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Crom Orochi
Crom Orochi
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Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 500

Groom the Pets Empty Groom the Pets

Mon May 02, 2022 1:35 am
Link to Prior Mission's Completion

The Adoption Center Part 2

Another day and another set of Missions to complete to continue Crom’s in home lifestyle. Going through the motions as everyone does waking up. Wash up, Dress up, Clean up and Pack up, Crom double checked his equipment prior to leaving his apartment and started the trek over to the Mission board to scour it for something interesting and lucrative. Crom arrived at the board and it stood looming covered in a multitude of various requests and tasks, ranked accordingly by risk. Crom found his way over to the D Ranked section, looking through the large amount of missions available. A handful of them stood out to him but upon reading one of them he was reminded of a previous mission he had completed. A second mission had been issued by the same Adoption Center he had worked with, they seemed to need help on with Grooming the large number of animals there.

Typically Crom would have avoided any mission that involved getting dirty for no reason but while Crom disliked human interaction he felt differently when it came to animal interaction. This was a mission he was more then interested in. So he pulled out his little notebook and wrote down the information needed and begun his journey across the village to the Adoption Center. Since he had been there before Crom was able to find his way there quite easily, he passed the tree that he had gathered the loose creatures previously at. It wasn’t much of a smile but it was there on Crom’s face as he remembered the memory.

“I wonder if they are still there.” Crom thought to himself as he entered the Adoption Center. Moving toward the front desk he was greeted by the Worker from last time, “Welcome back, You here to help out again? Or you thinking of adoption one of these heathens.” The worker smiled at the young Shinobi. “I’m here to help with grooming the animals as requested.” Crom responded in his monotone voice. While he generally liked coming here due to the animals and lack of humans to bother him, he was still one an official mission and needed to present himself in a professional and reliable manner. The Worker smiled and got up from behind his desk waving at Crom for him to follow him and begun explaining what needed to be done.

“So as the mission stated, We are short on workers and volunteers currently so our ability to provide for our animals is lacking. We need people to wash a set of animals for each person, I want you to bath and dry these four animals.” The Worker said as they arrived at cages for the animals that Crom would be taking care of today. It was 2 full grown dogs 1 cat and 1 rabbit all in separate cages and environments. “Now you might remember these 3 here,” The Worker pointed out the first three of the group the 2 dogs and 1 cat, it was Rosie, Kiah and Buddy that Crom had retrieved the last time he was here the dogs were excited to see him and Buddy simply stared at the pale boy as all cats do. “I was wondering about you guys.” Crom mentioned as he was both happy and sad about the information. “I guess I’ll take care of the dogs first and just make my way from biggest to smallest.” Crom said as he gathered the items needed for bathing and drying the dogs taking Rosie first and would then move to Kiah, Buddy and then the rabbit finishing off the group.

Getting Rosie onto the grooming table and hooked up to the support took a bit of time more cause the dog was so excited to be out and around someone that it wouldn’t stop trying to jump up on him. It took Crom a moment to get Rosie all set up but it was taken care of, Crom a bit tired for that interaction he was not the most muscled person. Crom took a deep breath and continued with his task turning on the water to a medium warm heat and applying the needed shampoo and conditioner appropriate for animals. Once he had thoroughly cleaned and washed the soap from Rosie’s fur did Crom grab some towel and the blow dryer. He dried Rosie with the towels all the water soaking the towels completely and finished off the process with the blow dryer giving Rosie a clean shine and fluffy look. “Alright that’s one down now lets go take care of Kiah.” Crom said as he leashed Rosie up and took her back to her cage, picking up kiah on his way out and taking her to the table. This was much easier to do then with Rosie as Kiah was a timid dog that froze up when picked up. With Kiah ready to go Crom repeated the process with her and grabbed more towels as needed to dry her off. It took less time to take care of Kiah due to her having shorter fur then Rosie and being much more calm then the younger dog. “Alright Kiah you are all set. Lets get ya back in your cage.”

Crom escorted the dog back to her cage and looked at buddy. He had never washed a cat but figured there would be a lot of hissing and scratches. So he picked up buddy petting him on the head and everything was fine. Crom brought Buddy to the Grooming table and had to adjust the collar hook up to the needed height for cats. Once Buddy was hooked up Crom took a step back as he knew that once Buddy realized he was chained up he would have a fit and just like Crom thought it happened. Now Crom needed to go grab the rubber gloves that covered his hands and forearms that were for animals that scratched like cats. “Alright you bear with me and I’ll do my best to make this quick you demonic bundle of fur.” Crom said to Buddy sternly with shampoo in one hand and the water sprayer in the other. It was a battle of the ages between a Shinobi and the Lord of Claws, but as all fights do it came to an end with a very soaked and slightly scratch covered Crom and a peeved but clean Buddy. Crom was thankful to put Buddy back in his cage and now wondered how on earth did you clean a rabbit. All Crom knew how to do with rabbits was set traps and make them ready to be cooked.

Crom needed to ask about what he needed to have groomed the rabbit right and apparently it was very simple to groom rabbits. “Oh yeah so with him all I need you to is brush him of his molting fur due to the season’s changing.” The Worker mentioned as rabbits rarely need baths unless they needed medicine for dry skin or fleas. “So just hook them up to the table grab the brush and be gentle and slow as anything to fast with just stress the little guy out.” The Worker instructed to Crom who had been writing down the notes as needed so he could take care of this mission quickly. Going back to the cages and carefully grabbing the rabbit and holding it close to his chest he hooked up the Rabbit to table and took out the brush to take care of the excess fur that the rabbit was shedding. This took some time as Crom was being through on his work but it was finally done and the Rabbit was taken back to its cage and Crom cleaned up the grooming table and the area and returned his items back to the Supply closet and went to find the Worker to report his job is complete and get it approved as usual.

There wasn’t any issue with the work that Crom had done and the Worker was happy that it was completed so thoroughly. “Good job young man. Come back anytime to see the guys and do more work.” The worker teased as Crom heading out the door making his way back to the mission board to turn in the completed paperwork and mission so he could get his Ryo and added to his record.

TWC 1396
Stat Claims 13: 13 to Vigor
1396 Words to One-Handed Seals
Claiming 2,500 Ryo and 12 AP from Mission Completion
Kaito Inuzuka
Kaito Inuzuka
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Health: 300 points
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Vigor: 125 points
Chakra: 125 points
Speed: 45 points
Strength: 5 points
Mission Record : Mission Log
Summoning Contract : The Wolves of Death Gorge
Living Clones : Uchiha, Tatsuya
Familiar : Raidomaru (Needs Revamped)
Legendary Equipment : N/A
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
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Groom the Pets Empty Re: Groom the Pets

Mon May 02, 2022 12:16 pm
Exit claims approved for Crom!
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