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  • Sunagakure

  • The Cleft [Gates]

    Sunagakure is nestled within a fortified valley, concealed behind towering rock cliffs. A single, roofed cleft, measuring just 3 meters in width, acts as the village's entrance and exit, making ground attacks nearly impossible. The cliffs are a product of Earth Release modifications, featuring near-vertical walls over 100 meters high and hundreds of meters thick, providing excellent natural defense. Inside the shaded cleft, you'll find two small guardhouses, one on each side, each housing one of Sunagakure's Gate Guardians.
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    Desert Blooms
    Wed Jul 10, 2024 6:12 pm
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  • The Root Embassy

    The Root Embassy is a discreet and well-fortified structure that reflects Konoha's presence within the assimilated territory of Sunagakure. It is designed to blend functionality and minimalistic aesthetics, making it a hidden yet highly efficient base for Konoha's operatives. The building features reinforced walls, advanced security measures, and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment.

    The Warden's Office
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  • The Root Academy

    The Root Ninja Academy in Sunagakure, established in the aftermath of Konoha's assimilation, stands as a symbol of newfound collaboration. Nestled within the village, the academy boasts modern facilities and rigorous training programs designed to mold the next generation of skilled shinobi. With a blend of traditional teachings and innovative techniques, this academy serves as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the Sand shinobi culture.

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  • The Spire of the Forgotten Ones

    The Spire, Sunagakure's tallest structure, was a circular ivory tower that once stood at almost 300m in height. Overlooking the village walls and the desert beyond, it featured a 10m diameter at its base, expanding to 15m at the top, ending with a pointed peak. This iconic building, located at the heart of Sunagakure, served as the office and residence of the current Kazekage, symbolizing their leadership. The Spire included nearly 100 floors, each maximized for various purposes. To ease navigation, seals on the ground floor allowed quick transportation to specific levels, enhancing its functionality.

    However, due to the high maintenance costs and safety concerns, the Spire was eventually torn down after Root Konoha assimilated Sunagakure.

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    Cutting off liabilitie...
    Tue Oct 31, 2023 5:10 pm
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  • Old Academy Ruins

    The Old Academy of Sunagakure no Sato, a relic from a distant era in the village's history, is now a solemn reminder of the past. This structure serves as a poignant symbol of a bygone time, unmarred by contemporary inhabitants of Sunagakure.
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Sunagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Sand, nestled within a fortified valley behind imposing rock cliffs, is a desert oasis in the Land of Wind. Resilient and resourceful, it has a long history of overcoming the challenges of its arid surroundings. Recently, it has become the focal point of occupation by Konoha's Root forces, solidifying its position within the Land of Wind.
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