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Shiru Iyasu
Shiru Iyasu
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Tea Appreciation Week Empty Tea Appreciation Week

Sun May 12, 2024 2:28 pm

For the second day in a row Shiru found himself in the center of the village square. It was definitely busier today than yesterday! It looked like everybody in the village had all entered the square at once. What they were all doing here was a mystery. Shiru definitely couldn't blame anybody for wanting to be out and about today. The weather was absolutely perfect! Not a single cloud could be spotted in the sky and the warm sunlight bathed the entire village in its glowing warmth. A light breeze carried in fresh oxygen and prevented the temperature from getting too hot. It really was about as close to being a perfect day as anybody could ask for.

Shiru cut through the traffic with growing frustration. His left hand anxiously rustled through his fiery red hair while his brilliant ruby eyes darted across the different buildings. He was looking for a specific tea shop and was having a hard time finding it. He had been in the village for two years now but he still felt like a tourist rather than it being his home. In truth he had felt like an outcast from the minute he arrived in Hoshigakure! He had mainly spent all his time since arriving at the academy or helping out in the hospital. Crowded places usually freaked him out so he tended to avoid the city square at all costs.

Oh hey look there it is! Oh man, they are busy! No wonder they need help.

Shiru pushed his way through the crowd and into the small little tea shop. Just about every seat in the shop was full. A long line of waiting customers split the shop in two. The sound of a dozen conversations happening at once created a buzz that made it impossible for Shiru to hear himself think. He pushed past the line and walked up to the elderly couple that was working behind the counter. The pair was frantically trying to make drinks and take orders. They were clearly struggling to keep up with the high demand.

Hello! My name is Shiru. I am the one you requested to help out and aid your shop. Where would you like me to begin?

The old couple didn't even look up from their respective tasks  to acknowledge him. Instead they both yelled out in a level of perfect unison that only people who had been working together for decades could achieve.

Well dont just stand there you idiot. Get to work! Start by taking stock of all the inventory we have in the back room. We need to figure out what supplies we are going to need. Today is the start of Tea appreciation Week! You better be prepared to work your butt off!

WC: 462
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