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Crom Orochi
Crom Orochi
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Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 500

A Day with a Queensman Empty A Day with a Queensman

Tue May 03, 2022 4:37 pm
Shadow a Queensman E Rank

It would seem that today’s mission would be slightly different then the work that Crom had been up to recently considering that this time he knew of what he would be doing prior to even going to the mission board to finalize any paperwork. He would be spending the day shadowing a Queensman. The Queensman are a relic force that remain from back when Hoshigakure was a Monarchy and still rove and handle various positions in today’s governing body. They are known for knowing the ins and outs of the village as if it was the back of their hand, so Crom would be following one of the members learning what they do and various ways around the village for the day.

Packing up his things as usual and dressing accordingly Crom left his home and went to the mission board to check in an then to the meet up place with the appointed Queensman. The man that stood in front of him wore a stern look and carried himself with the dignity of a veteran, that was promising for Crom as he quite liked to learn from those who were no nonsense individuals as they tended to provide the needed information without trying to be friends or friendly in general. Crom bowed slightly to the Queensman, “Good Morning Sir, I am Crom Tokage. I am here to Shadow you for the day.” Crom said as he introduced himself. The man looked at the Shinobi with annoyance but was inwardly relieved that it seemed that Crom was one of the few young ones that held respect to those older. “Very well. You can address me as Queensman or Sir. We will only be together for this day so there isn’t a reason to get overly familiar.” The man said as he explained himself. “Today you will shadow me as we go through a typical routine as agreed. Do not speak unless spoken to and keep questions to a minimum.” The Queensman said as he begun to make his rounds.

Crom pulled out his notebook and when possible jotted down the various activities they did or took care of like settling some minor disputes they came across, giving directions as needed to various Villagers and even taking some paths that Crom hadn’t been aware were a thing. These paths were necessarily secret in any case just obscure and rarely used due to lack of people knowing of them. It was satisfying to learn some new things about the village that Crom had lived in his whole life, it would also help with moving around the village in various situations that the young Shinobi might find himself in. The hours passed by and the two people hardly spoke to one another even when they took breaks and ate food as needed. The Queensman was satisfied and surprised that he wasn’t pestered by the young shinobi and was growing to view the young man favorably. “Alright we are done for the day. You listened well and I hope you grew to understand more of what we do for the Village.” The Queensman said to Crom, “Yes Sir, It was informative and enlightening.” Crom said as he closed his notebook filled with new information to go back over at a later time. "I will now take my leave Sir Thank you for your work.” Crom said as he bowed to the Queensman. “Very Well young man good work.” The queensman said to the departing Shinobi.

TWC 581
Stat Claims 5: 5 to Vigor
581 words to Suiton: Mizu Senbon 581/1000
Claiming 1,000 Ryo and 5 AP for Completion of Mission
Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
Survived 2021
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Village : Hoshigakure
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A Day with a Queensman Empty Re: A Day with a Queensman

Tue May 03, 2022 4:40 pm
I remember this mission....I had to deal with some intrepid monks....good times.

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