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Always Sunny In Sunagakure Empty Always Sunny In Sunagakure

Tue May 16, 2023 7:27 pm
Yori arose in the middle of his sleep. Thinking why did he wake up now? He was sleeping under a roof somewhere in his village. Yori figured it had to be about 3 am. He was wide awake and really didn't feel like going back to sleep so he stood up and jumped down from the roof where he was sleeping. There was a slight chill in the air that gave him chills down his spine. Yori was already wrapped up in his long clothing and started to walk the streets with no plan at all. He walk aimlessly, wandering the streets looking for something to do this early, he finally concluded that he might as well train for the time being. .He went towards the outskirts of town to find a good piece of land suitable for training in the hope of becoming one step closer to obtaining more power.

He knew his quest for power wasn't going to be easy, he was nowhere near the strongest ninja. He did though had a set of skills that put him above your average ninja. His Sharingan would for sure help him get out of sticky situations in the future, he just had to train his body to keep up with his eyes. It was pointless to know where an attack is coming from and you can't dodge it, with that though Yori figured it would be best to work on endurance and speed training. He never wanted to feel like he was just lucky to be born in the clan. He needed to show everyone he deserved his Sharingan.

Yori stumbled upon a training ground set up with what looked like logs hanging from ropes. Huge blades penetrated through the logs so that the ends of the logs both had sharp edges. Yori immediately thought this could be the perfect thing for training his reflexes. Yori walked towards the logs looking forward to training and then his conscious came into play reminding him the equipment was not his. He pondered on the thought of not using the equipment and figured he slept on somebody's roof without permission maybe the owner of this property also would not mind.

"Yeah I better leave these how they were before someone finds me and forces me to beat their ass", Yori said with a slight chuckle to himself. As bad as he wanted to train right now, the cold air was enough of an excuse to pick another day. He sighed as he made his way to the grove which he knew had to have a place open around this time. Arriving there pretty quickly he walked up and took a seat immediately. This place was pretty new in the village, this part served as a bar and also a ramen shop around this time to help those who had to bad of a hangover. Yori smiled as he could see a couple of other people in the bar recovering from a long night out. He wasted no time in ordering some ramen and tea and since he wasn't a fan of drinking just for the fun of it , being drunk and not in complete control was something Yori wasn't a fan off. As he awaited his ramen, he wondered what would he be getting himself into tonight.

Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
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Always Sunny In Sunagakure Empty Re: Always Sunny In Sunagakure

Tue May 23, 2023 7:22 am
the desert nights were diffrent as opposed to the day, Where there was heat, and unforgiving sun, The nights wete black at times at a new moons approach,but the stars could be seen. In the olden days these brought chills requiring both a means of a small warm fire, and a hot drink for the chest before lights were out. Thst was the way, simpler times, simpler men.

Yet zaled never got accustomed to a sudden comfort in the evenings. In the tropics of volcano he glossed over scrolls in the warm salty air by the beaches, yet the scent of molten rock was apparent too. And now in suna under an curious contraction that regulated ideal and sutiably comfortable means zaled was at a lit tea house sipping the first bstch of tea with a set of buiscuits before him. The early morning batch. Delicious and oven fresh with several bites out of his third one quietly humming as he gazed up at the crecent moon.

It was forgein for sure. Perhaps mans desire to conquor nature was what drove it for the comfort of momentary good feelings,Yet there was still man vs man.So perhaps nature had its hand overans soul still.

a small oroboroes cycle. Snake eating and rebirthing itself. A peice of nature conquored, a few hundred men despite, creed, desire, or rank killed off by means.Change is imminent although i will sit backand watchit for now. After all no dream came to me,or lofty ideas or whims besides travel and learning.... but that is chamge in itself. so i am not immune, just allowing what i want around me....that may be it?... yes i suppose so.

zaled thought as he placed down the cup of tea and took a peice of parchment out scribbling out his last thoughts.

"learning is an instrument of change. Well or the very tool needed to move change. Wether it is effective change..
. or desired is the question right? many wanted to do something yet fall short of their calling, or freeze up."

he muttered as surely noted some boy walking up to the bar and was soon served a bowl of ramen. It was filling,but at this tine of night the boy might just wind up looking like some horse general. The ones who were in great shape bsckin the day,vwin a battke, and gouge down on booze,passion, and fine meals set for a family themselves. The thought that where the food may have dulled their gdnius as well as made an endowned garnment of badges and accomidations a few sizes too small... no he shouldve gone with the basics.

But it was not zaleds call, he was not the boys father,nor would interject even if it was true. He simply spoke up towards the boy as lifted his cup to him.

"restless night young man? come sit down and take your time eating."
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