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Shadow a Queensman Empty Shadow a Queensman

Tue Jan 12, 2021 5:48 pm

It was a normal day in Hoshi, pretty much just like any other. Zeref was in the house reading a couple of books that he had got from the library. The books contained stories of some of the most legendary 2 man teams of all time. It showed how they always were pushing each other too get better, not wanting to let the other surpass him. Also how they bond would always be so close that no matter what happened they would always get through their situation. Zeref wanted someone like that, hell who was he kidding he needed something like that. Zeref never had anyone to work with him constantly to hone his skills, he also wouldnt mind helping someone hone they own as well. He thought it would be nice to have someone who could get stronger than him, it would always give him something to work forward to. Zeref knows once someone gets to the top they become complacent and to full of themselves. 

He would want to end up like that, majority of the time it proves fatal to those who reach the top except for those with a humbling nature, but in the ninja world you wont find to many humble people. Zeref never understood why people at the top chose to sit around and not continue to hone they skill, as humans we should always remember that theirs someone who wants what we have and would do what ever to take it. So on that note Zeref decided that he would go out and find himself a partner, seeing as though he didnt have anything better to do with his day. Even though he had a mission schedule for today he wasent going to forget his goal. He added a bookmark to his book and closed it. He then jumped up from his bed and began to put his shoes on to leave. As he grabbed the knob to leave out of his home, he realized he had no idea where he would even look for someone like that. Then he decided that he would have to just figure it out later. He rushed to the mission board hoping that today wouldnt be like the last time that he went. He didnt mind pushing through the crowd to get his mission but at the same time it would become annoying having to deal with so many annoying people. Once he got there to his surprise it wasent as pack as he would have thought. He quickly grabbed a mission tittle Shadow a queensman. Seemed simple enough to Zeref, only bad part was that he hated following others. Zeref made his way to the police headquaters and informed them that he had been assign this mission and that he was ready to begiin. After a few momments Zeref was assigned a policeman to follow for the rest of the day. 

The day was pretty uneventful as Zeref followed him around. Once the day was over Zeref left and went to receive his pay for the day.

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Gogyou Bushuugi
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Shadow a Queensman Empty Re: Shadow a Queensman

Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:52 pm
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