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Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
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(p) elemental basics of drive, and purpose Empty (p) elemental basics of drive, and purpose

Sun Sep 17, 2023 4:44 pm
zaled quietly studied the students overtaking simple elemental connection practice, today he studied the group molding both earth and wind chakra. Element development was the bearbone and key to most ninjutsu manipulation and overall creative works of the known arts of ninjutsu. Zaled although had to admit, although to himself it was simple, and easy work and appliance to him now was not so easy once upon a time as a knight of the star city turned full shinobi. It was not easy to his memory and for factors why he observed the students, to remind himself that learning was not always easy.

After a bit of observation he spoke up noting the students had taken to each an task he set them up to working with. Feeling their elements in full quarter. as such was the reason why he observed the students carefully. As such the issues he noted was drive and acceptance.

"an element is inherint, each person shinobi or not posesses a certain affinity. let us say like a color. You may like blue, but i enjoy the alloy gold, which includes a deep yellow. Although many are nice to me, my eye goes for the deepest tone of yellow, and as clostest to gold as possible. It is a part of the ground, it is earthy, and rare, increasing its value considerably. Hence why I am more inclined and connected to the earth...."

zaled paused as his glanced at the students now paying attention to his words.

"earth practicioners lay on the earth, wind practiconers spread 3 arms length apart. You have 5 seconds or the entire group must do physical exercises. and go!"

zaled commanded and several students had quickly moved to the ground while the wind group had moved to spread out although there he spotted it one child in earth group had slightly bent knees and another wind group student had bumped into another student. he shook his head and raised his hand to stop the group.

"halt! everyone up and 10 squats. if i hear a groan it is doubled per complaint. we are shinobi follow instructions, and stay by the command."

zaled commanded as he began walking between the two groups, and they faced each other he pointed to the two offenders and spoke up to.

"you two in sync with my counts, stay on my tone and stay at my pace, if i detect a single waiver the group will restart from one. am i understood?"

zaled spoke and the two students spoke in usision.

"yes mister zaled"

zaled walked between the two groups and with the students counted.

"One,Two,Three,Four,Five,Six, Seven,Eight,Nine,Ten"

Having watched eah student he smiled and nodded with approval as each one suscssfully did their squats and although he detected the slight annoyance he knew it was the point of the exercise that the missing link in a group for any matter was the flaw to whole opperations.

"you guys aspire to be great shinobi, i assure you that mistakes like that lead to death of even jounin and above, in my youth i saw arrogance play over and lead to one being stabbed while a genin, what you guys will be sometime, was his only back up. Nobody else came because said jounin and genin went alone to confront an enemy of unknown orgin. Nobody told anyone else about said problem, and he wound up dead. I happend upon the incident from a previous patrol. This should never be the case and as a lesson from me to you along with elemental connection. This is the bonus lesson."

zaled spoke in both a commanding but now it was deathily serious.

"if an element is important to you, so should your fellow shinobi, they need your back up too. There are two I's in shinobi But it is impprtant to stay in a group and maintain no singular goal. Call for help. Make sure you get help. Because you do not know what a threat has or can do. Not with your eyes alone, and not with your head alone. Why do genin run in squads?"

zaled asked and glanced at each group. There was silence and zaled shook his head.

"this is because you may do alot alone, but a group can acheive multiple diffrent tasks much faster and efficently. Even if a mission is deemed easy for one person, it is much easier, and safer if eyes are watching your back. Sometimes that cannot be helped, But your team will protect you, watch over you, your leader will watch over and cover you. coverage and infomation is retained across the group. instead of your own ears, you have 2, or even 3 other ears."

zaled shook his head and after a moment of silence zaled spoke up once more.

"Back to square one, return to positions,earth group on the ground, wind group spread 2 arms length apart. 5 seconds and go!"

The students proceeded to return to the position described by zaled previously, It was drilling on light timming something which zaled realized that on observing the response time of shinobi here were lacking. Yet it was passable to a degree. But passable was unfortuniatly never enough.

"Stop! these are your fellow villagers. We must move with purpose and urgency, If you let off your jutsu and suddenly one of you are a tad too slow who gets caught in your attack? your team might have as many plans but if uncoordinated to a basic structure like this what will happen?"

zaled spoke as he walked back between the students once more.

"if not urgent then the mission is lost, If the mission is lost then the training was was inadiquite, You must consider all of this before you walk out your door, and even before you brush your teeth!, tell me what happens if there is a mistake in coordination?"

zaled asked as he pointed towards the culprit this time a sandy haired boy with goggles on his head, and a small training Gi on. it caught his interest a bit but not for he was ready to brawl but within the earth group and uncoordinated to his orders.

"Mister zaled we will get hit and harmed,or compromise the task required."

the boy puffed his chest and straightened his back as if immitating a soldier but zaled shook his head.

"This is not a game... be at ready and relaxed boy. Eyes and ears open, gut and instincts at ready. Drop and give me 10 push ups."

the boy dropped and counted outloud as zaled continued speaking.

" He is correct students, and because he is correct he has to do more push ups do you know why? You green haired girl in wind group!"

zaled called out pointing to the girl at the far end and his gaze turned towards her, a small framed soft skin girl now dusty from the requested tasks at hand and the hint at disgruntled gauntness filling her face as zaled called her out.

"um because it is not easy?"

zaled noting the boy was at five heard the timid voice and shook his head.

"unfortuniatly for you son,you have to do 10 more,all on the ground, and wrong"

a collective murmmer arose from the group and zaled spoke up.

"make that 20, the answer is this, you have to be correct in all senarios, wrong step and that is your life,wrong time for a jutsu there is an ally being hit by an attack. You are shinobi, not using chakra willy nilly and clapping because you formed a sharp protrusion from earth beneath your feet, nor a sharp gust of wind. Your jutsu,your chakra, and your purpose must all align. If you weave a handseal and build up chakra and think of your technique,You better know why you are using that jutsu, and Who you are attempting to attack, protect, or even heal. Along with who is your enemy."

zaled explained as the group counted as a whole now as one, He knew they did not want this, But wants and needs were diffrent leauges. They needed to have a reason for doing any element or any jutsu, or any formation at all. The want and desire to be great did not mean anything, the genius class, the gifted, the special, the prestigious meant nothing when danger was afoot, When the choice to move as a unit and disengage was at hand,or staying on same page.

"on feet! and resume position!"

zaled commanded and now the students correctly with efficency assumed their posistions Still it did not earn praise just zaled leading to the next instruction

"Focus and calm your spirit,body,minds just feel the earth for earth users. Do you feel the ground? what is it made of, Why is it firm?What does a rock feel like? tightend bits of earth. Feel it understand it, and feeel your chakra"

zaled commanded the earth group and his attention went to the wind group.

"the wind you breath it an and exhale, it is always moving. Invisible? or is it flowing constantly? Why is this so? its in your skin, in your hair, through your clothes, It is free and does not care, your chakra must match it, its intentions must be clear."

zaled spoke up as he himself began his own example but this time actually combining both and knowing to the nature of himself and the nature to the practice himself.

"understand students this is not me being crule. But to point out reality is crule, The lucky ones understand they were lucky, But the wise understand luck is no excuse for effort, Your jutsu are the diffrence between your team and potential opponents comming home smiling, or not comming home. You did not choose this route because it is easy, but were born for it, and therefore must know that focus either means suscess or failure. There is always a cost, and always will be a cost."

zaled stated as he showcased a bit of rumbling rocks and lightning corsing at his fingertips. It was to showcase the formation of his elements at full. He was not sugar coating the training as he simply showed it and enabled each to showcase their work.

"Look intent, desire, design, focus, Guidance, Willpower, Drive, confidence, and certaincy. Your element and some may learn multiple. But your element is a reflection of yourself. It is not always a toy,But a reminder that where you direct it must be with purpose, every bit of chakra you will exibit from learning a jutsu in the future will need a purpose. Some may toughen you, protect yourself and allies or buffete the enemy. The point is the purpose. Why did you get up? why are you here learning? Why are you pursuing a rank? It is more then family, and a buddy. But it must come from yourself, and why you are doing something for your team."

zaled spoke as he observed each group, some understood and showed promise, The concentration was there but they were students not just simple genin just yet, But hopefuls at the most. The clone technique, surface walking assured ways to show their understanding of chakra,but zaled was not teaching that. The synergy of shinobi to their element and their fellow shinobi in question. It was no diffrent then when he was a knight save using formation to a perfect human percision. They marched as one, rode on point as one,and attacked as one.

"As one was the motto i followed, weather by myself, or with others the execution requires one to know why a person does something. The drive to act, the purpose behind their movements. Because if you understand intent, you understand your objective. Just like these elements. Why do you want to use wind jutsu, What is the elements intent? Why is the ground solid and comfortable? why do you feel steady? it will go nowhere,but will you move the ground if you do not understand the purpose,and intent of a jutsu?"

zaled coached as he continued focusing himself and instead worked a way to mix and fuse the lightnimg and wind chakras effectively creating a small crackle and a small charge of chakra humming across his fingers.

hm that is interesting i suppose this is the unique ability the village posesses where a mineral can be massed. Very interesting, a new thing to dig into. And a small personal project i can take upon while I teach students more. hm Gold will be nice,rare, useful.

zaled thought as he still needed to figure where to mine a little gold save ryo, but it was all for a later as his focus after his momentary exercise was to the students progress. Some still struggled obviously frustrated in the inability but it was more to what they have seen as well. The point was rough because it took him time, experience, and more so patcience to reach his point.

But he understood the looks of dissappointment. Struggle was uiversal across all wakes of life, But when the pressure to match or even hope to match becomes obvious the students slowly felt the overwealming task. They were to be shinobi yet struggled connecting to an element, and zaled did not peesue favorites and was not one to awknowledge the greater ones.

It was a reflection of reality, stoic cold and only full of meet the requirements or fail. The idea of participation points did not exist, nor did the idea of patting on the back. After all the point was that like many students these were chosen for the task, and nothing else. some panted and zaled spoke up.

"at ease, sip water rinse and repeat."

he offered as he walked between the groups and nodded.

"A good start, But good is not enough sip water and be at the ready, after all this is a luxery in the trenches, you will not always be garenteed a sip, cherish it and focus lets go!"

zaled ordered as the students looked disgruntled some knowing they suscceeded were still unsure what to do, others squabbled over seals momemtarily but zaled hand rose and they went silent as he spoke.

"less pointless bickering,get to the point, less words more you can focus and listen to the world around you."

he spoke up as the class cut down the chatter by a signifigant margin which was good, still as good as it was It could improve better, But that was not his job but the students here.

"if information falls, then our job fails, but tell me why is silence golden and minimum means of communication is key? Can anyone answer this?"

zaled asked as some students took several long swings of water, relief and the moment of respite from a drink spread across many faces which zaled smiled and said.

"That feeling is refreshing, But you are enjoying every sip, The thing is besides peace you might mot get a moment in action. So drink up realize everyone around you enjoys this, all the more reason to stay focused."

zaled spoke as he noted a dark haired well cut boy hand raised and looking intently at zaled. zaled pointed at him and the boy spoke.

"the answer is because sound betrays us all mister zaled."

a small smile came to his face and he sighed.

"At least you guys do well learning, But this comes from the start of your training, It is not always obsticle courses, But you baseline approach to everything. Your silence, and ability to effectively communicate is not of my doing, But your responsibility. Responsibility to keeping to the task, responsibility to keeping your team and selves able to get home safe and sound. After all in many of these tasks you may do, some dangerous, some look impossible, the less on chatter and panic you guys get, The better."

zaled stated and by now the students had resumed their positions and he smiled now at their action.

maybe they will do this much more consistently. But one day isnt enough,a few hours, a few commands to follow... It must be automatic.

zaled thought and he studied each students progress, after a little rest a few needed it to get their barings into full order he noted the influx of wind around wind training people, and noted the rumbling of small earth clumps around the feet of many earth practiconers.

"good, this feeling is your elemental chakra, remember it is important to feel this, you will not always have time to connect so you must remember this feeling regardless of how you feel in the moment. A seal is the motion to form chakra, But your chakra and what it does matters on your control of yourself, and your will. Be realistic do not just throw out experiments. Mold to what you know and have practiced."

zaled stated as he folded his arms between the groups and glanced at each one in turn.

"now extend your chakra bit by bit, focus and extend and flow it around, Feel the rushing of that element through your body and understand it students. This takes time to understand, you will not master it in a day, you will be a student for life of it. Focus and no doubts in mind. Why does it flow like this? What can i do and the purpose behind such a chakra? Questions you must eventually develope answers too as you journey on for village and life. Some of you soon will test for genin, this will become more apparent as you learn."

zaled stated and he turned to the students and spoke up.

"at ease, return to class room and relax your next lesson will be a lesson amomg the sensory trainers in indepth communication tactics and stealth practices. I will see you guys in a week and expect faster results. Dismissed."

zaled waved the students off as he himself headed off after chatting with a few instructors over the progress of a few genin candidates and what the entire student body needed to work on.


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(p) elemental basics of drive, and purpose Empty Re: (p) elemental basics of drive, and purpose

Sun Sep 17, 2023 5:29 pm
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