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Kaito Inuzuka
Kaito Inuzuka
Stat Page : Stat Page

Health: 300 points
AP: 2,000 points
Vigor: 125 points
Chakra: 125 points
Speed: 45 points
Strength: 5 points
Mission Record : Mission Log
Summoning Contract : The Wolves of Death Gorge
Living Clones : Uchiha, Tatsuya
Familiar : Raidomaru (Needs Revamped)
Legendary Equipment : N/A
Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Ninjutsu Sensory Space Time Default
Wind Earth Water Remove Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 0

Uchiha, Kaito [Mission Log] Empty Uchiha, Kaito [Mission Log]

Sun Oct 17, 2021 4:01 pm

Uchiha, Kaito [Mission Log] Rab20140Uchiha, Kaito [Mission Log] Kaito-otokage-removebg-previewUchiha, Kaito [Mission Log] Rab20140

Uchiha, Kaito [Mission Log] Uchiha10


Uchiha, Kaito [Mission Log] Pagebreak6

Mission Rewards and Rank Up Tracking

Name: Uchiha, Kaito

In Character Rank / Power Rank: Otokage - B-Rank

Village Affiliation: Otogakure no Sato

Link to Stat Page: Uchiha, Kaito's Stat Page

Power Rank Advancement
(Refer to The Dual Rank System)

Any mission that is used to advance a ninja's Power Rank should be linked and filled in to its corresponding slot. Each rank is outlined using the standard track for advancement; should a ninja be using the "High Stakes" (HS) track to the advance, the requirements will be different than what is listed, and their player should edit the requirements accordingly. All Rank ups must be approved by a member of NRPG Staff.

C Rank: 4 E Ranks, 2 D Ranks (1 Hunter), 2 C Ranks, 1 B Rank

B Rank: 1 D Rank (Hunter), 3 C Rank (1 Hunter), 2 B Ranks, 1 A Rank ; HS: 1 D Rank, 3 C Ranks, 2 B Ranks (1 Hunter), 1 A Rank

A Rank: 1 C Rank (Hunter), 3 B Ranks (2 Hunter), 2 A Ranks, 1 S Rank ; HS: 1 C Rank, 3 Ranks, 2 A Ranks (1 Hunter), 1 S Rank

S Rank: 1 B Rank, 3 A Ranks (Hunters), 3 S Ranks; HS: 1 B Rank, 3 A Ranks, 3 S Ranks (1 Hunter)

  • B Rank:

  • A Rank (Hunter):

  • A Rank (Hunter):

  • A Rank (Hunter):

  • S Rank:

  • S Rank:

  • S Rank:

Extra Missions

Any mission the ninja has completed that is NOT used for a rank-up should be filled in here based on its rank. If the mission was failed for any reason write (failed) next to the mission.

E Rank:
- "The Eve Of Spring" (The Eve Of Spring)
- "The Curious Case Of The Missing Must" (Looking For The Perfect Beat)
- "Delivery Time: Feeling Hungry" (To Feed A Village)
- "Helping Old Macdonald With His Crops" (To Feed A Village)
- "Order For The Orderly" (Administrative Aide For A Day)
- "Tear In The Fabric" (Spoooooky Season: Part 1)

D Rank:
- "Patrol Intern" (Paw Patrol. Get It? Since A Dog Is Coming Along.)
- "Fortitude Of The Unbroken" (The Eve Of Spring)
- "I Triple Dog Dare You!" (Have A Holly Jolly Christmas!)
- "Questioning Reality" (Spoooooky Season: Part 1)

C Rank:

B Rank:
- "Sunagakure Chūnin Exams: Rain Country" (Sunagakure Chūnin Exams - Rain Country)
- "Nightmares Given Life" (Spoooooky Season: Part 2)

A Rank:
- "Eastern Voyage, Part 2" (The New Crew)
- "Waking Demons" (Spoooooky Season: Part 2)

S Rank:
- "Merry Christmas!" (Have A Holly Jolly Christmas!)
- "And A Happy New Year!" (Have A Holly Jolly Christmas!)
- "Run The Gambit!" (Have A Holly Jolly Christmas!)
- "Waking Demons" (Into The Maw Of Dreams And Nightmares)


List any milestones the ninja have completed and the bonus attached to it. All milestones must be approved by a member of NRPG Staff before their rewards can be used.

Milestone: Hit the Ground Running (Complete one mission.)
Bonus: + 500 Ryō

Milestone: Teamwork makes the Dream Work (Complete a mission in a mission group of 3 or more.)
Bonus: + 500 WC

Milestone: Novice Ninja (Complete one D-Rank mission.)
Bonus: + 1 D-Rank Jutsu Scroll

Milestone: Journeyman Ninja (Complete one B-Rank mission.)
Bonus: + 1 B-Rank Jutsu Scroll

Milestone: Trust Me, I'm A Doctor (Complete a Professional mission.)
Bonus: +1 Specialist Tome

Milestone: In The Dead Of Night (Complete one Covert mission of any rank.)
Bonus: +1 Elixer Of Purity

Milestone: Who Needs A Map? (Complete one Long Distance mission of any rank.)
Bonus: +1 Travel Token

Milestone: Professional Ninja (Complete one S-Rank mission.)
Bonus: +1 S Rank Jutsu Scroll

Milestone: Fine, I'll Do It Myself (Complete an S-Rank mission alone.)
Bonus: +1 Dragon's Dice

Milestone: Learning the Alphabet (Complete one mission of each rank.)
Bonus: 4,000 Ryō & 4,000 WC

Milestone: Word Count Warrior (Complete 15 Missions with at least 2 being S-Rank.)
Bonus: +1 Bronze Medallion Of Labor

Milestone: Spare No Expense (Earn 100,000 Ryō from missions, including AP Conversions, Bonuses, and Medallions.)
Bonus: +1 Travel Token, +1 Tinkerer's Toolkit +1 Hashirama Cells, & +1 Sakura Corps Loyalty Coupon

Milestone: Mission Maniac (Complete 30 Missions with at least 5 being S-Rank.)
Bonus: +1 Silver Medallion of Tenacity

Milestone: Amateur Ninja (Complete one C-Rank mission alone.)
Bonus: +1 C-Rank Jutsu Scroll

Milestone: Worker Ninja (Complete one A-Rank mission alone.)
Bonus: +1 A-Rank Jutsu Scroll

Milestone: Stacks On Stacks (Complete a mission with a reward of more than 10,000 Ryo.)
Bonus: +1 Sakura Corps Loyalty Coupon




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