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The Volcano Finally rises! Empty The Volcano Finally rises!

Tue May 31, 2022 4:49 pm
Calling this simply a training session would be an insult to the name of training. Grueling hard work was what Karo had in mind for the evening as the days seemed to go by in an instant of spectacle and wonder as a result of the Chunin exams excitement sweeping through the nation. There would definitely be a whole host of individuals that would be there ready and waiting to see what the newest of Shinobi had to offer in terms of skill and strength in this new kind of world that Karo had lived in now. But what he could tell was that things were going to get a lot more interesting from here on out. Especially with the news of what he’s been doing all of this time right now. He had to take the principles of what he knew and bring them to new heights right before the chunin exams finally began in its second round. The feelings of everyone around him began to expand as people from all of the country would be seeing what was going on. Judging whether or not shinobi of this generation had any actual talent to survive out in the world. Yet what thoughts Karo had at the time were more so what he had found in his newest research in regards to hand seals and the like. Which was that there definitely was a way to cast jutsu with simply one hand seal in general. That was something that had gotten Karo excited to actually learn about. It was like finding out that there was more than one way of cooking something inside of a pan or grilling it. As Karo found the whole idea of one handed hand seals to be a fascinating way of helping shinobi who only had one arm left to fight and could still use one of their hands to cast jutsu onto others. Which made Karo very much aware that he could also simply live with one arm and be mostly fine as a result of it.

Yet also simply coming across such an art had to be able to give some thought for practice and what he was planning on doing while making his way towards the training fields that he had found Yusuke about a week ago. Learning the fire element surely would help him in a defensive and offensive situation. Yet he couldn’t lie when he thought about how he might be on a limited timer of sorts. He just felt as though this was going to be his final chance of being able to train right before the chunin exams. As such he had to make it count above all else within the small amount of time he had. Counting the amount of water bottles he had stacked up inside of his bag. He was finally off to work, actually beginning to train himself in an attempt to figure out how to do two different things for his own training session. The first of which was to learn how to do the summoning jutsu for the duration of time. As he indeed had a plan when it came to what type of jutsu he wanted for the upcoming battles ahead of this whole training interaction. His only thoughts for right now was to expand his own knowledge and figure out the best way to fight against the others for this exam. As he knew that was going to be at least one of the exams from what he heard from others about the event in question. Knowledge was certainly important, especially if you had two parents who had also been ninja and had gone through the chunin exams as well. Yet what was the most important aspect of this training was to make sure he knew what he was going to try and do. Which was to first learn the summon jutsu right now. Which simply was going to be a rather interesting farce of an achievement. He always liked to dabble in the art of space time ninjutsu. So for him to actually be able to summon creatures. That certainly was going to be a treat on the others who would be there. Yet the summoning jutsu was definitely the right technique for him in the best of situations. As he could potentially summon others or allies onto the battlefield to help him with whatever he has to deal with.

Yet learning the jutsu itself was going to be a bit tricky. As he had not made an animal contract towards anyone as of yet. Which certainly was going to be the main crux of the problem with learning the jutsu if he had no one to summon. Maybe he could simply try and summon an item on his person. That certainly could be the best way of learning how to do the technique and see if it works at all. Which meant Karo would also have to use the specific handseals in order to summon something around him as a result.

“Alright Karo, remember what your mother showed ya, it’s just a few hand seals…. You got this.”

He kept himself calm and cool with each second passing of training his hands to remember each and every hand seal needed to summon the item he wanted on his person.; That being one old rusty shuriken that his father held onto for events like this. Knowing that others would want to practice with something that was easily destructible as to make sure the person using the summoning jutsu was careful. Especially with how inexperienced Karo was in space time right now. He’d have to quick the pace considerably if he hoped to have any chance of learning the jutsu soon. Yet he couldn’t really complain, especially not when he kept on practicing the same few hand seals over and over again while his thoughts carried him slightly elsewhere. Yet Karo had to reel both himself back in and actually use the jutsu now. Weaving the hand seals Boar > Dog > Bird > Monkey > Ram , Karo slammed his hands onto the ground. Watching as markings of inking began to spring forth from his own palms as a result of the summoning jutsu’s effect in the first place. Karo seeing the markings ignite for a moment before a sudden poof made the rusty shuriken from his pouch be summoned forth right in front of Karo’s eyes. The red haired boy himself was staring at it with a sudden look of wonder. He had been able to apply himself and use the summoning jutsu. Making it all the better that he was actually able to start using summons in his own battles as well. Perhaps there would be a time for him to learn how to connect with an animal summon. It wasn’t bad to make new friends, especially with people who you could rely on for combat in the near future. Yet feeling that sense of accomplishment only wanted to make Karo do more with the time he had left in order to get everything else he wanted to learn down for the day. Which is exactly why he had to look for guidance in his own mind when it came to the next step he wanted to learn. That being that he wanted to infuse his chakra into items and also potentially into himself. It was the only way he was going to grow in strength if he potentially had a chakra barrier around him at all times. Which is exactly what he was planning on learning by the time of the chunin exams.

Yet learning how to infuse chakra would also be abbit of a problem he’d have to overcome with regards to how he even could do it. He needed the right amount of chakra control if he ever hoped to get a chance to even infuse chakra into other items and also around himself. Yet he knew that this would be the best chance for him to use that opportunity to learn something new as well. It was for the best that he learned about how to of course infuse his chakra into different items and have them be used as weapons. But he certainly was a more ranged fighter then that of a close quarters one. Which just meant he needed a better defense against others who would try and fight against him in those close quarters situations. Which meant he had to focus on imbuing his chakra into something, like a kunai for example. Which Karo immediately thought about and snatched out of his own pouch. Inspecting the Kunai in his hands for a brief moment. Knowing that this thing right here would be his own gateway into learning more about imbuing chakra into items and then finally he could start imbuing himself with chakra. Yet it certainly wasn’t going to be easy to just imbue something with chakra. He had to focus hard on this kind of item if he wanted it to work in the first place. So that’s what Karo was to do. Which was to focus and channel his chakra throughout the kunai itself.

When it came to doing stuff like this. Karo always thought about his own parents in that regard. Wondering if he should ask for their help when it came to the different types of training he wanted to do. Always finding it rather difficult to ask help from his parents in the first place. Always wanting to show himself as he didn’t need to rely on his parents as a shinobi. Not wanting to have to use them as a crutch whenever something didn’t go his way or if he had a problem with someone. He always wanted to do things that wouldn’t worry them, or make them want to try and help him. The calm cool personality that Karo had was always what he wanted to prop himself up as. Someone who simply would go with the flow of things, and that’s what he was, it wasn’t anything he could truly change about himself. Which might explain why he was so good and simply remained calm and collected. Nothing bad would happen if everyone figured out the situation and that there was some kind of solution to the problem that he and his allies could be facing. Maybe it explains why everyone saw him as the man who couldn’t take much in the way of seriousness. Always trying to remain as cool as a cucumber. Which mostly worked for him like with the written test of the Exams. Yet he knew that this wouldn’t be the only time he would be tested in the ways of being calm and collected. Especially with the rest of the chunin exams coming up he had to remain that same calmness that he always did try and preach to others and even himself.

It was for this reason that the imbuement process had to take a short amount of time. If not then there was no way for him to improve in what he wanted to do for the chunin exams. He had to come in with somewhat of a plan without worrying more so about the others there. He needed to plan, and a list of jutsu that would help him out. Yet he needed this for his own enjoyment and maybe also finding a jutsu that could actually help him with the chunin exams itself. The summoning portion of training was rather tough on him for memorization. Yet focusing his chakra to imbue itself into something else entirely was another struggle that he’d have problems with. Each and every time he tried to imbue the kunai with chakra. He could feel his whole body strain itself with each second that he had done so. Which made it all the harder to concentrate. Karo needed a plan in order to try and minimize the amount of strain he felt on his body or else he’d be getting nowhere as a result. So Karo decided to do what anyone else would have done in his own situation. That being he’d take a break and attempt to find out just what he was missing from this. What he was doing was so wrong that his whole body was training to even make a small aura of chakra around the small kunai. Immediately grabbing one of the many bottles stored within his bag. He opened the cap and had the water flow from the bottle into his own mouth. The soft gulps of water and the refreshment that followed gave Karo some time to think rationally on this whole situation. He knew that chakra imbuement and infusion were the same thing. So he had to figure out how to let his chakra into the blade without it becoming a danger to himself while in combat. It seemed training like this was way more stressfilled then Karo initially thought. He was having difficulty with something that was indeed a bit advanced for someone of his caliber. Yet he was going to do it if it led him to lose sleep over it.

With a new set of conviction Karo took another sip of the flowing water and then went back to pick up the Kunai that he stabbed into the ground. Softly pulling it out of the dirt and now trying to focus on infusing his chakra with the blade itself. Groaning that the stress and straining was still in there no matter what. He didn’t understand what he was doing that was so wrong. Yet he kept thinking about his own water and how it flows from the bottle. Chakra was similar to water for humans. Yet he didn’t know how to properly let his chakra flow throughout his body and then focus on the kunai itself. He had to let his chakra flow out of his own body. He couldn’t just let it stay there and then immediately force it out of his body and onto the Kunai itself. Karo relaxed slightly as he lightly gripped onto the kunai and took a deep breath. KNowing that the chakra infusion would take a slight bit of time with his chakra beginning to slowly flow out of his own body. It was simply a marvelous display, with Karo’s light blue chakra finally flowing freely from his own body as a result of him calming down now. Focusing to slowly imbue the kunai with chakra. Watching as the Kunai itself also took on a blue hue with the infusion of chakra now flowing around the blade. Allowing Karo to suddenly throw the blade towards one of the dummies in the area. Witnessing the Kunai immediately slam into and past the dummy without it even slowing down slightly. Truly this was something marvelous to learn, Karo feeling this excitement rush through him as he knew that this wasn’t over for his training at least. He still had a bit of ways to go before actually learning the last checkmark for his list of stuff he wanted to learn today. Certainly he could at least give himself a bit more time to relax as a result of him now finally learning the ways of imbuing chakra into items and potentially himself soon. So now Karo stood there with a soft smile on his face at learning how to actually infuse chakra into items. As such he’d also begin to practice again and again with it, grabbing onto a few more of the kunai for practice in this art of infusion of chakra. Noting just how easy it was now to actually have his chakra flow throughout the items that he had on him. From Kunai to also simple shuriken that he flung about the training yard. It was great to see just what he could do with this new infusion skill he had learned. Yet soon it would be time for him to take another rest and let his chakra replenish itself for what he had planned next in regards to what he wanted to learn next. That being the way of using one hand to cast simple jutsu. Which would be insurmountable on the battlefield. As Karo could also technically cast two jutsu and fire them together at the same time, something he had thought about when the idea of one handed hand seals came up to him while he was talking to his father about ways of gathering chakra together.

Which meant he’d have to spend a large amount of time figuring out how to deal with each and every hand seals with just one hand. Which was going to be the biggest challenge when learning how to do the one handed hand seals in the first place. Yet Karo couldn’t mind the challenge, as now he was fired up to do what he must in return for the knowledge that knowing about these things provided for him. It was that sense of accomplishment that would make him more geared to fight during the chunin exams should the time come for it. His whole body now pumped up and ready to learn how to actually figure out the one handed hand seals itself. Karo began the process of learning by weaving all of the twelve individual hand seals together in rapid succession. Noting that this would be his only chance in actually figuring out how to do the one handed hand seals. As this was going to be the biggest challenge that most people would have trouble with. The actual process of learning how to use one handed hand seals for jutsu. Especially with the way chakra control worked with both hand seals better than one hand seal generally. But Karo continued to weave those twelve hand seals for a pretty long amount of time when most people rarely practiced them individually. Only focusing on jutsu itself when practicing the art of hand seals. Which Karo was also guilty of back in his time at the academy when he’d only try and learn how to do specific jutsu instead of all of the hand seals in general. Which made remembering them quite a hassle sometimes when showing off a jutsu or two that someone else is interested in. But Karo didn’t mind the amount of focus that was needed in pulling off all of this. He definitely wasn’t going home until late in the day when supper was already almost over. Man they’d probably chew him out for staying away so much from them when it came for training. Yet Karo could only hope that they understood why he was trying to do all of this. He had pride in his own abilities and the abilities of his parents. He didn’t want them to see that he was just a laze all of the time. Even if he really wanted to loaf around for most of the day anyways.

So as Karo’s continued attempts at trying his best to form one handed seals of the hand signs that he had known for all of his life now. It was important that he try to also use some kind of jutsu while also learning how to use these one handed hand seals entirely. For if there was anything that he could do. Learning more and more about what types of jutsu he could learn was a prime opportunity. Especially inside of the training rounds where he had a multitude of ways of training and using his own skills to grow in strength rapidly. It was why he liked Yusuke being there for him and training him to know fire release. As much as he was confused as to why Yusuke had asked him to remember who trained him in fire release. He also had to thank the younger man for helping him in learning fire release when he had almost no way of knowing what he was doing was really right in the grand scheme of things. Yet Karo could tell that he was at least making a ton more progress now more than he had been beforehand. He was now focusing on trying to cast a small and simple jutsu with one hand. An E-Rank jutsu could easily suffice, that being the clone technique. Something that only required one hand seal to actually complete. Karo began to focus his chakra for a brief moment, his hand forming half of the ram seal with one hand. With a puff of smoke a clone of Karo immediately appeared beside him in an instant. It was a very small jutsu that could potentially catch others off guard if they were not careful about their own perception. As the clone jutsu was purely an illusionary technique designed for tricking opponents. Karo found the use of the one hand to be rather easy to do for a simple jutsu like that of the clone jutsu. ~Maybe he could try a bit more with it now that he had knowledge of other kinds of jutsu as well. Although he’d have to step up his game a bit if he wished to of course use more of the one handed hand seals that he’d have access to. Yet jumping from an E-Rank towards that of a B-Rank could be considered a rather risky maneuver. Especially when he was having difficulties with controlling his chakra a few hours earlier in the day with the infusion of his own chakra. Yet Karo could only focus now on what he was learning with the one handed hand seals that he could only fathom beforehand. That being to use a simple fire release jutsu with one hand. That certainly would give thers raised eyebrows at what he was potentially planning with this kind of set up.

So Karo would begin to weave the hand seals of the fireball jutsu with two hands just to remember what kind of seals they were for a moment. The hand seals were very easy to remember after a few moments of practice again. Immediately Karo began to practice the same hand seals of Snake → Ram → Monkey → Tiger with only one hand. Focusing on his own chakra levels and how he’d need to focus again in order to actually make the fireball jutsu with just one hand. He’d take a deep breath on his final attempt to focus on the fireball jutsu now. His hands weave the same seals of Snake, Ram, Monkey, then finally tiger with only one hand. That surge of fire building up inside of his belly before came the actual blast of fire from his own lips. Launching the blast directly towards one of the dummies within a blink of an eye. One of the dummies had come face to face with the massive blast of fire itself. Watching as the orb of chakra immediately incinerated the dummy in question. As there was nothing left standing of the once human-like figure. Save for a few pieces of burnt wood here and there as a result of the Great Fireballs power. Karo’s face showed a bright smile encompassing his entire mouth as a result of the success at learning how to use one handed hand seals. Something that certainly would be a good showing of his own skill in the upcoming chunin exams. This was indeed something that he could actually attain now and push him even farther. The rank of Chunin certainly was something that was a motivator for almost all of the Genin that he had interacted with. So seeing that now he had something up his own sleeve was certainly something that he could use in the future. Yet seeing all of this kind of progress made Karo also think about potentially what earth release jutsu he should also learn as well as a result. The one that immediately popped into his head was the Earth Release: Wall jutsu. A defensive technique that could be summoned at any time was certainly something he could use. Especially with that offensive power that was already mostly covered with his other jutsu. Meaning he had no reason not to use Earth Release for a defensive purpose. Which made him give a small chuckle at what other kind of earth release jutsu were there that he could use for defensive purposes. He still had to be creative when it came to his other techniques. He couldn’t just use offensive techs and worry about everything else later. He was a shinobi dammit! He had to have SOME amount of creativity while fighting against others.

Learning the jutsu with one hand however would be a fun way to cap off this very fruitful training session filled to the brim with ups and downs. Grabbing one of his water bottles, Karo began to chug the thing as he felt rather parched. Especially after all of that time spent training and thinking about the chunin exams certainly was a tiring process as well. It just means that he was focused enough now more than ever to actually begin finishing up and then getting a good night's sleep after talking to his family. It was the best way he could celebrate making so much progress in such a short amount of time. But for now Karo had to focus on his own problems of learning the earth Release Wall jutsu. Which shouldn’t be that hard since he was said to be born with Earth release as his main element. Meaning that this shouldn’t take too long of a process to learn the jutsu itself. First however he had to find the specific scroll that contained earth release for him to learn it. As that would be the only way he could acquire the specific hand seals necessary to learn earth release itself. Yet Karo was more focused now on figuring out which scroll it was that he brought that could have that specific jutsu. Scrounging around his bag for it before finding the small scroll that contained a few classic earth release jutsu that he also could learn before the competition truly began. Scanning the scroll for the info on Earth Release: Wall. He finally found the missing jutsu and followed the words of the scroll. The delicate parchment felt slightly sandy on his hands as he figured out the jutsu’s hand seals soon enough. Fiddling with his hands in order to memorize the hand seals before rewrapping the scroll and placing it softly back into the bag. Ready to begin learning the jutsu in question and wrapping up the rest of his training for the day. It couldn’t be that hard to actually use the jutsu itself. So learning about it from that scroll would be a piece of cake.

“Who’d have thought that I could make this much progress in such a short amount of time…. Really gotta prove mom wrong huh?” He thought to himself while beginning to practice the hand seals in question. That being the hand seals of Ox, serpent, boar, then monkey before slamming hands onto the ground. Karo focused on remembering the hand seals in question for now while also focusing on the amount of time he had left. The sun was beginning to set over the training grounds. Which meant night would be approaching rapidly. He’d have to get out of the training grounds soon. Lest he potentially become a victim of some sort of unfortunate happening as a result. Yet Karo continued to take his time with the jutsu’s hand seals in question. Eventually having them ingrained into his mind before came the fun part of learning jutsu. Whether or not that they would actually show up or not. Yet Karo knew that he had this one at least in the bag. It didn’t really matter to him that he didn’t know many earth release jutsu. Just knowing the ones that were most important certainly was the main focus. So finally when he weaved those same hand seals again of Ox - Serpent - Boar - Monkey before slamming his hands onto the ground. Karo witnessed a mass of earth begin to rise up from inserting his chakra deep into the ground. Witnessing just how much rock he was able to rise up from the ground gave him that same sense of fire burning deep inside of his rocky core. Noting that the wall would be able to potentially take a hit from a few B-Rank Jutsu. The focus however remained on the fact that he was able to do that specific jutsu rather easily all things considered. So it finally came time for him to begin to pack up and leave the training grounds behind him as a result of this fantastic day of training for him. He could feel the sweat had indeed soaked his shirt. But the soft cool air flowing by had him give a sharp sigh of relief due to how hot it had been for the day at the training grounds. Karo wearing a small smile as he finally began to pack up fully. The small crunch of sand underneath the soles of his feet was a satisfying sound to hear. Slowly beginning to walk out of the training grounds. He could feel that he had gotten stronger. Strong enough to actually be able to fight now, he felt his whole body feel this weird sense of buzzing all around it. Hopefully his body wasn’t super sore in the morning, as he’d need his body to get up and go towards wherever the Chunin exams would be.

Yet Karo could feel that he had something up his sleeve now, he had something that could also prove to be useful against others outside of the village even right now. But he just hoped he’d be able to fight against Yusuke in the tournament. Karo’s amber eyes scan the village's gates as he is let in with a small annoyed huff from the guards. Yet he only gave an apology before rushing home. Wanting to finally eat something good besides the small granola bars he ate throughout the day.


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