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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 104

Departing to uproot Empty Departing to uproot

Fri Jun 10, 2022 1:57 pm
The Demon would cross through the gates, exiting Hoshigakure. Takara closely behind him. Their visit to the village was not one without spoils. “Aoki, did you find who you were looking for?” The lass would ask, tugging at his robe as she looked up at him with curious eyes. Without looking back the Demon would answer with a satisfying smirk. “No, he had long since departed from this world, but he left me with a life-long gift that I am more than grateful for.” Yasaki was a good associate of Aokidanza. His passing was swift, but he hoped that it wasn’t a death without some well deserved honor. 

The pair would find their way to the inn exterior, a few meters away to be a haze imagine of those within, but close enough to read clearly the words branded upon its frame. Glancing over his shoulder, peeking at his…surrogate daughter. He would gesture for her to stay back with a swat of his hand. She acknowledged, nodding her head and even going the extra mile to take a few more cautious steps back. Clasping her hands on both her arms as she metaphorically built a wall of safety between them. 

Golden eyes of the Senju would take note of that. Averting his eyes from her he would unleash a power within him that would drastically alter his outward appearance. Sprouting horns and even donning fair hair. Hands of the Demon would form seals simultaneously, he whistled in various pitches. 

He would place an invisible sphere of chakra on his left shoulder, 4 inches in size. This sphere’s power was of 240. With his left hand, he would place a black Diamond seal on to his right shoulder. With the help of the whistling he was able to amplify it to a power of 200. His hands simultaneously formed different sets again, under the black Diamond he would put another, but this would have a different mechanic. Under the sphere he would place a small pale square, gold in color. Within it he would store chakra, his chakra. The seal held a power of 135c which means the chakra within was 270. 

The various pitches of his whistling could be heard once again by the child behind him. At the center of his chest he would place a final seal, a small, teal in color, diamond in shape. It held a power of 140. Once he was done the Demon would revert back to his normal state of form. The girl would then find it safe to move closer to him. He would then pull a coin, his last coin from his person. It was time to visit another historic village. 

The Senju and his daughter would instantly flash and vanish from Hoshigakure country. 

Starting AP: 1172
Ending AP: 715
True Sage Transformation: 50 AP
Vigor: 240
Chakra: 190
Speed: 45
Strength: 5
Spellbinding Seal: 100 AP | Power/Speed 240 | Left Shoulder
Seal of Absorption V7 [Mastered]: 37 AP | Power 200 (M/Power +20 and Fuin Amp) | Right Shoulder
Fuuinjutsu Amplifier: 30 AP | +30 power above tech

Seal of Redirection V7: 33 AP | Under Seal of Absorption 

Chakra Storage Seal: 131 AP (Chakra Control Reduction) | Chakra Stored 270 | Under Spellbinding Seal

Seal of Protection: 26 AP | Power 140 | Center of Chest 

Whistle Trigger: 10 AP (for 2 uses, 1 Amp, 1 B Jutsu)

One-Handed Seals: 40 AP (1 S Jutsu, 2 A Jutsu, 1 B Jutsu)

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Departing to uproot Empty Re: Departing to uproot

Fri Jun 10, 2022 6:01 pm
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