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Crom Orochi
Crom Orochi
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Helping the animals  Empty Helping the animals

Sun May 01, 2022 2:24 am
The Adoption Center, E-Ranked Mission

It was a typical day for Crom, wake up, get dressed, munch on some toast and head out to the mission board. It was here that his annoyance with the day would start, Crom did not like to interact with people but if he wanted to have money to survive and buy new books he needed to go out and complete these missions. So he studied the board and found one about a local Animal Shelter in need of some help. Apparently the manager there would provide further instruction.

“Well it looks like this will be the one then.” Crom said as he took down the information needed and began to make his way to the Shelter. It seemed that the weather was on his side, the sun was out and hardly a cloud was in the sky this day though Crom was sure it was hot out as even he was feeling it which was surprising since his family tended to not feel to much beyond just being cold and even cold just felt right to them. Something to do with their ancestors or something, it wasn’t anything that Crom paid much attention to beyond being grateful that it made the winters easier.

He was approaching the location when a black bundle of fur came barreling down the street, normally Crom would have just moved out of the way but something told him to grab the fur bunch and that’s what he did snatching the creature just as it was going to past and putting it into his arms keeping the front away from him. “Well look at that it seems I caught a run away dog.” Crom said to the small dog, it seemed content with being picked up by the boy. Moments later one of the workers from the Adoption Shelter came into view as evidence by their uniform that had paw prints on the apron.

“Oh thank god, I was worried I’d be chasing the little guy for ages.” The worker said smiling at the young Shinobi. “I’ll take him off you sir.” The worker said eyeing the dog and the young man, unsure if he was going to have to deal with someone trying to steal the dog. “Here. I simply picked it up. I’m here to complete the task assigned from the Adoption Shelter.” Crom said in a mono tone voice handing the dog back to the worker and showing them the information he had copied down.

“What a weird turn of events, Sure just follow me and we can get you started.” The worker said as they led the way back to the Adoption Shelter. “Alright now that we got the first prisoner back in his cage, I can tell you what we need done.” The worker said as they closed the cage locking the run away pup away. “We need you to nail down some of the boards in the back, they have come loose and some of the animals have learned they can escape through there. Luckily there is only 3 more missing and need locked up not including the bundle of fun you picked up earlier.” The worker explained.

“Very well. I will take care of the boards then locate the rest of the animals. What kind of animals are they?” Crom asked pulling out his notebook. “Oh yeah, it’s two dogs one of them is black with white spots and the other is white with grey stripes. The last animal is a cat it has grey fur and black stripes on it. The dog’s names are Rosie and Kiah and the cat’s name is Buddy though I doubt he will come to you easily.” The worker lamented thinking about the cat’s personality.

“Understood. Two dogs, Rosie and Kiah. One cat, Buddy. I will return once all tasks are complete.” Crom said as he closed his book that had the information provided by the worker in it. “Where are the tools and material needed to fix the hole?” He asked the worker who then directed him to the supplies. Picking up the hammer, nails and a couple of planks of wood Crom made his way towards the hole. It wasn’t large and would only take three planks. He butted the first board against the already standing planks and nailed them into the standing support still there, he continued this till the whole was covered and repaired. Now it was time to go locate the animals, Crom quickly moved through the area asking passerby’s questions on the animals and slowly making progress on locating them.

He rounded a corner following the directions of a little girl who had seen the pair of dogs nearby, barking at some cat cornered in a tree. Immediately the two dogs matching the description given were sighted by the tired Shinobi. They sat there perched on the base of the tree barking and growling at something up in the tree, looking up on a branch Crom could see a cat with grey fur and black stripes. It would seem they had all came to the same place or more likely the cat had escaped the two dogs and the dogs had followed the cat out the hole and treed the poor cat.

Pulling out a pair of leashes that he had snagged from the supply closet Crom approached downwind from the dogs who were to focused on the cat to notice him and quickly using his nimble hands to slip the leashes over the dog’s necks and called out their names, “Kiah, Rosie HEEL.” The sudden yelling of their names and yanking of the leashes surprised the two dogs into submission. “Good. Two down, one to go.” He said to himself as he tied the dogs to a nearby post making sure the knots were good and tight so they wouldn’t get loose. He then turned to the cat in the tree who was eyeing him suspiciously. “Now Buddy, Please come down here to me so we can return you home.” Crom said as if he was speaking to a person instead of an animal. The cat simply stared at the young man as if mocking him. “Very well.” Crom said as he looked at the tree, the branch was about Ten feet off the ground. With a running start he could push off the tree to gain the height needed to grab the cat. He would simply need to be quicker then the cat would react so he dashed suddenly placing his foot onto the tree and getting one more step upward before pushing off the tree and snatching the spooked cat off the branch.

Well he had successfully got the cat, the cat was not calm and not happy so it was focused on clawing the Shinobi’s arms that held it. Crom was just glad he had worn his jacket that covered most of his body anyways. Moving quickly as time was dragging on Crom grabbed the dog leashes and took the animals back to the Shelter. Once he had put the animals back in their respective cages he had the Worker look over his work and only after the worker had approved of his work did he leave to claim his rewards for the mission.

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Helping the animals  Empty Re: Helping the animals

Sun May 01, 2022 1:32 pm
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