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Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Missing-Nin (B-rank)
Stat Page : The Breaker
Remove Remove Ninjutsu Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 3500

the many lessons life will teach you. Empty the many lessons life will teach you.

Wed Jan 25, 2023 2:33 pm
Zaled consumed, a large steak. A smsll guilty pleasure of his as his traditional glass of wine was in front of him, and another unusual dish of delicious quality. A cobbler with the scents of sugar, and peaches drifting in the air. Even then the man cut into the thick steak and has almost all but forgot about the cobblerr. A thick smoked to perfection with the piece an ideal pink center, and the fine brown. It wasnt of the worldly kind, but deliciously provided by him pulling once more from his dimension, and enjoying the fine champainge and food there.

However as it was noon now the man kicked back and took a bite from his new cut of meat eyeing the cobbler. Much too large to consume alone of course, But like wise he had plates and another interesting pitcher of iced tea at this table. Beside him was the pathway that lead to the quiet grove of sunagakure which was nice. But as likewise it finally dawned on him.

mmm there were people here i met cruising through the dimensions yes. I wonder where they may be?
Kaito Inuzuka
Kaito Inuzuka
Stat Page : Stat Page

Health: 300 points
AP: 2,000 points
Vigor: 150 points
Chakra: 100 points
Speed: 45 points
Strength: 5 points
Summoning Contract : The Wolves of Death Gorge
Living Clones : N/A
Familiar : Raidomaru (Needs Revamped)
Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Ninjutsu Sensory Space Time Default
Wind Earth Water Remove Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 81440

the many lessons life will teach you. Empty Re: the many lessons life will teach you.

Wed Jan 25, 2023 11:54 pm
Uchiha, Kaito decided that it was the perfect day to take a stroll through The Grove: the closest thing that Sunagakure had to a park. It was peaceful and beautiful, something that Kaito would not take for granted. Since arriving back into the village per his summoning a few days before, and having been very busy as a result of it all, the 20 year-old lad relished the fact that he had some time to relax.

As the young man waltzed through the luscious park, however, a peculiar smell reached his nose. It wasn't peculiar in that it smelt bad, rather it smelt out of place. Perplexed, Kaito would follow the scent until he found an individual eating a grand looking meal. Steak, wine, champagne, and a huge cobbler were sitting upon a table that, of course, did not belong there in the center of The Grove.

Confused, yet intrigued, Kaito would approach the table.

"Top of the day to you, friend." He greeted, smiling all the while. "Quite a beautiful day for a meal out in the sun, eh?"
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