that most people when losing in such a manner would start to complain or feel rather inadequate about themselves - the Hiyu Princess took her defeat rather well. This lessened the Sage's doubts about him showing too much of his strength which could accidentally destroy her confidence, but this...this was fine as well... Suddenly, she began to lift up her shirt to which the Understudy would immediately widen his eyes and blush in utter embarrassment...for a moment. "Wait! I'm not ready yet?!" Then he realized what she was actually doing, which made him instantly cease any naughty thoughts he had in his mind. She asked him whether there was any way to take off the Five Elements Seal he put on her; to which the understudy responded with a quick nod as all fingers of his right hand would blaze a burning blue. "Yeah, this is called the Five Elements Unseal - a derivative learned alongside the other seal made to break it specifically. You may feel warm, but don't move or I'll have to redo it." With that, Enishi would take a few steps and place his hand on her stomach for a few moments to break the seal. ...The hell? It feels like I'm touching a steel wall. He sweatdropped as he thought, taking his hand off her abdomen once the seal was broken. Ryumi would most likely gain her autonomy back, but she still would be a little sluggish since she used most of her chakra. With that being done, Enishi would continue with his words, then subsequently, his change of tone.

The Wraith finished his oration, feeling more of monologuey than he liked. But those were his serious and honest thoughts from the bottom of his heart, yet he couldn't help but feel rather exposed. 

Ryumi's words didn't help that feeling.

She was close, extremely close, threateningly close. Her thoughts about him wearing multiple masks and never once showing his true self to the world...that was precisely correct. His mind was like lightning, instantly thinking of trying to create a plan, anything to cover up this - this - this - this - this - this - this

It's too treacherous now...

I'll have to tie up loose ends...

For a single instant, indiscernible and infinitesimal in junction - Enishi's chakra fluctuated.

But it soon returned to normalcy, because he wouldn't be a slave to his past. 

Two years ago, he would have embraced his demons - his fear of the contents of his soul being fully exposed for others to judge, mock, deride, or even accept to see. But all of those experiences. Zeo, Tsuna, Dr. Terumi, Akaboshi-Sensei... he understood that running away now meant that those two years were nothing more than a fairy tale of rabid bullshit. Those friendships meant everything to him! Those bonds were the only genuine bonds he made with people!

So he wouldn't run away.

If you exist, God: remember this moment. 

Remember the moment when I reject fate and create my own story...

Without any masks. 

"Who knows? I've worn too many to count. If someone puts on a different facade for every possible situation because they're afraid of confrontation, afraid of the despair of seeing people reject them based on what their true self really is, or afraid of their personality not fitting in because they see themselves as a monster that doesn't deserve to live, can you call that 'wearing a mask?' Can you call playing a fake character for years to the point that you forget who you really are, is that only 'wearing a mask?' No, I have to admit...I'm even worse than that. I've just been roleplaying as an imaginary person ever since I came to this village. Because I was scared of being hurt and called a monster by those I respect, I created 'Enishi Kurosawa' so that 'Enishi' can hide in an endless echochamber. I don't know if I have light or if it's just pitch black darkness filled with sin...because I don't know who I am. I don't know if I really want to be a shinobi or if it's just something 'Enishi Kurosawa' would have wanted. Right now, I'm trying to find the answer. I don't know when or how I will find myself, but I do know this...I have no interest in being a villain, and I don’t know that I can become a purely righteous person. I’m at a halfway point where I’m not even sure which path I should truly walk down… but I guess even there, I can still interfere in someone’s life and help bring things to a positive conclusion… Yeah... If my people are smiling in the end, then I will do anything to create such a future." In a single breath, Enishi spoke his peace. He felt bare, exposed in front of Ryumi which still felt uncomfortable, but it was a learning experience he supposed. That's enough information he wanted to tell her for now. His gaze was undaunting with his final words, staring deep into the soul of the Hiyu Princess.

Then he approached her as she was readying a hug.

But then...

He patted her head with his right hand.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is that you have a lot of time - so don't make the same mistakes I did." His smile appeared again, somehow brighter than before.

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Ryumi Hiyu
Ryumi Hiyu
Stat Page : Ryumi
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Ryo : 19500

The Friendly Spar - Page 2 Empty Re: The Friendly Spar

Sat Sep 24, 2022 10:56 pm
Enishi’s own blush had caught her off guard, why exactly was he blushing towards her? Perhaps it’s something that she said, although she certainly didn’t think she said anything that would induce some amount of flustering from the Wraith, but upon glancing down at her stomach being shown towards him. She couldn’t help but also gain that red tint on her face as well. Shivering at the thought of the thoughts that came to her mind, she didn’t want to express anything more than that. The lightning up of Enishi’s own fingers gave a slight alarm to the girl, yet upon his explanation everything became way more clear, enough to where he was able to easily get the seal off of the girl with the wall of steel on her stomach. Giving a slight grin as his warmth sent a slight shiver through her body, she could feel her body begin to recuperate from the sealing of her own chakra. Yet it still wasn't enough to shake her, Ryumi stood stalwart as Enishi had gone on about her and being the champion, as well as her own response to him in the process. Yet what he had said next was what surprised her so much, the fact that he had admitted it to her of all people, why would he do that?

She could only think about the small faint shift in his chakra that had almost gotten her back into combat readiness as her stance tightened for a brief moment. The Acute shift, it reminded her too much of her parents when they had attacked her. Her expression remained slightly stone-faced, as she didn’t want to make a worse impression by revealing everything about herself. He had laid himself bare in front of her, giving up what he truly was to her, someone who had worn so many masks, so many in fact that he didn’t know who the hell he even was at that point in time. It made her think for a moment, reminding her of one of the most basic functions of the Hiyu’s own Kekkei Genkai… How you could even change yourself, your chakra, your appearance, how you acted towards people.

It all was almost the same as Enishi, it made her think of her parents again, for that brief moment she thought about them again. Yet she also saw Enishi, for who he truly was at this point in time.

All that could do was make her smile at him admitting to it. Even now there were some things that they would begin to understand about this world, about what was considered right and what was considered wrong.

“Well, if this is you without your masks, without anything holding you back, I wish to keep on seeing it! I wish to see who you always are! I think others would agree on that, yet I don’t think there’s really a path to become a villain or a hero, it’s about what you do with your life now, change your fate! Take destiny into your own hands and crush it with every ounce of might you have!”

She had immediately thought about Lloyd, how he had helped her, allowing her to take fate into her own hands and crush it into the dust. Fate was there to guide others, not to set them on a path and push them to follow it. She could feel her aura begin to break free somewhat, she had almost lost control of that force she had been feeling, ever since she had begun that spar with Atarashi, she had always felt that slight amount of bend towards her. Yet now Enishi could see it, he could feel the overwhelming strength for just a moment, before finally stopping as she had outstretched her arms out for a hug towards the Wraith. Wondering how he would respond to such a gesture like this. Her big massive arms wide, her smile beginning to bloom again with reckless abandon now.

Yet what she got was instead a small head pat, one that made her look upwards, her dark raven hair getting slightly ruffled as a result. Her face adorned the blood red tint for just a moment, shaking the thoughts away again before giving him a small grin.

“You have just as much time as me Enishi, don’t keep on making the same mistakes that you did. Cause if you don’t then I won’t, I think that’s fair, dontcha think?”

She’d slowly raise her arm towards his hands, softly placing her palm onto the back of his hand, she’d give him a single moment of patience before slowly tugging him down to where they could be face to face.

“You better keep your word on this Enishi, as I will do the same, and thank you for the time of my life today, looking forward to facing ya after those exams.” She’d go to let him go before suddenly remembering something.

“Oh! And one more thing!” She said, before giving a very small, quick peck on Enishi’s cheek.

“Good luck out there, I’ll be watching ya!” With that, Ryumi would let go of him, before waving away and running out of the training grounds, hopeful that Enishi would do well inside of the exams the next day.



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The Friendly Spar - Page 2 Empty Re: The Friendly Spar

Tue Oct 18, 2022 11:59 am
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