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Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Shadowing a Queensman  Empty Shadowing a Queensman

Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:57 am
Mission Name: Shadow a Queensman 
Rank: E
Type: Educational 
Character Requirements: Genin and above 
Mission Location: Anywhere within Haven Country 
Word Count Requirements: 1, 000
Repeatable? Not by the same person 
NPC? -
Reward: 500 Ryo, 1 AP and 1 CD post with Village Leader 


Queensmen are the local police of Hoshigakure. Despite not being well versed in the Shinobi arts, these men know the city like the back of their hands and are both respected and feared among the locals. Spend a day with a Queensman to see how he goes about his day and treat him with respect and courtesy. Any knowledge gained from this is only for CD purposes and does not necessarily reflect how Hoshigakure Queensmen go about their job. 

Nano woke up on his regular pile of rags that was his bed and began his regular day to day routine. Brush his teeth, bathe in the lake, get dressed and eat breakfast. That all took a grand total of about 45 minutes. Once that was all done, Nano began to jog towards the city square. Today he planned to complete an E rank mission. The objective of said mission was to watch a queensman the whole day and see how they go about their jobs.

It seemed simple enough. Become a stalker for the day! Deciding he would bring some company with him, Nano did the 5 hand seals for the summoning jutsu and summoned a C rank wolf named Fukako. Fukako was a fairly tall wolf being 5 meters tall and 8 meters long. While that was bigger than him by quite a bit, it was small compared to some of the other wolves. "What did you summon me for? This doesn't look like a battle, not to mention I won't battle with you." Fukako the wolf asked.

"To get to know you so we can better connect. I'm about to start a mission and I summoned you so you could tag along" Nano replied. Fukako quickly agreed to come due to his home being too boring. The two began to jog at about 6 speed before they spotted a queensman. Walking slightly behind the queensman, they watched as the queensman walked down the street searching for any illegal activity.

After ten minutes of shadowing the queensman, he had finally spotted something! A lowly criminal stealing a lady's handbag! The queensman grabbed his baton and chased the thief. The thief was much quicker than the queensman but unluckily didn't know the streets as well as the queensman did, walking straight into a dead end. Seeing as the thief was about to jump the wall out of the dead end and the queens man had only just turned the corner into the alleyway, Nano realised he needed to assist in stopping this thief.

Quickly doing the ram handseal, Nano body flickered in front of the thief and pushed him away from the wall, back towards the queensman before stepping back. Fukako quickly ran up to the thief and poked him with his extremely sharp claws, drawing blood. Fukako must have been too much to handle for the thief and he fainted.

At this point the queensman had arrived next to the thief and said "Congratulations on stopping the thief boy and err dog." He said while patting Nano on the back. The queensman then ran back to the lady holding the handbag. The lady accepted the handbag gratefully but only thanked the queensman. Unfortunately because of his standing as a shinobi, 90% of the citizens think of him as nothing more than a demon.

Ignoring the fact that the queensman stole his glory, he stepped back and continued to watch the queensman do his thing. For the next hour all the queensman did was walk around scaring people into doing the right thing just by being there. Little did all the citizens know that this specific queens man is really overweight and couldn't stop you from doing a thing. 

Later in the day, when both Fukako and Nano wished the mission would end soon, something exciting finally happened. A fight between 3 citizens and the queensguard broke out and Nano decided to see how it would play out. Watching the citizens throw sloppy punches and kicks at the queensman was fun and all but it needed to be stopped. For justice!

Nano did a few hand seals before substituting with the queensman. The civilians somehow didn't notice the change but that is probably for the best, seeing as they would have most likely tried punching and kicking harder. He then did two hand seals and channeled chakra to his brain which made the punches go in slow motion. Nano began to dodge the civilian's punches matrix style until eventually getting bored and throwing one of the attackers off of him.

Nano swiftly knocked the man he threw out cold with an elbow to the temple then kicked another one in the back of the head. The last one he ducked under a punch then uppercut fed him in the face, throwing him to the ground and knocking him unconscious. With the three criminals out cold, Nano left without getting any praise for rescuing a queens man as he knew it was all fake and just trying to make them look good.

Nano decided to call it a day and headed back home, Fukako following closely behind. On the way, Nano bought a loaf of bread and strips of shortcut bacon because who doesn't like bacon sandwiches? After the short pitstop for food Nano went to his campsite and lit a fire with 2 stones. He poked a stick through a piece of bacon and cooked it as if it were a marshmallow. He fed the first piece to his companion of the day and put the second and third rashers of bacon between two pieces of bread for a sandwich.

Munching on his sandwich, Nano began to talk to Fukako, "What do you wolves normally eat in your clan? I'm guessing mostly meat." To which the reply was "A lot of different meats, horse, rabbit, possum, just about every meat you can think of."

Once the two of them had devoured their meals, Nano de summoned Fukako and lay down on his bed. He had completed an E rank mission today as well as gotten to know one of his summons more today. That counts as a successful day in his book. Nano pondered what he had done today. He had retrieved a stolen handbag from a thief but all he got was a fake thank you and he didn't get a thank you at all for knocking the three violent civilians out. That just wasn't right. In the future, there has to be no hatred between shinobi and civilians and Nano was determined to be the one to make that change.

Wc 1023
Claim 1023/2000 Fukako C rank summon.
Claiming 500 Ryo and 1 AP
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Akihana Akari
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Shadowing a Queensman  Empty Re: Shadowing a Queensman

Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:46 am

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